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									                        Curriculum Vitae

                And Educational Records

                        Personal Details

Surname       Roberts     First Name     Jacqui Patricia

Marital Status       Divorced

Children      None

Address       9 Sedbury Close,
               LU3 2UP

Telephone Number          01582 580433

Email Address

Website Address       WWW.INNVACATION.CO.UK

Mobile Number         07753275605

Date Of Birth     13th July 1960

County Of Birth       Luton Bedfordshire

Nationality     British

                     Created by Jacqui Roberts
                          Education Records
Secondary Schools Attended

From           To

1971           1975           Denbigh High School, Luton Bedfordshire

1975           1976           Arnold High School, Barton-Ley-Clay, Bedfordshire

Details Of Examinations and Grades

C.S.E.         English A, Mathematics A, Chemistry B, Biology A, History B, Art A,
               Domestics Science B, Geography B, Needlework B.

R.S.A. Stages 12 &3           Shorthand and Typing

‘O’Levels      English A, Mathematics A, Chemistry C, Biology B, Art A,
               Needlework B, Domestic Science B, Geography B.

From           To

1975           1998           St John Ambulance Services

                              Certificate In Initiation Nursing
                              Certificate In Advanced Nursing
                              Certificate In First Aid
                              Health And Hygiene Certificate

                          Re-qualified for all the above in 2002

Additional Qualifications / Membership Of Professional Institutions Or Bodies

From           To

1992           1992    British Innkeepers Institute stages 1.2.3.
                       -This is A Four-Day Course, a pre-requisite for The Licensing

                       National Licensees Certificate
                       -For Off And On Licensed Premises.

I have re-qualified for my National License certificate in 1998, and 2003, this is only
because I feel the N.L.C. should be taken every Three years the same as the Health
and Hygiene Courses and First Aid Courses.

1994           1995    Wines And Spirits Correspondence Course
                      -A course that required twelve months to complete, which then
                      Allowed me to continue to the Diploma.

1995           1998   Diploma Course in Wines And Spirits
                      -A Three-Year Course, which allowed me to sit for a Masters
                      Degree in Wines And Spirits.

1998           2003   Masters Degree in Wines And Spirits
                      -This is a Five-Year Course achieved by only four other women
                      In this country. I am now the fifth.

2000           2002   Management Development Programmes
                      (MDP) On-Job Workbook And Off-Job Training
                      Food And Safety First Principles At Work
                      The Institute Of Environmental Health
                      Teaching certificate in Food And Safety, And Environmental
                      Health, First Principles At Work.
                      -All achieved working for Sodexho at the Driving Standards
                      Agency. Sodexho is the largest catering company in the UK.

The above course Food And Safety, And Environmental Health, First Principles At
Work, was a one-year course, and has entitled me to be able to teach others.

2002           2004   Risk Assessment Training (C.R.M.C.)
                      Retail Management Competence
                      -While working at Mitchell’s And Butlers. Certificates obtained
                      In July 2004.

I also completed a three-day course in Orientation, This Involved, Teaching Others
Career Progression – Recruitment Policy, Stepping Stones, Team Leader And
Assistant Manager Development, Personnel Files, as well as, SPC Merchandising
-Back Bars And Fridges.

Selling Is And Quality Is, Two other courses I have completed, Brand Culture
Development. This further increases staff productivity and turnaround, and increases
the profitability of under-performing assets. It also taught me about generating and
increasing awareness and trial in the local market. And lastly, drives un-invested like-
for-like sales.

2004           2004           BIIAB New Barperson’s National Certificate
                              -It’s just been launched last year, three-day course.

2005           NOW            BIIAB Level 2 National Certificate for Personal
                              License Holder

                              BIIAB Level 3 BTEC National Diploma and Certificate
                              NVQ 3
                                 HND Degree, NVQ 5

                                 BIIAB New Drug Laws Qualification and Certificate

5th September 2005, I am now a new personal License holder, so I can now go and
relieve others from their public houses.

                                      Work History

From            To

2004            Now                      Company                  Wizard Group
                                         Now                      Pathfinders (W/D)
                                                                  Wolverhampton / Dudley

Sarah Moore
Public House                   Contact (ABM)                     Area Business Manager
Leigh-On-Sea                   Carol Bradley

My Duties As House Manager

In control of running a successful business, maintaining high standards at all times, ensuring
all staff are trained to high standards, understanding company policies and issues that have
arisen on a daily basis.
Opening and closing procedures, daily check lists,
In charge of weekly sales of business, profit and loss,
Wages for Current week, Summaries for up to Eight Weeks and Staff Rota’s.
Stock control for Wet And Dry Goods
Forecast for a Yearly Planner
Audit Reports
Banking procedures, Money Handling and Security etc.
Drink and Food Deliveries, Entering onto all computer systems Delivery Notes Etc
Hiring, Appraisals, Termination, and not forgetting Recognitions.
From            To

2003            2004                     Company                 Mitchell’s & Butlers
                                                                 27 Fleet Street
                                                                 B3 1JP
The Barras House Hotel
Swancroft Road                  Contact (RBM)                 Regional Business Manager
Stoke Heath                     Sue Walsh                     07753275605

