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					         September - December 2007

   Recreational Sports Outdoor Program University of Minnesota Duluth

                                           Intramural Sports - Fitness/Wellness
& Outdoor          Spring 2009                      Aquatics - Climbing
                                                  Surfing & Snow Kiting
Activities Catalog                                   Outdoor Activities
                                                                             January - May

                                                   Kayaking & Canoeing
                                                - Climbing - Outdoor Snow
Intramural Sports - Fitness/Wellness - AquaticsSport Clubs &Surfing &Clubs Kiting
Outdoor Activities - Workshops/Clinics/Crafts - Kayaking & Canoeing - Sport & Outdoor Clubs

Healthy, Active Lifestyles & A Connection to the Outdoors
                               WelcOme tO RSOP!
     Welcome to a Healthy Active Lifestyle and a Connection to the Outdoors!
     Winter is here and it’s time to recreate and explore the wonderful opportunities that Recreational Sports Outdoor
     Program has to offer. If you haven’t learned to ski, snowshoe, ice climb or winter camp, join us for one of our
     outings. Get fit with our many fitness, swimming, and indoor climbing opportunities. Or join an intramural team
     for fun and recreation. THIS IS YOUR PROGRAM. GET INVOLVED

     Programs & Activities                                                             General Info
     Facilities & Open Hours ......................................... 6-9             Registration & Information ....................................... 3
     Intramural Sports............................................... 10-12            Who Can Participate? ................................................ 4
     Fitness/Wellness.................................................. 13-14          Passes & Fees ............................................................ 5
     Aquatics (Swimming & Scuba) ........................... 15-19                     About Us .................................................................. 35
     Rental ..................................................................... 20
     Outdoor Activities ............................................... 21-25
     Climbing............................................................. 26-29
     Surfing & Snow Kiting ........................................ 30-31
     Kayaking & Canoeing ......................................... 32-33
     Spring Break Outdoor Trips ..................................... 33
     Sport & Outdoor Clubs ............................................ 34

Page 2    UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
How to Register or Get Information:
In Person
Stop in 153 Sports and Health Center,
Monday – Thursday, 8am - 7pm, Friday, 8am - 4pm

By Phone
Call us at (218) 726-7128. If you want to register, have your Visa, MasterCard, or
Discover card and registration information ready. If you reach voicemail, please
leave a detailed message about what you need and how/when to contact you dur-
ing business hours.

By Mail
Call (218) 726-7128 to confirm space availability. Complete the registration
form for that program and mail it to: Recreational Sports Outdoor Program,
1216 Ordean Court, 153 SpHC, Duluth, MN 55812

On the Internet:
Our website has a lot of additional information. Details of programs and
many forms are available there. Check it out!


Information Stations:
Our information stations around campus have brochures and flyers of activities:
• Kirby Student Center near the Games Room stairwell
• Sports and Health Center Lobby
• RSOP Equipment Center - 199 Sports and Health Center
• RSOP Main Office – 153 Sports and Health Center

Getting a facilities Pass
Upon presenting a U-Card, full-time students will be allowed entry into the
Recreational Facilities. Part-time or non Student Service Fee paying students
may purchase a Facility Pass in the RSOP Main Office from 8 am-7 pm Monday
-Thursday, and from 8 am - 4 pm on Friday. Activity Cards are no longer needed
for full-time students.

Faculty, Staff, Alumni, All Others:
Bring identification and payment (see Fee Structure on page 5) to RSOP Main
Office - 153 Sports and Health Center, Monday - Thursday, 8 am - 7 pm, Friday,
8 am - 4 pm.

RSOP accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, personal checks, or cash.
Payments are only accepted in person at the RSOP Day Office 153 SpHC OR via
phone (726-7128), Monday – Thursday, 8 am - 7 pm, Friday, 8 am - 4 pm.

If you don’t have a UMD parking permit, you can park in any pay lot (the most
convenient is just off of St. Marie Street on University Drive) or at a parking
meter. Do not park in front of the Sports and Health Center.

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •   Page 3
    WHO cAn PARtIcIPAte?
    The University of Minnesota Duluth Recreational Sports Outdoor         Community Members
    Program department (RSOP) offers recreational and outdoor op-          Community members (non-UMD students/staff/faculty) are invited
    portunities to students, university faculty/staff, and the regional    to participate in Outdoor Program activities (climbing, kayak-
    community. Eligibility to participate depends upon the program         ing & canoeing, outdoor activities, trips, workshops) as well as a
    or activity.                                                           variety of Fitness/Wellness programs (group fitness, special events,
                                                                           seminars), Aquatic programs (North Shore Swim, swim lessons),
    UMD Students                                                           and Open Skating. Community members ARE NOT eligible for a
    Programs, activities, and facilities are for you!                      Facility Pass.

    UMD Faculty & Staff                                                    Youth
    All UMD Faculty & Staff are encouraged to participate in all           Youth may participate in numerous RSOP offerings including the
    programs, activities, and use the facilities. Our goal is to promote   American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” Lesson Program, Youth Fun
    your healthy, active lifestyle and connect you to the outdoors.        and Adventure Day Camps, and Birthday Parties in the Pool or in
                                                                           the Climbing Wall.
    UMD Alumni
    All UMD Alumni are encouraged to participate in all                    Guests
    programs, activities, and use the facilities (intramural sports are    Guest day passes may be purchased by a student, faculty or staff
    not available to alumni). Our goal is to                               for facilities use or group fitness activities. Upon presentation of
    promote your healthy, active lifestyle and connect you                 an Activity Card/Facility Pass or Group Fitness Pass a guest pass
    to the outdoors.                                                       will be issued. Guests must enter and remain with the sponsoring
                                                                           member. There is a two-guest limit per sponsor per day.

Page 4   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
PASSeS & feeS
facilities Pass                                                               All Recreation Pass
Access to facilities during available hours (see schedule on page 8 & 9).     An annual “All Recreation” pass may be purchased by
For full-time UMD students, your UCard is your Facilities Pass. Facilities    UMD Faculty/Staff. This pass combines both Facility
include: Jogging Track, Gymnasium, Tennis Courts, Weight Room, Cardio         Pass and Group Fitness Pass into one card and one
Room, Pool, Fieldhouse, and Ice Rink.                                         payment: $230

        One Semester Summer        Annual                                     Pool fees
Full-Time UMD Student*                                                        A Facilities Pass/Activity Card allows you access to
        FREE          FREE         N.A.                                       the pool. If you do not have a Facilities Pass, you
Part-Time UMD Student                                                         must purchase a “punch card” to use the pool during
        $67           $50          N.A.                                       Lap Swim and Public Swim:
Area College Students                                                         10 Adult Swim Tickets                   $30
        $87           $67          N.A.                                       10 Youth Swim Tickets                   $20
UMD Faculty/Staff**                                                           10 Senior & Disabled tickets            $20
        $67           $50          $131                                       (Swimming Punch Cards are available for purchase
UMD Faculty/Staff Dependents 16 and over                                      during normal business hours in the Main Office)
        $67           $50          $131
Under 16#                                                                     Skating/Ice
        $50           $42          $98                                        If you have a Facilities Pass/Activity Card, participa-
Affiliate ***                                                                 tion is FREE! All other users can pay a $5 fee and
        $100          $75          N.A.                                       skate during any of the scheduled Open Skating,
UMD Alumni                                                                    Open Hockey, or Open Broomball sessions.
        $134          $100         $288
UMD Alumni Dependents 16 and over                                             climbing Wall Pass
        $134          $100         $288                                       Allows access to North Shore and Inland Walls
Under 16#                                                                     during Open Climbing Hours
        $88           $54          $170                                       See Climbing section for details.
Guest Pass $7 per day Conference Pass**** $15 per week                        First Session is Free for UMD Students.
                                                                              Single Session Pass: $3 for UMD Students,
* Currently enrolled Full Time UMD Students are assessed a student            $10 Others,
service fee that covers facility use costs.                                   5-punch Pass: $10 for UMD Students, $30 Others
** Payroll deduction is available for UMD employees.                          Semester Pass: $25 for UMD Students, $75 Others
*** UMD employees with less than 50% appointment, med school                  Semester Passes that include shoe rental: $35 UMD
adjunct, religious advisors, etc...                                           Students, $95 Others
**** Available to organized on-campus conferences.
# must be accompanied by a pass-holding parent or guardian                    lost Pass fee
                                                                              The replacement fee for a lost pass is $5.
Identification needed
Participants must carry a U-Card or facility pass, guest pass or conference   Outdoor Program and Activities
pass when using the RSOP facilities.                                          Other programs and activities are priced individually.
                                                                              See description and information for each.
Group fitness Pass
Access to more than 30 Group Fitness classes per week. Classes include:       A Word About Pricing
Spinning, Pilates, Yoga, Stretch, Cardio Kick, Butts & Gutts, Cardio Step,    The price difference between UMD students and
Hip Hop, Aqua Fit, and many more. See Fitness/Wellness section of this        others reflects the financial support we receive from
catalog for details                                                           UMD students through the Student Service Fee.
                                                                              We try to set our prices as reasonably as possible.
Full Semester Fitness Pass
                                                                              Support for our programming comes from user fees,
W/Facility Pass W/O Facility Pass
                                                                              rather than tax dollars.
Students: Full Time
$50             NA                                                            Refunds
Student: Part Time                                                            Refund policies vary by program/activity. Please
$50             $60                                                           consult our registration staff for the specific
Faculty/Staff                                                                 program registration form for refund and
$60             $65                                                           cancellation information.
Non-UMD Students
Discounted Fitness Pass after the seventh week of the semester: $37.

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                  Page 5
    RSOP operates out of various facilities within the Sports and        fitness center
    Health Center (SpHC) as well as external locations on and off        Our fitness center includes over 70 cardio machines: ellipti-
    campus.                                                              cals, recumbent cycles, upright cycles, steppers, treadmills and
                                                                         rowing machines. The state-of-the-art weight room includes
    RSOP Welcome Desk                                                    Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Body Master selectorized
    Answers general questions and monitors access to the facility.       machines, as well as a well rounded free weight area. Ask any of
                                                                         our trained attendants on the proper use of the equipment.
    RSOP Day Office (153 SpHc)
    Handles all program registrations and distributes passes for:        Jogging/Walking track
    Facilities, Group Fitness Classes, Climbing Walls and Lap Swim.      Our suspended indoor track with banked turns is 0.1 mile in
    All Intramural Sports registrations are handled here.                length and offers a warm escape from winter
                                                                         conditions in the northland.
    RSOP equipment and Rental center
    (199 SpHc)                                                           Group exercise Rooms
    This is where intramural equipment is checked out as well as         (94 & 96 SpHC) These rooms have special flooring to minimize
    where you can rent outdoor equipment. See page 20 for details.       impact and injury as well as state-of -the-art sound systems to
                                                                         accommodate group fitness and aerobic programming.
    locker Rooms & locker Rental                                         Some classes, such as spin, are still held in the old dance studio
    Rental is available through the department of Health Physical        (SpHC 135).
    Education and Recreation, (only to eligible students,facility pass
    holders and registered program participants), in SpHC 35, 8am-       Indoor climbing Walls
    2 pm Monday- Friday. Lockers are issued in a general locker          The North Shore Wall is located in the middle of the Sports and
    room which has shower and sauna facilities. Call 726-7140 for        Health Center Fitness Area. Extending through two stories and
    more information.                                                    into a skylight, this wall features top-roped climbing, hand and
                                                                         finger crack systems, lead climbing routes, simulated ice
    Gymnasiums                                                           climbing, dry tooling and bouldering. UMD’s Inland Wall is
    There are three gymnasiums (SpHC 150, 150A & 155) that are           located adjacent to the ice rink and is home to the
    available for drop in basketball, badminton, and other informal      popular Bouldering Cave, real-rock routes and realistic
    activities.                                                          chimney, crack and flake systems. Our two climbing walls offer
                                                                         fun and challenging climbing and bouldering for beginners
    Recreational Gyms                                                    through advanced climbers. Your first climbing session is free.
    (150, 150A and 155 SpHC) These multi-purpose gym spaces              See “Climbing” section of this catalog for more details.
    accomodate recreational use including informal (open)
    recreation, intramurals and sport clubs.

Page 6   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
Ice Rink
UMD maintains the ice skating/broomball rink in the Sports
and Health Center for many different uses.
This rink is available for open hockey, noon recreational skat-
ing, and afternoon recreational skating.

This 25 yard pool has 6 lanes and is used for a wide variety of
activities, including: open swimming, training courses,
kayaking, and swim lessons.

tennis courts
We have carpeted courts in the rink area of SpHC (when ice is
out), and courts in the Field House as well as outdoor courts
east of the Sports and Health Center.

field House
This is a multi-use facility designed for student and
athletic uses. Includes a 0.1 mile running track and court
space. Activities include running, frisbee, basketball,
tennis, and volleyball.

