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									                                                              Division of Finance and Facilities Management

                                                                      Request For Proposal

                                                                     And Specifications For

                                                                      Travel Agent Services

                                                          FOR THE 2012 - 2014 FISCAL YEARS


                                  No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed,
                                  stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form
                                               by any means without the written permission of
                                                            Wayne State University

                                                                    Wayne State University
                                                                    Purchasing Department

                                                                            October 01, 2011

                                                                                                       Purchasing Department
                                                                                                       5700 Cass Avenue, suite 4200
                                                                                                       Detroit, Michigan 48202
                                                                                                       (313) 577-3734
 Division of Finance and Facilities Management                                                         FAX (313) 577-3747
                                                                                                       October 01, 2011

Dear Vendors:

Due to an insufficient number of proposals received prior to the RFP due date, the University is rereleasing the RFP.
The next pre-bid meeting will be held October 7, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. The Bid due date will be October 14, 2011.

All Vendor’s that were present and signed the sign-in sheet at the mandatory pre-bid meeting held August 11, will not
be required to attend the October 7 meeting to bid on the project, should they so choose. In addition, Vendors who
choose to keep their original Proposal as the official response to this rebid of the RFP only need send a letter to that
effect. The letter must also indicate that the original response proposal is valid for a period of 120 days from the
October 14, 2011 due date.

Wayne State University invites you to participate in its Request for Proposal process to provide Travel Agent Services
for faculty and staff of the University, for the Fiscal Operations / Disbursements Department, per the
specifications contained herein the Request for Proposal. This service is expected to commence on November 7,

We have a bid information package complete with the Request for Proposal and complete specifications available for
downloading from the University Purchasing Web Site at
http://www.forms.purchasing.wayne.edu/Adv_bid/Adv_bid.html (include capitalization and underscores) as of
October 01, 2011. When visiting the Web Site, click on the “Service” link in green. Copies of the RFP will not be
available at the pre-proposal meeting. If you are interested in participating in this process, you and/or responsible
representatives of your organization must attend our mandatory pre-proposal meeting to be held on:

                                                                     October 7, 2011, 10:00 a.m.
                                                                  Academic / Administrative Building
                                                                        5700 Cass Avenue,
                                                                  4 Floor – Conference Room 4002
                                                                         Detroit, MI 48202
** Vendors who would like to Conference Call into the meeting must complete the Registration Form (Appendix
2) enclosed with the RFP.

For your convenience a map of the University and appropriate parking lots can be downloaded and printed from:
http://campusmap.wayne.edu/ . Guest parking in any of the University student and guest lots for $5.00 (change is
dispensed in quarters). Due to time constraints, Vendors are encouraged to avoid parking at meters on the street
(especially blue “handicapped” meters). Please confirm your attendance at the mandatory pre-proposal meeting by
faxing your intent to participate (or not to participate) by using Appendix 2 to Ms. Pat Milewski at (313) 577-8277 no
later than noon on October 6, 2011.

We hope to see you at the mandatory pre-bid meeting. Please bring your business cards and a copy of this Request
for Proposal for your reference during the meeting. Should you have any questions or concerns about this invitation,
please contact me at (313) 577–3743, or email: ao4941@wayne.edu. Thank you for your interest in doing business
with Wayne State University.

Michael Gleason
Associate Director of Purchasing
Cc: Kenneth Doherty

                                                                                                     Purchasing Department
                                                                                                     5700 Cass Avenue, Suite 4200
                                                                                                     Detroit, Michigan 48202
                                                                                                     (313) 577-3734
 Division of Finance and Facilities Management                                                       FAX (313) 577-3747

                                                            Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting for Providing
                                                  RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations / Disbursements

                                                                  Date: October 7, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.


               I.              Welcome and Introductions

                               A. Wayne State University Representatives
                               B. VENDOR Representatives
                               C. Sign in Sheet- be sure to include your fax number and email address (LEGIBLY) on the sign in
                               D. Pass your business cards to: Michael Gleason, Associate Director of Purchasing

               II.             Brief Overview of Wayne State University
                               A. Purpose and Intent of the RFP
                               B. Detailed review of the RFP and the requirements for a qualified response.
                               C. Review of all pertinent dates and forms that are REQUIRED for a qualified response.

               III.            VENDOR Questions/Concerns/Issues

                               A.       Questions that can be answered directly by the appropriate person in this meeting will be
                                        answered and both question and answer will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
                               B.       Questions that need to be researched will be answered and a nature of clarification will be faxed to
                                        each VENDOR present.
                               C.       Minutes will be emailed to all participants of the meeting within a reasonable amount of time. (be
                                        sure to include your email address/addresses on the sign in sheet).
                               D.       Questions and concerns that come up after this meeting are to be addressed to Michael Gleason,
                                        Associate Director of Purchasing, Purchasing Department. Discussion with other University
                                        members is seriously discouraged and may lead to disqualification from further consideration. All
                                        questions and answers will be recorded and emailed to all participants of the RFP.

                               E.         Due date for questions is October 11, 2011, 12:00 noon.

               IV.             Proposal Due Date – October 14, 2011, 4:00 p.m.

               V.               Final Comments

               VI.             Adjourn

                                                                          RFP: Travel Agent Services
                                                                  for the Fiscal Operations / Disbursements

                                                                                                              Page No.(s)
                            Note                                                                                    ii

               I.          Introduction                                                                             1

               II.         Information for VENDOR                                                                   1
                             A.   General                                                                           2
                             B.   Calendar of Events                                                                2, 3
                             C.   Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting                                                    3
                             D.   Examination of the Request for Proposal                                           3
                             E.   Delivery of Proposals                                                             3, 4
                             F.   Proposal Format                                                                   4
                             G.   Proposal Evaluation                                                               5
                             H.   VENDOR Profile, Experience, References and Lost Accounts                          5-7

