Deltecs Launches IVR Enabled Learning Platform DRONA I-Voice for Mobiles and Landlines

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					Deltecs Launches IVR Enabled Learning Platform DRONA I-Voice for Mobiles and

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Deltecs InfoTech announces the launch of its pioneering
voice-based learning platform DRONA I-Voice. The solution allows big and small
enterprises to train their front-end personnel and mobile workers including sales, feet-on-
street, and technicians on their mobile handsets or landlines. The low-cost, network and
platform independent solution supports 13 regional languages for higher adoption across
urban and rural corners of India.

Highly affordable and practical, DRONA I-Voice addresses training challenges faced by
industries – getting a mobile workforce together at one time and place, and getting trainers
on board. With DRONA I-Voice, workers receive trainings on their handsets anytime,
anywhere. All they do is call a number and disconnect. They receive an immediate call back
and the IVR training starts immediately. The users can pause, resume, repeat, and go back
to content as required.

DRONA I-Voice has been rolled out in various organizations including Wockhardt and
Airtel. The ease of access, 24x7 availability, and simple delivery of 5-10 minute training
snippets is showing measurable returns. "DRONA I-Voice trainings are developed
specifically for auditory impact. Content is delivered by voice over experts from credited
learning academies to ensure coherence and retention. We are seeing high adoption of
DRONA I-Voice among sales force and mobile workers, with at least 90% completing the
trainings in one shot. It's not just about training but effective training' to boost
productivity," says Akash Shah, Director (Mobility), Deltecs.

DRONA I-Voice is also being seen as a solution for telcos, pharmaceutical, insurance
companies and other industries to train retail staff on new products, plans and services. As
most workers have access to mobile phones or landlines, the trainings can be delivered
without loss of time for immediate effect.

About Deltecs InfoTech

Deltecs InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is a growing software mobility solutions company that started in
2007. It is well recognized for its flagship product DRONA Mobile, a mobile learning and
engagement platform for customer and employee engagement, sales enablement, and
marketing over smartphones and tablets.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Rahul Gangan
Marketing Co-ordinator,
Deltecs InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No.: +91 22 6758 1740

Description: Drona IVocie is the easier and better voice based learning platform to train your employees via their mobiles and land-lines. This article provides the insight of this emerging enterprise training and development platform.