By birth, the corporate bosses are hunters

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					The pre historic man was called hunter gatherers. The modern man and essentially the
‘corporate man’ too have evolved only the hunter gatherers. The pre historic man has
an important message for all the employees in the corporate world to teach, so that it
will clarify many of their doubts and concerns about their destiny/plight in the corporate

The pre historic man indeed, was leading the life by hunting and getting hunted. When
he was a hunter, wandering in the forest, always looked for animals that are ‘weaker’
than him to hunt. If he found any animal that is more powerful than him, he developed
different ways and means to surpass their strength and weakened them. That is how
the modern man had evolved.

Although ‘be more powerful than all’ was the inner force that kindled the evolution of
the modern man from hunter gatherers, to feel he was very powerful, always he used
the ‘weaker’ ones.

If we travel a little deeper than man’s evolution, the same psychology can be seen
amongst most animals. Look at the hunting strategy of all predatory animals. Always
they look for weaker prey animal to stock. It is always easy to hunt the weaker prey.
Since hunting is done for the survival, no animal can afford to loose the prey. Selecting
a strong prey just to prove their strength or courage will be definitely an unwise
approach. To whom they should prove and at what cost?

All predators are wise and hence like to hunt generally the weaker prey or hunt only
after weakening the prey.

The story of prey animals in dominating over their weaker counterpart is also well

What these examples tell the corporate man? Every boss and every system love to hunt
weak people. Always the sufferers or the ‘worst receivers’ are only the weaker people,
both in society as well as in the corporate.

Remember, if you think, you are weak and you are specially targeted and attacked by
your boss and the peers; learn to accept gracefully that they are not fully at their fault.
Attacking or hunting the ‘weak’ was the key behaviour on which the survival and
evolution of all life form has happened. Hence we need to believe that ‘hunting’ the
weak may be a genetically imprinted character and even the corporate man may not
have fully free from it.

What the man exhibits or reveals in the corporate is nothing but a trait he may be
carrying in his gene inherited from his forefathers. The best way to deal is ‘you be
strong’ and appear to people around you that ‘you are very strong’.
The corporate people need to open their inner eyes to see, study and learn several
things from nature. If one learn to look at the behaviour of people from the domain of
‘mans’ evolution, forgiving, forgetting and adapting become easy. Introspect, whether
you have plenty of ‘hunter gatherers’ in your corporate.

Ref: Management book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from
university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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