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									                        Hogsthorpe Parish Council
 Please note these are the clerk’s notes of the meeting and may be subject to amendment until
                     approved by the Council and signed as a true record.

                HELD ON WEDNESDAY 7th March 2012

Public Forum
The public forum opened at 6.45pm.
A new lady recently moved to the village and wanted to know how village life in
Hogsthorpe is. The chairman welcomed her to the village and gave her a brief
outline of current events and issues in the village.
Complaints were raised about a horse box which has been parked near the
corner of Thames Street and High Street.
Litter problems have been reported again down Mill Lane.
Concerns were raised about the condition of the road surface on Thames
Meadow Drive. The chairman gave a brief update of the parish council’s recent
meetings with Dean Myhill from Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways

The Council Meeting
Present: Councillors R. Enderby, M. Culley, A. Newcombe, M. Banks, A.
Shentall and P. Wincote.
LCC Colin Davie and ELDC P. Leivers and Hazel Newcombe were also

12.03.01 Welcome by the Chairman.
The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. He informed the council that
Councillor Pauline Anderson has resigned due to ill health. The parish council
acknowledged the work Cllr Anderson had contributed over the years.
The chairman also informed the council that the clerk had resigned due to other
business commitments. The chairman proposed the advertisement is to go out as
soon as possible, locally and via the clerk’s e group. Cllr Banks seconded this, all
Cllrs Shentall, Culley & Banks agreed to form an interview panel and conduct the
sifting process. This was proposed by the chairman and seconded by Cllr
12.03.02 Apologies for absence
All councillors were present.
12.03.03 Declaration of Acceptance.
No declarations were made.
12.03.04 Reports from outside bodies.
ELDC Hazel Newcombe informed the council of the £1 million pounds investment
into broadband, she stressed the importance of registering at
www.onlincolnshire.org stating the need for broadband.
Cllr Davie reported BT had started working on the broadband scheme in Louth
already. He also stated LCC are taking a tougher stance on wind farms and must
protect Lincolnshire. Cllr Davie expressed his concerns about the government’s
energy policies as this will cause rising figures of fuel poverty in the East Lindsey

Cllr Banks had attended the Charities of Hogsthorpe meeting on Monday
evening. Cllr Banks asked for a copy of their constitution. The group meet every
three months. There are currently three people’s names at the charity
representing the parish council. The clerk is to write to confirm only Cllr Banks is
in this capacity. A second representative was proposed by Cllr Banks and
seconded by Cllr Newcombe. All agreed. Cllr Wincote was nominated as the
second representative.
Cllr Culley reported that the willow tree in the cemetery is in need of trimming.
The Chairman and Cllr Carpenter are to meet with the playing field committee to
assist with a grant application to improve facilities.
Cllr Carpenter also reported that the allotments had been topped and are in a
very good condition.
12.03.05 Clerks report
The clerk presented the information gained under the Freedom of Information Act
regarding the gritting route in Hogsthorpe, which was inconclusive with regards to
how much salt was still on board at the end of the last three runs.
A reply from The Rt Hon. Eric Pickles regarding recent planning decisions
effecting Hogsthorpe was noted.
An acknowledgement from David Cameron’s office regarding the same matter
was also noted.
A response from planning enforcement at ELDC reported the situation regarding
the caravans at Bracken Lane – no planning breaches were taking place.
A letter was noted from Barclay’s Bank stating all the signatory changes were
now in place.
Barclays Bank also wrote in response to the complaint by the chairman regarding
the complicated procedures regarding updating the signatories and the poor
customer service he had personally experienced whilst attending the bank. The
bank has increases staff training on the matter.
12.03.06 To Agree the minutes of the meeting held on 1st February.
Councillor Culley proposed the notes be accepted as a true record of the
meeting, seconded by Cllr Banks, all agreed.
12.03.07 Highways Matters
Dean Myhill has responded in full with a list of works that have been progressed
on to relevant highways departments for inclusion in scheduled works. A senior
highways officer is currently investigating the weed control and grass cutting in
the village.
Thames Meadow is currently not adopted by LCC due to the fact that the
developer did not complete a section 38 agreement which specifies the road way
12.03.08 Financial Matters
    It was proposed by Councillor Banks and seconded by Councillor Culley to
    resolve to pay the following:
        A. Kendrick                                £ 40.00
        J. Doughty                                 £185.46
        Cllr Wincote Expenses                      £ 15.00
        Village Hall Room Hire                     £ 33.00
        J.H.Traves Allotment Maintenance           £ 60.00
        TOTAL                                       £333.46

12.03.09 Planning Applications
Applications: No planning applications were received.
12.03.10 request for support opposing Orby Wind Farm
It was proposed by Cllr Wincote and seconded by Cllr Culley to support the group
opposing the wind farm development. All agreed.
The chairman agreed to provide representation at the hearing and write a
response. This was proposed by Cllr Enderby and seconded by Cllr Newcombe.
All agreed.
The council said they were not in a position to assist financially at this point but
could look into this at a later date if need be.
12.03.11 To determine action regarding Thames Street parking issues.
It was proposed by Cllr Enderby and seconded by Cllr Newcombe to contact the
police commissioner as all regular channels have been exhausted. The police
have said the horse box parked near the junction of Thames Street and High
Street was in a roadworthy condition and not breaking any traffic laws. The
incident was reported on 23/2/12 ref 300 230212.
12.03.12 Health Matters Information
All 3 beacon sites at Skegness, Ingoldmells rand Chapel St Leonards intend to
survey 3000 people. The new health bill is to go through parliament shortly with
changes being seen within 12 – 18 months. The information from the survey will
provide the key to building new services.
12.03.13 Village notice board issues & costs.
Council agreed the current notice board at the cemetery is in need of sprucing
up. After a general discussion it was felt a third notice board would be beneficial
possibly at the bottom of Mill Lane. Funds are available from the amount set
aside from the parish plan group. It was agreed to defer the location decision to
the next meeting when costings would also be available.
12.03.14 Damaged fence and reports of nuisance to horses.
The gate is locked; therefore the footballers are climbing through the fence to
retrieve the football. The playing field committee can unlock the gate, which will
stop the damage to the fence and any disturbances to the horses.
12.03.15 Update on Jubilee Celebrations and Annual Parish Meeting
The date of 20th March has been set for the annual parish meeting. Interest in
setting up a Jubilee Celebration Group will be high on the agenda. If enough
interest is shown a celebration will go ahead in the village. Annual information
regarding the parish council’s achievements over the past year will also be
12.03.16 To note general correspondences
Information regarding the best kept village competition, sand art at the cloud bar,
gypsy site survey, LCC information regarding mainstream primary schools were
12.03.17 Proposed agenda items for April
No items were requested at the meeting, however agenda items will be
considered up to one week prior to the next meeting.

                               Next Meeting
                          WEDNESDAY 4th APRIL 2012
                                   6.45 PM
                                 VILLAGE HALL

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