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   Drink Driving
 Being charged with a drink driving or
DUI offence can be a very traumatic
 Protect your rights by seeking the assistance of a solicitor with experience in drink-
driving matters.
 our lawyer should work closely with you to help you obtain a reduction in imposable
penalties, on the license disqualification period or the dismissal of your case.

   Driving Offences
 If you have been arrested for a Driving Offence

 the best way you can protect your rights is to consult with a law experienced in the area
 who will advise you on the various defences available to you as well as the steps to
take to ensure the most favorable outcome on your case.
                                                              criminal defence lawyer sydney
       Criminal Law
     Assault / Violence
        Drug Offences
       Sexual Offences
        Other Offences
Possession of a Prohibited Weapon
Robbery with an offensive weapon
      Robbery with wounding
         Goods in custody
        Traffic Law
        Drink Driving
       Driving Offences
                           criminal defence lawyer sydney
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