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The Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive program that
includes all phases of leisure and recreation services. Our purpose is to provide a wide variety of
leisure activities and facilities to accommodate the leisure pursuits of our residents, while
improving the quality of life in Pembroke Pines.


Provide for all residents a variety of enjoyable leisure opportunities and facilities that are
accessible, safe, physically attractive, and well maintained.

Contribute directly to the healthy physical, emotional, social growth and development of our
residents through a varied range of recreational experiences and involvement.

Improve the quality of life in Pembroke Pines by promoting public awareness of recreation.

Provide a well-designed and carefully maintained network of parks and other green spaces.


1) Citizen satisfaction, 2) User participation rates, 3) Facility cleanliness, 4) Facility/equipment
condition, 5) Safety issues - accidents/incidents, 6) Accessibility of facilities and programs,
7) Variety of interesting activities, 8) Helpfulness of staff.


Present to the public a well-trained, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful staff by expanding
training for employees and volunteers interacting with our residents and youth organizations.
Training will include public relations and communication skills, and risk management

Increase user satisfaction, attendance and participation rates for our programs and facilities by
providing a wide variety of leisure opportunities in our parks and recreation centers that will
appeal to our residents, prompting them to visit our parks and participate in our programs. Work
closely with our youth organizations to provide sufficient sports programs to meet the needs of
our expanding youth population.
To insure accessibility of our programs and facilities by providing leisure opportunities located
geographically throughout the City, and schedule these activities during hours/days that will
enable our residents to participate.

Facilitate recreational opportunities for our residents by partnering with other public and private
organizations. Co-sponsor and coordinate programs and special events with other organizations
and voluntary agencies. Develop partnerships with the private sector to expand existing
activities and programs.

Present to the public clean, physically attractive and well-maintained facilities to support our
youth/ adult programs and the general public visiting our parks for passive, nonstructured leisure

Maintain facilities that will insure the safety of everyone using our parks by eliminating safety
hazards and reducing the number of accidents/incidents occurring on our facilities.

Present aesthetically pleasing, attractive facilities with appropriate landscaping by continuing the
beautification projects that enhance the presentation of our parks and recreation facilities.

Provide safe athletic turf for our sports leagues by the continuation of our proactive turf
maintenance program. A year-round schedule of fertilization, aerification, weed control, and soil
analysis is followed to provide healthy, safe turf grass.

Present to the public a well-trained, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful staff by educating
the staff to help ensure safety and provide preventative maintenance for all parks and recreation
facilities. Staff members will attend training sessions and educational seminars.



Increase participation in our newly formed girls’ basketball program.

Increase participation in our youth and adult volleyball programs.

Program a variety of specialized sports clinics.

Continue to train and certify volunteer coaches for our youth leagues.

Continue to develop and offer programs, clinics, leagues, and U.S.T.A. (United States Tennis
Association) sanctioned tournaments for all ages and skill levels.

Increase tennis memberships through various marketing opportunities and social round robin

Host the 2003 Sunshine Sectional Wheelchair Championships in November at Maxwell Park.
Offer wheelchair clinics on a weekly basis.

Work closely with the U.S.T.A. to promote tennis in Pembroke Pines.


Expand the competitive swim program by utilizing Pembroke Falls Aquatic Center.

Market the Pembroke Falls Aquatic Center to the local business community for social events.

Expanded participation in the Swim Central Program offering beginning swim classes for
children attending elementary schools located within the City.

Continue water safety instructor and lifeguard training courses to recruit and attract highly
qualified employees.

Continue development of our competitive swim program at the Academic Village Pool.


Increase participation by offering a variety of activities and classes at our recreation facilities.

Work closely with the Arts and Culture Advisory Board to expand art and cultural activities.

Expand cultural programs at the River of Grass Cultural Arts Center.

Increase specialty recreational programs using contractual instructors.

Cooperate in the coordination of all community resources, and with all agencies, private,
voluntary, and public, in providing the community with facilities and programs to achieve the
best use of all available resources.

Continuation of a public relations/marketing program to increase awareness and participation
level of all programs and services.


