That I may Know Him In His Power and Might by onlinemoneymakerpro


									THEME:           THAT I MAY KNOW HIM. Phil. 3:7-14


TEXT:            ACTS 10:38, JOHN 14:12, DANIEL 11:32B


The theme that I may know Him is needed to be known by all Christians, which by His grace we had
started last week. We need to know the manifestation of our Lord Jesus then and now. Tonight we will
be studying about His power and might. We shall all be blessed as we study in Jesus name. Amen.

DEFINITION OF POWER: In relation to ability: it is ability or opportunity to do something.

In relation to authority: The right or authority of a person to do something

In relation to Spirit: A good Spirit that control the lives of others.

Might means great strength, energy or power.

1.       His power and might in demonstration.

         Power to forgive and save sinner. Luke 19:1-10, Matt. 9:6, 1:21, John 8:11

         Power to heal. John 9:1-12, 5:1-10, John 4:47-51, Luke 13:10-17

         Power to still the storm. Matt.8:23-27, Mark 4:36-39

         Power to raise the dead. Luke 8:50-56, John 11:42-44

         Power to deliver. Luke 8:26-33, Exodus 12:29-36, Exodus 14: 21-25

         Power to provide. John 6:5-14, Luke 9:12-17

         Power to make impossible possible. Gen 22:13-14, 18:14, Jer. 32:17,27, Luke 1:37

2.       How do I acquire His power and Might?

         Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior. John 1:12

         You must know Him. Phil. 3:10

         Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:8

         Have Faith in Him and His power. Eph. 3:20

         Continuous fellowship with Him by:

         Praying at all time. 1st Thess. 5:17, John 14:14, 16:23-24
       Studying and meditating in the word of God. Joshua 1:8

       Worship and Praise Him at all times. 2nd Chronicle 20:26

       Live a holy and righteous life. Heb.1:9

Conclusion: There are so many powers but His power – Christ power is the power of God and the power
of the Holy Spirit. Know Him walk with Him and you will operate in the realm of the power of the
Almighty. Let us pray.

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