TOWNSHIP RECREATION EVENTS Lawrence Township by jennyyingdi


									     TOWNSHIP                                  RECREATION EVENTS,                      2 0 1 2
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                  OF                                                                      ≈
                                                                                    S U M M E R

                                        PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES                    P R O G R A M

                                                                                  B R O C H U R E

 James S. Kownacki

 Cathleen M, Lewis
 Dr. David C. Maffei
 Michael S. Powers
 Gregory J. Puliti

 Richard S. Krawczun

 Kathleen S. Norcia

Steven Groeger, Superintendent
Matthew Calu, Program Coordinator
Donna Eisenhauer, Clerk

Address: 2207 Lawrence Road
         Lawrence Twp. NJ 08648

Office Hours: Monday—Friday
             8:30 am—4:30 pm

Telephone: (609) 844-7067
FAX:       (609) 895-1668



 Ed Budzinski
 Glenn Collins
                                    WHAT’S INSIDE
 Robert DallePazze
 Ed Fedorko                         SPRING           SUMMER           SPECIAL EVENTS
 Stacy Gallagher
 Geoffrey Kimmel                    LACROSSE         CAMPS            EASTER EGG HUNT
 Bill Pitman                                                          MEMORIAL DAY OBSERVANCE
                                    SWIM LESSONS     SPORT CLINICS
 Christopher Sawasky
 Marie Tagliaferri                  TENNIS LESSONS   SWIM LESSONS     FIREWORKS
 Sigmund Zegarski
                                    TBALL            TENNIS LESSONS
                                                                      ……………...AND MUCH MORE.
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                               General Information

AQUATICS              (4—5)
Pool Hours and Fees
Swim Lessons                  Recreation,    passive    1. Programs and ac-
Swim Team                     and active, plays an      tivities in this booklet
                              important role in the     are provided for the
FACILITIES MAP (11)           lives of all residents.   benefit of the resi-       meetings the First
                              The Lawrence Town-        dents of Lawrence          (1ST) Thursday of
                              ship Recreation De-       Township. Considera-       each month at 7:30
HEALTH DEPT (14—15)           partment provides a       tion will be given to      p.m. in the Municipal
Animal Control                variety of activities     non-residents,        if   Building. All Town-
Clinics, Screenings           including sports and      space permits, at          ship residents are
Municipal Alliance            league play for all       twice the registration     encouraged to at-
Safe Sitter                   ages, special events,     fee.                       tend.
                              concerts, community
MISCELLANEOUS (13)            gardens and much          2. Please note the         5. Individuals inter-
Community Gardens             more.                     Township      refund       ested in receiving
Lawrence Nature Center                                  policy. Individuals        information regard-
Community Band                Our parks provide an      withdrawing from           ing financial assis-
                              opportunity for family    a program, that            tance for registration
SENIOR CENTER          (12)   picnics and trips to      has     not      yet       fees should contact
                              use the playground        started, will be as-       the Recreation Office
                              equipment. This bro-      sessed a fee of            at (609) 844-7067.
SPECIAL EVENTS          (3)   chure outlines many       25% of the regis-
Easter Egg Hunt               of    the    programs     tration fee paid.          6. Additional   infor-
Memorial Day                  scheduled     for  the    Once a program             mation     regarding
Fireworks                     Spring and Summer.        has started no re-         Recreation    Depart-
                              We make every effort      funds will be is-          ment programs, ac-
SUMMER CAMPS (8 - 9)          to operate the pro-       sued with the ex-          tivities and facilities
Art & Theater                 grams as outlined in      ception   of    pro-       can be found by vis-
Playground                    this brochure but oc-     grams which are            iting the Lawrence
Safety Town                   casionally changes are    cancelled,     post-       Township website at
Sport                         necessary.                poned or resched-
Travel                                                  uled by the Rec-
                              Public input is always    reation     Depart-        7. T h e  Lawrence
TENNIS (10)                   welcome and enables       ment.                      Township Recreation
                              the Recreation De-                                   Office is located in
                              partment to expand        3. The     Recreation      the Municipal Build-
                              and enhance our pro-      Department reserves        ing on Route 206.
                              grams and facilities.     the right to modify or     The address is: 2207
                              Your comments can         to alter schedules         Lawrence Road Law-
                              be directed to the        when necessary.            rence Township NJ
                              Recreation      Office,                              08648.    The   tele-
Sport Clinics
                              which is open Monday      4. The   Recreation        phone    number    is
Summer Basketball
                              through Friday from       Advisory Committee         (609) 844-7067.
                              8:30 am to 4:30 pm.       conducts its public
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VOLUME     1,   ISSUE   1                                                                              PAGE      3

                                      Special Events
     Township                                         Sponsored by the Law-      1:00 pm. This year the
                                                      rence Township Rec-        festivities, including a
    Easter Egg                                        reation Department the     visit from the Easter
        Hunt                                          Annual Easter Egg Hunt     Bunny, will be held in
                                                      will be held Saturday,     Central Park at the
   Saturday April 7                                   April   7TH  beginning     baseball fields.      So
      10:00 am                                        promptly at 10 am. The     bring your Easter bas-
                                                      scheduled rain day is      kets and join the fun.
  Central Park Fields                                 Sunday, April 8TH at
 Eggert Crossing Road