Bagley nature Area
Bagley Nature Area is 55 acres of forest, pond, and open area
right here on the northwest part of campus. This is a wonder-
ful place for running, cross-country skiing, walking, or any
other quiet outdoor activity with sections of old growth forest
and wildlife galore. Ski trails are groomed for classical style ski-
ing by RSOP. Go to our website (click on “Facilities”) to see the
skiing/hiking trail map. Enjoy your exploration.

Sport fields
Sport fields (including Griggs Stadium, 3 multi-purpose grass
playing fields, & 4 softball fields) are used for Intramural Sports
and other formal activities. UMD students can use fields for
informal activities if they are not scheduled for other activities
or have been prepared for an athletic event. Stop by the RSOP
office for information.

St. louis Bay Aquatic center
This is the base for our sea kayaking activities that take stu-
dents and community members paddling in the Harbor, Lake
Superior, and beyond. Check our website for current sea kaya-
king programs that you can get involved with or call to request
a catalog of programs.

St. louis River Outpost/
national Kayak & canoe center
Whitewater kayaking and canoeing is a great adventure and
we have the opportunities for you at our Outpost along the St.
Louis River. This is our base for exploring the whitewater and
flatwater on the wild St. Louis River with anyone who wants
to learn. Most programs occur during the summer. Visit our
website for up-to-date information on what is available or call
to request a summer catalog of programs.

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •   Page 7
    HOuRS Of OPeRAtIOn
            HOuRS ARe SuBJect tO cHAnGe. fOR mOSt cuRRent fAcIltY ScHeDule, VISIt
 facility users must carry the appropriate pass with them at all times.
                nOte tHAt tHIS ScHeDule DOeS nOt APPlY DuRInG SPRInG BReAK

    main Office (153 SpHc)
    Monday - Thursday                                                                            8:00am- 7:00 pm
    Friday                                                                                       8:00am - 4:00 pm

    Rental center                            (199 SpHc)                      Intramural equipment center
    Monday                      9:00am- 6:00pm                               Beginning February 2
    Tuesday-Thursday            11:00am- 6:00pm                              Monday - Thursday 4:00pm - 11:45pm
    Friday                      11:00am - 7:00pm                             Sunday            3:00pm - 8:45pm
    Saturday                    9:00am - 12 noon

    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday                                                                    11:00am - 12 noon

    Auxiliary Gym (SpHc 150A)
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday                                                                    12 noon - 1:00pm
    Tuesday, Thursday                                                                            11:00am - 12 noon
    Saturday                                                                                     9:15am - 5:45pm
    Sunday                                                                                       12:15pm - 8:45pm

    Romano Gym (SpHc 150)
    Monday                                                                                       *8:00pm - 9:45pm
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                                                                 *6:00pm - 9:45pm
    Friday                                                                                       6:00pm - 8:45pm
    Saturday                                                                                     9:15am - 5:45pm
    Sunday                                                                                       12:15pm- 8:45pm
    *Beginning February 2, Intramurals will take place at this time

    Recreational Gym (155 SpHc)
    Monday - Thursday                                                                            6:30am - 9:45pm **
    Friday                                                                                       6:30am - 8:45pm
    Saturday                                                                                     9:00am - 5:45pm
    Sunday                                                                                       12:00pm - 8:45pm

    Jogging/Walking track (SpHc 195)
    Monday - Thursday                                                                            6:30am- 9:45pm **
    Friday                                                                                       6:30am- 8:45pm
    Saturday                                                                                     9:00am- 5:45pm
    Sunday                                                                                       12:00pm- 8:45pm
    ** Open until 11:30 beginning February 2

    Indoor climbing Wall
    North Shore Wall (Fitness Center) Monday - Friday                                            4:00pm - 8:00pm
                                      Saturday                                                   3:00pm - 5:45pm
    Inland Wall (Ice Rink)            Monday, Friday                                             4:00pm - 8:00pm
                                      Tuesday (North Shore Climbers Club)                        6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Fitness Bouldering                Monday -Friday                                             6:30am - 4:00pm
                                      Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00pm
                                      Sunday Noon - 8:30pm

Page 8   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
Pool: lap Swim
Monday, Wednesday                                                              8:00am - 9:00 am & 11:00am - 1:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday                                                              6:00am - 8:00am & 11:00am - 1:30pm
Friday                                                                         8:00am - 9:00am & Noon - 1:30pm
Saturday                                                                       7:00 am - 9:00am & Noon - 1:30pm
Sunday                                                                         Noon - 1:30pm

Pool: Open/lap Swim
Tuesday                                                                                            4:00pm - 5:30pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday                                                                        2:30pm - 4:00pm
Saturday/Sunday                                                                                    1:30pm - 3:00pm

fitness center-lower level-free Weights/Selectorized (SpHc 92)
Monday - Thursday                                                                                  *6:30am - 9:45pm
Friday                                                                                             *6:30am - 7:00pm
Saturday                                                                                           9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday                                                                                             Noon - 8:00pm
*The lower level weight room will be closed due to classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00am - 11:00am. The cardio level
will remain open.

fitness center-upper level-cardio (SpHc 157)
Monday - Thursday                                                                                  6:30am - 9:45pm
Friday                                                                                             6:30am - 7:00pm
Saturday                                                                                           9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday                                                                                             Noon - 8:00pm

Ice Rink -      Jan 20 - Jan 30
Open Skate
Monday - Friday                                                                                      11:30am - 1:30pm
Friday                                                                                               6:30pm - 8:45pm
Saturday                                                                                             11:30am - 1:30pm
Monday - Thursday                                                                                    6:00pm - 7:00pm

Open Hockey
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                                                                         7:00am - 9:00am
Monday - Thursday                                                                                    7:15pm - 8:15pm

Open Broomball
Monday - Thursday                                                                                    8:30pm - 9:30pm

Ice Rink -      feb 1 - march 12
Open Skate
Monday - Friday                                                                                      11:30am - 1:30pm
Friday                                                                                               6:30pm - 8:45pm
Saturday                                                                                             11:30am - 1:30pm

Open Hockey
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                                                                         7:00am - 9:00am
                                    COMMUNITY SKATE FEE $5.00 DURING ANY OPEN ICE

    Facility users must carry the appropriate pass at all times. Hours are subject to change by program need.
ALL FACILITIES WILL BE CLOSED at 4pm on March 13 for Break with regular hours resumingon Mon, March 23.
   Some facilities will be open on a limited basis during Spring Break. Watch for posted Spring Break hours.
     ALL FACILITIES WILL BE CLOSED AT 4pm on April 10 and wil resume regular hours on Mon, April 13

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •           Page 9
    IntRAmuRAl SPORtS
    Intramural sports includes over 20 action packed activities for students, featuring teams and individual/dual competition
    throughout the school year! We will do everything we can to provide diverse opportunities regardless of ability.

    Intramural Sports Spring 2008 Schedule

      Intramural Sport            Deadline Date                        captains’ meeting
      Basketball            January 27th                    Jan. 29, 5:00pm SpHC 9
      Hockey                January 27th                    Jan. 29, 6:00pm SpHC 9
      Broomball             January 27th                    Jan. 29, 6:45pm SpHC 9
      Dodgeball             January 27th                    Jan. 29, 7:45pm SpHC 9
      Tennis                January 27th                    Jan. 29, 8:15pm SpHC 9
      Water Polo            January 27th                    Jan. 29, 8:45pm SpHC 9
      Curling               January 27th                    Jan. 29, 9:15pm SpHC 9
      Tue Bowling           February 2nd                    Feb 3, 9:00pm Bowling Alley
      Thu Bowling           February 4th                    Feb 5, 9:00pm Bowling Alley
      4 on 4 Flag Football  March 13th                      Mar. 25, 4:00pm SpHC 9
      Floor Hockey          March 13th                      Mar. 25, 5:00pm SpHC 9
      Indoor Soccer         March 13th                      Mar. 25, 6:00pm SpHC 9
      Volleyball            March 13th                      Mar. 25, 7:00pm SpHC 9
      Softball              March 13th                      Mar. 25, 8:00pm SpHC 9
      Ultimate              March 13th                      Mar. 25, 9:00pm SpHC 9
      *** Dates may change, please refer to the flyer for each sport, for the correct date.***

    Where and How?
    Entry forms are available at the following locations:
    • Kirby Student Center brochure rack
    • RSOP Main Office - 153 Sports and Health Center
    • RSOP Equipment Center - 199 Sports and Health Center
    • Lobby of Sports and Health Center.

    Entry fees are payable at the Recreational Sports Outdoor
    Program Main Office in 153 Sports and Health Center. Receipts
    for all payments are issued and should be retained until the
    league or tournament is over. Payment in full is due at the time
    of entry.

    Entry deadlines for Intramural events are available in the
    RSOP office, on the entry form for each sport, and on the RSOP
    ACCEPTED. Enter early as some sports will fill quickly!
    Intramural Sports take place on campus except Bowling, Golf,        Individual
    and Curling.                                                        The following individuals are eligible to participate in the
                                                                        Intramural Sports Program: Full-time student service fee
                                                                        paying UMD students, UMD staff and part-time students with a
                                                                        current facilities pass.
          ReGISteR YOuR teAm In SPHc 153!

Page 10    UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
is defined as any undergraduate or graduate who is currently enrolled
as a student (day or night, full or part-time) and can produce a
University I.D. and a current, valid activity card or facilities pass.
Non-UMD students are NOT eligible for Intramural sports but may
participate in some Informal and Club sport activities.

is defined as any person who is receiving compensation for services
rendered to the University, is listed as an employee of a department
within the University and can produce University identification
accompanied by a current, valid facilities pass.

General eligibility
An individual can participate for only one team (per sport or contest).
The team they first represent will be the only team for which the
person can play for the remainder of the sport or contest being played.
An individual may compete on one men’s or one women’s team as well
as one co-recreational team.

cOmPetItIVe leVelS
Intramural Sports are offered in two different competitive levels when
possible. This differentiation is created to provide competition that
will incorporate varied levels of skill and intensity. These leagues will
compete in separate post-season tournaments. Generally, if fewer than
four teams from a level qualify for play-off competition, all teams in
that sport will play in the same tournament.

Highly competitive league

Less competitive league

team Representative meetings
Intramural events require attendance by at least one team
representative at a pre-season captains’ meeting. Intramural rules,
regulations, and any questions participants may have are covered at
these meetings. Attendance is mandatory for each team. Failure to
have a representative from your own team at this meeting will result
in your team losing the opportunity to advance to postseason play
for major team sports and a percentage of its playing privileges for
weekend or individual tournaments.

Sportsmanship is an important part of Intramural Sports and the RSOP
policy is designed to encourage enjoyable recreation experiences for all
participants and officials. Each team will receive a copy of the policy
at the pre-season Captains meeting. Sportsmanship includes respect
toward all players and officials, fair play, and following the rules. Teams
will be rated on their
sportsmanship, which may affect future play. Captains are responsible
for the conduct of their team. Play hard, have fun, and be a good sport.

On-line Info
Check out our website for standings, schedules, and champion photos.

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •   Page 11
    IntRAmuRAl SPORtS
     SPRInG IntRAmuRAl SPORtS OffIcIAlS                                  What do we get if we win?
                                                                         All team, individual and dual 1st place champions receive Intra-
     Sport                meeting                                        mural Champion T-shirts. Also, all 1st place finishers will have
     Basketball                Jan. 28, 6:00pm SpHC 119                  their photos taken for the Intramural board and RSOP Web
     Hockey                    Jan. 28, 7:00pm SpHC 120                  page.
     Broomball                 Jan. 28, 8:00pm SpHC 121
     Dodgeball                 Jan. 28, 9:00pm SpHC 122                  can I play on more than one team?
     Water Polo                Jan. 28, 9:30pm SpHC 124                  Specific eligibility rules are outlined under the Policies and Pro-
     4 on 4 Flag Football      Mar. 24, 5:00pm SpHC 119                  cedures section on our website. In general, an individual may
     Floor Hockey              Mar. 24, 6:00pm SpHC 119                  play for one team per league as long as he or she meets all the
     Indoor Soccer             Mar. 24, 7:00pm SpHC 119                  eligibility requirements. Example: A man can play for his men’s
     Volleyball                Mar. 24, 8:00pm SpHC 119                  team and one co-rec team.
     Softball                  Mar. 24, 8:30pm SpHC 119
                                                                         How many games do we play?
    Intramural Sports Officials                                          Each team is guaranteed five games, generally one to two games
    The officials program is perhaps the most important                  per week. Each team advances to the playoffs if they have not
    element of the Intramural Sports Program. The                        forfeited or been disqualified.
    department takes pride in hiring and training interested men
    and women for all major sports. Student officials develop and
    improve a wide variety of skills including decision making,
    conflict resolution and leadership skills. Many officials go on to
    officiate Minnesota State High School League contests.
    To get involved, contact the Intramural Supervisor in the RSOP
    office, 726-7128

    fReQuentlY ASKeD QueStIOnS

    How do I play on a
    team or sign up for an event?
    For team sports - either put
    together a group of friends, dorm mates, club members, etc.
    and yourself, and sign up as a team OR sign up as an individual
    on our free agent list. The “free agent list” is then shared with
    team captains who may need an additional player, but is not a
    guarantee that you will be placed on a team. Individual/ dual
    sports - sign up yourself and/or your partner.

