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					Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering Cypress Preschool for your child.
Attached you will find the registration form that you will need to register your child for the 2012-2013
preschool year.
In order to register, you will only need to fill out the first sheet attached and pay the registration and supply
fees. Priority enrollment is for students currently enrolled, siblings, alumni families, siblings of K-8 school
students or church members. Priority Enrollment begins on January 26th. Open enrollment is for all other
students and begins on February 10th.
All registration forms must be turned into the preschool office only during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00
p.m. The preschool office is located on the south side of the building where the new worship center is.
The registration fee of $65 per child or $100 per family is due at the time of registration as well as the supply
fee of $35 per child. These fees are non-refundable.
Please make sure that you fill out all parts of the form attached and print legibly. An e-mail address is
important, as I will use this to communicate dates and times of deadlines, open houses, and any other
important information.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me or e-mail me.

In Christ,

Lisa Kaltenbach
Preschool Director
Cypress Christian Preschool
                                     CYPRESS CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL
                                     377 ALTON DARBY CREEK ROAD
                                               PO BOX 610
                                         GALLOWAY, OHIO 43119
                                             (614) 878-8803

Dear Parent,

Welcome to Cypress Christian Preschool. We are committed to providing your family the best possible care during
the most formative years of your child’s life. The following is some basic information to help you understand the
type of environment your child would find should you decide to enroll him or her in our program.

Our Preschool is a Christian organization sponsored by Cypress Wesleyan Church. Overall daily administration
and operation is provided by the Preschool Program Director.

This school is a privately owned and operated non-profit preschool & daycare. The school is licensed by the Ohio
Department of Job and Family Services and approved to operate as a Preschool. We care for children age 3-5 in

                                             GENERAL INFORMATION

PHILOSOPHY/GOALS – Our educational philosophy is based on the belief that early Christian education provides
an essential part of the development and growth of an individual. Therefore, it is our desire to guide and nurture
each child by providing learning experiences in the areas of spiritual, social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and
language development. It is our goal that as an atmosphere of Christian love surrounds the children, they will
develop attitudes that will enable them to reach their full God-given potential in each area of development.

ADMISSION POLICY – Children will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and upon completion of the
Preschool Registration Form and payment of the $65.00 enrollment fee. This registration form and fee is paid
when you register. You do not need to pay this fee twice. When enrollment is full, a waiting list will be
established. These persons will be contacted should an opening arise. All areas of the application forms must be
filled in completely, leaving no empty spaces. All other enrollment forms must be filled out and turned in before
the child can be in attendance.

PARENT PARTICIPATION – Parents are welcome to observe or volunteer in the classroom. Parent-Teacher
conferences will be offered once a year and upon request of either parent or teacher. You will be sent an invitation
to join our Share-site to keep you informed of special events within our school as well as church wide.

TUITION – Our school exists as a non-profit organization with tuition and fees established to cover the basic cost
of operation. Tuition costs remain the same regardless of daily absence, holiday, staff development, or snow days.
In this packet, you will find tuition express forms. If you choose not to sign up for the direct debit, you will have to
pay your tuition in full or in 2 installments. More information is in the Tuition Express parent letter.
Dear Families,

We’ve got something to shout about! Recently Cypress Christian Preschool and Daycare was named
a One-Star Step Up To Quality Program by the State of Ohio. Only the top child care programs in
Ohio receive this prestigious award, so you should be proud that your child (children) is enrolled in
one of Ohio’s best.

We received this award because of our overall commitment to quality and our excellent early care
and education program. We offer a wonderful environment for children to grow and develop, and it is
an honor to receive state recognition for our efforts. Among the special quality features that helped us
win this award are the following:

      More teachers per child – this allows a teacher to spend more time with your child
      More qualified teachers – more training in early childhood development
      A commitment to early learning and Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards and Infant and
       Toddler Guidelines
      An outstanding work environment – paid staff benefits mean staff is treated professionally,
       which goes a long way in retaining good teachers for your child

As a parent, this award is yours as well. Your ideas and support have inspired us to bring a world of
discovery and excitement to your child (children) each and every day. Our goal is to build your child’s
self-confidence, develop their social and emotional skills and instill a love for learning that will follow
them the rest of their life.

We are extremely pleased to have won this award and hope you are too. We tell our children to reach
for the stars. Today we feel like they are in our grasp.