Lawrence Township will ob-       us. Come and enjoy this won-      Mother Nature
serve Earth Day Saturday         derful facility and learn more
May 12 from 1 pm to 5 pm         about the important role na-
at the Lawrence Nature           ture plays in our lives every        Saturday May 12
Center with exhibits, dem-       day. For details visit the Law-       1 pm to 5 pm
onstrations and activities       rence Nature Center website
pertaining to our natural      Lawrence Nature Center
environment that surrounds                                           481 Drexel Avenue

                                                             tion will conduct Memo-
                               Memorial Day                  rial Services in Law-
                                                             rence Veterans Park at
                                Observance                   the conclusion of the
                                                             parade. Join us as we
                            The annual Memorial Day Pa-      pay tribute to all the
                            rade will step off at 10:00 am   servicemen and service-
                            on Saturday May 26TH. Mem-       women who have made
                            bers of American Legion Post     the ultimate sacrifice to
 Saturday May 26            414, Veterans of Foreign         defend our freedom.
    10:00 am                Wars Post 3022 and the
                            112TH Field Artillery Associa-                               The soldier above all

                                                                                         others, prays for peace
Independence Day will be ob-                                                             for it is the soldier who
served in Lawrence Township
on Wednesday, July 4TH on                                                                must suffer and bear
the grounds of Rider Univer-
                                                                                         the deepest wounds
sity. The fireworks beginning                                          and
at approximately 9:40 pm will                                                            and scars of war.
be preceded by a concert at                                         Concert
7:00 pm. Come early to get
a prime location!!!                  Wednesday July 4TH                                  “Douglas MacArthur”
                                      Rider University
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                                             Swim Instruction Level Descriptions
                                                CLASS class is de- LEVEL (see class is LEVEL schedule)
                                            LEVEL 1—ThisDESCRIPTION 3—This below for class4—This class is
                                            signed specifically for 3 to designed for stroke devel-   for stroke refinement.
                                            5 year olds who have little  opment.     Emphasis      is Proficiency of the front
                                            or no exposure to the wa-    placed on development of     crawl and backstroke is
                                            ter. Emphasis on safety,     the front crawl, back-       stressed.    Additionally
                                            enjoying the water and       stroke, breaststroke kick    students will continue
                                            water skills (such as blow-  and endurance. Students      work on the breaststroke,
                                            ing bubbles, kicking float-  will swim in the shallow     sidestroke and butterfly.
                                            ing on their backs) and      and deep ends of the pool.   Students will work on
                                            FUN! Children must be 3      Additional skills taught a   standing dives, flip-turns
                                            and toilet trained prior to  this level will include      and basic rescues. Pre-
        REGISTRATION                        the start of the class.      treading    water,   diving  requisites: pass Level 3,
         PROCEDURE                          LEVEL 2—This class em-       from seated and kneeling     or be able to swim at
                                            phasizes water safety, en-   positions and surface div-   least 25 meters of front
Registrations will be accepted
                                            joyment, skills (including   ing to recover an object     crawl and backstroke,
“first come, first placed” and              elementary      backstroke,  from a depth of 7 feet. Pre  back-float for 30 sec-
WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED PRIOR                  back and front float, kicks  -requisites: must be able    onds, and tread water for
TO MARCH 14. At the time of                 and beginner stroke. Pre-    to back-float for 15 sec-    2 minutes.
registration please include ALL             requisites: general water    onds, swim a width of the
subsequent Spring and Sum-                  comfort and the ability to   pool (60 feet) and use a
mer sessions/levels as they                 participate in a group les-  kick board on the front
may not be available at a later             son setting.                 and back.

                                                      Swim Instruction Schedules
FERING FROM WHAT YOU HAD AN-              All swim instruction is held in the pool at Lawrence High School 2525 Princeton
TICIPATED) THE RECREATION OFFICE          Pike. Each session includes 8 lessons on the day(s) of the week listed below. The
MUST BE CONTACTED AS SOON AS              cost is $75 per session (eight classes) for residents of Lawrence Township.
POSSIBLE TO ATTEMPT TO MAKE THE                                                  SPRING
NECESSARY CHANGE(S). PLACEMENT            SESSION LEVEL              DAY(S)                 TIME              START DATE
IS NOT GUARANTEED REGARDLESS OF                1          1        Mon. & Wed.        6:00 pm—6:35 pm             April 16
THE ORDER OF REGISTRATION AND                  1          2        Mon. & Wed.        6:40 pm—7:25 pm             April 16
WILL BE MADE ONLY IF SPACES ARE                1          3        Mon. & Wed.        7:30 pm—8:15 pm             April 16
AVAILABLE    AND   SKILL   LEVEL   PER-        1          1        Saturday           12 Noon—12:35 pm            April 21
MITS. The registration fee must                1          1        Saturday           12:40 pm—1:15 pm            April 21
be submitted with the com-                     1          2        Saturday           1:20 pm—2:05 pm             April 21
pleted registration form. Please               1          2        Saturday           2:10 pm—2:55 pm             April 21
note the Township refund pol-                  1          2        Tue. & Thur.       6:00 pm—6:45 pm             April 17
icy regarding withdrawing from                 1          3        Tue. & Thur.       6:45 pm—7:30 pm             April 17
a program as indicated on the                  1          4        Tue. & Thur.       7:30 pm—8:15 pm             April 17
registration form.                             1 ADULT (18+) Tue. & Thur.             8:15 pm—9:00 pm             April 17