Continue staff training by offering workshops and/or classes to educate and motivate employees.

Establish partnerships with area high schools by providing work sites for students participating
in childhood education classes.

Continue to provide a balanced curriculum that promotes high academic standards for our pre-
school program.

Continue to provide after-school programs that contribute directly to the healthy physical,
emotional, and social growth and development of the participants.


Continue to pursue public/private partnerships for various special events to maximize revenue
and the marketing potential of the programming while minimizing program costs for the City.

Continue to expand relationships with various community and nonprofit organizations to assist
with their events, using Department resources and business contacts.

Establish a volunteer corps for special events.


GOALS: The Pembroke Lakes Golf Course strives to provide the residents of Pembroke Pines,
its annual members and all golfers with a quality product and superior service.

1) User satisfaction, 2) User participation rates, 3) Facility cleanliness, 4) Course conditions,
5) Helpfulness of staff.

Increase user participation rates by conducting year-round clinics for juniors with the purpose of
exposing young people to golf.

Increase user participation rates through various marketing programs and activities at the golf
course; increase revenue by attracting not only residents, but also golfers from outside the

Increase user participation rates by increasing the amount of golf tournaments held by local
churches, businesses and community organizations.

Provide a challenging, well-maintained golf course to standards recommended by the United
States Golf Association.

Continue to implement preventative maintenance projects against weeds, disease and
contamination of the turf grass, along with projects designed to enhance the quality and
playability of the golf course.

Increase the membership base with promotions and advertising targeting Pembroke Pines

Present a knowledgeable, highly trained, professional staff to greet the public and solve
                                 PERFORMANCE MEASURES
                     Indicator                2001-02              2002-03       2003-04
                                              Actual               Working       Budget
   Direct expenditures                             $12,906,672   $15,765,526   $16,215,267
   Full-time equivalent employees (FTE)                  236.5         235.5         229.5

  Acres maintained                                         303           311           311
  Number of sports leagues and participants          38/13,015     38/12,275     39/13,502
  Number of swim team members                              150           180           200
  Number of children in youth programs                     365           356           365
  Number of special events and participants          20/77,560     20/78,555   **23/79,650
  Number of tennis memberships                             213           221           240
  Number of golf rounds                                 46,252        43,173        45,000
  Number of specialized recreation classes &
  participants                                       32/53,500    *61/39,068    *64/41,021

   Percentage of residents rating facilities as
   satisfactory                                          99%           98%           100%
   Percentage of residents rating programs as
   satisfactory                                          99%           97%           100%
   Percentage of residents rating physical
   attractiveness of facilities as satisfactory          98%           99%           100%
   Percentage of residents rating hours of
   operation as satisfactory                             97%           99%           100%
   Percentage of residents rating the variety of
   program activities as satisfactory                    97%           96%           100%
   Percentage of fields maintained on schedule           99%          100%           100%
   Percentage of residents rating helpfulness or
   attitude of staff as satisfactory                     96%           99%           100%
   Percentage of residents rating cleanliness as
   satisfactory                                          97%           98%           100%
   Percentage of residents rating the safety of
   facilities as satisfactory                            99%           99%           100%
**City produced special events.
 *Reflects new methodology for counting
PARKS & RECREATION: The Parks and Recreation Department is comprised of two
divisions - Recreation and Parks. The Recreation Division consists of seven sections that
function as an integrated team to provide a wide variety of leisure and educational opportunities
for our residents.        These sections include Athletics, Tennis, Aquatics, Recreation
Facilities/Centers, Pre-School/After-School Programs, Special Events, and Special Populations
Programs. The Parks Division maintains our parks and recreation facilities to provide
opportunities for recreation experiences. The Parks Division also has operational responsibilities
for the oversight of the nine youth sports organizations using our facilities.

•   PARKS: The quality of the parks and athletic facilities in Pembroke Pines is among the
    finest in Broward County. Currently, the park system includes 50 baseball diamonds, which
    host many regional tournaments. In addition, the park system has 12 football/soccer fields,
    paddleball/racquetball courts at 6 locations, and 11 in-line hockey rinks.