    How much does it cost?
    Team sports cost $25-55 per team, hockey is $95. Individual/
    Dual Sports are $ 2-5.

    Where & When do we play?
    Team sports play Sunday through Thursday evenings at either
    Romano or Recreational Gym, the Fieldhouse, Intramural
    Fields, Griggs Field, Multipurpose building, Skyline & Stadium
    Lanes, or the Duluth Curling Club.

    How do I become an official?
    Officials are needed in flag football, soccer, volleyball, basket-
    ball, hockey, broomball and softball with pay starting at $7.00
    per hour. Additionally, officials can earn up to $20 a game for
    area youth sports events. Come by the Recreational Sports
    Outdoor Program Office (153 SpHC) to apply or attend a referee
    meeting in the sport of your choice.

Page 12   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
fItneSS fOR eVeRYOne
The RSOP Fitness Center contains the latest cardiovascular and
weight training equipment. Highly trained staff are available to
educate you on how to use the equipment effectively.
For individualized instruction, consider working with a
personal trainer. See page 14 for details.

The group fitness program is for both the UMD and
surrounding community. We offer over 30 classes a week: yoga,
toning, spinning, Pilates, pump and tone, stretch and aqua fit.        Group fitness Instructor training course
There is most likely a class or two that fits your fitness level and   If you have a passion for fitness - share it!
interests. For group fitness pass fees go to page 5.                   All skill levels welcome.
                                                                       Step, Kickboxing, Cardio - February 22
The first week is FREE! Fitness classes start January 26, 2009         Power Yoga, Pilates, Stretch - March 1
and continue to the end of the semester. Watch for our special         Spin, Core Conditioning, Pump & Tone - March 8
finals week schedule. All of our instructors are nationally            Meets: Sunday, Noon - 4:00pm in the Group Fitness Studios
certified and highly motivated.                                        Cost: $199 - Includes Training Manual, NETA National Exam,
                                                                       All Training, Equipment, and Expertise

                                                                       Note: National NETA Certification Exam
                                                                       Saturday, March 28th, 10am - 2pm
                                                                       in SpHC 153 Conference Room

                                                                       Become an Ace certified Personal trainer
                                                                       Interested in becoming a P.T.? Email Rod Raymond at
                                                              for process.

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                Page 13
    Personal training
    Whether you want to train for health improvement, sport
    specific activities, body fat loss, or just want to feel better let
    our trainers help you. Call today for a free consultation.

    A typical personal training session may include:
    • 10-minute warm-up on stationary bike
    • 30-minute specific body-toning workout with weights
    • 10 minute cool down and stretch.
    Your session could conclude with a 10-20 minute conversation
    about your personal nutrition plan.
    Your certified trainer will assure that your workouts are done
    with your personal goals in mind.
    Cost: $20/session for Facility Pass holders ($30 for all others -
    community welcome!) Three session minimum.

    Weightroom tours
    All of our staff are trained to give you a generalized introduction
    to the use and function of the weightroom equipment. Just stop
    by during open hours and ask any of the weightroom attendants
    for a tour. We recommend you hire a personal trainer if you
    want help setting up an exercise program.

    Utilizing our state of the art Kinesis machines (found in core
    training room) your personal trainer will take you through a
    functional workout that uses a wide variety of movements to
    strengthen core and tone the body. Call today for your free

    Looking for a little relief from the stress of the day. Call now for
    to set up a massage appointment. All therapists are nationally
    certified and highly skilled.
    $30 for 30 minutes
    $60 for 60 minutes ($45 UMD Students)
    $90 for 90 minutes
    Call 218-726-7128 for an appointment

    Indoor triathlon
    Swim 5 minutes for distance, stationary bike 15 minutes for
    distance, and run 12 minutes for distance. Champion t-shirts
    for the top five finishers.
    Saturday, April 11          10am
    Cost: $5 UMD Students/$10 Others

    Spring Into Shape 5K trail Run
    Everyone is welcome to join us for this annual 5K (3.1 mile)
    trail run in the Bagley Nature Area.
    Saturday, April 25th 10am
    Cost: $12 UMD Students/ $15 Others
    You must register by 2pm April 21 to guarantee a t-shirt.
    Race day registration is welcome (at Bagley).

Page 14    UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •

lap Swim                                                            Pool Schedule
This is an excellent way to get your swim workout in for the                        Lap & Open Swim Schedule
day! There are 6 lap lanes that are provided with orange cones                       January 20th to May 8th
designated speed level for each lane:
                                                                     Day            Lap Swim Only             Lap/Open Swim**
lap/Open Swim                                                        Mon     8:00-9:00am, 11:00am-1:30pm              ---
Half of the pool is set up to accommodate lap swimmers and the       Tue     6:00-8:00am, 11:00am-1:30pm              ---
other half is for Open Swim.
                                                                     Wed     8:00-9:00am, 11:00am-1:30pm          2:30-4:30pm
• Everybody is welcome!! Bring the whole family for an excel-
lent time to play!                                                   Thu     6:00-8:00am, 11:00am-1:30pm          2:30-4:30pm
• Flotation aids/ pool toys are allowed in shallow end of pool       Fri     8:00-9:00am, 11:00am-1:30pm           2:30-4pm
with parent in water
                                                                     Sat       8:30-9:30am, 12:30-1:30pm          1:30-3:00pm
• Participants must be at least 6 years old, over 4 feet tall, or
accompanied by an adult at all times.                                Sun              Noon-1:30pm                  1:30-3pm
• A swim test is required for all youth wanting to swim in the                      **3 lanes available for lap swim
deep end of pool Swim Pass Prices are:                                      No 2:30-4:30pm lap/open swim April 8, 15, 22, 29

10 Swim Punch Card Prices:
                                                                           Spring Break Lap Swim Schedule March 16-20
Youth (4 & up) And Seniors (55 & up) $20
Adult (18 & up) $30                                                    Day                        Lap Swim Only
Kids under 4 swim free                                                 Mon                  7:30-9:00am, 11:00am-1:00pm
Punch card can be purchased at the RSOP office, 153 SpHC               Tue                  7:30-9:00am, 11:00am-1:00pm
No cash will be accepted at the pool office.
Easy Ladder are available for patrons requiring assistance in and      Wed                  7:30-9:00am, 11:00am-1:00pm
out of the pool.                                                       Thu                  7:30-9:00am, 11:00am-1:00pm
                                                                       Fri                  7:30-9:00am, 11:00am-1:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30-5:25pm
Cost: 10 Visit Adult Swim Punch Cards $30
10 Visit Senior & Special Needs Punch Cards $20
Free with Group Fitness Pass

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                Page 15
    SWIm leSSOnS
    We are a proud sponsor of the American Red Cross Toddler, Pre-school, Youth “Learn to Swim” aquatics program. Swim lessons
    are open to the general public.
    Private lessons
    Are available by appointment. Contact us at 726-6516 for more info or to set up a lesson.
    Special needs
    Small or individual classes for patrons with special needs. Contact us for more info or to set up a lesson/activity.

                                         SPRInG 2009 SWIm leSSOnS

     Session            Dates                  Days          # of classes          Cost               Registration Deadline
     1                  1/24 -3/7              Sat           7                     $38                1/23 @ 3:30pm
     1                  1/26 -2/25             MW            10                    $54                1/26 @ 3:30pm
     1                  1/27 -2/26             TTH           10                    $54                1/27 @ 3:30pm
     2                  3/28 – 5/9             Sat           7                     $38                3/27 @ 3:30pm
     2 *                3/2 – 4/8              MW            10                    $54                3/2 @ 3:30pm
     2 *                3/3 – 4/9              TTH           10                    $54                3/3 @ 3:30pm
     3                  4/13 – 5/6             MW            8                     $43                4/13 @ 3:30pm
     3                  4/14 – 5/7             TTH           8                     $43                4/14 @ 3:30pm
     *No swim lessons March 16,17,18,19 due to Spring Break

                                     neW!!! eARlY BIRD SWIm leSSOnS
                                (monday, Wednesday, friday from 1:30-2:30pm)
     Session            Dates                  Days          # of classes          Cost               Registration Deadline
      1                 1/26-2/13              MWF           9                     $49                1/23 @ 3:30pm
      2                 2/16-3/6               MWF           9                     $49                2/13 @ 3:30pm
      3                 3/23-4/10              MWF           9                     $49                3/20 @ 3:30 pm
      4                 4/13-5/1               MWF           9                     $49                4/10 @ 3:30 pm

     Days       Times                Class Level
     Sat        9-9:30am             Adult, L5, L6, Intro to Competitive Stroke, Advanced Competitive Stroke
                9:30-10am            Parent Child A, Parent Child B, L4, L 5
                10-10:30am           Levels 1,2,3,4
                10:30-11am           Levels 1,2,3,5
                11-11:30am           Parent Child A, Parent Child B, L 2, L4, L6
                11:30-12pm           Levels 1,2,3,4
     MWF        1:30-2pm             Parent Child A/B, Level 1,2 NEW!!
                2-2:30pm             Parent Child A/B, Level 1,3NEW!!
     MW         5:30-6pm             Parent Child A, Parent Child B, L 2,4,6
                6-6:30pm             Levels 1,2,3,5
                6:30-7pm             Levels 1,4,5,6
     TTH        5:30-6pm             Parent Child A, Parent Child B, L 1,3,4
                6-6:30pm             Levels 1,2,3,5
                6:30-7pm             Levels 2,3,4, Intro. to Competitive Stroke, Advanced Competitive Stroke

Page 16     UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
                                                                     rescue skills.
SWIm leSSOn leVelS
                                                                     level 4: Stroke Improvement
Parent & child Aquatics: level A & level B                           Student’s entering this course must have a Level 3
Parents and children (ages 6 months up to 5 years) learn             certification, or must be able to demonstrate all the
together to increase a child’s comfort level in the water and        completion requirements for Level 3. The objective for Level
build a foundation of basic skills, such as arm and leg              4 is to develop confidence in the strokes learned thus far and
movements and breath control. There are (2) levels to this           to improve other aquatic skills. At this level, students will be
course, with Level B being more progressive, focusing on             focusing on improving their skills and increasing their
building self-confidence working towards limited assistance          endurance by swimming familiar strokes (front crawl, back
skill progressions.                                                  crawl); improving their proficiency with the butterfly;
                                                                     introduction to elementary backstroke, breaststroke and
level 1: Introduction to Water Skills                                elements of the sidestroke; basics of turns.
There is no pre-requisite for this course. The objective of Level
1 is to help student’s feel comfortable in the water, and to enjoy   level 5: Stroke Refinement
the water safely. In Level 1, students are taught elementary         Student’s entering this course must have a Level 4
aquatic skills, which student’s build on as they                     certification, or must be able to demonstrate all the
progress through the six “Learn to Swim” levels.                     completion requirements for Level 4. The objective for Level 5
                                                                     is to coordinate and refine the front crawl, back crawl,
level 2: fundamentals of Aquatic Skills                              butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke;
Student’s entering this course must have a Level 1                   increase distances; introduce flip turns on the front and back.
certification, or must be able to demonstrate all the
completion requirements for Level 1. The objective for Level 2       level 6: Swimming and Skill Proficiency
is to give students success with fundamental skills and              Student’s entering this course must have a Level 5
introduce them to true locomotion skills. Examples:                  certification, or must be able to demonstrate all the
Floating w/out support and recover to a vertical position;           completion requirements for Level 5. The objective for Level
exploring simultaneous and alternating arm and leg action on         6 is to refine the strokes so student’s swim them with more
the front and back; self help and basic rescue skills.               ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances.
                                                                     In level 6 there are (3) components: #1)Personal Water Safety;
level 3: Stroke Development                                          #2)Lifeguard Readiness; #3)Fitness Swimmer. Each of these
Student’s entering this course must have a Level 2                   components focus on preparing the student for more advanced
certification, or must be able to demonstrate all the                courses, such as: Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard Training,
completion requirements for Level 2. The objective for level         and Competitive Swimming and Diving
3 is to build on the skills from Level 2 by providing additional
guided practice. Students will be taught: Coordination of the        Introduction to competitive Swimming
front crawl & back crawl; introductory elements of the               Swimmers will: Learn to correct body position for the four com-
butterfly; fundamentals of treading water, rules of head-first       petitive strokes. Learn proper mechanics & drills necessary for
entries and begin to learn to enter the water head-first from the    proper stroke technique. Work towards improving endurance
side of the pool @ a depth of 9 feet; a continuum of personal        and efficiency