Lisa Kaltenbach
Program Director
CURRICULUM – Our first and foremost goal here at Cypress Christian Preschool is to provide a caring and
nurturing environment that is sensitive to the needs of your child. Our curriculum is aimed to provide
developmentally appropriate learning experiences that build progressively as the children continually discover and
acquire new concepts and skills in the areas of cognitive, physical, spiritual and social development. We have
designed a program across a broad range of themes to include content that is meaningful, relevant, interesting
and enjoyable for young children. Our teachers will be working very hard to provide a variety of activities,
materials and learning experiences that introduce, reinforce and extend desired skills and concepts at all levels.
The curriculum is divided into seven major areas of focus; social and spiritual development, gross motor, fine
motor, reading, math, and basic readiness skills.
Following is a list of basic concepts that your child will be working toward in each of these areas.

Social Development                           Gross Motor                    Fine Motor

Manners                                      Walking                        Manipulate writing, drawing,
Sharing                                      Running                        and coloring tools
Turn taking                                  Jumping                        Scissor skills
Cooperative play                             Skipping                       Gluing
Following directions                         Climbing                       Block play
Carrying on a conversation                   Balancing                      Puzzles
Organizational skills                        Coordination                   Using manipulatives
Basic hygiene skills                         Using a ball                   Dressing skills
Attention span                                                              Writing and drawing skills
Self pride and confidence

Reading                                      Math                         Basic Readiness

Book knowledge                               Colors                                Name
Print knowledge                              Shapes                                Birthday
Letters                                      Numerals                              Phone number
Characters                                   Counting                              Address
Recalling details                            Positions                             Colors
Sequencing                                   Ordering                              Shapes
Retelling                                    Comparing                             Alphabet skills
Predicting                                   Classifying                           Numerals
Basic comprehension                          Patterning                            Counting
Finger plays, songs and rhymes               Opposites                             Using art materials
                                             Problem solving


Gain knowledge of God through His Word
Experience God’s goodness through the world around us
Discover God’s purpose for our lives
                          Additional Activities here at Cypress Christian Preschool:

Chapel – Our students come together every other week for a 20-30 minute chapel time. We have a time of worship, focus
on a Bible Story, work on learning Bible verses, and pray together.

Science Cart - Once or twice a month, each classroom participates in Science Cart. We spend time learning about the
amazing world that God created. The students get to participate in fun experiments and learn how Science can be fun!

Music Class - Throughout the year, our students will get to participate in a Music Class. In addition to learning simple
rhythms, our students will have the opportunity to play a variety of musical instruments including hand bells.

Lunch Bunch - Our Lunch Bunch program is offered as a 1 hour extension of our regular classroom time. Students
bring a packed lunch and get to participate in a special class. Class themes will include: Music, Art, Sports, and more.

Field Trips - We have several Field Trips planned for our preschoolers this coming school year! Students are
transported and accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other family member.

                                                 Share-site Information


We have a Share-site. When you log in, you'll find everything you need to know about what's going on here at Cypress.
This site includes a page for each classroom along with pictures & videos from activities your child is currently involved in.
You'll also find our Preschool Calendar, Field Trip Information, Class Lists - including parent contact information, plus much
more! This is a private web-site that is accessed by invitation only.

Please let us know who you would like to have access:

Name:_______________________________________ E-mail Address:_______________________________________

Name:_______________________________________ E-mail Address:_______________________________________

Name:_______________________________________ E-mail Address:_______________________________________

Name:_______________________________________ E-mail Address:_______________________________________
                              CYPRESS CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL
                              ENROLLMENT CHECK LIST SHEET

Thank you for your interest in Cypress Christian Preschool. We are pleased to be able to
minister to your family in this way. Enclosed you will find all the information needed to
complete your enrollment. Please find the following list of items that need to be filled out
completely, signed and returned before your child attend school.

  All forms below must be filled out entirely in order for your child to attend
                               classes in the fall.


                          Due at the time of Enrollment:
            _____ Registration Form (2 pages)

            _____ Registration and Supply Fee ($100)

                                Due by June 30, 2012
                          (Dated no sooner than 05/31/2012):

            _____ Confidential Application for Admission

            _____ Child Enrollment and Health Information Sheet (front and back)-state.

                  Please do not leave any blank answers!

            _____ Health Record/Physicians Statement-state. This state required form expires 12

                  months from the date of the last exam. We must have a valid copy on file at all times.

            _____ Permission Slip

            _____ Statement of Faith

            _____ Tuition and Fees
                            PERMISSION SHEET

Please list below, other than contacts listed on the child enrollment form, any
other persons who are authorized to pick up your child from Cypress
Name                  Address         Phone#           Relationship

At various times throughout the year our children will be taking short walks in
close proximity to the preschool and daycare building. Please sign the form
below and return it to Cypress Christian Preschool office. Written permission
shall be considered valid for all routine trips until withdrawn in writing by the
parent or guardian.

