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Realistic Tips For Buying Puppies by JoyceaCherrya


									Realistic Tips For Buying Puppies
Nothing in the world could be as cute as a puppy. When you've made the decision to make a puppy a part of
your family, you will begin your search for puppies for sale. There are several things that you need to be
aware of before selecting the puppy or puppies that you will buy.

Hopefully, you already know what you are looking for. For example, it is important to determine whether
your puppy will grow to be a show dog or not. You need to know what sized dog you eventually want,
because puppies do indeed grow. You also need to know if you prefer a certain breed, whether a full-breed
dog is important, and other pertinent facts that pertain to what you want, in terms of a puppy, and eventually
a fully grown dog.

It is important to have that information before you even begin your search, as it saves a great deal of time
and effort. Remember that all breeds are very different in terms of their general personalities, as well as their
intelligence and how well suited they are to being indoor or outdoor dogs.

Obviously, you will want to see registration papers for the puppies you buy before making that purchase, if
breeding is important to you. While there are many full bred dogs available, who are not registered, it is
important to see the registration papers if you will be showing or breeding the dog. Otherwise, it may not
matter to you whether the puppy is registered or not.

Naturally, you will want to see any health records that are available for the puppy, and possibly for the
parents, depending on the breed of the dog and whether or not that breed is susceptible to certain illnesses or
conditions. You need a record of any treatment or exams that the puppy has had to date. Ask if the puppy is
up-to-date on shots and vaccinations and worming, if the puppy has been spayed or neutered, and if the
puppy has been micro chipped.

If possible, you should ask to see the entire litter and the parents, even if all that is available is pictures. This
gives you the opportunity to gather more information about the puppy or puppies that you are considering.
Pay attention to how healthy the dogs appear to be, as well as how well they have been taken care of,
including the conditions in which they have been living.

You will of course want to know the price of the puppy, and check to see if this price is reasonable, as
compared to prices charged by other breeders. Note that females are almost always more expensive than
males. Also note that puppies that have champion level parents are very expensive as compared to those that
do not have champion level parents.

In many cases, there will be a written contract. This contract should specifically identify and describe the
puppy or puppies for sale that you have agreed to purchase. It should also include a guarantee, which should
allow you to return the dog within a certain amount of time, for a full refund, if the puppy isn't healthy, as
determined by your veterinarian.
When you find the puppy that is right for your family, and you decide to make a purchase, it should be a
pleasant, stress-free experience for you - particularly if you are making your purchase from a reputable
breeder. If at any time you do not feel right about the purchase, or the condition of the puppy, you should
have the option of backing out of the sale - before it is made, and again, for a certain period of time after the
purchase has been made as well.

Author: Norio De Sousa

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