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					               Speakability Publications Order Form

                      Books and Booklets
                                               Price per
 Publication           Description                              Qty   Cost
                  This simple illustrated
                  booklet is useful for           £2.50
                  explaining what a stroke    (1 - 69 copies)
                  is and how it causes
  Aphasia         Aphasia. Suitable for           £2.00
                  people with Aphasia          (70+ copies)
                  and carers.
                  An introductory booklet
                  that explains what
                  Aphasia is, what causes         £2.50
                  it, what you can do to      (1 - 69 copies)
Lost for Words    help, the role of the
                  Speech and Language             £2.00
                  Therapist and the aims       (70+ copies)
                  and services of
                  This 16-page booklet
                  introduces the main
                  strategies for rebuilding       £2.50
                  communication with          (1 - 69 copies)
  Rebuilding      people with language
Communication     disorders. Suitable for
                  carers and staff working        £2.00
                  with people with             (70+ copies)
                  Contributors include:
                  J. Marshall PhD
                  MRCSLT, Eva Carlson
                  PhD MRSLT and Diana
                  Moir MSc Reg MRCSLT

                  This 32 page, A4 spiral
Workbook for
                  bound publication              £10.00
  Carers          supplements the advice
                  of a speech and
                  language therapist. It
                  aims to help carers to
                  understand Aphasia and
                  offers ideas and tips for
                  providing support.

                    For children aged 5-9.
 When Granny        Written in the first             £ 2.50
couldn't Speak      person, Ellie (aged 9)        (1 – 69 copies)
                    explains what happened
 By Rebecca Lisle   when her grandmother             £ 2.00
                    had a stroke and               (70+ copies)
                    subsequent Aphasia.

 One Hundred        This hardback edition is
Names for Love      an absorbing, uplifting
                    account of the near-
                    miraculous recovery of
   A Stroke, a
                    Diane’s husband, the
 Marriage, and      gifted writer Paul West,
the Language of     from a massive stroke
    Healing         that rendered him
                    unable to communicate
By Diane Ackerman   or understand language.

                    Monica’s husband had a
                    stroke in 1995. In this
                    account, Monica
  Less Words        describes how she
 More Respect       fought for his right to be
                    consulted about medical
                    procedures whilst in
My Experience       hospital, and how, now
With Aphasia        home, she looks after
                    his physical needs and
By Monica Clarke    searches for a new
                    system by which they
                    can communicate and
                    express their love.
                      Other Publications
 Primaryis Lossdoof Aphasia
 Activities that that can help
  Organisations ofAphasia on
  Information Technology for
   Different Types notAphasia
    What Progressive rely
     Dementia and Speech?                                      Free for single
                                                                Price per
                                                                  copies of
              with Aphasia
      Peoplespeech                       Description                                Qty
                                                             each Copy
                                                                   title. Contact
                                          Speakability        Speakability for
                                          Fact Sheets        price of 2+ copies
   Fast Facts about Aphasia             for people with       N.B. These are
                                            Aphasia             also free to
                                        and their carers      download from
                                                             the ‘Fact Sheets’
                                                              section on our
                                                 Price per
Publication           Description                                   Qty        Cost

  Rebuilding         White poster
                     Front of card:
                     Formulated neck
Communication        members –
                     As above ofmethods of
                     suggesting in colour
                     Lapel badge in form of
                     Space T-shirt with the
                     cotton for cardholder's             5.00
                                                       £50 p
 Lapel Badge         rebuilding in a tube.
                     the posted logo in
                     andSpeakability logo.
                     name, address and the
                     Speakability who have
Poster (A2 size)
Poster (A4 size)
 Speakability        telephone the front.
                     Aphasia. The charter
                     centre on number.
                     sets out their rights.
  Charter for        Reverse of card: an
                     On the Small, Medium,
                     Sizes: reverse is                 Free to
 People With         Large had of the
                     “I haveor Extra-Large
                     explanation a stroke /            Free to
   Aphasia           head injury.
                     (PLEASE SPECIFY)
                     problems faced by a             individuals
                     person withI Aphasia
                     As a result have
    ID Cards         and advice on how
                     Aphasia.                            Or
(credit card size)   to communicate with
                     This means I find it               30p
                     difficult to speak, read        (2 or more)
                     or write, especially
                     under pressure.
                     Please speak clearly,
                     and give me time.
                     Thank You.