                                              2         1          Mon. & Wed.        6:00   pm—6:35   pm              May   14
                                              2         2          Mon. & Wed.        6:40   pm—7:25   pm              May   14
                                              2         3          Mon. & Wed.        7:30   pm—8:15   pm              May   14
                                              2         2          Tue. & Thur.       6:00   pm—6:45   pm              May   15
                                              2         3          Tue. & Thur.       6:45   pm—7:30   pm              May   15
                                              2         4          Tue. & Thur.       7:30   pm—8:15   pm              May   15
                                              2   ADULT (18+)      Tue. & Thur.       8:15   pm—9:00   pm              May   15

                                               SUMMER (classes meet Monday through Thursday for two weeks)
                                                 Session 1*     Session 2        Session 3           Session 4
                                                 6/25—7/6       7/9—7/19        7/23—8/2             8/6—8/16

                                                  Level   1                 Mon.   through   Thurs.    8:45 am—9:20 am
                                                  Level   2                 Mon.   through   Thurs.    9:30 am—10:15 am
                                                  Level   3                 Mon.   through   Thurs.    10:25 am—11:10 am
                                                  Level   4                 Mon.   through   Thurs.    11:20 am—12:05 pm
                                             * IN THE EVENT THE LAWRENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL YEAR IS EXTENDED,
                                                 SESSION 1 WILL BEGIN THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER RECESS.
VOLUME        1,   ISSUE      1                                                                                      PAGE    5

Pool Hours & Fees
                                                Spring                                        Summer
                                        (through June 9)                            (June 25—August 18)

                                             Pool Hours                                      Pool Hours
                                     Weeknights: 6 pm—10 pm                          Weekdays: 12 pm—7 pm
                                     Saturdays: 12 pm—6 pm                           Saturdays: 12 pm—6 pm
The pool at the Lawrence
                                        Membership Fees                                Membership Fees
High School is available dur-
                                     Family       $150                              Family       $105
ing non-school hours for
open swim, laps and les-
                                     Individual   $80                               Individual   $60
sons.                                Senior       $20                               Senior       $15
                                     Daily        $4                                Daily        $4
                                     Dip Ticket (25 visits)          $75            Dip Ticket (25 visits)       $75

 General Pool Information                                                                                       Seventy—Five
 The Lawrence High School Pool        daily fee. All fees are set for      There are locker rooms avail-        percent of our
 provides a valuable recreational     residents of Lawrence Town-          able as well as 2 “Family
 and fitness resource to the resi-    ship. Non-residents are required     Change Rooms” for mothers
                                                                                                                   planet is
 dents of Lawrence Township.          to pay double the resident fee.      who need to change young sons       water— Can you
 Whether you are looking for lap                                           or fathers who need to change            swim ?
                                      All pool patrons must sign in
 swimming, open swim or les-                                               young daughters.
                                      upon entering the pool area and
 sons, there are plenty of oppor-     pay the fee (if applicable) at       Pool closings will be posted on
 tunities available.                                                                                           Author Unknown
                                      that time.                           the Township website:
 The pool at Lawrence High                                        and
                                      Children under the age of 12
 School is accessible through                                              signs will be posted at the pool.
                                      MUST be accompanied by an
 membership, or by paying the         adult.                               Enjoy!

                    Stroke and Turn Program
 Designed for those quali-            on Tuesday and Thurs-
 fied swimmers interested             days in April and May at
 in maintaining their com-            the Lawrenceville School
 petitive form this pro-              pool. Final determination
 gram will prepare partici-           of individuals level will be
 pants for the summer                 made by the staff.
 competitive swim season.
 Swimmers will be placed              FEE: $70
 in one of the two levels
 that meet for five weeks
                                       Youth Sports
         PAGE    6

Please note the Town-

                                                     Rookie Ball
ship refund policy. In-
dividuals withdrawing
from a program, that
has not yet started,
will be assessed a fee      Boys born between 5/1/04          games on weeknights and
of 25% of the regis-        and 4/30/06 and girls born        Saturday mornings in Central
tration fee paid. Once      between 1/1/04 and 12/31/05       Park adjacent to Lawrence
a program has started       are eligible to participate in    Intermediate School. Regis-
no refunds will be is-      the   Lawrence     Township       tration must be completed by
sued with the excep-        Rookie Ball league which gets     March 15. Anyone interested
tion    of   programs       underway in April. Boys and       in coaching should contact the
which are cancelled,        girls will be separated into      Recreation Office. FEE:$ 40
postponed     or    re-     teams and practice and play
scheduled by the Rec-

                                                   Spring Lacrosse
reation Department.