               III.        General Requirements and Guidelines                                                      7
                            A.    Terms and Conditions                                                              7
                            B.    Governing Law (Michigan)                                                          7
                            C.    Non-Discrimination                                                                7
                            D.    Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986                                        7
                            E.    Debarment Status                                                                  7
                            F.    Indemnification and Hold Harmless                                                 8
                            G.    VENDOR Liability                                                                  8
                            H.    Early Termination by the University                                               8
                            I.    Cancellation of Contract by VENDOR                                                8
                            J.    Joint or Partnering Bids/Proposals                                                8
                            K.    Non-Assignment                                                                    9
                            L.    Price Schedules                                                                   9
                            M.    Pricing Variances                                                                 9
                            N.    Civil Rights Requirements                                                         9
                            O.    Non-Collusion Clause                                                              9
                            P.    VENDOR Payment / Billing Terms                                                    10
                            Q.    Entire Agreement                                                                  10
                            R.    Severability                                                                      10
                            S.    Modification of Services                                                          10
                            T.    Publicity                                                                         10
                            U.    Independent Contractor                                                            10
                            V.    Confidentiality                                                                   10
                            W. Insurance Requirements                                                               10, 11
                            X.    Minority Business                                                                 11
                            Y.    Ownership of Documents                                                            11, 12
                            Z.    Prevailing Wage Rates (Deleted)                                                   11
                            AA. Project Labor Agreements (Deleted)                                                  12
                            AB. Buy American Policy                                                                 12
                            AC. SSAE16 (Formerly SAS70)                                                             12

                                                                                                                 Page No.(s)

               IV.         Scope of Work and Technical Requirements                                                 13-23

               V.          Summary of General Mandatory Requirements                                                24


                               Schedule A1                    Proposal Certification
                               Schedule A2,                   Non-Collusion Affidavit
                               Schedule A3,                   VENDOR Acknowledgements
                               Schedule B,                    Insurance Requirements
                               Schedule C,                    Cost Schedule
                               Schedule D,                    Summary Questionnaire
                               Schedule E,                    Detailed Specification Questions


                               VENDOR Exhibit 1,                  Exceptions / Restricted Services
                               VENDOR Exhibit 2,                  Profile/Experience/References
                               VENDOR Exhibit 3,                  Service Plan
                               VENDOR Exhibit 4,                  Sample Management Reports


                               Appendix 1, Wayne State University Map – (see website: http://campusmap.wayne.edu)
                               Appendix 2, Registration/Intent Form
                               Appendix 3, Spend Analysis


                           Proposals may be subject to public review after contracts have been awarded.
                           VENDORS responding to this proposal are cautioned not to include any
                           proprietary information as part of their proposal unless such proprietary
                           information is carefully identified as such in writing, and the UNIVERSITY
                           accepts, in writing, the information as proprietary.



I.             INTRODUCTION

               A.          Wayne State University (hereafter referred to as UNIVERSITY) is a national research
                           university with an urban teaching and service mission. It is a constitutionally autonomous
                           public university with 13 schools and colleges, has an enrollment of approximately 32,000
                           students, and has an alumni roster of over 230,000. It is one of 2.2 percent of all colleges
                           and universities, nationwide, to hold the prestigious Carnegie Doctoral Extensive designation.

               B.          The Purchasing Department of the UNIVERSITY is soliciting proposals from qualified
                           professional organizations, hereafter referred to as VENDOR(s), who specialize in providing
                           Travel Agent services for faculty and staff of the University of superior quality, at
                           competitive pricing, as described in the Statement of Work section of the Request For
                           Proposal (RFP). Contract to commence on or before November 7, 2011.

                           The Agreement(s) will cover a period of up to five years. The initial period would be for the a
                           three year period, commencing on or about November 7, 2011 and ending September 30,
                           2014, with firm fixed pricing as quoted in Schedule C, Cost Schedule. Should VENDOR
                           performance prove to be satisfactory during this period, the UNIVERSITY will have the option
                           to renew services for up to two (2) additional one year periods of service, through September
                           30, 2016, with maximum price guarantees.

                           This RFP outlines basic requirements as specified in the Scope of Work section of the RFP
                           (Section IV). Proposals submitted are to be in accordance with the outline and specifications
                           contained herein and are to remain in effect a minimum of 120 days from the date of
                           submission, and may be subject to further extensions as negotiated. A statement to this
                           effect should be contained in the VENDOR'S cover letter.

                           VENDOR selected shall have an excellent track record for handling service programs of our
                           size and scope and shall provide the UNIVERSITY with a top priority commitment.

               C.          The UNIVERSITY reserves the right to accept, reject, modify, and/or negotiate any and
                           all proposals received in conjunction with the RFP. It reserves the right to waive any
                           defect or informality in the Proposals on the basis of what it considers to be in its best
                           interests. Any proposal, which the UNIVERSITY determines to be incomplete, conditional,
                           obscure, or has irregularities of any kind, may be rejected. The UNIVERSITY reserves the
                           right to award to the firm, or firms, which in its sole judgment, will best serve its long-term

               D.          This RFP in no manner obligates the UNIVERSITY to the eventual purchase of any products
                           or services described, implied, or which may be proposed, until confirmed by written
                           agreement, and may be terminated by the UNIVERSITY without penalty or obligation at any
                           time prior to the signing of an Agreement or Purchase Order.

               E.          Expenses for developing and presenting proposals shall be the entire responsibility of the
                           VENDOR and shall not be chargeable to the UNIVERSITY. All supporting documentation and
                           manuals submitted with this proposal will become the property of the UNIVERSITY unless
                           otherwise requested by the VENDOR, in writing, at the time of submission, and agreed to, in
                           writing, by the UNIVERSITY.

               F.          All questions concerning this Request for Proposal are to be directed to Michael Gleason,
                           Associate Director of Purchasing, Email; ao4941@wayne.edu and to Kenneth Doherty,
                           Interim Director of Purchasing, Email; ac0578@wayne.edu. Copy both Michael Gleason
                           and Kenneth Doherty on all E-Mail questions. The deadline for questions is October 11,
                           2011, 12:00 noon. Under no circumstances may a VENDOR contact other individuals at the
                           UNIVERSITY, or its consultants to discuss any aspect of this RFP, unless expressly
                           authorized by the Purchasing Department to do so.


               A.          General

                           This RFP contains requests for information. VENDORS, however, in responding to this RFP,
                           are encouraged to provide any additional information they believe relevant.

