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                                    PRESS RELEASE

    Jaypee Greens opens booking for 2/3/4 BHK apartments at Jaypee Greens
                                   Garden Isles Noida

                                       Noida, U.P.

Jaypee Garden Isles Noida -- Jaypee Garden Isles -- Garden Isles

Jaypee Greens is a name well known in the brace world. Now the business owner has
come up with an amazing project which has a variety of high-class solutions available
within the range of the project. Jaypee Greens Garden Isles Noida is situated in sector-
133 of Wish City, just by the Noida-greater Noida expressway. The structural style
proven in these flats is quite modern as the techniques have an unique Y-shaped
framework. Jaypee Garden Isles specializes in providing state of art high-class solutions
along with possibilities to live in relaxation. Jaypee Garden Isles Noida provides an
limitless view of rich places and hence improves the elements to amazing levels. The
flats are designed to recover the Traditional Historical Ancient Greek era including to the
framework with it an environment similar the past. Jaypee Greens Garden Isles gives
feeling of a resort and its unique Y-shaped style provides each house with sufficient
natural light and air circulation. Located nearby are a variety of wats and community
things. Also, there is broad variety of experience available in the nearby locations such
as sports places, cricket concept, golf test and much more. There is a shopping plaza
which is gradually coming up nearby the flats. Other features situated within the
complex of Jaypee Garden Isles are leisure garden, bicycle track, Seaside golf tennis
ball etc. There are a variety of community places within to Garden Isles which provide
games like discuss, grind Court, table golf etc.

The position of unique Y-shaped the techniques is used in such a way that each floor
contains three to four flats, with regards to the framework of the framework. Three
escalators are provided to make going up and down the framework easier. The whole
framework is RCC set up providing the framework strength and strength. The kitchen
and the living room have vitrified floor or laminated floorings. The exterior windows and
gateways are designed of dust proof steel and the inner elements are in the shade with
top fantastic oil restricted color. Whereas the exterior elements are in the shade with
fantastic exterior color and the inner possibilities are enameled in the shade real wood
made ones. The bed position and outfits are floored with vitrified flooring surfaces
materials elements and the exterior gateways & windows are dust effectively properly
secured steel ones. While the inner elements are fantastic silken oil paint; the inner
gateways are enamelled in the shade ones.

The lavatories are set with amazing marked appropriate and accessories along with
anti-skid vitrified flooring surfaces materials elements. While the exterior gateways are
dust effectively properly secured aluminium; the inner gateways are improved real wood
made designed. Surfaces are tiled until 7’ and remaining position is in the shade with oil
emulsion. The kitchen is set with all marked components and providing, while the
floorings are antiskid clay-based flooring surfaces materials elements and vitrified ones.
The kitchen top is a amazing stone one with connected damage and there is 2.5’ tiling
above the kitchen top. The balance position is in the shade with emulsion and the
exterior windows and gateways are dust effectively properly secured steel ones.
Lobbies and actions are floored with stone, while there is bogus top in access living
room. The bed position has clay-based flooring surfaces materials elements, OBD on
materials, enamelled in the shade real wood made designed gateways and dust
effectively properly secured steel    windows. All locations have components ready for
air-conditioning and kitchen has proviso for planning fire place.

The foundation cost of these flats are floor to fifth floor at Rs. 4,050/‐ psf, from 6th to
10th at Rs. 4,010/‐ psf and above that Rs. 3,950/‐ psf. However there is a lower cost of
Rs. 60/‐ per Sq. Ft decreasing the cost to Rs. 3,990/‐ psf for floor to fifth floor, Rs.
3,950/‐ psf for 6th to 10th floor and Rs. 3,890/‐ psf for rest of the flats. But, apart from
this there is an extra first lower price of Rs. 60 psf. You also need to fulfil extra costs
and taxation. The extra expenditures contain inner development costs of Rs. 75.00 psf,
External Development Costs of Rs. 75.00 psf and Power house of Rs. 40.00. psf. Apart
from this there are Social group regular member's program rights program expenditures
Rs. 1.50 Lac, one necessary Car vehicle Area costing Rs. 2.50 Lacs and every extra
vehicle position will be costing Rs. 3.50 Lacs. One also needs to meet up with one time
Rental at Rs. 50.00 psf.

The BSP or the basic sales cost does not include any extra spending and apart from the
extra costs there will be servicing costs which are necessary to be taken by the
individual. There will be a zero interest servicing first deposit at Rs. 100 psf. needed to
be provided by the individual. Along with it the individual also needs to pay servicing
costs of one year beforehand at Rs. 1.50 psf. the real position described in the selection
collection catalogue index charts is a figure out only. The real position will be analyzed
by the control while final ownership. The extremely position contains the demised
position under the outside elements, position under elements within the specific house,
locations like typical lobbies, typical service improves, stairways, machine position,
mumty, electric substation and other typical locations etc. the conditions will sustain
distribution to Traditional conditions of the Company. The cost of the flats can be
personalized without any prior observe according to the companies personal
preference. The Govt. taxation requested for by the Indian government are necessary to
be taken care of by the individual. Before a restricted payment no changes will be
qualified in the name of the allottee; though after the issuance of PAL an allottee can
change the name on the cope he will pay off 30% of the complete cope. Management
costs at Rs. 50 per sq ft are necessary to be paid by the allottee.

All the cheques should be launched in name of ‘Jaypee Infratech limited’. If you are
interested in buying 2/3/4 BHK flats in Noida, you can visit this source   For more information about residential and
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