•   ATHLETICS: The Athletics Section operates three sports facilities that include 3
    gymnasiums, 11 indoor racquetball courts, locker rooms, a fitness room, and a multi-purpose
    classroom. City-run programs include basketball, soccer and volleyball leagues for youth,
    and softball and racquetball leagues for adults. Drop-in opportunities are available weekly
    for adult basketball and volleyball. Annual memberships are available for racquetball and the
    fitness room.

•   TENNIS: The Tennis Section offers a wide range of programs for all ages and skill levels.
    Some of these programs consist of monthly round robin socials, leagues, clinics,
    tournaments, summer tennis camps, junior tennis after-school programs, total fitness
    conditioning classes, wheelchair tennis, and introductory clinics for beginners offered in our
    summer camps. The tennis personnel oversee the daily maintenance and conduct safety
    checks of 50 lighted tennis courts across the City. The tennis courts consist of 45 hard courts
    and 5 clay courts. Tennis professionals, certified by the United States Professional Tennis
    Association, offer private and semi-private lessons and clinics to tennis players who wish to
    improve their skills and level of play. Annual tennis memberships are available.

•   AQUATICS: The Aquatics Section operates six neighborhood pools, one competitive
    Olympic size pool (Academic Village) and the Pembroke Falls Aquatic Center. Four of
    these pools are heated. The Academic Village pool serves as the training base for our
    competitive swim teams. This program has grown quickly to over 175 members. Pembroke
    Falls Aquatic Center features a multilane lap pool with two, one-meter diving boards, water
    play structure, and two waterslides. Programs offered at these facilities include swimming
    lessons, water safety instructions, leisure swim time, and other specialized aquatic classes.
    Spring and summer swimming lessons (over 1,800 lessons taught each year) are available to
    residents and nonresidents of all age groups and abilities. All water safety instructors and
    lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross. Aquatic personnel attend various
    training classes and in-service training sessions. Aquatic special events include Dive-In
    Easter Egg Hunts, Swim Safe Days, Splash into Summer Pool Parties, July 4th Pool Parties,
    and End of Summer Pool Parties. Annual pool memberships are available.

•   RECREATION FACILITIES & CENTERS: Recreation Facilities & Centers includes four
    community centers and an art and cultural center. The community centers offer a variety of
    classes and activities and serve as meeting places for non-profit civic organizations. These
    centers host recreational programs and classes taught by both Recreation Division employees
    and private instructors. Classes offered include art and music, ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics,
    yoga and karate. The community centers are available for rental by residents for weddings
    and parties. Three of the recreation centers are utilized for the City’s ten-week Summer
    Camp serving over 800 children, ages 5 to 15 years old. The art and cultural center provides
    classes and workshops in the performing arts, and in language and visual arts. This section is
    also responsible for the two boat/RV storage lots.

•   PRE-SCHOOL & AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS:                               Provides recreational and
    educational programs for children in a safe and positive environment. At four locations, the
    Active Tots and pre-school programs offer a recreational/educational program for children
    three to five years old. The after-school program provides a safe haven for elementary school
    children to participate in recreational activities, homework time, and social interaction.
    These children also can participate in Kids’ Day Off and Winter Break Camp. Activities for
    all programs include swimming, arts and crafts, theme parties, outdoor games, and

•   SPECIAL EVENTS: The Special Events Section hosts over thirty events annually. Some
    examples of these events are 4th of July Fireworks, Annual Art Festival, Kids Konnection,
    Snow Fest, and various holiday theme events. The City’s annual birthday celebration, a.k.a.
    PINES DAY, features a festival, concert, children’s activities, community exhibits, and
    fireworks. The Special Events personnel coordinate services with various community
    organizations, schools, and the business community.

•   SPECIAL POPULATIONS PROGRAMS: This newly established section is responsible
    for the development and implementation of recreational programs and activities for special
    populations, including people with disabilities. Summer camp, after-school programs, field
    trips, socials, participation in Special Olympics and the County-wide Challenger Baseball
    program will be among the initial leisure activities planned.