                           VENDORS are encouraged to examine all sections of this RFP carefully, in that the degree of
                           interrelationship between sections is high. Clause headings appearing in this RFP have been
                           inserted for convenience and ready reference. They do not purport to define, limit or extend
                           the scope of intent of the respective clauses.

                           Whenever the terms "must", "shall", "will", "is required", or "are required" are used in the RFP,
                           the subject being referred to is to be a required feature of this RFP.

                           In those cases where mandatory requirements are stated, material failure to meet those
                           requirements could result in disqualification of the VENDOR'S response. Any deviation or
                           exception from RFP specifications must be clearly identified by the VENDOR in its
                           proposal, specifically under the category "Restricted Services", and clearly identified
                           as Exhibit 1. Otherwise, check the box indicating "None" on the Proposal Certification
                           Schedule A.1.

               B.          Calendar of Events

                                                 Activity____________       Responsibility ___         Date____

                           Formal Release of RFP                          Purchasing (PD)           October 01, 2011

                           Mandatory Prebid meeting at the                PD/Evaluation Team        October 7, 2011
                           Academic / Administrative Building, 4          (ET)/VENDORS              10:00 a.m.
                           Floor Conference Room 4002,
                           Detroit, MI 48202
                                                                                                    October 11, 2011 - 12
                           Questions due to the Purchasing                VENDORS                   Noon

                           Delivery of Proposals to the Academic/         VENDORS                   October 14, 2011
                           Administration Bldg., Purchasing Dept.,                                  by 4:00 p.m.
                           5700 Cass Avenue, 4 Floor – Suite
                           4200, Detroit, MI
                                                                                                    Week of October 24, 2011
                           Evaluation of Proposals                        PD/ET
                           (clarifications & negotiations)
                                                                                                    Week of October 31, 2014
                           Announcement of Selected VENDOR                PD
                                                                                                    Week of November 7,
                           Readiness for Service/Contract                 VENDORS

                           The UNIVERSITY will make every effort to adhere to the above schedule. It is subject
                           however, to time extensions. This would be in the event that further clarification of responses
                           or terms of contract are in the best interest of the UNIVERSITY and in the event the
                           UNIVERSITY requires more time to assure that the selection of the VENDOR is in
                           accordance with its policies, rules and regulations as well as actual timing needs.

               C.          Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting

                           You must attend a mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting on October 7, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. in
                           the Academic / Administrative Building, 5700 Cass Avenue, 4 Floor – Conference
                           Room 4002, Detroit, MI 48202, as a condition for submitting a proposal.

                           All Vendor’s that were present and signed the sign-in sheet at the mandatory pre-bid meeting
                           held August 11, will not be required to attend the October 7 meeting to bid on the project,
                           should they so choose. In addition, Vendors who choose to keep their original Proposal as
                           the official response to this rebid of the RFP only need send a letter to that effect. The letter
                           must also indicate that the original response proposal is valid for a period of 120 days from
                           the October 14, 2011 due date.

                           Pre-registration for the meeting is to be made on or before Noon on, October 6, 2011.
                           Please fax Appendix 2 to attention Ms. Pat Milewski at (313) 577–3747 to confirm your

                           ** Vendors who would like to Conference Call into the meeting must complete the
                           Registration Form (Appendix 2) enclosed with the RFP.

                           During this meeting, we will answer any questions you may have to clarify any ambiguities in
                           this Request for Proposal.

                           Answers to questions that cannot be answered during this meeting will be emailed to all
                           VENDORS and posted to the University website as soon as they are obtained. Please bring
                           your business cards with Fax numbers and E-Mail Addresses to the PRE-BID meeting.

               D.          Examination of the Request for Proposal

                           Before submitting proposals, each VENDOR will be held to have examined the UNIVERSITY
                           requirements outlined in the Statement of Work and Technical Information sections, and
                           satisfied itself as to the existing conditions under which it will be obligated to perform in
                           accordance with specifications of this RFP.

                           No claim for additional compensation will be allowed due to unfamiliarity with the
                           specifications and/or existing conditions. It shall be understood that the VENDOR has full
                           knowledge of all of the existing conditions, and accepts them "as is."

               E.          Delivery of Proposals (10-30-2009)

                           An original (clearly marked as such) plus one copy (2 total) of concise proposals in booklet or
                           notebook form with supporting documentation shall be delivered in a sealed envelope or
                           container to the UNIVERSITY Purchasing Department.

                           In addition, an electronic version is required, which should be submitted to our secure mailbox
                           at rfp@wayne.edu and be sure your subject line reads “(company name) RFP Travel
                           Agent Services Response”. The electronic submission should be limited to no more than
                           one of each of the following file types: 1 Word Document and/or 1 Excel Workbook and/or 1
                           PDF document, with a total file size less than 20 megabytes. If your submission was sent
                           correctly, you will receive an auto-reply message acknowledging receipt of your Proposal. If
                           you do not receive an auto-reply message, check the address you used and resubmit your
                           Proposal. However, in the event a discrepancy exists between the electronic submission and
                           the original copy of the Vendor’s Response Proposal, the original copy will prevail.


                           Please note – Your RFP submission is not valid unless we receive both the hard copy and the
                           electronic copy on or before the due date and time.

                           The specific format for responses is detailed in Section II F (below). Proposals and
                           Schedule C, Cost Schedule must be signed and the authority of the individual signing must
                           be stated thereon. All responses are to be addressed to:

                                                                  ATTN.: Michael Gleason, Associate Director of Purchasing
                                                                  Wayne State University
                                                                  RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations /
                                                                  5700 Cass Avenue, 4 Floor - Suite 4200 AAB
                                                                  Detroit, MI 48202

                                                                  And: E-mail a copy to RFP@wayne.edu /
                                                                  subject line: “(company name) RFP Travel Agent Services Response”.

                           Deadline for receipt of proposals by the Purchasing Department is, October 14, 2011 by 4:00
                           p.m. (local time). Date and time will be stamped on the proposals by the Purchasing
                           Department. Proposals received after that time will not be accepted. VENDORS
                           submitting proposals after the due date and time will be required to retrieve the
                           unopened proposals. No details of the proposal will be divulged at the time of opening.