                                                                     Advanced competitive Swimming
                                                                     Swimmers will: Refine stroke mechanics. Learn training
                                                                     language for workouts. Be introduced to speed turns of all four
                                                                     competitive strokes. Build on their endurance while maintain-
                                                                     ing efficient & proper stroke mechanics

                                                                     To be eligible for the Introduction to Competitive Stroke Class,
                                                                     your child must have successfully completed Level 4: Stroke
                                                                     Improvement, of the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim
                                                                     Program” or complete a swim skills pre-test. To be eligible for
                                                                     the Advanced Competitive Stroke Class, your child must have
                                                                     successfully completed the Introduction to competitive Stroke

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                    Page 17
                                                                       AmeRIcAn ReD cROSS
                                                                       ceRtIfIcAtIOn cOuRSeS

                                                                       Lifeguard Training Course
                                                                       Cost: $190 UMD Students/$215 Others
                                                                       Session 1:
                                                                       Friday, February 6, 6-9pm Required pre-course skills assesment
                                                                       Sat, Feb. 7 (8-4pm); Sun, Feb. 8 (10-6pm) Sat, Feb. 14 (8-4pm)
                                                                       Sun, Feb.15 (10-6pm)
                                                                       Session 2:
                                                                       Fri, April 17, 6-9pm Required pre-course skills assessment
                                                                       Sat, April 18 (8-4pm); Sun, April 19 (10-6pm)
                                                                       Sat, April 25 (8-4pm); Sun, April 26 (10-6pm)
                                                                       Lifeguard Training Re-Certification
                                                                       Cost: $75
                                                                       Session 1: Saturday, March 7, 2:00-8:00pm
                                                                       Session 2: Saturday, April 4, 2:00-8:00pm
                                                                       CPR/PR/AED Course
                                                                       Cost: $55 *Price includes text
                                                                       Session 1 Saturday, March 28, 1:00-8:00pm
                                                                       Session 2 Saturday, May 2, 1:00-8:00pm
                                                                       CPR/PR/AED Re-Certification
                                                                       Cost: $35
                                                                       Session 1: Friday, Febuary 6, 4:00-9:00pm
                                                                       Session 2: Friday, April 3, 4:00-9:00pm
                                                                       Adult CPR/AED Course
    Class or complete a swim skills pre-test.                          Cost: $30
    OPen WAteR ScuBA DIVInG                                            Session 1: Friday, March 27, 4:00-9:00pm
    Dive into the PADI “Open Water Diver” course with                  Session 2: Friday, May 1, 4:00-9:00pm
    UMD-RSOP Aquatics! Open Water Diving is the first level of the     Adult CPR/AED Re-Certification
    PADI certification. This course is taught in                       Cost: $25
    association with Innerspace Scuba of Duluth & PADI                 Session 1: Saturday, January 31, 3:00-6:00pm
    certified dive instructors at the UMD pool. Because this course    Session 2: Saturday, February 28, 3:00-6:00pm
    is a performance based course, you get as much time as
    needed to practice your skills prior to certification. (Profes-    For more information, contact Beth Peterson @ 218-726-6533
    sional Association of Dive Instructors) “Your ticket to exciting   or email @:
    adventures in the underwater world”
    Session Dates: Saturdays, 3-6:30pm
    Session 1:         January 24, 31, February 7
    Session 2:         February 14, 21, 28
    Session 3:         April 4, 11, 18
    Session 4:         April 25, May 2, 9
    Cost: $190 Facility Pass & Activity Pass holders /$215 Others
    Price Includes: all text material and scuba gear (Students
    should have their own mask, fins & snorkel)

    tRY ScuBA nIGHt @ the umD Pool
    Come try out the latest Scuba Gear with (PADI Certified Dive-
    Masters) in the water to assist you
    Saturdays, January 24, February 14, April 4 , 25
    Time: 3-6pm Pool Deck
    Cost: FREE!!!!
    No Scuba Experience Necessary

Page 18   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
nORtHSHORe SWIm cluB                                                northshore Swim club Stroke clinic Series
Northshore Swim Club (NSSC) is a year round swim program            with tone coughlin Head coach of nSSc
and member of USA Swimming. The club consists of school–            Each 3 hour session consists of targeting specific strokes which
age, high school, college, and adult (Masters) swimmers from        may include freestyle, backstroke, breasstroke and butterfly;
Duluth, Superior and the surrounding region. NSSC’s mission         individualized stroke assessment including underwater & above
is to teach life values to its members by using swimming as its     water video analysis; on deck corrective feedback accompanied
vehicle. Some of these life skills include athleticism, equality,   by drills specific to correction of stroke mechanics.
honesty and attaining personal potential thru goal setting and      Also includes a 2-hour individual consultation with Tone as he
self-discipline. Our certified coaching staff emphasizes these      analyzes your stroke mechanics from your DVD, a personalized
values on a daily basis.                                            DVD with analysis of your stroke mechanic and a NSSC t-shirt.
                                                                    Saturday, January 31, 3-6pm Freestyle
Pre-requisites:                                                     Saturday, February 28, 3-6pm Freestyle & Backstroke
• Ages 6 & up are encouraged to participate                         Saturday, March 28, 3-6pm Breaststroke & Fly
• Must be able to swim one length (25 yards) of the pool            Cost: $100. Sign up for all three clnics and save $10 per clinic.

Session 2 Swim Season                                               nORtHSHORe SWIm & cORe
January 5 - April 12                                                cOnDItIOnInG clASS
Daily educational swimming taught by USA Swimming                   6:30-8:30am
Certified Coaching Staff. Workouts are held at the UMD Pool         Begins January 21, 2009
(SpHC 20) & the Recreational Sports Facility                        Meets Mondays, Wednesday, and
                                                                    Friday Mornings
club fees:                                                          Cost: $125
1st Family Swimmer   $180                                           For more information contact:
2nd Family Swimmer   $140                                           Tone Coughlin, Head Coach, 218-
3rd Swimmer & Up     $90                                            341-1020
Age Grouper (Experiences swimmers 12 & up or with                   email:
coaches approval)                                                   Log onto our website:
1st Family Swimmer   $220
2nd Family Swimmer   $170
3rd Swimmer & Up     $120

USA swimming Minnies & Age-Groupers only: $53 per swimmer
A two week trial period free for first time NSSC swimmers.

masters Swimming
(18 & older; very competitive and experienced swimmers)
A $50, 12-punch card is required for workouts.
Please show your punch card at the door each workout!

                nSSc Practice Schedule
    Age Groupers            Minnies              Masters
 Mon-Thu: 6:30-9pm       Mon-Thu:         Mon-Thu: 6:30-9pm
 Fri 5:30-8pm            6:30-8:15pm      Fri 5:30-8pm
 Sat 7-8:30am            Sat 8-9:30am     Sat 7-8:30am
 Practices format: 30 minutes of Dryland exercises followed
 by a 2 hour swim workout for Age-Groupers / Masters.
 1 hour 15/30 minutes for the Minnies.
 Please bring shorts, t-shirt & running shoes
 for dryland
Registration forms are available on the pool deck or call
726-7128 for daytime registration.

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                 Page 19
    equipment Rental center
    199 Sports and Health center                                                               Fishing
                                                                                               Spin Casting Rod/Real Combo
    “GET OUTTA HERE! WE’LL HELP”                                                               (Collapsable)                        $2.00
    We’re here to help you get out and explore the great outdoors! Our gear is high            Ice Fishing Rod/Reel Combo           $2.00
    quality at an affordable price. Winter is here and we have equipment for you to use,       Ice Auger (Hand)                     $4.00
    like skis, snowshoes, and winter camping items!                                            Packs
                                                                                               Backpack (Granite Gear)              $4.50
    Hours                                                                                      Duluth Pack                          $3.50
    Monday: 9am-6pm                                                                            Sleeping Bags
    Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-6pm                                                                 Sleeping Bag (to 40 F)               $3.00
    Friday: 11am-7pm                                                                           Sleeping Bag (to 20 F)(Wiggy’s) $4.00
    Saturday: 9am-Noon                                                                         Sleeping Bag (to 0 F) (Wiggy’s)      $4.00
    The Rental Process                                                                         Self Inflating Pad (Insul-Mat)       $2.00
    1. Reserve Your Gear: Stop by or call 218-726-6134. Full rental amount is due at time      Closed Cell Foam Sleeping Mat        $1.00
    of reservation.                                                                            Clothing
    2. Pick up your gear during Rental Center hours.                                           Rain Jacket                          $2.00
    3. Return your gear during Rental Center hours.                                            Rain Pants                           $2.50
    Refunds and Late Fees                                                                      Miscellaneous
    • Cancellations greater than 48 hours prior to reservation date will receive a credit on   Trowel                               $0.50
    your RSOP account.                                                                         First Aid Kit                        $3.00
    • No refund for less than 48 hour notice.                                                  Bear Rope Kit                        $2.00
    • Late fees begin after the close of the                                                   Collapsible Water Bottle             $1.00
    Rental Center on your due date.                                                            Folding Camp Saw                     $1.50
    Rental Rate Calculator                                                                     Navigation
    Price = daily rate X multiplier                                                            GPS Units(Garmin GPS 12)             $4.00
    1 day (up to 24 hours)                1X                                                   (batteries not included)
    Weekend (Fri-Mon, up to 72 hrs) 2X                                                         Compass (Orienteering Style)         $1.00
    Week (up to 7 days)                   4X                                                   Climbing (indoor/outdoor)
    10 days                               5X                                                   Rock Shoes                           $2.00
    14 days                               6X                                                   Climbing Harness                     $2.00
    2 hour                                0.33X                                                Climbing Helmet                      $2.00
    6 hours                               0.66X                                                Crash Pad                            $5.00
                                                                                               Ice Climbing Boots                   $5.00
                                                                                               Crampons                             $4.00
     Rental Item Daily Rate
                                                                                               Ice Axes (One pair)                  $12.00
     Winter Gear                                                                               Canoe (Available April 23, 2009)
     X-C Ski Package (Skis, Poles, Boots)        Tents & Shelters                              Aluminum Canoe                       $18.00
     Classical Skis*                             3 person tent                   $9.00         Royalex Canoe                        $21.00
     (No Wax or Waxable)                $9.00    (Mountain Hardware, Eureaka, Moss)            (Includes 2 paddles & 2 pfd’s)
     Skate Skis*                        $12.00   Rain Fly (10X14) or (9x12)      $4.00         Paddle                               $2.00
     Telemark Ski Package                        Stove/Cooking Gear                            PFD                                  $3.00
     (Skis, Poles, Boots)               $20.00   2 Burner Stove (Coleman)        $4.00         Sea Kayak (Available April 23, 2009)
     Back-Country Ski Package (Skis, Poles,      1 Burner Stove (Coleman)        $3.50         Includes spray skirt, paddles, pfd’s and
     Use Own Winter Boots)              $8.00    Cook Kit (Lg.) - up to 10 ppl.  $2.50         safety equipment
     Wax Kit (Kick wax, Cork, Scraper) $1.50     Cook Kit (Sm.) - up to 3 ppl.   $2.00         Single Kayak                         $40.00
     Snow Shovel                        $3.00    Camp Lantern (Coleman)          $3.00         Tandem kayak                         $65.00
     Ice Skates (Hockey)*               $4.00    Utensil Kit                     $1.00         **Must have completed the Basic Safety
     Snow Sled*                         $3.00    Fuel Bottle                     $0.50         Course ($50.00)
     Snowshoes*                         $9.00    Fuel 32 oz.                     $4.00         Transportation
     Snow Kite**                        $15.00   Fuel 22 oz.                     $3.00         Canoe Trailer                        $35.00
     *These items available for 2 and 6 hour     Water Filter (Katadyne Ceramic) $5.00         15 Passenger Van (only for UMD
     periods. See rate calculator                                                              groups with University trained drivers)
     **Must have completed Level II Kiting                                                     Call for current pricing
     Skills Assesment

