Samsung Galaxy S 3- A farrari of all smartphones by Maddyshahi


Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the best smartphone out there with an amazing user experience.

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									Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung S III has it all. It is great looking phone with a plasticky body. Though it may
seem bit too large for some to handle with a single hand.

Platform: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Display: 4.8-inch full HD AMOLED Gorilla Glass display, 1280x720 pixels resolution
and a             16-million color gamut.

Camera: Features a front facing 1.9 MP camera for video calling and an 8 MP rear
camera.1080P HD video recording at 30 fps, burst-mode of 6fps up to 20 images
and       an LAD flash.

 Processor: 1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor on the Exynos 4412
processor with 1GB RAM.
Supports 4G LTE connectivity.

Battery: 2100mAh battery powers it all.

Memory: Have microSD slot with a choice of 16GB/32GB/64GB built-in storage
capacity. Plus Dropbox free storage of 50 GB for 2 years


The S3 comes packed in a polycarbonated body with an enamel finish which in turn
make finger tips visible on the surface of the phone. The phone is out on the floor with
two colours blue and white but more colour were expected. The white version is glossy,
while the blue option sports a brushed-metal effect. The Galaxy S3 is 8.6mm thick and
weighs 133g. That makes it ever so slightly thicker than the S2, which is 8.49mm deep.
On this amount of wide screen pictures look amazing.
The design is oddly reminiscent of the iPod touch, but with gently curved surfaces
across the front and back of the device. There is a familiarity to the design and doesn't
step boldly away from the language first seen in the original Galaxy S.

The huge 4.8 inch screen uses a super AMOLED. With a resolution of 1280x720 pixels
(720P) and is extremely sharp. There is no gradation across all images. While for
photographer they may seem inaccurate, mainstream users will find colours on SGS III
vibrant and pleasing. Brightness levels are great.

Operating System/UI

The Android 4.0.4 ICS operating system in the Galaxy S III, along with Samsung's
TouchWiz 4.0 UI out of the box gives a butter smooth user experience with no jitters.
It is not the typical 4.0 interface that the Galaxy Nexus had, and not the standard
touchwiz that the previous Galaxy devices had, but a hybrid made out of both of
these with more of Touchwiz UI being shown, which someone from iOS or WP7
experience won’t be very much impressed about.
Battery Life- (Excellent)
User cannot ask for more, with a pop the battery cover is off and a user replaceable
battery. There's a microSD slot that'll take cards up to 64GB in size, potentially giving
you up to 128GB of storage if you opt for the version with 64GB of built in memory.
You also get a large 2100mAh battery that not only can you swap out for a spare when
needed but also in the future you may be able to get extended batteries that last longer
on a single charge.


 The competition has caught up and the S3 was rumored to be getting a 12 megapixel
camera, but instead it's got the same snapper as the S2. Still, it’s a decent sensor
which delivers strong results and you can also capture full HD 1080p video. Samsung
claims it's one of the best camera featured in a smart phone. The front camera sports
a 1.9MP sensor and can capture 720p video at the same time as taking a still
picture.LED flash on the back do not let the phone look washed out.

S Beam

Under Near field Communication (NFC) technology image and video share becomes
easier between Galaxy S III devices at up to 300 Mbps via Wi-Fi direct.
S Voice

S Voice helps you to search for information and offers other useful commands. For
example, S Voice can snooze your alarm, play your favorite songs, turn up or down
the volume, send texts and emails, organize schedules, or automatically launch the
camera and capture a photo. S Voice looks quite similar to Siri of Apple iPhone 4S but
lacks the humour and wittiness.

Smart Stay
This feature is a hit the sweet spot, insuring that the screen remains lighted when you
are looking at it and works well. The front facing camera tracks your eye and keeps the
display on.Around 75% of the time it is able to detects, even in bright light it can
sometimes still turn off the display, despite the icon showing up. In fact, the icon can
pop up even when you're wearing sunglasses and hard to trust some times.


       Android Ice Cream Sandwich

       Gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p screen

       Slick lightweight design

       Quad-core processor

       Slot for microSD card
       Impressive battery life

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