DECA Ontario Provincials Written Event Submissions NEW PROCEDURE by Z5HN4T6E


									                                                    2013 DECA Ontario Provincials
                                                     Written Event Submissions
Please follow the instructions below carefully.


Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 by 4:00pm

PART A      Submit to       Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 by 4:00pm
NOTE: Do NOT submit rough drafts. When you re-submit the final paper, it will show a high plagiarism percentage.

    1. Register as a new student and log on – only ONE person from the team has to do this
          a. Cut and paste this link to your browser:
          c. Sign in as a New User as a STUDENT to complete profile
          d. Class IID: 4421496; Password: proposals
          e. Save your Written Proposal as a PDF or Microsoft Word document
               File Naming Convention: EVENT CODE–SCHOOL-LAST NAMES
                                                                       [i.e. ADC 1 – East York CI – Plagianakos, Smith]
          f. Submit under 2013 Proposals as a PDF or Microsoft Word document
          g. Click the green arrow to upload your submission
          h. BEFORE you log off, print a confirmation receipt to ensure you correctly uploaded the document.

PART B          Mail ONE Good Copy to DECA Ontario        RECEIVED by Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 by 4:00pm

    2. Mail to DECA Ontario
          a. Ensure submission is in the following order, staples in the top left corner:
                    i. Written Events Check List                       DECA Guide – page 86
                    ii. Statement of Assurances – Must be Signed       DECA Guide – page 87
                    iii. Title Page and Written Proposal

            b. Mail/Courier ONE COPY of your submission to the address below:
               DECA Ontario
               100 Richmond Street West, Suite 341
               Toronto, ON M5H 3K6

-   Each school may submit a maximum of 2 written proposals per event category.
-   Written Proposals are submitted before the Provincial Competition to be assessed for plagiarism and adherence to
    the DECA Competitive Event Checklist.
-   Folios are NOT required. Simply staple ONE good copy.
-   Three hole punch the paper submission.
                                                           DECA Written Event Statement of Assurances, 2013

Research and report writing are important elements of modern business activities. Great care must be taken to assure that the highest
ethical standards are maintained by those engaging in research and report writing. To reinforce the importance of these standards, all
written entries in DECA’s Competitive Events Program must submit this statement as part of the entry. The statement must be signed
by the DECA member(s) and the chapter advisor.

I understand the following requirements are set forth by DECA Inc. for all Competitive Event entries containing a written component.
These requirements are additional to the general rules and regulations published by DECA Inc. By signing this statement, I certify that
all are true and accurate as they relate to this entry.

         The contents of this entry are the results of my work or, in the case of a team project, the work of current members of this
         DECA chapter.
    2.   No part of this entry has previously been entered in competition.
    3.   This entry has not been submitted in another DECA Competitive Event.
    4.   Credit for all secondary research has been given to the original author through the project’s bibliography, footnotes or
    5.   All activities or original research procedures described in this entry are accurate depictions of my efforts or, in the case of
         team projects, the efforts of my team.
    6.   All activities or original research described in this entry took place during this school year or the timeline specified in the Event
    7.   I understand that DECA has the right to publish all or part of this entry. Should DECA elect to publish the entire entry, I will
         receive an honorarium from DECA. Chapters or individuals with extenuating circumstances may appeal the right to publish the
         entry to the executive committee of the board of directors prior to submission of the project for competition.

This statement of assurances must be signed by all participants and the chapter advisor, and submitted with the entry, or the entry will
be given 15 penalty points.

_______________________________________                 ________________________________________
Participant’s Signature                                  Participant’s Signature

Participant’s Signature

                                            Print/Type Participant Name(s)

                                        Competitive Event Name/School/Province

To the best of my knowledge, I verify that the above statements are true and that the student’s (students’) work does not constitute

_______________________________________                 ________________________________________
Chapter Advisor’s Name                                  Chapter Advisor’s Signature

Chapter Advisor’s Email

                               Hole punch and place in front of the written entry. Do not count as a page.
             DECA Competitive Event Checklist, 2013
Written Entry Checklist Participant(s):___________________________

Event Name___________________________ I.D. Number:____________________________

                             Please refer to Format Guidelines for the Written Entry
                                 for a more detailed explanation of these items.

                                                                                       Points Page
                                                                       Checked         Assessed          No.
1.    The Written Event Statement of Assurances must be
      signed and submitted with the entry.                             ______                15          _______

2.    Entries submitted in an official DECA Written folio.             NO DEDUCTIONS AT THE PROVINCIAS

3.    Sheet protectors may not be used.                                _______               5           _______

4.    Limited to the number of pages specified in the guidelines
      (plus the title page and the table of contents).                 _______               5 (per page) _______

5.    All pages are numbered in sequence starting with the
      executive summary.                                               _______               5           _______

6.    Major content must be at least double-spaced (not
      space-and-a-half). Title page, table of contents, executive
      summary, bibliography, appendix, footnotes, long quotes,
      material in tables, figures, exhibits, lists, headings, sample
      letters, forms, etc., may be single-spaced.                      _______               5           _______

7.    Entry must be typed/word processed. Handwritten corrections
      will be penalized. Charts and graphs may be handwritten.         _______               5           _______

8.    Paper is 81/2 inches x 11 inches. No fold-outs,
      attachments, tabs used.                                          _______               5           _______

9.    The body of the written entry follows the sequence outlined
      in the guidelines. Additional subsections are permitted.         _______               5           _______

                                                 Total Penalty Points Assessed ______

                                  A check indicates that the item has been examined.
                             A circled number indicates that an infraction has been noted.
                                A page number indicates the location of the infraction.

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