Does Twitter Damage Your Website Traffic

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					Does Twitter Damage Your Website Traffic?

Answering the question, Does Twitter Damage Your Website Traffic? is not an
easy task. Anyone to ask that question must not be doing something right with
Twitter. To accurately answer the question at hand you must first, and fore most
find out how many followers they have. The number of followers you have has a
great deal to do with the number of visitors to the website or blog you are
sending them too.

If you are tweeting a message to 20 followers, and only 2 respond, than you need
more followers. If you have 20,000 followers and only 2 visit your website than
it is either the message, or the consistency and type of message previously sent
to the followers. In this article the message itself, ans the type of message is not
the issue; it is the number of followers we will address to formulate an answer.

Examining the followers is the direction we are headed than, lets ask two
question. How many followers to they have? How did they get their followers?

If Twitter is all about sending the message than you must have followers that
care enough to read the message, and you preferably would like to have
thousands of followers. Getting thousands of followers takes considerable
amount of patience and time.

The advantage of having thousands of followers is that when someone comes
across your Twitter Account having thousands is a massive presence that
automatically gets respect and trust. The respect and trust is given despite the
product or service you have.

How do you get those followers is an important issue. Getting followers is not
easy, requires some hands on work. To start getting followers, just ask for them
on you website or blog. Ask people to follow you on Twitter, and provide a link.
Very simple task, but may not be enough for many people. Building a
relationship with them is the ultimate goal.

You can buy followers; seems shady, but you can do that. Quality of the
purchased followers comes into question here. The cost to purchase followers
varies from person to person, and website to website.

You can exchange following other, and they will follow you. You can just follow
people and hope they follow you. There are website that do exactly as I have
described above. With these exchange website you may even have some control
of whom you choose to follow. Again the quality of followers, are they interested
in you message.

We have answered the question of, Does Twitter Damage Your Website Traffic?
The answer can be yes or no, but you must take a look at How You Got Those
Followers? If you just went out and got followers not interested in message, or
are not even interested in the niche; than damage can be done. You are
ultimately building like minded Twitter followers that are interested in the niche
and the message you are sending. Without the common ground of topic and
issues, in my opinion you website traffic can suffer.

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