Individuals interested
in receiving informa-
                                      GIRLS                                                  BOYS
tion regarding finan-       The Lawrence Township Rec-                          Boys 2  ND
                                                                                            to 8TH interested
                            reation Department will offer a                     in Lacrosse must registered
cial   assistance   for
                            girls Lacrosse program. Girls                       by January 13. The juniors
registration      fees
                            in 4TH through 8TH grades will                      (3RD/4TH grade) intermedi-
should contact the          learn basic fundamentals and                        ates (5TH/6TH grade) and
Recreation Office at        strategies of the game. Em-                         seniors    (7TH/8TH    grade)
(609) 844-7067.             phasis will be placed on edu-                       compete against teams in
                            cational drills, game play and                      Central Jersey mid-April to
                            FUN!! Games will be scheduled                       early June. The 2ND graders
                            with other area programs.           FEE: $65        will participate in a skills
Programs and activi-                                                            development program.
ties in this booklet are      Interested in coaching? Call the Recreation Office at (609) 844-7067.
provided      for    the

                                       Summer Teen Basketball
benefit of the resi-
dents of Lawrence
Township. Considera-
tion will be given to
non-residents,         if    Girls entering 6th, 7th, or 8th interested in playing summer basketball
space     permits,    at     should register to play beginning July 2nd on Monday and Wednesday
twice the registration       evenings through August 6th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Boys will play
fee.                         on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from July 5th through August 7th
                             with the junior boys (entering 6th, 7th, or 8th) from 6:00 to 7:30 pm and
                             the senior boys (entering 9th, 10th, or 11th) from 8:00 or 9:30 pm. All
                             sessions will be held in the Lawrence High School Gymnasium. All play-
                             ers must register and payment is due with registration. FEE: $ 60

             RECREATION        EVENTS,     PROGRAMS          AND   ACTIVITIES
VOLUME     1,   ISSUE   1                                                                       PAGE    7

                              Summer Sports Clinics
         TRACK                       FIELD HOCKEY                            WRESTLING
A Track series will be held Tues-    This summer 3rd to 8th grade        For those interested in learning
day & Thursday evenings 6:30-8       girls can experience the game of    the finer points of wrestling the
pm, July 5 - August 7 for 3rd-       field hockey. Monday and            Lawrence Township Recreation
8th graders interested in seeing     Wednesday evenings from 6:30-       Department will offer a junior
how fast they can become. Track      8 pm, July 2—August 6 coaches       wrestling program for 3rd
coaches and varsity track ath-       and players from local schools      through 8th Monday & Wednes-
letes will teach, supervise and      will work with young players to     day nights from 6:30 to 8 pm.
encourage the athletes in starts,    develop skills and interest in      The program will be held in the
form and relays in sprint and        field hockey. The program is on     Lawrence High School Auxiliary
distance events. This is excellent   the fields adjacent to the Law-     gymnasium from Monday July 2
training for other sports.           rence Intermediate School.          to    Monday       August      6.
FEE: $35                             FEE: $35                            FEE: $35

                                                                                            Football is

Lawrence Lightning Junior Football                                                          like life it
The Lawrence Lightning        commitment for practices      visit the Lawrence Lightning    self-denial,
Jr. Football Club coordi-     and travel. For the older     Junior Football Club website:   hard work,
nates contact football for    players there is a heavy-       sacrifice,
3RD to 8TH graders. Players   weight team which com-                                        dedication
between 8 & 11 have an        petes in the Mercer                                           and respect
opportunity to play on        County Football League.                                       for authority.
Lawrence Lightning teams      For additional information
in the West Jersey Foot-      call 844-7067, email:
ball League requiring a or

                                        Lawrence Hamnett Soccer
                                The Lawrence Hamnett Soccer        petitive teams as well as
                                Association provides the oppor-    coaching education throughout
                                tunity for children 5 to 18        the year. Additional informa-
                                years old to play soccer in        tion is also available by email
                                Lawrence Township. The Ham-        to
                                netts offer a Fall recreational    or     on    their    website
                                program and year round com-

                               The Recreation Department will

    Cheerleading               offer Cheerleading clinics
                               Thursday evenings in the
                               Spring and Fall for 2ND to 6TH
                                                                                     6:30—8 pm
                                                                        Ben Franklin Elementary
                               graders. These clinics are not
                               part of the Lawrence Lightning/                  Fall
                               PBA Cheerleading team.                   9/13—11/1 6:30—8pm
                               FEE: $50                                 Ben Franklin Elementary
         PAGE    8

                                          Summer Camps
Please note the Town-
ship refund policy. In-
dividuals withdrawing
from a program, that
has not yet started,
                                                        Safety Town
will be assessed a fee      Students are taught        dents     about     safety   through July 6th) at the
of 25% of the regis-        how to create safe         around the home, fire        Ben Franklin Elementary
tration fee paid. Once      situations for them-       safety, how to make 911      School. Students may
a program has started       selves in everyday life.   emergency       telephone    register for Session I,
no refunds will be is-      There will be trips to     calls and other invalu-      which is 8:30 am -
sued with the excep-        police and fire depart-    able safety lessons. The     10:30 am, or Session II
                            ments, visits by profes-   program for students         from 11 am - 1 pm. Reg-
tion    of   programs
                            sionals and different      entering Kindergarten in     istration is limited to 50
which are cancelled,                                   the Fall, will run from
                            fun-filled   experiences                                students in each session.
postponed     or    re-     for the students. The      Monday through Friday        FEE: $ 65
scheduled by the Rec-       staff will instruct stu-   for 2 weeks (June 25th
reation Department.