               F.          Proposal Format

                           Proposals are to be submitted as a booklet or in notebook form with appropriate indices.
                           Each proposal should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward
                           concise description of the VENDOR'S service, approach and ability to meet the
                           UNIVERSITY'S needs as stated in this RFP. Schedules and Exhibits must clearly identify and
                           well define:

                           Schedules are provided in this package
                                   Schedule A1- Proposal Certification
                                   Schedule A2- Non Collusion Affidavit
                                   Schedule A3- VENDOR Acknowledgements
                                   Schedule B - Insurance Requirements
                                   Schedule C - Cost Schedule, Summary of Quoted Rates
                                   Schedule D - Summary Questionnaire
                                   Schedule E - Detailed Questions

                           Exhibits are created by Vendors as needed:

                                               Exhibit 1             -   Exceptions/Restrictions; if any (Section II G)
                                               Exhibit 2             -   Profile/Experience/References (Section II H)
                                               Exhibit 3             -   VENDOR Service Plan (Section IV)

                           Care should be exercised in preparation of the proposals since it is the UNIVERSITY'S intent
                           to have the final contract documentation consist of the RFP, VENDOR Proposal, any letters of
                           clarification, and a one or two page enabling Signatory Document and/or Purchase Order.

                           Unnecessarily elaborate brochures or other presentations beyond those sufficient to present a
                           complete and effective quotation are not desired. Elaborate art work, expensive paper and
                           bindings and expensive visual or other presentation aids are neither necessary nor desired.


               G.          Proposal Evaluation

                           1. Proposals will be evaluated and award will be based on the VENDOR'S ability to offer the
                              best value (technical quality, past performance and price), and on anticipated quality of
                              service for the following principal elements:

                                          Ability to meet all mandatory requirements and specifications of this RFP;
                                          Cost of Services; Compensation and Fees; (Schedule C);
                                          Financial Strength of the VENDOR;
                                          Proposal Documentation / Presentation;
                                          VENDOR'S Experience (Exhibit 2);
                                          VENDOR Profiles/References; (Exhibit 2);
                                          VENDOR Service Plan; (Exhibit 3);

                                   NOTE: Evaluation Criteria are in alphabetical order and are not stated in order of

                                   VENDOR proposals will be evaluated by an evaluation team consisting of members of the
                                   UNIVERSITY'S Purchasing and Fiscal Operations / Disbursements. A preliminary
                                   screening will be used to identify competitive VENDORS who have met the mandatory
                                   requirements.     The Purchasing Department may subsequently request selected
                                   VENDORS to make a presentation at a set time and date, to clarify information provided
                                   in the proposals. Final consideration, evaluation, and recommendation may be made at
                                   this point. However, the UNIVERSITY reserves the right to take additional time for
                                   reference review, site visits and/or proposal negotiations.

                           2. To qualify for evaluation, a VENDOR'S proposal must be responsive, must have been
                              submitted on time and must materially satisfy all mandatory requirements identified
                              throughout the RFP. To be considered responsive, a proposal must be reasonable and
                              substantially conform in the judgment of the UNIVERSITY to all of the specified
                              requirements in the RFP. Any deviation from requirements indicated herein must be
                              stated in the proposal specifically under the category "Restricted Services", and
                              clearly identified as Exhibit 1. Otherwise it will be considered that proposals are in strict
                              compliance with all requirements, and any successful VENDOR will be held responsible

                           3.      If there are portions of any proposal the UNIVERSITY finds unacceptable or otherwise in
                                   need of clarification or revision, the UNIVERSITY reserves the right to negotiate with any
                                   or all VENDORS. Should the outcome of evaluations result in a recommendation, any
                                   resultant contract shall be subject to the approval of the UNIVERSITY'S General Counsel
                                   and be approved and signed by the appropriate UNIVERSITY representative.

                           4. After notification of acceptance of proposal and the signing of a resultant agreement
                              and/or Purchase Order, the successful VENDOR will be expected to establish and be in a
                              position to provide Travel Agent Services by November 7, 2011.

               H.          VENDOR Profile, Experience, References, and Lost Accounts

                           1. VENDOR Profile should include:

                                   VENDOR is required to provide organizational data that demonstrates the size, scope and
                                   capability of the Company to handle the UNIVERSITY'S specific requirements specified in
                                   this RFP.

                                   VENDOR is required to identify all organizational components and other Companies or
                                   Organizations with which it is affiliated. Include component and other company

                                   addresses. Explain any company relationships that could be construed to be a conflict of
                                   interest in doing business with the UNIVERSITY now or in the future. Indicate any
                                   significant past or pending lawsuits or malpractice claims against the VENDOR.

                                   Upon University request, VENDOR must agree to provide independently audited
                                   financial statements including its statement of financial position, statement of
                                   operations, and statement of cash flows for at least the past two years. Such financial
                                   information will be treated in strict confidence. Vendor must further agree to permit the
                                   UNIVERSITY, upon request, to audit VENDOR's books as related to the Wayne State
                                   University account.

                                   Failure to agree to this will result in disqualification of your bid (see Schedule D).

                                   Financial Information will be treated as confidential and not added to the publicly
                                   permanent RFP file. When financial information is requested, VENDORS who would like
                                   their financial statements returned to them must include a self-addressed envelope
                                   marked "Confidential" with their financial statement. Requested Financials should be sent

                                                                  ATTN.: Kenneth Doherty, Director of Purchasing
                                                                  Wayne State University
                                                                  RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations /
                                                                  Purchasing Department
                                                                  5700 Cass Avenue, 4 Floor - Suite 4200 AAB
                                                                  Detroit, MI 48202

                           2. Experience

                                   The successful VENDOR shall be an organization that has an excellent record as an
                                   external provider of the services in the type and scope detailed in this RFP. Accordingly,
                                   VENDORS are to state in their proposals their qualifications to meet the RFP
                                   specifications in terms of past and current consulting experience with the same or
                                   similar requirements. This information should be provided in the VENDOR’S Exhibit 2 of
                                   their proposal. VENDORS are to focus on experiences with organizations having needs
                                   similar to that of the UNIVERSITY.

                           3. References

                                   Upon University request, VENDOR must agree to provide a minimum of three (3)
                                   qualified references to support their proposals. References are to be from organizations
                                   that are not part of the VENDOR'S organization and that closely parallel the needs stated
                                   in this RFP. References are to be from organizations that have successfully utilized the
                                   products and services which the VENDOR has offered in its proposal(s).