Child’s Name ___________________________________________________________

          _____ Yes, my child may attend these walks.

          _____ No, my child may not attend these walks.

________________________________________________      Date ________________
Parent/Guardian Signature


At various times during the year, the children may be photographed or
videotaped by the school. If you do not want your child to be
photographed or videotaped, you need to let the program director know.

                               CYPRESS CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL
                                   STATEMENT OF FAITH

The congregation of Cypress Wesleyan Church is comprised of people from many
church/religious backgrounds. We are confident in the Bible as our written source for
spiritual truth. We believe that personal faith in Christ is our primary hope of final
salvation. We look to Christ as our example for life. We need each other for effective
spiritual growth and maturity in our Christian walk of life. Below is a basic creed.

We believe:

      that the Bible is unparalleled in its divine inspiration and in its complete
      accuracy and authority as God’s revealed source of faith and truth to us.

      in one God, beside Whom there is no other and whose nature and activity is
      supremely revealed to us through His expression of Father, Son (Jesus Christ),
      and Holy Spirit.

      that human nature involves the image of God, in part, but also displays the
      universal tendency toward the practice of sin, which is basically rebellion
      (active or passive ) against God.

      that Man’s ultimate and most urgent needs are an awareness of his condition
      before God and a new life with Him, through Christ.

      that Jesus Christ is God’s unique revelation of Himself to us in human form,
      and His chosen pathway for our salvation, by virtue of His birth, life, death,
      resurrection and present intercession for us.

      that the way to salvation is through confession, forgiveness of sins, and
      personal acceptance by faith of Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord.

      that our lives should seek to “…reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge
      of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the
      fullness of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:13, NIV).

We have read and understand the Statement of Faith:

_______________________________________________ Date _____________________
Parent/Guardian Signature

_______________________________________________ Date _____________________
Parent/Guardian Signature

              In essentials – Unity, In non-essentials – Liberty, In all things – Love
                            CYPRESS CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL

                                  STUDENT INFORMATION

Full Name _____________________________ Nickname ________________ M/F _____

                            FAMILY BACKGROUND INFORMATION

Mother/Guardian’s Name _____________________
Father/Guardian’s Name ______________________
Child lives with:   both natural parents _____mother _____ father _____
foster _____ shared parenting _____    guardian ______(relationship) ____________
In case of separated or divorced parents, the preschool can assume responsibility to only
one parent.
Please state which parent ______________________________________
Siblings of student:
______________age______         _________________age_____      ______________age_______

Primary language spoken at home __________________________
Any habits your child needs help in overcoming?
Church affiliation of parents ______________________________________________________
                                  GENERAL INFORMATION
How did you hear about Cypress Christian Preschool?
Newspaper _____ Phonebook _____ Church _____ Friend _______
Drive By_________ Other (specify) _____

We (I) pledge cooperation with Cypress Christian Preschool in encouraging our child to
follow its Christian teaching, in upholding the authority of the administration, faculty and
staff in the matter of discipline, and in assuming the responsibility of paying our (my)
financial obligations promptly. We (I) pledge to abide by and support, in spirit and practice,
all policies and procedures that govern the Cypress Christian Preschool.
Signed ________________________________ Date ____________________
Signed ________________________________     Date ___________________
             **Applications are NOT complete without this form.**
                         Cypress Christian Preschool
                                Tuition & Fees

                                   Child’s Name ______________________________
Our school exists as a non-profit organization, with tuition and fees established
to help with the basic cost of operation. Tuition is as follows:

                                Annual                    Monthly (Sept-May)
A.M. 2 Day                      $1260                          $140
P.M. 2 Day                      $1215                          $135
A.M. 3 Day                      $1620                          $180
P.M. 3 Day                      $1575                          $175
A.M. 5 Day                      $2160                          $240
P.M. 5 Day                      $1980                          $220
Extended Day 2 Day              $1620                          $180
Extended Day 3 Day              $1935                          $215


    Payments are due by the fifth of each month. We currently process all
     of our tuition payments by direct withdraw. Information regarding this
     program is enclosed.
    A late fee of $25 will be assessed for payments not received by the
     10th of the month.
    The Service charge for each “insufficient funds” is $25.00. The account
     must be brought up to date within one week of notification. If the center
     receives a second “insufficient funds”, future tuition payments must be
     made by cash, cashier’s check or money order.
    Tuition costs remain the same regardless of daily absence, holiday, staff
     training, or inclement weather days.
    A discount of 15% off the lowest tuition is applied when 2 or more
     children are enrolled in preschool. A discount of 15% off the preschool
     tuition is applied with a sibling enrolled at Cypress Christian School.
    Please notify the director for sibling discounts.

I have read and understand the Tuition and Fees Schedule as to the time
payments are due and the penalty for late payments and returned checks.