DINNER THEATER/CULTURAL ARTS: This Center houses a full-service
auditorium/theater design with adjoining music and arts rooms. The auditorium/theater
configuration seats 750 and includes storage and dressing rooms, a projection booth, reception
lobby, and a room for set design and construction. School and professional plays, concerts, and
special events are offered to our community throughout the year. The Dinner Theater
configuration will seat 450 patrons. The cafeteria/dining room area is available to all community
organizations for dances, bazaars, club meetings and activities, workshops, etc. Rentals for
banquets and receptions have use of a full kitchen for food preparation.



                      Director of
                  Parks & Recreation

    Admin. Assistant           Charter High School
     Clerical Staff             Athletic Program

       Golf Course

   Division Director              Division Director
    of Recreation                     of Parks

            Aquatics             Parks Maintenance

         Pre-school and
     After-school Programs       Turf and Landscape

      Facilities and Centers


         Special Events

       Special Populations
                                                                                   8 - 10

•   Development of Southwest Pines Nature and Recreational Park (Soccer/Passive Park).

•   Opening of the Wetland Environmental/Interpretative Center for the Chapel Trail
    Conservation Area.

•   44th Annual Birthday Celebration (Pines Day) with a concert and fireworks, and the 6h
    Annual Art Festival in the Pines.

•   Ongoing improvements/renovations to City parks.

•   Relighting of baseball fields at various parks.


•   Continuation of beautification/landscaping of common areas.

•   Continue tree trimming and removal.

•   Purchase of new maintenance equipment to replace worn-out equipment.

•   Continuation of pre-emergent program for control of weeds on greens.

•   Enlargement of existing bunkers and adding new bunkers.


•   We are anticipating our thirteenth successful year of operation for the Jim Davidson Theatre
    of Performing Arts with concerts, drama productions, and a variety of other entertainment.



•   In addition to the 32 events the Special Events Section produces for the Parks & Recreation
    Department, they provide assistance for special events to many non-profit organizations.
    These organizations include: Silver Lakes Homeowners Association, Pines Professional
    Campus, LoveJen, Relay for Life, Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, Pembroke Pines
    Charter Schools, and many more schools and organizations.
•   Produced the 43rd annual Pembroke Pines Birthday Celebration featuring a festival with
    entertainment from various countries, an outdoor concert and a fireworks show.
                                                                                   8 - 11

•   Hosted the 2002 Sunshine Sectional Wheelchair Championships in November at Maxwell
    Tennis Center.

•   Hosted two High School District Tennis Tournaments.

•   Worked closely with the Art & Culture Advisory Board to stage the 5th annual Art Festival in
    the Pines.

•   Replaced playground equipment at Maxwell Park and Tanglewood Park.

•   Resurfaced 1,600 foot walkway at Rainbow Lakes Park.

•   Installed three scoreboards at SilverLakes South Park.

•   Constructed bullpens and hitting stations at Maxwell, Fletcher, Pasadena, Pembroke Shores,
    and SilverLakes South Parks.

•   Added new underground drainage at Pasadena Lakes Park.

•   West Pines and Village Early Development Centers were awarded the Gold Seal Award of

•   Participated with two teams in the Broward County Little League Challenger Baseball
    League (Special Populations Program).

•   Programmed a new youth co-ed volleyball league for ages 11-15.

•   Walnut Creek Park, an eight-acre baseball facility with three lighted baseball diamonds,
    opened in March 2003.

•   Implemented a new policy requiring background checks for all coaches in our youth
    recreation leagues.

•   Hosted ten swim meets at our Academic Village Pool and the Pembroke Falls Aquatic

•   Opened the Charter Middle School Central Campus Pool.

•   Comet Swim Team memberships increased 14%.
                                                                                       8 - 12


•   Purchased new maintenance equipment to replace worn out equipment.

•   Renovation of tee areas for the par three holes.

•   Beautification of common areas with shrubbery, trees, and flowers.

•   Renovation of the driving range (increased total area by 50%).


