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									                                             (Today’s Date)

The Honorable (Legislator’s First & Last Name)
(Address Line 1)
Sacramento, CA (Zip Code)

Re: Opposition to SB 1431

Dear (Senator/Assemblyman) (Legislator’s Last Name),

I am writing to request that you oppose the above referenced legislation. I want to provide you with
three common sense reasons to oppose SB 1431.

One, SB 1431 would effectively take away the self-insurance option for smaller employers looking to
better control the cost for providing quality health benefits for their employees by restricting the
availability of medical stop-loss insurance.

Two, in June, the Supreme Court will be releasing its ruling concerning PPACA, the Patient Protection
and Affordable Care Act. If the Supreme Court strikes down any part or all of PPACA then the
landscape for Healthcare Reform will be altered. Would it not be good policy to wait until after the
Supreme Court ruling to debate and vote on a bill as harmful to small employers as SB 1431?

Third, this is an election year for many legislators. If SB 1431 is passed then legislators supporting this
bill would be forced to stand before their constituents with statements like the following:

     “Great news for small employers. I have just voted for a healthcare bill that prevents small
      employers from having access to the same health plans as mid-size employers.”

     “Great news, because of my support for SB 1431, if you are an employer with 49 employees you
      no longer have access to the same health plan as an employer with 51 employees.”

     “Great news for all employees of small employers in my district. I just voted for SB 1431 which
      will prevent your employer from providing you the same health plan as larger employers provide.”

     “Great news, I just voted for a healthcare bill that protects Blue Shield from needing to compete
      with health plans that help employers provide better benefits while controlling cost.”

I do not mean my comments to be humorous or trite. California small employers need competition
among health plans to keep cost down and benefits stable.

I urge you to stand up for small businesses and oppose SB 1431. It is clear that this bill would result in
higher costs and more employees uninsured. Should you have any questions or would like to discuss
further, I can be reached at (phone number) or (email address). Thank you in advance for your time and


(Your first and last name)
(License Number)

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