First Year in Business, 5 Star Chip Repair Looks to Wow Customers With Great 5 Star Service by associate6


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									First Year in Business, 5 Star Chip Repair Looks to Wow Customers With
Great 5 Star Service

Why repair the chip or crack in the windshield? It permanently stops
crack extension. It will restores visibility and strength. 5 Star Chip
Repair is a mobile service, don’t go anywhere! All the billing and
paperwork is done by 5 Star Chip Repair! 100% guaranteed or your money
back. Now let's talk about those headlights. Are those headlights getting
yellow, foggy and clouded looking? 5 Star Chip Repair has a solution to
clear things up.

Whittier, CA, July 09, 2012 -- 5 Star Chip Repair is a new young business
looking to make a huge impact when it comes to auto care. Young business
owner Adam Landrum will surprise you with his knowledge and training on
all vehicles.

5-Star Chip Repair is a mobile Windshield Repair Specialist & Headlight
Restoration Specialist in Los Angeles & Orange County. The company is
trained to handle all types of vehicles such as an every day Honda or
Toyota, to the high end cars such as a Porsche.

Why get a chip repair instead of replacing the whole windshield?
Windshield chip repair is a great alternative to replacing the whole
windshield. Chip repair saves time and money.

5 Star Chip Repair is now offering a new service: headlight restoration,
that will make your car look new again.

5 Star Chip Repair wants to regenerate those headlights to look like the
first day it was driven off the lot. Help the safety of loved ones by
returning the full brightness while driving at night. Replacement runs
into hundreds of dollars. In this economy who can afford that? Average
price for professional looking headlight restoration $100.00 or more.We
offer a very low price with great quality, giving you that 5 Star
Service! No Mobile Fee!.

Also it comes with a 5 year warranty!

Adam Landrum
5 Star Chip Repair
Whittier, CA 90603

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