Rental activity remained steady. The Dinner Theater facility was used as a venue for cultural
productions, concerts, dance recitals, banquets, weddings, parties, and as a site for boxing events.
                                                                                               8 - 13
                                          Recreation Budget Summary
                                                 2001-02          2002-03        2003-04
           Expenditure Category                   Actual       Working Budget    Budget
    Personnel Services                           8,025,639          9,526,888     10,392,772
    Operating Expenses                            4,348,310          4,903,037    4,991,120
    Capital Outlay                                 532,723           1,335,601      831,375
                                 Total:         $12,906,672        $15,765,526   $16,215,267

                                      Recreation Staffing Levels
                                                2001-02          2002-03         2003-04
     Classification Title                        Actual       Working Budget     Budget
Athletic Coordinator                                  1                1               1

Assistant Athletic Coordinator                        1

Irrigation Maintenance Worker                         3                3               3

Athletic Director                                                      1               1

City Teacher                                          3                3               3

Division Director of Recreation                       1                1               1

Landscape Maintenance Superintendent                  1                1               1

Senior Lifeguard                                      6                6               5

Night Supervisor                                      1                1               1

P & R Maint WRK/HEO                                   4                4               4

P & R Maint WRK I                                    52               52              52

P & R MAINT WRK II                                    6                6               6

P & R MAINT WRK III                                   7                7               7

Landscape Maintenance Worker                          1                1               1

Parks & Rec Account Clerk I                                                            1

Parks & Rec Account Clerk II                                                           1

Parks & Recreation Director                           1                1               1

Assistant Parks & Recreation Director                 1

Administrative Assistant I                            2                2               2

Administrative Assistant II                           1                1               1

Division Director of Park Operations                  1                1               1

Aquatic Coordinator                                   1                1               1

Aquatic Coordinator Assistant                         3                3               2

Head Swim Coach                                       1                1               1

Recreation Supervisor II                                               1               2

Recreation Supervisor I                               4                2
                                                       8 - 14

Special Events Coordinator               1    1    1

Special Events- Coordinator Assistant    1    1    1

Head Age Group Swim Coach                          1

Cultural Arts Coordinator                     1    1

Recreation Specialist                    5    5    6

Maintenance Crew Leader                  2    2    2

Aquatic Fac Mgr/AgeGp Swm Coach                    1

Revenue Analyst                          1

Cashier I                                1    2    2

Cashier II                               2    2    2

Spray Fertilizer Technician              1    1    1

Stage Manager/Custodian                  2    2    2

Child Care Coordinator                   2    2    2

Child Care Aide                          2    2    2

Child Care Supervisor                    1    1    1

Parks Maint. Superintendent              2    2    2

Clerical Spec II                         9    8    7

Clerical Aide                            2    2

Custodian                                1    1    1

Tennis Coordinator                       1    1    1

Tennis Coordinator Assistant             1    1    1

Special Population Prog Coord            1    1    1

Grounds Maintenance Supervisor           1    1    1

Head Custodian                           1    1    1

P/T Art Teacher                         14   13    8

P/T Concession/Party Manager                  1    1

P/T Cashier                              4    6    6

P/T Senior Lifeguard                          1    1

P/T Assistant Swim Coach                 2    3    5

P/T Lifeguard                           30   28   28

P/T Recreation Aide                     64   61   63

P/T Recreation Aide/Driver               5    5    4

P/T Maintenance Worker I                11   11   11

P/T Park Naturalist                      1    1    1

P/T Music Teacher                        3    3    3

P/T Drama Teacher                        1    1    1
                                                     8 - 15

P/T Soccer Coordinator              1

P/T Storage Lot Attendant           2      2    2

P/T Teacher Aide                   11     11   11

P/T Teacher                         7      7    7

P/T Recreation Leader               7     10   10

P/T Rec Leader - Therapeutics                   1

P/T Water Safety Instructor         6      8    8

P/T Writer                          1      1

P/T Creative Writer                 1      1

P/T Recreation Specialist           1      1    2

P/T Recreational Therapist                      1

P/T Clerk Spec I                    3      3    3

P/T Custodian                      13     12    3

P/T Facilities Custodian            1      1    1

                Total: Full Time   142   140   139
                      Part Time    189   191   181

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