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    (newest discovery)

Step-by-step Guide Compiled
        by Mr. Fiverr
   I recently came across a female student of University of Ilorin. She sent a mail to me to
            appreciate me for my good job and how she had learnt a lot from me…

 But, this isn’t the koko. The koko is that she claimed to be making at least #120,000 average
  from an online business she recently discovered and she said, the thing she love about the
online business is that, it doesn’t take more than 2 hours of her time per week and this makes
                        here at least #120,000 at the end of each month.

I was wowww! Does she means 8 hours work in a month and I will make at least #120,000? If
    you know me pretty well, you will understand that I am not easily impressed. As such, I
   request that she fix a time to meet me in my office and display what she does to me and
          then, I will make my informed judgment to whether this is feasible or not.

I never expected that she would turn up on the fixed date. Why? I have had some fake people
    trying to fake you by telling you stories like this but when an appointment is fixed, they
  disappear into thin air. She actually came and she explained in details and I must say, I was
                 blown off my seat with the simplicity of what she showed me.

    A half-brain 12 years old can do this and make @ least #80,000 in a month. Trust me.

As an information marketer, if I discovered this personally, I would sell it for nothing less than
#5,000 coz, it’s damn simple to do and achieve result. But, this lady seems to be a spirikoko or
  do I say “born again”. She wants this to be communicated with thousands of Nigerians for

  She had believe in me that I will help her get It across to up to 20,000 Nigerians who are
jobless or who are underemployed. I promised here that I will do just that. That’s the reason
      why, I have documented her strategy in here and I am distributing this for FREE.

                  If you are reading this, what a lucky person you are. Enjoy!

Hi there. I want to make this as concise as possible while I maintain the potency of this newly
discovered easy money making online biz. Just before I unleash the riffle, let me first introduce
myself. I am Gbolagade Adetunji (aka Mr. Fiverr) of Wish to know
me better; you can google search my name.

         That’s me displaying part of my May 2012 earnings from my online business.

                       That’s $1,210 (#191,00+) on display in my Office.

  Do not be so ignorant and gullible to assume that making money online is synonymous to
         YAHOO YAHOO. We have genuine and legal ways of making money online
I must say here that this is one of the easiest method I have ever come across in online money
making. Perfect for an Internet newbie to make some fast and cool cash without investing so

This concept is simple. But, before we get started, we need our means of getting paid from this

                                Introducing LIBERTY RESERVE…

Liberty Reserve (shortened as LR) is an online payment processor that can be used in buying
and selling. In this short step-by-step report, LR will be our means of making money from our
business. Once the money is made into our LR account, we can then go and get websites like, , and sell our LR to
them. In essence, what I mean is this… if you make $200 from this business and the money has
been paid into your LR account, all you need to do is just google search “buy/sell LIBERTY
RESERVE in Nigeria”. A good number of websites like that buys LIBERTY RESERVE from people
will shoot up.

You just contact them and tell them that you have LR for sale and you will have to transfer your
LR from your account to their own LR account. If this is done, they will give you the raw cash
equivalent to the dollar amount you transfer to them.

                                      GETTING STARTED.

Getting started, we need a liberty reserve account. You will have to go to and you will land on the image as shown below. You will have to click
on “create account” as highlighted in red below.
After clicking on create account, you will land on the page as shown below and you will need to
fill the form as shown in the example below.

1 and 2 are your First name and Surname respectively.

3 is account name. Just put your name there in full.

4 is where you will put your email address.

5 is security question, choose just anyone that you are okay with and 6, is the answer to the
security question you chose in 5 above.

Here is the continuation of the above form. At 7, put just anything that you want there.

In 8 below, leave it as it is. Do not touch anything there.

At 9, you will have to enter the numbers that are shown into the provided box.
10, you have to click on AGREE button to continue.

After clicking on AGREE above, you will be shown a next page which is an important page.
You have to save this page or find a paper and pen, write out the PASSWORD, LOGIN PIN,
MASTER KEY, SECURITY QUESTION AND ANSWER. Keep it in a safe place. It’s your
details to access the account.

Immediately you have the above information, you will read there that your ACOUNT NUMBER
has been sent to the email address you submitted while registering.

Just below, I just loged into the email address I used when registering and gbam! Right inside
there, as highlighted below, I saw a mail from liberty reserve. I have to click this.
Just then, I saw the account number right in my box. You can see in the example below. That’s
the account number, you have to add it to where you kept the other details you got earlier ad
keep them all together.

The next step is for you to and you will have to input all
details as shown below. Remember those records I asked you to keep safe? Yes, we need them
now. Pull them out now.
Number one over there is the account number which we got inside our email box after

Input all requested information above and click on NEXT.

This is just a page to confirm the welcome message that you wrote earlier when you were
registering. Click to mark the box to confirm that it’s your welcome message and click on
You will be on the page as shown above and all you need to do is to click on LOGIN PIN as
highlighted above. Remember asked you to keep some information the other time? Yes, LOGIN
PIN is also in there. Now, we have to consult that document we kept.