Page 20   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •

Volunteer With the Outdoor Program!                             umD telemark Skiing night at mont du lac
Share your love for the outdoors by helping lead programs and   Take your alpine skiing to a new level with telemark skiing –
activities. Meetings focus on developing skills, having fun,    sort of a blend of nordic and alpine skiing equipment and skills.
exploring—and sometimes free food! Show up and get involved!    This is a fun outing, with some basic instruction and a lot of
Every Tuesdays Starting January 27 5- 6pm                       opportunity to spend time on the hill with people that like to
Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 191                         telemark. Co-sponsored by Continental Ski & Bike and Mont
Cost: Free!                                                     du Lac Ski Area.
                                                                Fridays, January 30, February 13, 20, 27, March 6
Winter Waxing clinic                                            4:45- 9pm
Do you enjoy cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, or          Register By: 2pm The Day Of The Outing (first come, first
snowboarding? Then this clinic is for you. You will learn       served on equipment sizes)
waxing techniques specific to your particular sport. We will    We Provide: Skis, Transportation (except on 2/20, which
demonstrate how to keep your equipment in optimal condition     participants will car-pool)
through waxing and then you will be able to wax your own skis   You Provide: Warm Clothing, UMD Student I.D. (for lift pass
or board to get them in prime shape for snow!                   discount), and Lift Pass Fee ($6 Students/ $12 Others)
Thursday, January 29               7 - 8:30pm                   Meet: RSOP Rental Center (199 SpHC)
Register By: Noon, January 28                                   Package (Equipment & Transportation) Cost: $12 UMD Stu-
We Provide: Wax, Tools                                          dents/ $14 Others
You Provide: Skis or Snowboard                                  Transportation Only: $3 UMD Students/ $4 Others
Meet Sports and Health Center Room 9
Cost: $6 for UMD Students/ $11 Others

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •             Page 21
    OutDOOR ActIVItIeS
    Sew Your Own Overmitts!                                               Drinks
    Do you get cold hands? Can’t find the right size gloves? Wrong        You Provide: Warm Clothes, Jacket, Snow Pants, boots, Gloves,
    material? Won’t last? Then come sew your own overmitts (shell         Hat, Mug
    mittens). We’ll size the pattern specifically for your needs,         Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 191
    choose the materials, then it’s off to the machine to stitch it all   Cost: $4 UMD Students/ $8 Others
    together. Learn the skills and walk away with new overmitts.
    Monday, February 2 6- 9pm                                             Introduction to nordic Skiing
    Register By: Noon, January 30                                         (Skate and Classic technique)
    We Provide: Material, Instruction, Sewing Machines                    Never tried cross-country skiing or haven’t been skiing around
    You Provide: Material, Portable Sewing Machine (if you have           Duluth? You are missing out! Not only is cross-country skiing
    one)                                                                  rated the world’s best aerobic fitness activity, but it’s enjoyable
    Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 119                               too! This is a great time to learn what style you prefer and burn
    Cost: $8 UMD Students/ $11 Others                                     some calories while enjoying winter in Duluth. Choose between
                                                                          skate skiing or classic skiing. No experience is necessary, so
    Outdoor career Day                                                    throw out the excuses and come try it out for yourself!
    Need a summer job? Looking for a great internship or                  Saturday, February 7                 12– 5pm
    employment after graduation? Interested in learning more              Register By: Noon, February 5
    about outdoor and environmental education professions?                We Provide: Instruction, Transportation
    Join us at Outdoor Career Day! Representatives from summer            You Provide: Warm Outdoor Clothing, Classic or Skate Skies
    camps, canoe camps, law enforcement, resource management,             (Skis Available at RSOP Rental Center), Water, Snacks
    government agencies, environmental education centers, and             Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
    research biology centers will be on hand to speak with you            Cost: $5 UMD Students/ $10 Others
    about their jobs in the outdoors.
    Wednesday, February 4               9am- 2pm                          full moon Snowshoe
    Meet: Kirby Student Center Main Hallway                               Discover the northland forest in winter at night! The blanket
                                                                          of snow is covering the land and snowshoes are a great way to
    exploring local trails Ski Series                                     explore the beauty of the area. Join our staff to discover more
    Are you looking for people to ski with or new trails to experi-       about the natural and cultural history of winter and night as we
    ence? This five week long series will help build your skills and      float on the surface of snow. Quiet forest, wildlife tracks, night
    keep you in shape through the chilly days of winter. You can try      sky, eerie scenery and great people are all a part of this outing.
    it just once or join us each week for a new adventure to one of       Monday, February 9                  7- 10pm
    Duluth’s local trails! The following list shows the trails we will    Registered By: Noon, February 6
    visit in order of increasing difficulty—NOTE the type of skis         We Provide: Transportation, Instruction
    allowed on each trail (classic or skate).                             You Provide: Warm Clothing, Snowshoes (Available at the RSOP
    Bagley Nature Area (Classic), Hartley (Classic), Piedmont             Rental Center)
    (Classic), Lester (Both), Chester (Both)                              Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
    Wednesdays February 4- March 4                3- 5pm                  Cost: $5 UMD Students/ $9 Others
    Register By: Noon each Wednesday
    We Provide: Transportation, Instruction                               trapping 101
    You Provide: Skis, Boots, and Poles (Available From RSOP              Trapping has been a Northwood’s staple since the very first
    Rental Center) and a MN Ski Pass (Not Needed in Bagley)               settlers. Come join us as local expert Wayne Thom shares
    Meet: Trailhead in SpHC                                               information on modern day techniques and supplies used for
    Cost: $3 UMD Students/ $4 Others                                      trapping today. Also included will be a discussion of locations
                                                                          in the Duluth area to trap.
    Winter camping 101                                                    Wednesday, February 11                       6 – 8pm
    Come and learn the basics of winter camping in this indoor/           Register By: Noon, February 10
    outdoor clinic. We will begin with classroom instruction on           We Provide: Instruction, Hot drinks
    gear, prep, food, clothing, route, and risks. After that we’ll head   You Provide: Mug, Trapping Questions
    outside to UMD’s Bagley Nature Area and demonstrate quinzhee          Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 9
    (snow shelter) making, as well as learn tips for sleeping outside     Cost: Free UMD Students/ $2 Others
    in winter.
    Thursday, February 5                 7 - 9pm
    Register By: Noon, February 4
    We Provide: Instruction, Shovels, Winter Camping Gear, Hot

Page 22   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
Dog Sledding With Bark River Racing                                 frozen Yeti Ski and Snowshoe Biathlon
The swoosh of the runner, the bark of the dogs, and the             Compete with a friend or tackle this chilly combo event on
solitude of the forest await you on this adventure near Iron        your own! The race will begin with a classic ski portion on the
River, WI. You will have the opportunity to learn how to work       groomed trails of Bagley Nature Area and then transition to
with, harness, and hook-up dogs, as well as learn skills help-      a snowshoe course. The length of the race will depend on the
ful in maneuvering your sled dog team, then drive the team          snow conditions, but anticipate about 5K total. Prizes will be
through the spectacular winter scenery of Northern Wisconsin.       awarded to the top single and team finishers. Competitor t-
All of these skills, and more, will be taught by veterans of the    shirts, hot chocolate, and cookies will be provided!
Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Join us for this fun filled winter adven-   Saturday February 28                9am – 1pm
ture you will not forget.                                           Register By: Noon, February 26
Saturday, February 14 11am- 5pm                                     We Provide: Race Course, Prizes, Snacks, Water and Hot
Register By: Noon, February 11                                      Chocolate
We Provide: Instruction, Transportation                             You Provide: Water Bottle, Skis, Snowshoes (Skis and Snow-
You Provide: Warm Clothing, Bag Lunch                               shoes Available at the RSOP Rental Center)
Meet: At the “Trailhead” in Sports and Health Center Lobby          Meet: Rock Pond in Bagley Nature Area
Cost: $45 UMD Students/ $65 Others                                  Cost: $12 UMD Student/ $15 Others

tricked Out treasure trekking                                       north Shore Stream Ski
Do you have a GPS you’ve never opened? If you’d like to use         Pack your sense of adventure and explore the frozen waterfalls
your expensive paperweight or just give one a try, join us for a    and rapids of a Northern Minnesota stream on cross-country
great afternoon of “Geocaching”. Geocaching is a great way to       skis. We will introduce frozen river navigation techniques,
get outside and have an awesome geography treasure hunt. We         while we look for tracks in the snow and wolf kills sites. This is
will go over the basics of using GPS units and then head off to a   a slightly more challenging outing so basic sills are needed but
great cache in Bagley. Bring some fun trinkets to leave and take    you don’t have to be an expert. Come and enjoy the beauty of
some new ones.                                                      the canyons and frozen cascades … it doesn’t get much better
Wednesday, February 18                       4 – 7pm                than this!
Register By: Noon, February 16                                      Sunday, March 1                     12– 5pm
We Provide: Instruction, GPS Units, Treasure YARRR!!!               Register By: Noon, February 27
You Provide: GPS Unit (If You Have One), Trinkets, Warm             We Provide: Transportation, Instruction, Hot Chocolate
Clothing                                                            You Provide: Warm Clothing, Skis, Snack, Water
Meet: At the “Trailhead” Sports and Health Center Lobby             Meet: At the “Trailhead” Sports and Health Center Lobby
Cost: $4 UMD Students/ $8 Others                                    Cost: $6 UMD Students/ $12 Others

Boundary Waters canoe Area camping &
Ice fishing Weekend
Have you ever experienced the BWCA in winter? Interested
in an ice fishing get-a-way? Maybe you want to go back and
experience once again the beautiful winter in the BWCA. Never
brought up a trout from the icy waters of a lake? Well, here’s
your chance. Join us for a weekend of winter camping and
ice fishing in Minnesota’s premier wilderness. No experience
Depart February 20, 2pm
Return February 22, 5pm
Register By: Noon, February 18
We Provide: Transportation, Group Gear, Food, Ice Fishing Gear
You Provide: Bag Supper for Friday Night, Personal Camping
Gear, Backcountry Skis or Snowshoes, Warm Clothes, Personal
Fishing Gear (if you have it), Minnesota Fishing License
Cost: $62 UMD Students / $108 Others

       UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                   Page 23
    OutDOOR ActIVItIeS
    Paddle-to-Seattle: Sea Kayaking the Inside                           maple Syruping
    Passage                                                              Join us in UMD’s Bagley Nature Area for our annual maple syr-
    How would you get from one side of the world to another with-        uping program. Learn syruping history, and how sap is collect-
    out a motor? It’s a question many couldn’t comprehend, but           ed and turned into maple syrup. You will tap maples, collect sap
    two young adventurers took on the challenge. J.J. Kelley and         and sample the sweet stuff. You also will learn about resources
    Josh Thomas paddled homemade kayaks 1,300 miles from Alas-           so you too can make maple syrup. This is a great time to be in
    ka to Seattle. The three-month journey is a distance equivalent      the woods.
    of Manhattan to Key West. Throughout their adventure they            Monday, March 30                   4-6pm
    captured the wilderness, humor, and culture of the Inside Pas-       Register By: Noon, March 27
    sage. J.J. will be here to present this first ever expedition film   We Provide: Instruction, Maple Syrup Equipment
    documenting the vast expanse. It is without question the most        You Provide: Warm Clothing
    scenic and challenging paddling trip in North America.               Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
    Tuesday, March 3            7- 8:30pm                                Cost: $3 UMD Students/ $6 Others
    Meet: Bohannon Hall 90
    Cost: Free!                                                          late Season Slabs (crappies, that Is)
                                                                         Want to get outside and catch some late season slab crappies on
                                                                         Fish Lake? Come join us for a day out on the ice to help get rid
                                                                         of some of that cabin fever and put some slabs on the ice. No
                                                                         experience necessary! We’ll provide instruction for those that
                                                                         need it.
                                                                         Saturday, March 28                  10am – 3pm
                                                                         Register By: Noon, March 26
                                                                         We Provide: Instruction, Tackle, Bait, Transportation
                                                                         You Provide: 2009 MN Fishing License, Ice Fishing Pole (if you
                                                                         have one), Warm Clothes
                                                                         Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
                                                                         Cost: $5 UMD Students/ $9 Others

                                                                         Dazzling Wire earrings
                                                                         Do you have beautiful beads you are wondering what to do
                                                                         with? Are you interested in using them to create a unique pair
                                                                         of earrings? Come join us and make your own earrings while
                                                                         learning about a few different styles of wire wrapping. Expect
                                                                         to learn the basics and plan on completing a beautiful pair of
    eleventh Annual Outdoor Gear Swap                                    Wednesday, April 1                  6 - 7:30pm
    GEAR DROP-OFF TIMES:                                                 Register By: Noon, March 30
    Friday, March 6                     3pm - 7 pm                       We Provide: Tools, Wire, Beads, Instruction
    Saturday, March 7                   8am - 9am                        You Provide: Beads, Jewelry Tools (if you have them)
    SALE: Saturday, March 7             9:30 am - Noon                   Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 119
    Join the UMD Outdoor Educators Club at their 11th Annual             Cost: $6 UMD Students/ $10 Others
    Outdoor Gear Swap/Fundraiser. Bring your outdoor gear to
    sell during the drop off times, and/or come to the sale and take     Sew Your Own comfy camp chair
    advantage of some great deals! Gear to help people enjoy the         Are you jealous of all your friends with their comfy camping
    outdoors will be sold by students, community members and             chairs (you know, those fabric ones that fold up tightly in your
    local businesses. 15% of the sale price is taken to promote          pack)? Does that desire leave you wishing you had one? Come
    outdoor education.                                                   spend an evening with us and we’ll stitch one up, so now you
    Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 135                              can be the envied and comfortable one.
                                                                         Wednesday, April 8         6- 9pm
                                                                         Register By: Noon, April 6
                                                                         We Provide: Material, Instruction, Sewing Machines
                                                                         You Provide: Sewing Machine (if you have one)
                                                                         Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 119
                                                                         Cost: $16 UMD Students/ $24 Others