Individuals interested
                                          Art and Theater Camp
in receiving informa-                            Campers who enjoy the         (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm)
                               Session 1
tion regarding finan-                            arts will love this camp      will focus on Theater
                            June 25 to July 6
cial   assistance   for                          for students entering         where         counselors
                               Session 2
registration      fees                           2ND through 7TH grades        choose different themes
                            July 9 to July 20
should contact the                               (Fall 2012). This camp        to develop with their
Recreation Office at                             will provide morning in-      students.    Individuals
                             Full Day Fee:
(609) 844-7067.                                  struction (9:00 am to         can register for the
                            $240 per session
                             1/2 Day Fee:        12N) in the visual arts       morning, afternoon or
                            $180 per session     while the afternoons          full day.

Programs and activi-

                                                         Sport Camp
ties in this booklet are
provided      for    the
benefit of the resi-
dents of Lawrence
Township. Considera-        Sports camp will offer      The Camp will be held             Session 2
tion will be given to       children between 6          from 9 am - 4 pm. For          July 9 to July 20
non-residents,         if   and 12 years old the        those interested in only          Session 3
space     permits,    at    opportunity to partici-     half day camp, registra-       July 23 to Aug 3
twice the registration      pate in a full day          tion is available for
fee.                        sports camp with a          morning (9 am - 12N)            Full Day Fee:
                            combination    of   in-     or afternoon (1 pm - 4         $240 per session
                            struction and competi-      pm).                            1/2 Day Fee:
                            tion throughout the                                        $180 per session
                            day in multiple sports.

             RECREATION        EVENTS,     PROGRAMS        AND    ACTIVITIES
 VOLUME     1,   ISSUE   1                                                                        PAGE       9

 Travel Camp
                              Each day during the
                              four week program                                            “We don’t stop
                              participants take a day
                                                                                           playing because
                              trip to a number of dif-
                              ferent locations. Past                                     we grow old; we
                              trips    have    include
                                                                                         grow old because
                              sporting events, beach,
                              Camel Beach, Dorney                                        we stop playing.”
 This four week activity,     Park, Great Adventure,
 from July 9TH through        Mountain Creek Park,
 August 3RD, is for stu-      Seaside Water Works                                        George Bernard
 dents    entering   5TH      and more.
 through 8   TH
                 grades.      FEE: $265 per week                                         Shaw

 Park Camp
                          afternoon (1 pm to 4 pm)       mailing the attached form
                          or full day (9 am to 4         to the Lawrence Twp.
                          pm) program. Full day          Recreation Dept. along
                          campers will swim at the       with the required fee.
This program for children
                          Lawrence High School
6 - 12 years old is June
                          pool. Additionally, for                         SESSIONS
25 through August 17
                          those campers needing             1         2              3            4
each Monday to Friday.
                          an extended day, before        6/25-7/6   7/9-7/20    7/23-8/3     8/6-8/17
Instructors organize ac-
                          camp care is available
tivities in arts/crafts,                                            FEES (Per Session)
                          from 8am to 9 am and
games, sports. trips and                                        Full Day—$240     AM or PM—$180
                          after camp care is avail-
more. Registration may
                          able from 4pm to 6 pm.         After May 15- $265                     - $200
be for one or more of the
                          Registration, indicating
(4), two-week sessions at
                          sessions of your choice,       Before Care $45         After Care $55
Veterans’ Park for the
                          may be completed by
morning (9 am to 12N),

                             Junior Master Gardeners
Rutgers Cooperative Extension      The week will be a balance of      Master Gardeners and area
will provide 1 week of day         outdoor investigation, excit-      educators and naturalists.
camp at the Lawrence Nature        ing activities and demonstra-
Center at Drexel Woods, June       tions, as well as traditional      The fee is $195 per week for
25-29.The week is open to          camp activities – including        the 9 am to 4 pm camp and is
those entering 3rd-5th grades      arts & crafts. The program is      limited to 20 applicants. Con-
(in Sept. 2012). The beautiful     directed by Chad Ripberger,        tact Altaira Bejgrowicz, 4-H
backyard meadow and woods          County 4-H Agent, and deliv-       Program Assistant, at be-
will be utilized as we explore     ered by 4-H staff with the or
nature together!                   assistance of Mercer County        989-6833 with questions.
       PAGE    10