                                   The references supplied should include the name and address of the organization, the
                                   name(s), titles, and the telephone numbers of the persons to be contacted and a general
                                   scope of the product or services provided including the approximate annual aggregate
                                   dollar volume involved.

                                   Requests for references will come from Michael Gleason, Associate Director of
                                   Purchasing, will be treated as confidential and not added to the publicly permanent RFP

                                   Failure to agree to this will result in disqualification of your bid (see Schedule D).


                           4. Lost Accounts

                                   A list of significant accounts that the VENDOR has lost during the past three (3) years is
                                   to be provided. "Significant" for this purpose shall be construed to mean accounts
                                   representing billings by the VENDOR in the range of $25,000.00 or more each year. A
                                   lost account can be defined when the vendor has been terminated on a job
                                   because of performance or default. Contact names and telephone numbers of affected
                                   Companies must be provided.


               A.          Terms and Conditions (2-23-2009)

                           The Proposal response must include a formal copy of any VENDOR'S terms and conditions
                           applicable to this transaction. Evaluation and acceptance and/or modification of these terms
                           and conditions by the University's General Counsel is essential prior to the award of the
                           contract. If supplied, this should be included in Exhibit 1 of the Vendor’s proposal. In the
                           event the VENDOR does not supply terms and conditions with their proposal, the
                           University's terms and conditions will govern this transaction.

               B.          Governing Law (Michigan)

                           VENDOR agrees that, in the event of a dispute, laws of the State of Michigan will prevail, and
                           the venue will be Wayne County, Michigan.

               C.          Non-Discrimination

                           The parties agree that in the performance of any contract they shall not discriminate in any
                           manner on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, sexual
                           orientation, marital status or handicap protected by law. Such action shall include, but is not
                           limited to the following:       employment, upgrading, demotion, transfer, recruitment or
                           recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation. By
                           submitting a proposal, VENDORS certify that they will conform to the provisions of the Federal
                           Civil Rights Action of 1964, as amended. Information on the Civil Rights Act can be found at

               D.          Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

                           By submitting a proposal, the VENDORS certify that they do not and will not during the
                           performance of this contract employ illegal alien workers or otherwise violate the provisions of
                           the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

               E.          Debarment Status (6-12-2009)

                           By submitting a proposal, VENDORS certify that they are not currently debarred from
                           submitting bids on contracts nor are they an agent of any person or entity that is currently
                           debarred from submitting bids on contracts. The University’s Department Policy can be found
                           at http://purchasing.wayne.edu/vendors/debarred.php. Information on Debarment can be
                           found at http://www.michigan.gov/buymichiganfirst/0,1607,7-225-48677-20042--,00.html.
                           The Federal Debarred Vendor List (Excluded Parties List System) and related links can be
                           found at http://www.epls.gov/


               F.          Indemnification and Hold Harmless

                           The VENDOR shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the UNIVERSITY, its officers,
                           employees and agents, against any and all liability of whatever nature which may arise directly
                           or indirectly by reason of the VENDOR'S performance under this Agreement.

               G.          VENDOR Liability

                           The VENDOR will be liable for any associated costs of repairs for damage to buildings or
                           other UNIVERSITY property caused by the negligence of the VENDOR'S employees.

               H.          Early Termination by the University

                           The UNIVERSITY shall have the right to terminate the contract with the VENDOR without
                           penalty after the UNIVERSITY'S thirty (30) days written notice of termination to the VENDOR
                           under the following circumstances:

                           1. Default of VENDOR

                                   It shall be considered a default whenever the VENDOR shall:

                                   a. Disregard or violate material provisions of the contract documents or UNIVERSITY
                                      instructions, or fail to execute the work according to the agreed upon schedule of
                                      completion and/or time of completion specified, including extensions thereof, or fail to
                                      reach agreed upon performance results.

                                   b. Declare bankruptcy, become insolvent, or assign company assets for the benefit of

                           2. Convenience of the UNIVERSITY

                                   When termination of the contract services is construed by the UNIVERSITY to be in its
                                   best interest for serving the community and its students, faculty, and staff.

                           Note: Any contract cancellation notice shall not relieve the VENDOR of the obligation to
                           deliver and/or perform prior to the effective date of cancellation.

               I.          Cancellation of Contract by VENDOR

                           VENDOR must provide a minimum of ninety (90) days written notice of cancellation of
                           contract to the UNIVERSITY regardless of the reason for said termination. Such notification
                           must be sent to:
                                                   Kenneth Doherty
                                                   Wayne State University
                                                   RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations /
                                                   Purchasing Department
                                                   5700 Cass Avenue, Suite 4200, A.A.B.
                                                   Detroit, MI 48202

               J.          Joint or Partnering Bids/Proposals

                           A joint bid/proposal, submitted by two or more Vendors proposing to participate jointly in
                           performance of proposed work may be submitted. To be considered responsive, any such
                           joint bid/proposal must respond to all the requirements of this RFP/ However, a single Vendor

                           must be clearly identified as the “Primary Vendor” who will assume primary responsibility for
                           performance of all other joint Vendors and all subcontracts to every level. The Primary
                           Vendor must identify themselves as such and submit the proposal under their company name
                           and signature. If a contract is awarded in response to a joint bid/proposal, the Primary Vendor
                           must execute the contract and all Partner Vendors must verify in writing that the Primary
                           Vendor is authorized to represent them in all matters relating to the contract. At least one of
                           the Vendors must have attended any and all mandatory Pre-Proposal or other meetings. The
                           University assumes no responsibility or obligation for the division of orders or purchases
                           among joint contractors.

               K.          Non-Assignment

                           The agreement shall be between the UNIVERSITY and the VENDOR and the VENDOR shall
                           neither assign nor delegate the agreement, its rights or obligations, or any of its terms without
                           the express written permission of the UNIVERSITY. This pertains to services performed only.
                           Financial payments may be assigned at the VENDOR’s discretion.