Page 24   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
Running form and Injury Prevention                                   umD Disc Golf course Grand Opening
Dr. Adam Sundberg, local chiropractor specializing in treating       tournament
athletes, will help introduce you to proper running form and         The course is finally up and ready for play! Here is your chance
injury prevention. Dr. Sundberg will go through the different        to match your skills to that of other disc golfers. T-Shirts for
aspects of a runner’s gait and provide tips to increase efficiency   competitors and awards for winners.
and speed. He will also review exercises designed to facilitate      Saturday, May 2            Tee times start at 10am
proper muscle balance with the goal of avoiding training             Register By: Noon, April 27 to guarantee a T-Shirt
injuries.                                                            Meet: Near the first hole of the course, adjacent to St. Marie St.
Tuesday, April 9            7- 8:30pm                                Cost: $10 UMD Students/ $15 Others
Meet: Bohannon Hall 90
Cost: Free!                                                          Wild edibles
                                                                     Have you ever been wandering through the woods and gotten a
make Your Own fishing tackle                                         little hungry, but didn’t have a snack? If so, join us for a short
Join Larry Ehresman, custom tackle maker and owner of L.D.E.         hike in Bagley Nature Area highlighting spring’s wild edibles.
Tackle, as he teaches you the skills to make your own tackle.        You’ll not only learn how to identify these wild edibles, but plan
Spinners, the topic of this session, will help prepare you for the   on sampling what we find.
coming fishing season.                                               Tuesday, May 5                       3– 5pm
Tuesday, April 14           6-8:30pm                                 Register By: Noon, May 4
Register By: Noon, April 13                                          We Provide: Instruction, Guidebooks
We Provide: Instruction, Tools, Materials for 2-3 Spinners           You Provide: Warm Clothes, Water Bottle, Plate, Cup, Eating
Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 119                              Utensil, Slightly Empty Belly
Cost: $13 UMD Students/ $18 Others                                   Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
                                                                     Cost: $3 UMD Students/ $5 Others
Sixth Annual Great camp Stove cooking
Demonstrate your cooking skills and win prizes! Here’s the
recipe: Ten teams of 1 or 2 cooks will receive the same ingre-
dients (basic items typical to a wilderness camping trip) to
transform into a great meal. Our panel of outdoor food
enthusiasts will taste and judge the results. After the judges
have made their decisions, everyone eats! No one, other than
the event coordinators, will know the ingredients until the start
of the contest. Each team provides their own camp stoves (up
to 2 burners), cooking kit, utensils, spices and camp table (op-
tional). Stoves, cook-kits, utensils and tarps are available upon
request at registration. Fires will not be allowed due to spring
burning ban. Space is limited so register early.
Tuesday, April 21           4- 6:30pm
Register By: Noon, April 20
Meet: UMD Bagley Nature Area, Rock Pond Kiosk
Team Cost: $12 UMD Students/ $17 Others                              catt’in the louie
                                                                     Catfish hunter isn’t just in the movies kids, and we know where
Backpacking the Superior Hiking trail                                to find him. Join us as we head to a local hotspot in search
It’s Spring!!!! Check out the beautiful North Shore on a             of jumbo catfish. Around a campfire we will enjoy brats, hot
scenic trip on the Superior Hiking Trail. This is a great get-       drinks, and learn a bit about fishing conservation and invasive
away for anyone seeking a break from a stressful week. If you        species. Everyone is welcome from novices to experts.
enjoy the great outdoors, join us for a wonderful backpacking/       Wednesday, May 6                    6– 10pm
camping weekend on one of the best U.S. trails.                      Register By: Noon, May 4
Friday, May 1 Leave at 3pm                                           We Provide: Transportation, Instruction, Bait and Tackle, Food,
Sunday, May 3 Return at 6pm                                          Warm Drinks.
Register By: Noon, April 29                                          You Provide: 2009 MN Fishing License, Fishing Pole (if pos-
We Provide: Group Camping Gear, Food                                 sible), Warm Clothes, Mug.
You Provide: Personal Gear, Clothes                                  Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
Meet: Trailhead in SpHC                                              Cost: $5 for UMD Students/ $9 Others
Cost: $62 UMD Students/ $108 Others

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                   Page 25
    UMD is a great place to climb indoors and outdoors. Duluth is       Free Fitness Bouldering (North Shore Wall)
    located near some of the most beautiful, natural rock climbing      Anyone with a facility pass may boulder (climb unroped) for free
    areas in the Midwest. Explore these areas with us. All sessions     during Fitness Bouldering times. Just keep your feet under the
    include climbing equipment and instruction. Join us for the         4-foot line and focus on traversing moves to improve strength,
    fun!                                                                coordination, balance and flexibility.
                                                                                  Monday - Friday           6:30 am - 4:00 pm
                                                                                  Saturday                  10:00 am - 3:00 pm
                                                                                  Sunday                    Noon - 8:30 pm

                                                                        Inland Wall Hours (by the Ice Rink)
                                                                                 Monday         4-8 pm
                                                                                 Tuesday       6 - 9 pm (North Shore Climber’s Club)
                                                                                 Friday         4 - 8 pm
                                                                        Climbing hours are held from January 20 - May 8. The Climbing
                                                                        Walls will be closed for Spring Break March 13-22.

                                                                        Prices include harnesses, ropes, helmets, belay devices,
                                                                        carabiners and instruction. Climbing shoes are available for
                                                                        rent for $1 per pair.

                                                                        First Time Free Pass: Available to UMD Students Only
                                                                                 (Show UCard at RSOP Day Office). Includes all
                                                                                 climbing equipment and shoe rental. FREE!
                                                                        -Session Pass: $3 UMD Students/$10 Others
                                                                        -5-Punch Pass: $10 UMD Students/$30 Others
                                                                        -Semester Pass: $25 UMD Students/$75 Others
                                                                        -Semester Pass w/Shoe Rental: $35 UMD Students/$95 Others
    north Shore Wall
    The North Shore Wall has a prominent place in the Sports and        -Semester Pass Discount: Show your Fall 2008 Climbing
    Health Center Fitness Area. The Wall extends through two            Semester Pass and get $5 off your Spring 2009 pass.
    stories and into a skylight. Features include top rope climbing,
    lead-climbing routes, realistic hand cracks and flake systems, a    Group climbing Sessions
    rappel ledge and a great bouldering area.                           Set up your own date and time for a group of up to 15 people for
                                                                        a custom climbing session. Goals include exploring teamwork,
    the Inland Wall                                                     group communication, trust or just having fun. Reservation
    The Inland Wall, adjacent to the ice rink/tennis courts has set     times are based on availability. Call (218) 726-6257 two weeks
    open hours as well (see below). Climbers love the Inland Wall’s     in advance to schedule your group session.
    Bouldering Cave and realistic roped terrain. Group sessions,        Cost: $80 per hour (per group of up to 15 people)
    skill clinics and special events are also scheduled at the Inland   $50 for UMD student groups
                                                                        climbing Birthday Parties
    The Climbing Details                                                Active fun for kids ages 7 and up! Parties include private use of
    Everyone is welcome to climb at the UMD climbing walls.             the Inland Wall, instruction, equipment and treats hidden on
    Equipment is provided and instructors are always on hand to         the wall for climbers to find. Call (218) 726-6257 two weeks in
    show you what to do. Our facilities and programs serve begin-       advance to schedule your climbing birthday party.
    ners through advanced climbers. Your first climbing session         Cost: $85 per hour (per group of up to 12 people)
    is free if you are a full-time UMD student. Show your UCard at
    the RSOP Office to get your free pass. See you at the Wall!         late night cosmic Bouldering
                                                                        Spend a relaxing late night bouldering and watching videos.
    Open Climbing Hours:                                                Everyone is welcome, just stop in.
    North Shore Wall (in the Fitness Center)                            Wednesdays, February 4 and March 4        8 - 10 pm
            Monday- Friday 4-8 pm (Friday is Half-price Night)          Meet: Inland Wall (adjacent to Ice Rink/Courts)
            Saturday 3:00 - 5:45 pm                                     Cost: FREE!

Page 26   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •

Indoor Ice climbing Intro
Experience climbing with ice tools in the warm comfort of the
North Shore Wall. Learn ice climbing techniques on foam “ice”
panels and get ready to climb on some real ice next month.
Beginners welcome. No Experience Required. All equipment is
Wednesday, January 28                    7 - 9 pm
Register By: Noon, January 27
We Provide: Instruction, Ice Climbing Gear
Meet: North Shore Wall                                             Ice climb at Gooseberry falls State Park
Cost: $5 UMD Students/ $20 Others                                  Try ice climbing at this beautiful and friendly North Shore
                                                                   environment. We’ll learn about techniques and equipment to
free climbing nights                                               work your way up a frozen waterfall amid the stunning winter
Try climbing free! Beginners are welcome. Pick up your free        scenery of Gooseberry State Park. Beginners welcome! No expe-
pass at the RSOP Fitness Center Welcome Desk and our climb-        rience required. All equipment is provided.
ing staff will get you started. All equipment and climbing shoes   Sunday, February 8                   9am - 5pm
are included.                                                      Saturday, February 14                9am - 5pm
Men Climb Free - Monday, February 2                  4 - 8 pm      Register By: Noon, Thursday before the program
Women Climb Free – Monday, February 9                 4 – 8 pm     We Provide: Instruction, Transportation, Ice Climbing Gear
Meet: Inland and North Shore climbing walls                        You Provide: Warm Clothing, Bag Lunch, Water Bottle
Cost: FREE!                                                        Meet: Trailhead, SpHC
                                                                   Cost: $45 UMD Students/ $65 Others
Ice climbing Afternoon Intro
Try ice climbing today! Our instructors will show you tech-        Women’s Ice climbing Sunday
niques for using ice tools and crampons to climb your way up       Spend a day with other active women and all women instruc-
frozen waterfalls. Beginners welcome. No Experience Required.      tors amid the dazzling winter scenery of Gooseberry State Park.
Wednesday, February 4              3 - 6 pm                        Beginners welcome for this fun and friendly adventure!
Paid Registration Due: Noon, February 3                            Sunday, February 15 9am - 5pm
We Provide: Instruction, Ice Climbing Gear,                        Register By: Noon, February 13
Transportation                                                     We Provide: Instruction, Transportation, Ice Climbing Gear
Meet: Trailhead, SpHC                                              Meet: Trailhead, SpHC
Cost: $12 UMD Students/ $20 Others                                 Cost: $45 UMD Students/ $65 Others