                                                 Tennis Instruction
Please note the Town-        Starting in the spring   a more “kid-friendly”     will be comprised of
ship refund policy. In-
                             of 2012, the Recrea-     format. Smaller           eight (8) classes on
dividuals withdrawing
from a program, that         tion Department will     courts, larger low-       weekday afternoons
has not yet started,         be modifying its Youth   compression balls and     or six (6) classes on
will be assessed a fee
of 25% of the regis-         Tennis Instructional     innovative new lesson     Saturday afternoons.
tration fee paid. Once       Program. In accor-       plans will more effec-
a program has started                                                           Adult classes will
                             dance with USTA’s        tively provide children
no refunds will be is-                                                           be offered to all
sued with the excep-         new “Quickstart Ten-     (ages 5 to 12) with
                                                                                 levels of players
tion    of   programs        nis” program, lessons    proper tennis funda-
which are cancelled,                                                             in a more tradi-
postponed     or    re-      will now be offered in   mentals. Each session       tional format.
scheduled by the Rec-
reation Department.

                                     Spring Schedule and Fees
Individuals interested      Mon/Wed 8 Classes         Tue/Thu 8 Classes            Sat 6 Classes
in receiving informa-          Village Park              Central Park               Central Park
tion regarding finan-          Starts May 7th           Starts May 8th             Starts May 5th
cial   assistance   for
                             Ages 5—7 ($36)            Ages 5—7 ($36)            Ages 5—7 ($36)
registration      fees
                             4:15pm to 5:00pm          4:15pm to 5:00pm            12N—1:00pm
should contact the
                            Ages 8—10 ($48)           Ages 8—10 ($48)            Ages 8—10 ($48)
Recreation Office at
                             4:15pm to 5:15pm          4:15pm to 5:15pm            12N—1:15pm
(609) 844-7067.
                            Ages 11—12 ($72)          Ages 11—12 ($72)          Ages 11—12 ($72)
                              4:15pm—5:30pm             4:15pm—5:30pm              12N—1:30pm
                                                        ADULTS ($80)               ADULTS($80)
Programs and activi-                                   6:00pm—8:00pm             9:30am—11:30am

                                    Summer Schedule and Fees
ties in this booklet are
provided      for    the
benefit of the resi-
dents of Lawrence                 Weekday Classes (8)                           Saturdays (6)
Township. Considera-        Lawrence Middle School (Gainsboro Rd.)                  Central Park
tion will be given to
                                   Sessions                 Times                 Ages 5—7 ($36)
non-residents,         if
space     permits,    at                                                            12N—1:00pm
                            Session 1: 6/25—7/6       Ages 5—7 ($36)
twice the registration                                                            Ages 8—10 ($48)
                                (No Class 7/4)        9:00am to 9:45am
fee.                                                                                12N—1:15pm
                            Session 2: 7/9—7/19       Ages 8—10 ($48)            Ages 11—12 ($72)
                            Session 3: 7/23—8/2       9:00am to 10:00am             12N—1:30pm
                            Session 4: 8/6—8/16       Ages 11—12 ($72)             ADULTS($80)
                                                      9:00am to 10:15am            9:30—11:30am

             RECREATION       EVENTS,      PROGRAMS       AND    ACTIVITIES
VOLUME   1,   ISSUE   1                    PAGE   11

                          Facilities Map
           PAGE       12

                                       Senior Center Programs
                                      The Lawrence Senior         The Lawrence Town-
                                      Center is open to Law-      ship Office on Aging
                                      rence Senior Citizens       publishes a monthly
                                      for a wide range of so-     “Lawrence Senior Ac-
                                      cial, recreational and      tivities and Events       Many seniors in Law-
                                      educational activities as   Calendar” to keep         rence have extensive
                                      well as a library/lounge    seniors abreast of the    backgrounds in varied
                                      where seniors are wel-      programs being of-        fields of expertise.
                                      comed to come relax,        fered at the Senior       Perhaps you would
                                      socialize, watch televi-    Center. The Lawrence      like to volunteer to
                                      sion,     play    board     Senior Citizen van is     teach a class or give
Lillian LaSalle, Executive Director
                                      games, or read. Per-        available to provide      a talk on a topic of
Luise Watson, Clerk                   haps you will consider      free    transportation    interest   to     sen-
Lenny Spellman, Transportation        participating in one of     for Lawrence seniors      iors. The Center is
                                      the many excursions         during the day Mon-       open 8:30 am – 4:30
Address: 30 Darrah Lane East          they offer. A nutritious    day through Friday.
         Lawrence Twp, NJ 08648                                                             pm Monday to Friday,
                                      Lunch       is   served     For more information      excluding    holidays.
Office Hours: Monday—Friday           through     the   Mercer    or to schedule trans-     Feel free to call the
              8:30 am to 4:30 pm      County Nutrition Pro-       portation call the Of-    Senior Center at 844-
                                      ject Mondays, Wednes-       fice on Aging at (609)    7048 for additional
Telephone: (609) 844-7048             days, Thursdays and         844-7048.
FAX:       (609) 896-0279                                                                   information.