                        Audio Cassette Tapes
                                                      Price per
  Publication             Description                              Qty   Cost

                     Features seven people
                     with Aphasia, of
                     different ages and
                     backgrounds. They
                     explain how the
                     experience, with this
                     sudden impact, affected
                     them and how they
                     began to come to terms
                     with what had happened             £5.00
    Insights         in their lives. "If it hasn't
                     happened to you, you
                     can't understand", but
                     thanks to the honesty
                     and candour of these
                     people, we can better
                     understand what it
                     means to live with

                     Presented by Andrew
                                     DVDs             Price per
  Publication        Marr Description
                          of the BBC, this                         Qty   Cost
 ‘Speaking Up                                           Copy
                     video explains what
About Aphasia’                                         £12.50
                     happens when a person
                     experiences Aphasia
     CD-DVD          and features individuals

  (the CD-DVD is          who have been affected
                          The DVD explains how
specifically for use in   by the condition.
                          the condition affects
computer CD drives)
   ‘Dysphasia             patients and the
     Matters’             implications this loss of
                          language has for the           £45.00
        DVD               healthcare professional
                          (can be purchased as
                          part of the 'Teaching
                          Pack’ - see below).

                              (Best Professionals
             Resources for Project -
                             Health                       Price per
      Publication       Description
                   Education                                                 Cost
                              Secondary Care:
                              Marketing's Communique
                              Awards 1999)

                              Commissioned by
                              Speakability and devised
Dysphasia Matters:            by Celia Woolf MRCSLT
A Medical Teaching            with guidance from
       Park                   specialists in medical care
                              of the elderly and
    Includes DVD              aphasiologist designed for
                              use by speech and
 'Dysphasia Matters'
                              language therapists
                              teaching medical students
The Dysphasia Matters
                              and GPs. Dysphasia
                                                              To be
  Teaching Pack is                                                     N/A   N/A
                              Matters explains how the       advised
   currently being
                              condition affects patients
updated. However the
                              and the complications this
DVD is still available to
                              loss of language has for
purchase (see page 4).
                              the healthcare
                              professional. Attractively
    Please contact
                              presented in a ring binder,
 Speakability for more
                              the pack comprises lecture
                              notes, OHP slides,
                              handouts and references,
                              together with a DVD. The
                              notes can be used in
                              conjunction with all or part
                              of the 30 minute DVD to
                              deliver either a 30 minute
                              or 1 hour lecture.

                    Communication Tools
                                                    Price per
   Publication              Description                         Qty   Cost
                     The Communication Board
                     is an A4 laminated card,
                     featuring 15 photographs
                     with matching phrases
 Communication       related to basic personal       £2.00
    Board            needs. The Board also
                     includes the numbers one to
                     ten, the letters of the
                     alphabet, and icons for Yes
                     and No.

                     This word-less dictionary
                     was created as a
                     communication aid for
                     people travelling to
                     countries where they are
                     unable to speak the native
Picture Dictionary However, its 2,800 icons          £8.00
                     and pictures – some in
                     colour – cover a full range
                     of situations and could be a
                     most valuable companion
                     for people with
                     communication problems.

                     This handheld 24-page
                     conversation book features
                     words and pictures to assist
                     people with communication
    Fast Talk        disability to express
                     themselves in everyday
                     situations. Alphabet and
                     number pages are included.

                        This pocket-sized,
                        34-page conversation book
                        comprises icons, pictures
                        and words relating to health
Medical Passport        matters. The Passport aims         £4.00
                        to enable a person with
                        Aphasia to discuss their
                        medical needs with their
                        doctor on an ‘equal’ basis.

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                           Fax: 020 7928 9542

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