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •               Page 27
    mountaineering Intro                                                  bolted climbs, evaluating hazards and managing risk.
    Do you dream of snowy summits? Come see images of climbing            Tuesday, February 24 4-6pm
    mountain peaks and check out the equipment you need to head           Register By: Monday, February 20
    for the mountains. Learn about great places to get started.           Meet: North Shore Wall
    Wednesday, February 11            7 pm                                Cost: $5 UMD Students/$15 Others
    Meet: Hall of Fame Room (SpHC 191)
    FREE!                                                                 mountaineering Skills Practice
                                                                          Get a hands-on introduction to skills needed to cross glaciers
    Rock Warrior’s mind with Arno Ilgner                                  and ascend snowy mountains. We’ll head across campus to Rock
    World-renowned climbing guru Arno Ilgner comes to UMD to              Hill to practice rope, crampon and ice axe skills on steep snow.
    speak about training your mind to reduce your fears and deal          Wednesday, February 25             3 – 6pm
    with stress. Arno will share climbing stories to teach you mental     Register By: Noon, February 23
    techniques to improve your climbing ability and enhance all           We Provide: Instruction, Mountaineering Gear
    aspects of your life.                                                 Meet: Trailhead, SpHC
    Tuesday, February 17                7 pm                              Cost: $12 UMD Students/ $20 Others
    Meet: Montague 70
    FREE! (Optional: donation for the UMD Climbers for Kids Fund)         PcIA climbing Wall Instructor certification
                                                                          The Professional Climbing Instructors Association is a nation-
    Rock Warrior’s Way expresso clinic                                    ally-recognized organization dedicated to skills training and
    Arno Ilgner himself will teach this hands-on clinic designed to       promoting professionalism in climbing instructors. This course
    help you be more self aware, assess risks, reduce fear, deal with     emphasizes best practices for instructors in technical expertise
    stress. Learn to improve your problem solving skills, set your        and in teaching skills.
    intentions and commit deliberately to overcoming challenges.          Friday evening through Sunday, February 27-March 1
    Wednesday, February 18            Noon - 4pm -or-         6-10pm      Register By: Noon, February 16
    Limit 8 per clinic so register well in advance to secure your spot.   Meet: Trailhead, SpHC
    We Provide: Instruction, Climbing Gear                                Cost: $95 UMD Students/ $120 Others
    Meet: at the North Shore Wall
    Cost: $69                                                             learn to lead traditional climbs
                                                                          “Trad” climbing means placing your own rock protection as
    north Shore Ice Adventure                                             you lead climb and having your second remove it as they climb.
    Join us for the ultimate North Shore winter day: stream skiing,       Learn the basics of this skill and get ready to climb in the
    rappelling and ice climbing. Ski down the Devil’s Track river,        world’s most beautiful places.
    rappel a box canyon and climb a 200’ ice climb. Instructors           Tuesday, March 3 4-6pm
    guide you through each step and back to the van.                      Register By: Noon, Monday, March 2
    Saturday, February 21              8:00am – 8:00pm                    Meet: Inland Climbing Wall
    Register By: Noon on February 19                                      Cost: $5 UMD Students/$15 Others
    We Provide: Instruction, Transport, Skis, Climbing Gear
    Meet: Trailhead, SpHC                                                 Sport climbing technical Rigging clinic
    Cost: $45 UMD Students/ $65 Others                                    Practice rigging sport anchors for safe lowering, bringing up a
                                                                          second, top roping or rappelling and you’ll be ready for action
    Ice climbing: Advancing your Skills                                   on the sport climbing crags this spring.
    You’ve tried ice climbing and have the basics. Now it’s time to       Tuesday, March 10 4-6pm
    try steeper, more technical ice and mixed routes. Practice plac-      Register By: Monday, March 9
    ing ice screws on top rope and hone your skills on ice and mixed      Meet: Inland Climbing Wall
    terrain.                                                              Cost: $5 UMD Students/$15 Others
    Sunday, February 22 9am - 5pm
    Register By: Noon, February 21                                        Women’s climbing night
    We Provide: Instruction, Transportation, Ice Climbing Gear            Join us for an all women’s night in the Climbing Wall. Women
    Meet: Trailhead, SpHC                                                 instructors and a supportive environment welcome new and
    Cost: $45 UMD Students/ $65 Others                                    experienced climbers alike. Expect to laugh, challenge yourself
                                                                          and get a great workout.
    learn to Sport lead climb                                             Wednesday, March 4               4 - 8pm
    Hoping to step out on the ‘sharp end’ of the rope and lead your       Meet: Inland Wall (adjacent to Ice Rink/Courts)
    own climbs this spring? We’ll cover techniques for leading            Cost: $3 UMD Students/ $10 Others - (or Semester pass)

Page 28    UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
concrete Smorgasbord climbing comp                                      climbing in the city
Join the North Shore Climbers for a day of climbing excitement          Fun rock climbing can be found just 10 minutes from campus.
and fabulous door prizes at the 18th Annual Concrete Smorgas-           Join us for a fun afternoon of rock climbing in the West End of
bord climbing competition. Try your hand at all-new bouldering          Duluth. Beginner through advanced climbing. No experience
and roped routes and compete against climbers of all abilities.         needed.
Sunday, April 19                    9:30am – 4:00pm                     Friday, May 1              2 – 5 pm
Skill Level: All Experience Levels Welcome                              Register By: Non, April 30
Meet: Ice Rink Overlook, SpHC                                           We provide: Instruction, Transportation and Climbing Gear
Cost: $15 by April 17/ $25 at the door (includes t-shirt)               Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
                                                                        Cost: $15 UMD Students/ $45 Others
Build Your Own top Rope Anchors I
Placing Protection
Beginner to intermediate climbers, get ready to build your own
top rope anchors. This first session will focus on placing and
evaluating rock protection and combining anchor points. Don’t
miss this hands-on clinic.
Thursday, April 23                  6:30– 9:30pm
Register By: Wednesday, April 22
Meet: Inland Wall
Cost: $5 UMD Students/$15 Others

Build Your Own top Rope Anchors II
Indoor Practice
Get hands-on practice building top rope anchors in a controlled
setting. We’ll cover strategies for safety at the cliff edge and ways
to become more timely and efficient when building your anchors.         Outdoor climbing at ely’s Peak
Friday, April 24                     6:30– 9:30pm                       Enjoy an afternoon of climbing in West Duluth with a scenic view
Register By: Wednesday, April 22                                        of the St. Louis River Valley. Beginners are welcome for this fun
Meet: Inland Wall                                                       and friendly climbing outing.
Cost: $5 UMD Students/$15 Others                                        Saturday, May 2                     Noon – 5:30pm
                                                                        Register By: Noon, April 30
Build Your Own top Rope Anchors III                                     We Provide: Instruction, Climbing Gear, Transportation
Outdoor Practice                                                        Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
Now lets get outside and practice building top ropes on real rock.      Cost: $15 UMD Students/$45 Others
Saturday, April 25                 10am – 4pm
Register By: Wednesday, April 22                                        climb the Shovel Point Sea cliffs
Meet: Trailhead in SpHC                                                 Enjoy high quality climbing on stunning cliffs rising right out of
Cost: $15 UMD Students/$55 Others                                       Lake Superior. Bring your camera and your sense of adventure
                                                                        for this fun day. Beginners are welcome.
Slack line Workshop                                                     Sunday, May 3              9am - 6pm
It’s the rest day activity of climbers around the globe; balancing      Register By: Noon, May 1
on a tightly-stretched length of webbing. Come and learn the            We Provide: Instruction, Climbing Gear, Transportation
basics of slack line rigging and walking skills. Join us for the fun!   Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
Wednesday, April 29                   4:30 - 6:30pm                     Cost: $20 UMD Students/$55 Others
Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
Cost: FREE                                                              PcIA top Rope climbing Instructor
                                                                        certification Series
Get Out and Boulder In Duluth                                           May 17-22
Get outside and check out some of the sweet bouldering spots
                                                                        Check for details.
right here in Duluth. Bring climbing shoes and get ready for fun!
Thursday, April 30                 2 - 6pm
Register By: Noon, April 29 to ensure vehicle space.
Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
Cost: FREE

           UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                   Page 29
    lOnGBOARD SuRfInG &
    Develop your surf, stand-up paddle board and snow kite skills with umD RSOP!
    Instructional sessions are designed to serve beginner to advanced skill levels. Choose the Annual Surf/Paddle Board Only or Snow
    Kiting Only Membership for $45 if you are a UMD Student and $115 for Others. You can also combine the Surf/Paddle Board &
    Kite Membership for $70 per year if you are a UMD Student and $175 for Others. Members will be able to attend all of the
    scheduled programs during the school year at no additional cost. You will also receive e-mail notifications of several additional
    pack-up and go outings whenever the conditions are favorable. Pack-up and go outings are offered at two different skill levels and
    travel to a wide variety of locations to encourage skill development for all. Most of the longboard surf and stand-up paddle board
    outings occur from late September through early November, then the kite action heats up in December and runs through March.
    Surfing resumes in April and early May.

    Memberships are limited to the first 40 students and 10 non-students registered. You can also sign up for a single
    Kite Introduction Session and then deduct the fee from your annual membership if you’re hooked on kiting.

    Surfing Based Strength &
    conditioning - Pool Sessions
    Learn about paddling technique, awareness of board trim,
    turning skills, ducking waves, how to pop up into a stance and
    balance. Strength and endurance will be developed through in-
    terval training on and off the surfboards with basic submerged
    hypoxic training to help you improve your comfort under water.
    We will surf on the wake behind a water-ski boat at Island Lake
    and utilize stand up paddle boards propelled with specialized
    paddles to broaden your board skills. This is also a great chance   Spring Break
    to meet others interested in surfing, learn about equipment,        Surfing Safari
    and how to get equipment. The first half-hour of each session       March 14-22, 2009
    will be devoted to dry-land instruction of surf related topics.     Take your surfing to the
    Attendance at each session is strongly advised.                     next level! Join us for a
                                                                        Southern California Surf
    Wednesdays (2:30- 4:30pm)                                           Trip. Contact Randy
    April 8, 15, 22, 29                                                 Carlson for more details.

    We Provide: Surfboards, Accessories, Instruction
    You Provide: Swimsuit, Towel                                        Surfing Facts: Did you know that....
    Meet: UMD Sports and Health Center Pool                             When the wind blows over Lake Superior from the Northeast,
    Cost: Spring Only New Surf Membership: $25 UMD Students             Duluth becomes a legitimate surf town. Park Point, Lester
    RSOP Surf/Paddle Board Only Member                                  River and Stony Point are local hot spots that draw surfers into
    $45 Annual for UMD Students / $115 Annual Others OR RSOP            the cold water to ride fresh water waves. We have the surf-
    Combined Surf/Paddle Board & Kite Member $70 Annual for             boards; the wetsuits and the enthusiasm to get you involved
    UMD Students/$175 Others                                            with surfing in the Duluth area and beyond!

Page 30   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
                                                                    KIte IntRODuctIOn SeSSIOnS
                                                                    Learn to be a safe and efficient kite pilot with Professional Air
                                                                    Sport Association (PASA) Snow Kite Instructor Randy Carlson
                                                                    and staff. We will introduce equipment design, safety concepts,
                                                                    kite launching, how to fly precision patterns, de-powering the
                                                                    kite for landing and harness use. When you put it all together,
                                                                    you will be able to use the kite to pull yourself on short
                                                                    controlled reaches across the softball field.
                                                                    • Tuesdays (Noon-2:00pm)
                                                                      January 27; February 3
                                                                    • Friday (Noon-2:00pm)
                                                                      January 30
                                                                    We Provide: Kites, Harness, Instruction
Kiting Facts: Did you know that....                                 You Provide: Pants that can get grass stained, warm clothing
Frozen inland lakes and the St. Louis River Basin near Duluth       that may include winter boots, snow pants, jacket with hood,
offer steady winds and open spaces for you to explore the           mittens, hat, sunglasses
excitement of snow kiting. The concept behind snow                  Meet: Hallway outside the RSOP Day Office
kiting is very basic: use the power generated from a large          Cost: $8 UMD Students / $15 Others Transferable to an
controllable kite to propel yourself across the snow or ice while   alternate date if wind is less than 10 mph. Deduct the single
riding a snowboard, alpine skis or even ice skates. Kites come      session fee from your annual membership if you’re hooked.
in many sizes for use in specific wind conditions and are           All sessions available to RSOP Kite Only Members
designed with open cell foils or inflatable chambers.               $45 Annual for UMD Students / $115 Annual for Others OR a
Equipment consists of a kite, lines, control bar, harness and       RSOP Combined Surf/Paddle Board & Kite Member for $70 An-
helmet. A Minnesota winter is the best time to learn the basics     nual for UMD Students/$175 Others
and snow kiting skills are very useful for those who wish to
persue kiting on the water. Come on out and join the fun!           ScHeDuleD RIP OutInGS
                                                                    Lake kiting for all UMD RSOP Kite Members
fourth Annual umD-RSOP Island &                                     If the forecast calls for at least 10mph winds, it’s time to strap
Boulder lake Snow Kiting expo:                                      your equipment to your feet and learn to glide along using the
                                                                    kite’s power. Stay upwind by flying the kite with precision in
february 7-8, 2009
                                                                    the power zones while carving. Try flying the kite in a pattern
Kiting introductions, fun and adventure for all skill levels.
                                                                    that lifts you up in the air. Feel the rush of a downwind speed
Visit our website for details and expo flyer!
                                                                    run. At Island Lake a snowmobile will assist beginners that
                                                                    need help getting back up wind. What a rush!
new: UMD RSOP Kite Rental Service
Kite Members that meet our skill level requirements will be         Rip Across Wild Rice lake
eligible to rent. Visit the RSOP Equipment Center to learn          Saturday (11am-5pm) December 6
more.                                                               Thursday (11am-5pm) December 11

                                                                    Rip Across Island lake
                                                                    Saturday (11am-5pm) January 24, March 7
                                                                    Thursday (11am-5pm) February 19