               L.          Price Schedules

                           VENDOR is to quote the products and services in accordance with specifications set forth in
                           this Request for Proposal. Prices and other requested data must be stated on or in the exact
                           format of Cost Schedule C. VENDOR must add appropriate item numbers corresponding to
                           each part, component, etc. therein. VENDOR must provide unit prices and line item
                           extensions. VENDOR must provide all column totals and project grand totals. Vendors must
                           not embellish or change the format of any Price Schedule or to alter its functionality as

                           Please Note:     You must respond using Schedule C. Failure to do so will result in
                           disqualification of your Proposal. VENDOR shall be responsible for all errors and

                           Copy of Cost Schedule C is to be provided in Excel format with your electronic submission.
                           Paper copy will govern if any discrepancies between the paper copy and electronic version
                           are discovered.

               M.          Pricing Variances

                           No changes shall be made, nor invoices for extra changes, alterations, modifications,
                           deviations, and extra orders be recognized or paid except upon a written change order from
                           the UNIVERSITY. The UNIVERSITY will not authorize payment for changes, alterations,
                           modifications, deviations, etc. that are a result of VENDOR error.

               N.          Civil Rights Requirements

                           All VENDORS must be in compliance with the directives of the Michigan Department of Civil
                           Rights. The Department of Civil Rights web address is

               O.          Non-Collusion Clause (1-30-08)

                           The Proposal Certification, Schedule A1, Non-Collusion Affidavit, Schedule A2, and Vendor
                           Acknowledgements, Schedule A3, must be executed as a part of the VENDOR'S proposal.


               P.          VENDOR Payment/Billing Terms

                           Payments of invoices will be made thirty (30) days after receipt and approval of invoice, by the
                           UNIVERSITY, for each month completed.

               Q.          Entire Agreement

                           An agreement, when fully executed, shall supersede any and all prior and existing
                           agreements, either oral or in writing, and will contain all the covenants and agreements
                           between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this agreement. Any amendment or
                           modification to this agreement must be in writing and signed by the parties hereto.

               R.          Severability

                           It is understood and agreed that if any part, term, or provision of this agreement is by the
                           courts held to be illegal or in conflict with any law of the State of Michigan, the validity of the
                           remaining portions or provisions shall be construed and enforced as if the Agreement did not
                           contain the particular part, term, or provision held to be invalid.

               S.          Modification of Service

                           The UNIVERSITY reserves the right to modify the services during the course of the contract,
                           with concurrence of the VENDOR. Any changes in pricing and rates proposed by the
                           VENDOR resulting from such changes are subject to acceptance by the UNIVERSITY.

                           In the event prices and rates cannot be negotiated to the satisfaction of both parties,
                           the contract may be subject to competitive bidding based upon the new specifications.

               T.          Publicity

                           VENDORS must refrain from giving any reference to this project, whether in the form of press
                           releases, brochures, photographic coverage, or verbal announcements, without specific
                           written approval from the UNIVERSITY.

               U.          Independent Contractor

                           The VENDOR agrees that in all respects its relationship with the UNIVERSITY will be that of
                           an independent contractor, and that it will not act or represent that it is acting as an agent of
                           the UNIVERSITY or incur any obligation on the part of the UNIVERSITY without written
                           authority of the UNIVERSITY.

               V.          Confidentiality

                           Proposals could be subject to public review after the contracts have been awarded.
                           VENDORS responding to this proposal are cautioned not to include any proprietary
                           information as part of their proposal unless such proprietary information is carefully identified
                           as such in writing, and the UNIVERSITY accepts, in writing, the information as

               W.          Insurance Requirements (10-5-2009)

                           VENDORS must provide Certificates of Insurance or other evidence that insurance is in place.
                           If awarded a contract, VENDOR must then provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Wayne
                           State University / Office of Risk Management as the certificate holder. During the life of the
                           contract, the VENDOR shall maintain the type of insurance as stated in Insurance Provisions

                           (Schedule B) attached and any additional requirements as specified by the UNIVERSITY
                           Office of Risk Management for the VENDOR and assigned licensed VENDOR professionals.

                           Questions on insurance requirements should be directed to to Michael Gleason, Associate
                           Director of Purchasing, Email; ao4941@wayne.edu and to Kenneth Doherty, Interim
                           Director of Purchasing, Email; ac0578@wayne.edu.

               X.          Minority, Woman and Physically-Challenged Owned Business Enterprises (M/W/DBEs)

                           Specify in your proposal whether ownership of your company is a certified M/W/DBE. The
                           University, in accordance with guidelines from the MMBDC, considers a M/W/DBE as one that
                           is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by a M/W/DBE, or in case of a publicly-owned
                           business, at least 51% of the stock must be owned by a M/W/DBE. Minorities include, but are
                           not limited to:

                                                   African Americans                            Hispanic Americans
                                                   Asian Americans                              Native Americans
                                                   Eskimos                                      Aleuts

                           If the firm is not a M/W/DBE, describe the firm’s partnering relationships (if any) with
                           M/W/DBE and how it plans to support the UNIVERSITY’S goal to award UNIVERSITY
                           business to M/W/DBE.

                           1.          Reporting
                                       The selected firm will identify and fairly consider M/W/DBE for subcontracting
                                       opportunities when qualified firms are available to perform a given task in performing for
                                       the UNIVERSITY under the resulting agreement. The selected VENDOR must submit
                                       a quarterly M/W/DBE business report to the UNIVERSITY Purchasing Department by
                                       the 15th of the month following each calendar quarter; specifically the months of April,
                                       July, October, and January. Such reports should be sent directly to:

                                                                  Kenneth Doherty, Director of Purchasing
                                                                  RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations /
                                                                  Purchasing Department, Suite 4200, AAB
                                                                  5700 Cass Avenue
                                                                  Detroit, MI 48202
                           2.          Report Detail
                                       M/W/DBE business reports must contain, but are not limited to the following:
                                         Firm’s name, address, and phone number with which the VENDOR has contracted
                                          over the specified quarterly period
                                         Contact person at the minority firm who has knowledge of the specified information

                                               Type of goods and/or services provided over the specified period of time
                                               Total amount paid to the minority firm as it relates to the UNIVERSITY account.

                           Specify in your proposal whether your company is a certified 8(A) firm.

