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									      West Windsor Township Wallace Road Resurfacing

On or about July 2, 2012, Wallace Road Resurfacing work will begin.

Please be advised that Arawak Paving Company, Inc of Hammonton, New Jersey has been retained by
West Windsor Township for the Wallace Road Resurfacing Project and is scheduled to commence
operations starting the week of July 2nd, weather permitting.

Improvements associated with this project include but are not limited to concrete curb, sidewalk, and
handicap ramps, casting replacements, milling and resurfacing of the bituminous pavement, improved
striping and pavement reflectors.

This project is expected to be completed within 30 days. In the event of inclement weather, work may
be rescheduled or delayed.

Generally, the road will remain open to traffic at all times with alternate traffic during non-peak hours.
Please be advised, however, that minor traffic delays may occur when attempting to pass through areas
when heavy equipment is active. During placement of the new pavement surface course, road and
driveway access may be impacted temporarily.

Parking for the Princeton Junction Train Station at West Windsor will remain open at all times, however,
access may be impacted for a short duration during final paving operations.

Please note: Tack oil will be sprayed on the roadway surface prior to final paving operations. The public
is advised not to ride through the tack oil, as it may get onto your vehicle and may be difficult to

Please honor all traffic control measures, and posted signage as they are there for your safety and the
safety of the Contractor.

The Township regrets any inconvenience and will attempt to minimize adverse impacts as much as
possible. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated. If you have any questions concerning this
project please contact the West Windsor Township Engineering Division at (609) 799-9396.

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