                                                          Activities, Classes and Programs
Livia Borkowski
Lorraine Colavita
Sarah Downing
Dolores Fuessel
Ted Hendricks                                  Acrylic Art             Tue PM        500 Club       Wed PM
Bertha Hirsch                                                                        Hula           Thursday AM
Athene Kan                                     Ballroom Dance          Mon AM
Helen Knobl                                    Bible Class             Wed AM        Italian        Friday AM
David Majofsky                                                                       Line Dancing Adv. Wed AM
Cheng Mao
                                               Bingo                   Thu/Fri PM
                                                                                                  Beg. Fri AM
Kay Palazey                                    Bridge Club             M/W/Th/F PM
Veronica Pickering                                                                   Mah Jongg      Wednesday PM
                                               Bridge Duplicate        Tue AM
                                                                                     Pinochle       M/W PM & F AM
                                               Busy Bees               Wed PM
                                                                                     Sculpture      Tuesday PM
                                               Canasta                 Mon/Thu PM
                                                                                     Sewing         Thursday PM
                                               Chess                   Mon/Wed AM
                                                                                     Spanish        Th PM/Wed AM
                                               Choral Group            Mon PM
                                                                                     Watercolor     Monday AM
                                               Computers               Wed PM
                                                                                     Yoga           Friday AM
                                               Exercise            Mon PM/Th AM

                                      Health Lectures and Screenings
                                       Health lectures are offered       2ND Wednesday of each
                                       the 1ST Wednesday of each         month at 1:00 pm. Call
                                       month at the Lawrence Sen-        844-7094 or 844-7048
                                       ior Center at 11:00 am. A         for additional informa-
                                       related screening is held the     tion.

                  RECREATION          EVENTS,    PROGRAMS         AND    ACTIVITIES
VOLUME               1,   ISSUE   1                                                                                  PAGE         13

                              Community Gardens                                                                My Weeds
                                                                                                         “I appreciate the
                                      by The Lawrenceville       plot(s) as the previous
                                      School for the garden-     year. Applications by                   I have had with Na-
                                      ing enthusiast on a        new resident gardeners                  ture over my peren-
                                      first come basis. So, if   for any remaining plots                 nial border.
                                      tomatoes, lettuce or       will not be accepted
                                                                                                         I think it is a flower
                                      sunflowers are your        prior to March 19 and
                                                                                                         garden; she thinks it
                                      pride and joy, stop in     are limited to 2 (two)                  is a meadow lacking
                                      and register for one of    plots per person.                       grass, and tries to
The Lawrence Town-                    the plots.                                                         correct the error. “
ship Recreation De-                                              FEE: $35 per plot
                                                                                                          Sara Stein
partment     provides                 Returning    gardeners
132—20' by 20' garden                 will have until March
plots on land provided                12 to reserve the same

                          Lawrence Nature Center
 “Earth and sky,

woods and fields,

 lakes and rivers,

the mountain and

   the sea, are           Located on 36-acres       guided birdwalks, a
    excellent             the Lawrence Nature       community     bonfire,          updates about the Law-
                          Center includes woods,    nighttime bat hikes,            rence Nature Center and
and teach some of
                          pasture, and a portion    summer camps and                programs, please contact
                          of   the    Shabakunk     Earth Day festivities.          the Lawrence Township
us more than we
                          Creek. Since 2003, the    The house on the prop-          Recreation   Department
 can ever learn
                          Nature    Center   has    erty is available for           by calling 609-844-7067
  from books. “
                          hosted numerous na-       educational programs            or visit the website at
                          ture   programs   and     for the community. For          www.lawrencenaturecent
John Lubbock
                          events      including     more information and  

Lawrence Community Band
The Lawrence Commu-                   comradeship       and      march and classi-
nity Band rehearses at                pleasure of making         cal music under
the Lawrence Senior                   music again. The band      the direction of
Center on Darrah Lane                 enjoys playing several     Ron    Taglairino.
Thursdays at 7:30 pm.                 concerts a year for        For   information
The band encourages                   community events and       call Ron at 883-
community      members                local nursing homes.       8141.     “I wake up in the morning, I do a
to dust off their instru-             The music programs                      little stretching exercises, pick up
ments and join the                    feature popular, jazz,                  the horn and play. “ Herb Alpert
     PAGE    14

                                 Child Health Services
                   Child Health clinics     program is offered
                   are available for in-    by the Health De-
                   fants, preschool and     partment by ap-
                   school aged children     pointment     only.
                   who do not have          Clinics are staffed
“The only way      health     insurance.    by a pediatrician
                   Services     provided    and trained public
 to keep your
                   include physical ex-     health nurses. Lead
health is to eat   ams growth meas-         risk assessment and
                   urements, all re-        screening are also
what you don’t     quired     immuniza-     provided. Call the
                   tions, vision, hearing   Health Department
 want, drink       and developmental        at 844-7093 for an
                   assessments.      The    appointment.
what you don’t

 like, and do

  what you’d                       Municipal Alliance
 druther not”
                   The goal of the Alli-    and    drug-related
 Mark Twain        ance is to 'empower      problems    in    the
                   the    community'.       community. Alliance      THE PUBLIC IS EN-
                   Membership is com-       meetings are held        COURAGED TO AT-
                   prised of local lead-    monthly    on     the    TEND. WE NEED
                   ers, municipal em-       fourth Tuesday at        your     SKILLS,
                   ployees and resi-        5:00 pm. at the          IDEAS,    ENERGY,
                   dents of Lawrence        Lawrence Township        CONCERN. PLEASE
                   Township, who want       Municipal Building in    JOIN US.
                   to be involved in        the   Lower     Level
                   preventing alcohol       Conference     room.

