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									HOW DO OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS                                Other Non Government Agencies
                                                      For information on how to contact an
Occupational Therapists work collaboratively          Occupational Therapist suited to your needs
with clients of all ages, their families and carers   contact your local Department of Ageing,
and    other   professionals     in   the   home,     Disability and Home Care office and ask for
school/preschool and community.                       Disability Services or the Community Support
                                                                                                                     Occupational Therapy
                                                                WHAT IS SPOT ON DD?

       Consultation/collaboration with client/
                                                      SPOT on DD is a group of Speech Pathologists,
       parent/ carer/ teacher/ other service
                                                      Physiotherapists, and Occupational Therapists
                                                      who together aim to provide:
       Individual intervention and programming
       Group programming
                                                              promotion of best practice of therapy in
       Education and training.
                                                              the area of developmental disability.
                                                                                                               Working with people who have a
                                                              professional support
    OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS IN                                                                                    developmental disability
   DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY ARE                               continuing education information
          EMPLOYED BY:                                                                                       OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY IN
                                                                                                             DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY
        The Department of Ageing, Disability and      FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SPOT ON
                                                                                                         Within the field of developmental disability,
        Home Care                                     DD WRITE TO:
                                                                                                         occupational therapists work as part of a team
        The Spastic Centre                                           SPOT on DD                          to improve a person’s ability to function in the
                                                                                                         family, at school/preschool, work, play and in
        Department of Health                                         P.O. Box 1222
                                                                                                         the community.
        Centacare                                                    PENRITH 2751
                                                                                                         The person with a disability can benefit from
        Private Practices
                                                                                                         an assessment from an occupational therapist
                                                      OR E-MAIL: Spotonddsec@bigpond.com
        The Department of Education & Training                                                           when:
 ♦ They have an identified neuromuscular           ♦ Developing skills necessary for purposeful      ♦ Promoting movement to develop optimal
   condition such as cerebral palsy, which is        use of hands for example, eye contact,            mobility for example, training in how to use
   likely to affect performance of functional        attending to a task.                              an electric wheelchair.
                                                   ♦ Developing reach, grasp and release in         7.    Environmental Modifications
 ♦ They have no specific condition, however          functional activities for example, dressing,
   have difficulty performing functional             school work.                                    ♦ Advice on modifications and adaptations to
   activities which are appropriate for their                                                          promote access and independence for
   developmental level.                            ♦ Development of skilled use of the hands ie.       example, ramping the front access to a
                                                     eye hand coordination, fine motor control         home.
 ♦ They appear poorly coordinated in gross or        and bilateral coordination.
   fine movements, which affects performance                                                        8.    Transport
   in functional activities.                       ♦ Splinting to reduce muscle tightness and
                                                     improve function.                               ♦ Advice on transport in line with the
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CAN ASSIST                                                                        Australian Standards for example, which
    IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS:                       4.     Sensory Perceptual Motor Skills               wheelchairs are appropriate to be used for
                                                                                                       transporting a person in a bus.
1.    Self Care Skills                             ♦ Developing good body awareness to
                                                     improve motor planning and performance         9.    Equipment
 ♦ Promoting independence and offering               for example, dressing, handwriting.
   advice in areas of daily living for example,                                                      ♦ Providing information      and    access   to
   how to maximise a persons involvement in        ♦ Promoting the integration of the senses           specialised equipment.
   dressing.                                         (hearing, vision, touch, taste, smell and
                                                     movement) so the person is able to function
                                                     within their environments, that is, home,
2.    Physical Management                            preschool/school/work and the community.
                                                  5.    Leisure and Recreation
 ♦ Positioning to ensure comfort, safety and a
   good body posture for motor control for         ♦ Adapting activities or the environment to
   example, seating for meals.                       promote participation in leisure within the
                                                     home and community for example,
 ♦ Promoting      and    maintaining     the         modification of stereo for switch access.
   development of motor skills necessary for
   participation in every day activities for      6.     Assisted Mobility
   example, use of hand for holding a
   spoon.                                          ♦ Wheelchair prescription and modification.

3.    Hand Skills

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