Signature ______________________________     Date __________________
Dear Parent,

 As your preschool provider, we are excited to offer you the convenience of
automatic tuition payments through Tuition Express. You’ll no longer need to
remember your checkbook or write a check as you’re picking up or dropping
off your child. Your account will be safely and securely debited, giving you
peace of mind in knowing your tuition is paid when it’s due and your child’s
place is secure in our school.

We have reviewed the time and cost savings that Tuition Express offers and feel
it will be a welcome addition to our school.

If you choose not to enroll in Tuition Express, you may pay your tuition in
full by September 5th.
An additional option for payments would be to make 2 payments; one by
September 5th for the first 4 months of school and then another payment by
January 5th for the remaining 5 months.
Please note that there is not a discount for paying your tuition in full.

Please review the attached Parent Authorization Form to sign up for Tuition

The following are a few facts about Tuition Express:
 Tuition Express was designed with state of the art technology, making all
  your information safe and secure.
 Automatic payments are safer then writing checks each [week, month,
  other], eliminating potential fraud or identity theft.
 Your current payment schedule won't change.
 You can be instantly notified by email when your payment has been
  processed (using the service)

A voided check must be attached to the forms that you are turning in.

Lisa Kaltenbach

For additional information visit
                                                Hop aboard the Tuition Express
                                                and never write a check again!
As your childcare provider, we are excited to offer you the convenience of automatic tuition payments through
Tuition Express. You’ll no longer need to write a check or remember your checkbook when you’re picking up your
child at the end of a hectic day. Your payment will be safely and securely processed by Tuition Express, giving you
peace of mind that your tuition has been paid on time! It’s easy to enroll and even easier to participate. You’ll be
joining tens of thousands of parents nationwide who enjoy the ease and convenience of Tuition Express.
To learn more about Tuition Express, automatic payment notifications or reviewing your payment history, please

            For Bank Account Authorization, complete and return to center management.
ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER AUTHORIZATION Cypress Christian Preschool and Daycare to
initiate debit entries to my Checking or Savings Account indicated below at the depository financial institution
hereafter called DEPOSITORY. I (we) authorize Professional Solutions to withdraw sufficient funds to pay my
(our) regular childcare tuition and/or other childcare related fees which are due and payable. I (we) acknowledge
that the origination of ACH transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of United States Law.

Credit Union Members: Please contact your Credit Union to verify account and routing numbers for automatic

__________________________________   ______________________ _______________________________________________
Your Name                            Phone #                DEPOSITORY - Bank or Credit Union Name
__________________________________                            _______________________________________________
Address                                                       Bank or Credit Union Address
__________________________________________________________    ________________________________________________
City                                State    Zip              City                                State    Zip
Type:    Checking  Savings
__________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
Routing Transit Number (see sample below)                  Account Number (see sample below)

This authorization shall remain in full force and effect until I (we) notify you in writing of its termination in such
time and in such manner as to afford Professional Solutions - Tuition Express and DEPOSITORY a reasonable
opportunity to act upon it. Under no circumstances shall this time be less than 5 business days.

____________________________                                      ________________________
Signature                                                         Date

                             Routing Transit   Account    Check
                               Number          Number    Number

            Please attach a copy of a voided check here. Deposit slips not acceptable
                          Tuition Express

                        Processing Schedule

As you are aware, we have decided to use Tuition Express as our
automatic tuition payment processing service. With this service we
are able to reduce the time and effort it takes our staff to process
payments. Additionally, Tuition Express is the safest, most efficient
means of payment processing and will allow us to better address
your specific payment needs.

Please initial beside the payment schedule.

Family Name:________________________________________

______    Monthly: Your payment will be deducted on the fifth day
          of each month for the upcoming month.

Please note: When the payment date reflected above falls on a
          weekend or holiday the preschool will process the
          payment on the next available business day.

Thank you for your continued support of our preschool and the
         programs we offer.

______    Sibling Discount: Please list other CCS students if you
          qualify for a sibling discount:

          ____________________                  _________
          Sibling Name                          Grade / Class

          ____________________                  _________
          Sibling Name                          Grade / Class
                               PARENT SIGNATURE PAGE

Welcome to Cypress Christian Preschool.        Our handbook contains important
information regarding our program and can be viewed on our website. It will answer
many questions you may have. Feel free to ask the center director for clarification of
any policies in the handbook.

After reading the handbook, please sign and return this page to the center director.
This is due before your child attends the center.

I acknowledge that I have read the parent handbook for Cypress Christian Preschool. I
agree to follow all policies outlined within.

Printed Name ____________________________________________

_____________________________               ______________________
Signature of parent / guardian                            Date

_____________________________               ______________________
Signature of parent / guardian                            Date

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