                           A complete set of the University's Supplier Diversity Program, which includes complete
                           definitions of each of the above, can be downloaded from our web site at

               Y.          Ownership of Documents

                           Upon completion or termination of any agreement, all documents prepared by the VENDOR,
                           including but not limited to: tracings, drawings, estimates, specifications, field notes,

                              investigations, studies and reports, shall become the property of the UNIVERSITY. At the
                              UNIVERSITY’S option, such documents will be delivered to the UNIVERSITY Purchasing
                              Department. The UNIVERSITY acknowledges that the documents are prepared only for the
                              contracted services specified.      Prior to completion of the contracted services, the
                              UNIVERSITY shall have a recognized proprietary interest in the work product of the

               Z.             Prevailing Wage Rates (4-25-2010)

                              U   (Deleted)

               AA. Project Labor Agreements

                              U   (Deleted)

               AB.            Buy American

                              Wayne State University intends to purchase products in the United States of America
                              whenever an American made* product is available that meets or exceeds the specifications
                              requested and the price is equal to or lower than a foreign made product. Vendors are
                              required to bid American made products whenever available. Vendors may bid foreign made
                              products when:

                                  1) They are specified
                                  2) As an alternate as long as they are technically equal to the product specified.
                              * (More than 50% of the product manufactured or assembled in the U.S.A.)

               AC.            SSAE16 (Formerly Known as SAS70 Report)

                              If available, please provide a copy of your agency’s SSAE16 report with the bid proposal.



              Introduction and Background

                                Wayne State University currently engages two travel agencies, AAA Michigan and Boersma Travel,
                                as UNIVERSITY Designated Agents to handle all of the UNIVERSITY’S domestic and international
                                air travel arrangements. UNIVERSITY travelers were expected to utilize these designated agencies
                                for their UNIVERSITY business travel. Current policies and procedures [the Administrative Policies
                                and Procedures manual (APPM)] covering these and other travel and transportation requirements
                                are available on the University’s website under Administration.

                                A.          RFP Objective and Goals

                                           The University seeks a streamlined, efficient, cost effective, high service travel booking
                                           process that meets the needs of Wayne State University’s travelers, its administrators, and
                                           maintains the proper controls as required by US Government sponsored programs and
                                           general fiscal responsibility. This process will be delivered by one Travel Management
                                           Companies (TMC). This initiative seeks to accomplish several goals:

                                               1. Provide a common booking process for all faculty and staff.

                                               2. Ensure accuracy in booking, invoicing and itineraries.
                                               3. Offer travelers an on-line booking tool which allows travelers to “shop” for fares while
                                                  ensuring the University’s travel guidelines are followed.
                                               4. Offer high touch professional trip counseling for travelers and the travel arrangers for
                                                  complex or unique itineraries.
                                               5. Further improve the University’s program by leveraging the bidder’s expertise and
                                                  technology tools creating year over year savings for the University.
                                               6. Ensure that consistent levels of support are provided to the traveler and travel arranger
                                                  before, during and after a trip.
                                               7. Ensure that the University receives the most competitive pricing and routing;
                                                  benchmarking fares with industry and other like institutions of higher learning.
                                               8. Ensure that all travel bookings are in accordance with the “Fly America Act” and other
                                                  government requirements and/or any other applicable sponsoring agency requirements.
                                               9. Provide premier group travel services for international student study abroad programs
                                                  (International Programs), Athletics and other clubs or activities.

                                B.          Specific Program Objectives

                                                The UNIVERSITY expects to attain the following stated objectives from its Travel Program.

                                                1. To obtain the lowest available rates for airfares, hotels, car rentals and other travel
                                                   related services consistent with the traveler’s specified timing needs and the purposes
                                                   for business travel.

                                                2. To utilize a designated VENDOR that is fully capable and demonstrates ability to
                                                   provide superior travel planning and counseling services for our employees traveling on

                                                3. To provide “trouble free” travel services as a result of the VENDOR’S expertise,
                                                   knowledge of the travel industry and networking capabilities with domestic and
                                                   international travel resources.

                                                4. To obtain from a VENDOR, prompt, quality resolution of travel complications that could
                                                   be experienced by our employees before, during and after completion of travel.

                                                5. To utilize a VENDOR that ensures that all of the UNIVERSITY’S current and future
                                                   travel policies and procedures are adhered to, the costs of travel to the UNIVERSITY
                                                   are well contained and that all of our specified travel needs are fully accommodated.

                                                6. To utilize a Vendor that can interface with the Concur Travel & Expense software the
                                                   University will be implementing for all University travel.
                                                       i. Vendor must have the ability to support testing phase to implementation with
                                                            transactions from the Concur Travel & Expense systems.

                                                Note: The successful VENDOR is expected to provide services in accordance with
                                                UNIVERSITY policies and procedures which are currently in effect and as they may be
                                                modified from time to time to meet growing and changing needs of the travel program.

                                B.              PROGRAM SCOPE

                                                Wayne State University’s annual expenditures for travel (air and hotel) is approximately $5
                                                million. WSU has contracted with Concur to manage the university’s travel & expense
                                                process, including Cliqbooks software.

                                                Agency/ Background and Experience

                                                1. Specify agency’s company-wide gross annual sales for calendar years 2009 and 2010.
                                                   If applicable, identify what contributed to agency’s growth or reduction in volume
                                                   (mergers, acquisitions, break-ups, etc.).

                                                2. Identify the number and location of offices the agency owns and operates or is affiliated
                                                   with (through a franchise, consortium or association).

                                                3. Describe agency’s purchasing power and ability to assist the University in securing
                                                   negotiated vendor contracts, should involvement from contractor be requested by the
                                                   University. Provide examples of how agency has successfully negotiated air, car and
                                                   hotel rates and service amenities, preferably for clients similar in size to WSU.

                                                4. List agency’s preferred VENDORS (airlines, hotels, rental car companies, etc.). A
                                                   preferred vendor is one from which agency receives, in exchange for volume goals,
                                                   compensation above and beyond the standard commission.

                                                5. On a company-wide basis, identify the number of accounts that fall into the categories
                                                   outlined below.