                                       Radon Testing
                   "A Citizen's Guide to    test for radon and       able for $12 at the
                   Radon" is available      reduce radon levels      health department.
                   at the Health De-        in    your      home.    Additional informa-
                   partment. This free      Please    visit    the   tion can be obtained
                   publication is pro-      health department        by contacting the
                   vided by the U.S.        for a free copy. For     Lawrence Township
                   Environmental Pro-       residents interested     Health Department
                   tection Agency. It       in   testing     their   at 844-7089.
                   describes what ra-       home for radon,
                   don is and how to        test kits are avail-

VOLUME     1,   ISSUE   1                                                                   PAGE   15

Health Screenings/Assessments
The Health Department provides          On the 1ST and 3RD
periodic screening for:                 Wednesday of each
      Colorectal Cancer                 month, from 1:00 pm
      Hearing                           to 3:00 pm, individuals
      Vision                            can    receive    blood
      Blood Sugar                       sugar      screenings,
      Hypertension                      blood pressure screen-
                                        ings and weight and
Residents can receive assess-           health     counseling.
ments to determine potential for        Staff nursing personnel
developing:                             will provide counseling
      Cervical Cancer                   and information related
      Breast Cancer                     to these conditions. For
      Cardiovascular Disease            additional information,
      Hypertension                      please call 844-7093.

The Safe Sitter course
                                             Safe Sitter Classes
                            rescue breathing and      session offered. To        Spring Session
was    developed      to    care of a choking         complete the class         Apr 10, 11, 12
teach      adolescents      child. Other areas in-    satisfactorily partici-    9:00 am 1:00 pm
safe babysitting skills.    clude accident pre-       pants must attend all
The program teaches         vention, how to call      classes of the session     Summer Session 1
those 11 and older          for emergency assis-      in their entirety. Class   June 25, 26 , 27, 28
how to handle emer-         tance, basic childcare    size is limited to         1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
gencies when caring         skills and how to en-     twelve students. For
for young children.         tertain children and      additional     informa-    Summer Session 2
Instruction    includes     keep     them     safe.   tion, call 844-7093.       Aug 13, 14, 15, 16
dealing with medical        There will be a Fall      FEE: $40                   9:00 am - 12:00 pm
emergencies such as         session and a Winter

                                   Animal Control
Residents are reminded,         September 30 each year.       LICENSE FEES ARE:
all dogs and cats 7             Applications are available    DOG – unspayed/unnuetered     $14.00
months of age residing in       from the Municipal Clerk’s          spayed/neutered         $11.00 *
Lawrence Township are           office or online              CAT - unspayed/unnuetered     $14.00
required to be licensed.              spayed/neutered         $11.00 *
Dog license applications        Proof of current rabies
are due by January 31           vaccination must be sub-      *Proof of spaying/neutering must be
each year and cat license       mitted with the license       submitted to receive the reduced fee.
applications are due by         application.
     Name                                               Birthdate                          Grade         Male           Female            .

     Address                                                                      /                                 /           /
                 STREET                                                                   CITY                          STATE       ZIP

     Phone #                                                                  /
                           HOME                                                                              CELL

     Email Address

     Emergency Contact Name                                                                  Phone Number


 PROGRAM NAME                                                           SESSION                    TIME

 PROGRAM NAME                                                           SESSION                    TIME

 PROGRAM NAME                                                           SESSION                    TIME 

From time to time the Lawrence Township Recreation Department will feature its programs in the local newspapers
and the Lawrence Township and/or Lawrence Nature Center websites. While the intent of this practice is to be in-
formative, there is a concern about the individual rights to privacy. In order to provide parents and participants
the option to exercise their right to privacy, the Recreation Department is providing the opportunity to have indi-
vidual names and pictures removed from all lists and publications.

         Please exclude my child’s name/picture from all programs and publications.
         Please include my child’s name/picture on programs, publications and website.

         Please include my child’s picture, but not my child’s name on programs, publications and website.

 I                                realize that a risk of being injured is inherent in all sports. I realize the risk of
     (Please print name)
 injury may be severe, including the risk of fractures, brain injuries, paralysis, or even death. I under-
 stand this and attest the above information is correct and wish to participate in the above Lawrence
 Township Recreation Department Recreation programs.
                                                           REFUND POLICY
 Refunds for the registration fee will be assessed a 25% administrative fee for withdrawing
 prior to the start of a program. No refunds will be issued after the program has started.

 Signature                                                                         Date
                                    Return Form and Fee to:
                                            Lawrence Township Recreation Department
                                            2207 Lawrence Road
                                            Lawrence Township NJ 08648


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