                                                                    We Provide: Kites, Harness, Helmets, Instruction with
                                                                    snowmobile support on Island Lake
                                                                    You Provide: Alpine or Telemark skis and Boots or Snowboard
                                                                    and Boots, Helmet, Snow Pants, Jacket with Hood, Mittens, Hat,
                                                                    Sunglasses, Water Bbottle, Lunch/snacks
                                                                    Skill Level: All Kite Members may attend. Must be able to safely
                                                                    launch, steer, de-power, & re-launch kite before traveling away
                                                                    from launch area
                                                                    Meet: Designated lake, Maps will be provided
                                                                    Cost: RSOP Kite Only Member $45 Annual for UMD Students/
                                                                    $115 Annual for Others OR RSOP Combined Surf/Paddle Board
                                                                    & Kite Member for $70 Annual for UMD Students/$175 Others

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                    Page 31
    KAYAK & cAnOe
    Kayaking in the Pool & club membership                              carving a Greenland Style Kayak Paddle
    Here’s your chance to try kayaking for the first time or get into   Take a 2x4 piece of lumber, some simple shop tools, and a few
    the pool and refine your skills with knowledgeable instructors      hours of labor and you too can add the narrow bladed
    from the UMD Kayak and Canoe Club in a comfortable                  Greenland paddle to your collection. Learn the history, the
    environment. The club offers river instruction, sea kayak           paddlingbenefits, and the methods used to build your own
    outings and special events throughout the year so come on           paddle. The first 7 people to sign up recieve a cedar pre-cut
    down to a pool session to learn more. All kayak/canoe events        plank to take with and carve on their own.
    are either free or discounted for club members. Surfboard time      Thursday, March 5          6:00-8:00pm
    is also available during club hours.                                Register By: 2pm February 26
    Thursdays          9-11pm                                           We Provide: Instruction, Plans, Cedar Wood Blank to the First
    We Provide: Kayaks, Gear                                            Seven Registered.
    You Provide: Swimsuit, Towel                                        Meet: UMD, Sports and Health Center Room 191
    Meet: UMD Pool                                                      Cost: $35 UMD Students/$50 Others Includes Pre-cut Cedar
    Cost: Your first session is FREE! Thereafter Spring Semester        Wood Plank (First Seven Registered)/ $5 UMD Students/ $10
    dues are: $25 UMD Students / $35 Others                             Others for Instruction and Plans Only.

                                                                        Sea Kayaking Rescues
                                                                        Here’s your chance to build sea kayak rescue skills that will
                                                                        work in rough water conditions, right here in our pool. You
                                                                        will practice rescue prevention, move into
                                                                        self-rescues (paddle float) and assisted rescues using the
                                                                        tried-and-true T-rescue. We will even show you techniques if
                                                                        you are having trouble getting back into your boat.
                                                                        Monday, March 30            2:00-4:00pm
                                                                        Register By: 2pm, March 29
                                                                        We Provide: Boats, Rescue Gear, Instruction
                                                                        You Provide: Swimsuit, Towel, Nose Plugs
                                                                        Meet: UMD Pool, Sports and Health Center
                                                                        Cost: Free UMD Students and UMD Kayak and Canoe Club
                                                                        Members/ $15 Others

                                                                        Kayak/canoe/Stand-up Paddle Board
                                                                        the St. louis River
                                                                        Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of white water
                                                                        paddling? The rush of the wild river pushing you along and the
                                                                        spray of cold water in your face. Well you don’t have to go far.
                                                                        The Outdoor Program will be taking a trip to the St Louis River
                                                                        after the spring thaw. It’s going to be an all day adventure with
                                                                        skills development as we explore flat water, moving water and
                                                                        whitewater spots on the river.
                                                                        Saturday, May 9              9am - 4pm
                                                                        Register By: Wednesday, May 6
                                                                        Meet: Trailhead in SpHC
                                                                        Cost: $15 UMD Students Only

Page 32   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
American canoe Association                                           AcA Introduction, River Kayak and
Introduction to Paddling Kayak &                                     Whitewater Kayak – Instructor
essentials of Kayak touring                                          certification Workshop (IcW)
Instructor certification Workshops                                   This four-day Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW) is
Twenty-four hours of kayak instructor training and assessment        designed to develop and evaluate experienced river veteran
during UMD’s 2009 Spring Semester. You will prepare lessons,         Instructor Candidates from scratch, upgrade candidates who
develop your teaching methods, analyze videotape, refine             have successfully completed the Introduction to Kayak
paddling skills, and meet with the Instructor Trainer Randy          Instructor Certification Level, or update ACA Instructors that
Carlson and Instructor Pat Kohlin.                                   are already at the River Kayak or Whitewater Kayak Instructor
Mondays, Spring Semester 2009 from 2-4:30pm                          Level. We will prepare lessons, practice teaching, analyze
February 23, March 2, 9, 23, 30 April 6 with last two                videotape, refine paddling skills in river running and rodeo
sessions April 13 & 20 held at the UMD Aquatic Center                freestyle kayaks, complete skills exam on Class I-III whitewater
2-6pm.                                                               and meet with Instructor Trainer (Randy Carlson and a
Meet: UMD Pool                                                       whitewater assistant). You will then be able to teach and obtain
Cost: $125 UMD Student plus $25 ACA-SEIC Dues. A one year            ACA insurance for several ACA Courses. North shore rivers may
ACA Membership is paid for by RSOP for all participants.             be paddled for this workshop if water levels are acceptable.
                                                                     Otherwise the St. Louis River will be used. Full days from
Swift Water Rescue                                                   8am-9pm are required. Meet: UMD Outpost
Learn how to prepare for and react to swift water rescue
situations. Classroom and hands-on learning focuses on               • Intro & River Kayak Level: May 28-30
equipment, rope skills, self and assisted-rescues that are done              $377 UMD Students/ $420 Others
from in or out of the boat. The final day is dedicated to handling           Add Whitewater Level for an additional
on-river rescue scenarios in groups. Paddlers must be                        $75 UMD Students/$125 Others
comfortable paddling a kayak or canoe in at least Class II
whitewater.                                                          • Upgrade/Update Only River Kayak Level: May 29-30
May 23- 25                 9am-4pm                                          $75 UMD Students/$125 Others
Meet: UMD Outpost, Carlton, MN
Cost: $316 UMD Students/$350 Others                                  • Upgrade/Update Only Whitewater Kayak: May 30-31
                                                                            $75 UMD Students/$125 Others
                                                                     Visit and websites to
                                                                     download documents with more detailed information on each
                                                                     workshop and the ACA. You must be 18 years old to enroll in
                                                                     ACA Instructor Workshops.

Hike the legendary Appalachian trail                                 So-cal Spring Break Surfing Safari
March 13-22                                                          March 14-22
Spend spring break hiking the world famous Appalachian Trail.        Spend a solid week surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, biking
Our route will explore the southern end of the trail through         and hiking the Southern California coastline. From our
the legendary Great Smoky Mountains. We will likely talk with        campsite at San Onofre State Park, we can ride a one mile bike
Appalachian thru-hikers who are just beginning their 2,069           trail to watch the pros at Lower Trestles or visit numerous
mile journey to Maine and who plan to continue on the Trail for      beach parks and surf shops. We will surf the San-O Breaks,
5 months. Days will be spent backpacking from 5-12 miles per         Churches, Middles, Cottons, Calafia Beach Park, T-Street, and
day, and our nights will be spent at either campsites or in AT       San Clemente Pier plus check out the Surfing Heritage
shelters, and one evening will be spent in a hostel.                 Foundation facility to enhance our overall surfing experience.
All experience levels are welcome. Plan on a mild athletic pace,     Cost: $515 UMD Students/$785 Others
stunning views and simple living with new friends.
Cost: $450 UMD Students/$695 Others

         UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •                 Page 33
    SPORt/OutDOOR cluBS
    UMD clubs promote sport, recreation, the outdoors and are a        men’s Hockey Establish great bonds on the ice while
    great way to get involved in informal activities and make new      practicing and competing.
    friends. Stop by the Student Activities Office in Kirby Student
    Center for club information. New members are always                men’s lacrosse Promote and expand the sport of lacrosse
    welcome. Clubs are registered student organizations,               at UMD as well as all across Minnesota.
    self-administered, work with advisors, and RSOP. Benefits
    include skills development, administration, organization, public   men’s Rugby football Build and maintain an
    relations, marketing, and fund raising. Membership costs vary      alcohol-free, championship caliber rugby squad.
    from club to club.
                                                                       men’s Soccer Provide a competitive team for UMD soccer
    OutDOOR cluBS                                                      athletes to join.
    cycling club For both road and mountain bikers. The                men’s ultimate frisbee northern lights
    cycling club is for those who want to race or just tool around     Promote, compete, practice and play the sport of ultimate
    for fun.                                                           competitively.
    Kayak and canoe club Getting wet is everything to                  men’s Volleyball Develop a competitive men’s
    this club! Meets weekly at the UMD Sports and Health Center        volleyball team and compete in NIVC sanctioned tournaments,
    Pool. This club focuses on working with everyone to develop        and other competitions.
    paddling skills. Whether you are interested in kayaking or
    canoeing, this club is for you.                                    Rowing Practice in the Lake Superior bay with others that
                                                                       have similar interests and dedication.
    nordic Ski club A racing and touring club. Whether you
    skate or classical ski, join fellow skiers and explore the great   Synchronized Skating team Provide figure skaters
    trails throughout the region.                                      the opportunity to skate through college while being a part of a
                                                                       competitive synchro team.
    north Shore climbers This club meets Tuesdays from
    6 - 9 pm at the Inland Climbing Wall. The goal is to get people    table tennis Develop discipline, coordination and
    climbing, regardless of their ability, to teach them the           sportsmanship through the sport of table tennis.
    necessary skills, and have fun! We get outside to climb often
    and take climbing trips to local and national sites.               Women’s Ice Hockey Gets interested students
                                                                       involved in competitive hockey and to compete in a fair and
    Outdoor educators club Helping people teach about                  respectful way.
    the outdoors is what this club is about. They sponsor the
    annual Gear Swap and work closely with RSOP to help with           Women’s lacrosse Play lacrosse competitively
    programs and activities.
                                                                       Women’s Rugby Provide a friendly atmosphere where
    Wuda Wooch! Translation: “Into the Outdoors.” Wooch!               students can learn, and participate as a team, in the game of
    works to take its members outdoors to enhance the                  rugby.
    appreciation of nature and develop personal skills. If you want
    to play outside, you want Wuda Wooch!                              Women’s ultimate frisbee Provide women the
                                                                       chance to play organized ultimate frisbee beyond the
    SPORt cluBS                                                        intramural level.
    Alpine Skiing Provide skiers an opportunity to compete             Women’s Volleyball Drills, Play and Compete in area
    intercollegiately as part of the USCSA.                            tournaments.
    Badminton Play and promote the sport of Badminton.                 Yoga Come together to learn and practice yoga.
    Dance team Participate in danceline competitions and               Don’t see what you want? Start a
    promote school spirit by dancing at UMD events.                    new club. We can help you get started or you
                                                                       can stop by the student activities office in
    Dodgeball For those with energy and good spirits.                  Kirby Student Center.
    Figure Skating

    martial Arts Teach, learn and refine the skills, ideals and
    principles that are honored in Martial Arts.

Page 34   UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •
ABOut uS
     Mission: RSOP is dedicated to                        Rod Raymond                               Steve Paulson
   promoting healthy active lifestyles                    Coordinator of Fitness/                   Equipment
     and connections to the natural                       Wellness                                  Maintenance Specialist
      world through personal and                          218-726-8111,                             218-726-6283
       professional experiences.                              

                Mick McComber                              Gregg Batinich                           Pat Kohlin
                Director                                   Coordinator of Aquatics                  Sea Kayaking, Graphics
                218-726-8868                               LGT & WSI Instructor                     Coordinator
                               218-726-6295                             218-726-8801

                Tim Bates                                  Lorry Walsh                              Nikki Olson
                Associate Director                         Executive Account                        Student Development
                218-726-8743                               Specialist                               and Club Coordinator
                                 218-726-8594                             218-726-8329

                Randy Carlson                              Beth Peterson                            Joel Sanderson
                Kayak, Canoe, Surfing,                     Registration, & Principal                Intramurals and Youth
                Kiting                                     Accounts Specialist                      Camp Coordinator
                218-726-6177                               218-726-6533                             218-726-7648

                Kaija Webster                              Kathy Fuhs                               Dick Haney
                School of Climbing                         Registration and                         Director Emeritus
                Coordinator                                Information Specialist         
                218-726-6257                               218-726-7128

Welcome to our newly appointed Student Advisory Committee. Pictured left to right are: Nick Bergstedt, Jessica Rossing,
Mallory Johnson , Jose Thole, Mellody McKnight, and Joel Saice. Not pictured are: Bria Fleming, Lue Vue, Leah Tollefson

        UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program • 153 Sports and Health Center • 218-726-7128 •           Page 35
University of Minnesota Duluth
Recreational Sports Outdoor Program
153 Sports and Health Center
1216 Ordean Court
Duluth, MN 55812

The University of Minnesota Duluth is an
equal opportunity educator and employer.



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