My Duties As Line House Manager

I was responsible for brand standards, to which I delivered it all the time to all my team
members. I work in a routine every day, we started with checklists, and a daily checklist,
comprising of key signals of the brand.
Brand standards, exterior templates, and Interior templates, maintaining standards throughout
the day.
Checklist would Include, Toilets, Garden and Patio, Uniforms, High Levels Of Cleaning
Maintenance throughout the Bar area and Restaurant area.
Each day, banking and then enter it onto the computer. We call this (W.S.O.B.) this stands
for, Weekly Sales Of Business. M.B.P. This stands for Managing Business Products and
Staff Hours and Wages for the current week Summary and Rotas.
Stock control on, Wet and Dry, Deliveries, which would Include Drink and Food.
And then all paperwork would be entered into the system and put into the computer, which I
call the back office. Spot checks on Drink and Food would be carried out throughout the
week, and then ending with the End Of Week Figures, this would normally be carried out on a
Sunday. This would also Include Final Stocks Checks For The Week.
Audit reports, Staff Training, Wages, Hiring and Appraisal process, Recognitions Pay Matrix
and Terminating Contracts.
Training with all my Staff, I would do this on a Weekly Basis and then hold a Monthly
It is my attention to constantly Improve Levels Of Local Awareness, and to attract new
customers into the public house.
In charge of a function room that would seat 300 people and separate bar facilities, holding
local events, and much more.
Delegating work, to all of my team members, and assistant manager and checking there
Due Diligence Documentation book, which has to be filled in on a daily basis.
Risk and Compliance Manual, Brand Manual, Health and Safety at work, Food Hygiene and
Safety, Day Dot and Probe, Temperature checks, keeping a record of Health issues, Accidents
at work, all kitchen paperwork must be filled in on a daily basis to apply to all Environmental
I believe in the contents of the above paragraph, and abide by them.
2002             2004             Company                                    Sodexho
                                                                             Catering Company
                                                                             And Hoteliers
                                                                             Driving Standards
                                                                             Agency Ltd

                         Contact                                             Assistant Director
                         Anne Robins                                         07742595717

My Duties At Sodexho As Head Manager

Sodexho is this is the largest catering company in the U.K. The location was the Driving
Standards Agency. This is where Driving Examiners train other people to become examiners,
driving cars, lorries, motorbikes, and police vehicles, etc.
I was the manager for a large hotel at this center, where they stayed when they were on a
I was in charge of forty other members of staff while I was working there, and I operated a
successful business for Sodexho.
I had to report to my Area Manager and also the Assistant Director, on a weekly basis,
regarding the running of these premises. When I started here it was a blank canvas, I was In
charge of all building and structuring which included all areas, kitchen, bedrooms reception
area and restaurant areas and the bar / cellar.

We would be cooking for around one hundred and forty people a day or even more,
Breakfast, Lunch, and Evening. We followed a every high standard regime and an A-LA-
CARTE menu and Silver service.

My job entitled me to be responsible for maintaining and running all of the business, I had
four other managers reporting to me on a daily basis, on issues that had arisen that day.

I was also in charge of all the staff training, stock control, managing the entire Bar area,
kitchens, menus etc.

Hiring of Staff, Reception area, kitchen, floor staff, Barmaids / Barman, table services, and
management level.
Profit and Loss all accounts for customers, all money matters and banking.
1985            2001                     Company                  Greene King Brewery
                                                                  Bury St Edmunds
The Bell Inn
Westoning                                Contact
Bedfordshire                             Mr. Richard Roberts       Tele 01525 712511
MK45 5JH

My Duties As Landlady

Interviewing and hiring, of all staff for catering and bar area, and cleaning duties.
Also dealing with, termination of employment if found unsuitable for the position they have
applied for.
Being a manager for both bar and catering facilities, together with arranging of staff Rota’s.
Taking responsibilities for all staff training with particular emphasis on Health and Hygiene
Balancing the daily Stocks, on Wet and Dry, deliveries, Profit and loss and maintaining and
looking after my company accounts.
Staff wages, Staff rotas and holiday entitlements.
Balancing the tills on a daily basis, stocking the correct amount of change to run a successful
business, and preparing the right documents for banking.
Preparing the bar and catering facilities in village halls, offices and other venues, outside of
our business
Being able to step in when required, behind the bar, kitchen, cooking or waiting on tables.
In charge of all stock control by way of ordering Drink, Food, and all cleaning materials.
Organizing events and gala evenings, as well as theme nights, and charity events, for the local
Looking after a Restaurant that catered for 170 people with an A-La-Carte Menu.

                             My Hobbies And Interests

My Interests are: -

Horse riding, Swimming, Archery, Keep-fit, Dancing, Ten-pin Bowling, and puzzles /
Crosswords, Snow Boarding, and Cycling.

I enjoy studying to improve my skills, and to read business growth and structure
books, to enable one to be able to set ones own goals in life, etc.

My long-term goal is to once again, be able to run my own business, public house or
to own my own restaurant, whether it be tenancy, leasehold or preferably freehold.

                              Prepared by Jacqui Roberts

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