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Scientific Method Study Guide - DOC by QjDFZhPh


									                        Scientific Method Study Guide
1. What step of the scientific method involves the following: Listing your materials, writing a
   procedure, & doing the experiment more than once? Write the step and name of step.

Step 4: Performing the Experiment

2. When stating the purpose of an experiment you should write it in question form, which
   should always be testable and open ended (meaning it can’t be answered with a yes or a no).

3. The variable that is being measured in an experiment is the Dependent variable.

4. The scientific method is a series of organized procedures used to solve problems.

5. The 2nd step of the scientific methods involves researching to become more educated about
   your topic. What resources and/or materials can you use to do this research?

References from printed sources (books, journals, magazines, and newspapers) as well
as electronic sources (computer software and online services). Information from
professionals (instructors, librarians, and scientists).

6. When you state the purpose you need to Explain why you are doing your experiment or

7. Your prediction for what you think will happen in your experiment is also know as

the hypothesis.

8. The variables that you keep the same throughout an experiment are constant variables.

9. The variable that is the norm that everything is compared to in an experiment is the control

10. The independent variable is the variable that we, as the experimenter, have control over
    and are manipulating.

11. When looking for patterns or trends in your data, you are analyzing your data.

Circle the best answer
12. A table or graph showing the amount of rain each month in a region is an example

of a scientist’s:

    a- hypothesis
    b- variables
    c- conclusions
    d- data
13. Out of the statements below, which one is the best example of “Stating the problem”

        a.   Can I use Oxy Clean to get BBZ sauce out of my white T-shirts?
        b.   If I use Spray and Wash, then my shirt will get clean.
        c.   Will Shout get the stains out of my shirt?
        d.   How effective are store bought stain removers in getting BBQ sauce out of
             white cotton T-shirts?

14. Out of the following hypothesis statements, which is the best example?

        a. I predict that Shout works best
        b. If I use Spray and Wash, Shout, and Oxy Clean on white cotton T-shirts to
           remove BBQ stains, then I think Oxy Clean will fade the stains most.
        c. How can I test stain removers to get out BBQ sauce?
        d. If I use Shout, Oxy Clean, and Spray and Wash, my shirt will probably come clean

15. What should your conclusion statement answer? The conclusion statement should
    answer the purpose question and should support or reject your hypothesis.

16. List the 6 steps of the scientific method in order

    Step 1 State the Problem

    Step 2 Research

    Step 3 Form a Hypothesis

    Step 4 Experiment

    Step 5 Analyze Data

    Step 6 Conclusion
Directions: Write a possible problem and hypothesis for the following 2 experiments.. Then
identify the Independent Variable (IV), Dependent Variable (DV), Constant Variables, and

17. A scientist wants to see what type of stain remover will remove stains the best from clothes.
The scientist decides to use 2 types of stain remover: Shout and Oxy Clean.

Problem: (answers may vary, needs to be in the form of a question) Which stain remover will
work best Shout or Oxy Clean?

Hypothesis: (answers will vary but must be an if… then… statement) If 2 types of stain
remover are used then I think Shout will remove stains better than Oxy Clean.

Independent Variable: Type of Stain Remover

Dependent Variable: Amount of stain removed

Constant Variables: time washed, washing machine, temperature of water, type of stain, type
of clothes, etc.

Control: Wash clothes without using any stain remover.

18. A scientist wants to see which type of liquid will make plants grow taller. The scientist gives
three plants an equal amount of water, sunlight, soil, and amount of growing space. The scientist
gives one plant soda, one plant milk, and one plant water. After a month the height of each plant
is measured.

Problem: (answers will vary, needs to be in question form) Will soda, milk, or water make a
plant grow taller after a month?

Hypothesis: (answers will vary but should be an if… then…. Statement ) If plants are given
soda, milk, or water then I think that the plant receiving water will grow the tallest after a

Independent Variable: Type of Liquid

Dependent Variable: Growth of Plant

Constant Variables: amount of water, sunlight, soil, and amount of growing space.

Control: Plant receiving water or plant receiving no liquids.
19. The following data was collected by a scientist measuring the growth of 3 different plants.
One plant was given soda, one plant was given milk, and one plant was given water. The height
of each plant was measured after a month.

                            (This question will be checked in class)

                             Growth of Plants vs. Type of Liquid

              IV: Type of Liquid                              DV: Growth of Plant
                    Soda                                            25 cm
                    Milk                                            20 cm
                    Water                                           40 cm

Label and make a bar graph using the information given in the data table.

              Title: __________________________________________________

              IV: ___________________________________________________

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