Input the LOGIN PIN and click on login.
And next is for us to fill our address information. See the one I did above. I am sure you
understand it all. Yes! Do not let ZIP/POSTAL CODE give you headache. Ibadan is 234002,
Lagos is 234001. To check for your town/state, just go to and enter a query
like, zip/postal code for “your city”. You will see result for your city or else, you might have to
just use mine as in above.

And the concluding part of the page is the one above. @ ACCOUNT WILL BE USED FOR…
Choose forex/investment as in mine above.

The next is your occupation. Choose the one that best fits you.

Once you are done, click on submit and you will get a message that your account has been
successfully created.
Afterwards, all you need to do is to go to and login to your account
using the credentials you got the other time which I asked you to keep safe.

Since we now have a liberty reserve account, it’s now time to start making money. But just
before we start, we need a starting capital of $15 only. Yes! Just $15 is all that is required and
you could be making quite over 100k monthly from this.

The $15 must be funded into your liberty reserve account. What do I mean? You must have $15
in your LR account to get started. How will you get this? You have to go to ,
or any other place where they sell LR and buy LR from tem. Normally, they sell LR for around
#190/ $1 so, it means that if you need $15, you will have to pay them 15 x 190= #2,850 only.
But, LR charges around 2% on every transaction. Therefore, it will be advisable that you buy
$16 of LR. This will be 16 x 175 = #3,040 only.

This means, to work out what I want to teach you, you must have #3,040 and use it to buy $16
into your LR account. They will ask you for your LR and they will help you to transfer the
money into your LR account.

Now that there is money in your LR, the job starts here.


                Multiple10$ is the secret place we are going to. You can access it at
It’s exactly as the image above and you will know the reason why this is the next big money
making website when you read through the home page. As in the arrow above, click on JOIN
You will be taken to another page as shown above and we have to choose our means of
registration/payment. We are paying with liberty reserve so, we have to click on the liberty
reserve logo there.

On the next page as seen above, you need to click on pay.
We shall land directly on the LIBERTY RESERVE login page where we are to login into our LR
account and make our payment of $15 to become a member of multiple$10.

Next is to input your login details (the details that I asked you to keep safe when we were
opening LR account). You have to input the details accordingly and click on NEXT.

Just as I clicked on NEXT, it asked for VERIFICATION CODE . I have to go straight to my
emailbox to fetch the code.
I login to my email I used in opening my LIBERTY RESERVE account and fetched the
VERIFICATION PIN as shown in the image above.

I have to input it where it was asking for the VERIFICATION CODE and click continue.
You will land on a page like the one above, just click on SKIP.

Here comes the next page, click on the box to mark it and click on CONTINUE.

On this page, just click on LOGIN PIN.
Input your LOGIN PIN in the space provided (you have your login pin in the details I asked you
to keep safe) and after that, click on LOGIN.

On the next page, write just anything in the memo box (you might write your name) and next,
input your Master Key (you have this in the details I asked you to keep safe ) and click

This will show you a PREVIEW of the payment you are about to make. You just CONFIRM the
payment and you will land on the SIGN UP page.
Once you get to the signup page, just input the details as in above. Your desired username, your
email address, your password and your LIBERTY RESERVE account number. Once you supply
this, click on SIGNUP.

PLEASE NOTE: immediately under the Liberty Reserve ID, if another box shows
ALERTPAY ID, just copy and paste your LIBERTY RESERVE account number there. Do
not bother yourself with alertpay since we are using liberty reserve.

After signing up, you will see a page like the one above, click on “click here” and you will have
to login to the member area with your username and password.

You will need to input your email address and password to access the member area and get your
referral code/link.
Once you are signed up, you will be able to have access to the member area with your email
address and password. When on the member area, you will see the kind of highlighted area
above. That’s your referral id. You will need to copy this exactly as seen above and keep the link
in secret place. That’s the most important thing that we need here.

  This is done, you are 95% set to start making an extra #100,000 from this simple website. I will
       have to pause here and allow you to go straight away and get a LIBERTY RESERVE
                        ACCOUNT, FUND IT WITH $16, REGISTER AT
 and get your REFERRAL LINK. Once you have done this, I will send you the second part of
this report which will teach you exactly what you shall be doing to ensure you make at least $500
(#87,500) right into your LIBERTY RESERVE account through

 After reading this, and you have fulfilled all the steps therein, kindly send a mail to with the TITLE “completed multiple10dollars registration”
And make your referral link the context of the mail. I shall send the second part of this report out
to you instantly. Remember, I am giving you this 100% FREE and this can change your financial
status for better in the next couple of days.
My candid advice is, take action now.

              If you want to be generous for the job I have done here, you may join
                      MULTIPLE10DOLLARS through this referral link.


G. Adetunji

  NOTE: Due to complain about some of the website to buy LIBERTY RESERVE from, I am

           hereby RECCOMMENDING  only.