                                                        Company-wide basis:

                                                        Account Size (in $ air volume)                   # of Corporate Accounts

                                                        _____________________________                    ________________________

                                                        Accounts > $10 million                           ________________________
                                                        Accounts $1-$10 million                          ________________________
                                                        Accounts <$1 million                             ________________________
                                                                                           Total         ________________________

                                C.          Agency Service/ Personnel


                                                1. If agency proposes supporting the University’s account through an existing branch
                                                   office, identify (a) the number of full-time personnel agency currently employs at this
                                                   location, (b) the distribution of personnel responsibilities (e.g., number of employees in
                                                   management, reservations, accounting, MIS, etc.), and (c) agency branch office’s
                                                   employee retention rate.

                                                2. Agency shall recommend a Dedicated Account Manager (Customer Service
                                                   Representative) who, upon University approval, will oversee the agency’s contract
                                                   performance with the University.

                                                3. Propose how WSU’s account would be serviced (e.g., by a group of agents, first
                                                   available agent, etc.).

                                D.          Meetings & Conferences / Group

                                                1. Contractor is required to have direct experience coordinating reservations for meeting
                                                   and conference attendees. Upon contract award, agency shall designate specialists to
                                                   manage meeting and conference reservations. Provide specific examples of meeting
                                                   and conferences for which agency has arranged travel.

                                                2. Describe the types of meeting and conference travel services agency would make
                                                   available to the University.

                                                3. Describe any experience agency has organizing special group packages such as those
                                                   that might be beneficial to the Alumni Association and other divisions that offer travel
                                                   packages in conjunction with special events (domestic and international). This would
                                                   be non-official travel, as such packages would be paid for by the association/ club’s

                                    E.          International Travel

                                                1. Agency is required to have direct experience as an official contractor for an organization
                                                   whose international travel spans all major world areas. Identify organization(s) with
                                                   extensive international travel for which the agency either was or currently is under

                                                2. Agency shall issue short-haul airline tickets for travel within and between countries
                                                   abroad. Describe how agency will issue such tickets. Agency shall make other
                                                   arrangements requested for travel within countries abroad.

                                                3. Upon contract award, agency shall dedicate agents whose sole responsibility is to
                                                   handle international trips for both official and unofficial University travel. Contractor
                                                   shall have international agents who are familiar with travel in every major world region.
                                                   Describe the number of international agents, for both official and unofficial travel, the
                                                   agency would dedicate to the University’s account.

                                                4. Contractor shall provide full passport and visa preparation service. Specify the type and
                                                   level of service the agency will extend to the University.

                                    F.          Personal (Unofficial) Travel

                                                1. The contractor shall provide the capacity for complete travel service to the University
                                                        community requesting personal (unofficial) travel arrangements. This includes, but is

                                                        not limited to, (a) companion travel, (b) personal travel combined with official travel and
                                                        (c) vacation/leisure travel.   Describe how University employees requesting personal
                                                        travel will be accommodated and the extent of the agency’s leisure services.

                                                2. The University is not liable for expenses related to personal (unofficial) travel.
                                                   Contractor shall (a) separate official university business travel from personal travel in
                                                   terms of billing, (b) assure that all charges associated with personal travel are billed
                                                   directly to the travelers and (c) clearly identify the dollar amount of the personal
                                                   segment on the itinerary. Describe how agency will adhere to this request.

                                    G.          Delivery Service

                                                1. Propose a ticket delivery plan (physical, e-ticket, or combination of both) which
                                                   minimizes the likelihood of having tickets and/or itinery misplaced, lost or stolen and
                                                   shall maximize convenience for campus travelers. Tickets delivery via U.S. mail is
                                                   acceptable; however, agency must take full responsibility for lost or delayed tickets.
                                                   Mailing of tickets must be approved by the traveler. The University will not provide a
                                                   central mail drop and on-campus mail cannot be used for ticket distribution

                                                2. Propose a plan to handle “special delivery” situations, such as, but not limited to, tickets
                                                   needed (a) after-hours, (b) across the United States and (c) in remote, overseas
                                                   locations. Contractor shall be in a position to provide “special delivery” when required
                                                   with as little as 2 hours advance notice.

                                                3. Immediately after a reservation is placed (or changed), contractor shall send to the
                                                   traveler and/or travel arranger the itinerary which reflects all ticket details, including (a)
                                                   arrival and departure times, (b) origins and destinations, (c) airlines and flight numbers
                                                   (d) fare class of ticket, and (e) seat assignments. Contractor shall send any
                                                   subsequent changes made to the original reservation.

                                    H.          Hotel Services

                                                1. Contractor is required to have a corporate hotel program with discounted worldwide
                                                   hotel rates and enhanced service amenities.

                                    I.          Car/ Ground Transportation

                                                1. Contractor is required to have a corporate rent-a-car program with discounted
                                                   worldwide rental rates and enhanced service amenities.

                                                2. Contractor shall provide rail schedules and sell University travelers rail passes for both
                                                   domestic and international train travel.

                                    J.          Travelers Profiles

                                                1. Contractor shall establish, maintain and update traveler profiles for all official University
                                                        travelers. Contractor shall use all elements of the traveler profile to ensure that all
                                                        special requests are honored whenever possible.

                                                2. If Contractor is able to extract information from the Concur system, indicate what
                                                        information will be extracted and what information will need to come from the traveler

                                                        (i.e. dietary restrictions, seating preferences, etc.)

                                                3. Clarify how agency will maintain the confidentiality of traveler profiles and traveler
                                                   information (e.g., charge card number, destination, home phone numbers, etc.).
                                                   Contractors shall not release any traveler profile information without express written
                                                   permission from the traveler and the University.

                                                4. All profiles are the property of the University. Upon contract termination, the outgoing
                                                   contractor shall relinquish all travelers’ profiles to the new contractor or to the

                                    K.          Telephone Operations

                                                1. Contractor is required to have a 7 day a week, 24 hour toll-free phone line and/or live
                                                   online help desk, which can be used at any time from around the globe. Travelers shall
                                                   be able to use the toll-free phone line for all travel services, not just emergencies, even
                                                   during regular business hours. Describe agency’s 24-hour services that have full
                                                   knowledge of WSU’s policies and requirements. Describe how many agents work in
                                                   the 24-hour service center.

                                    L.          Fare Control

                                                1. Contractor shall guarantee the University the lowest available airfares according to the
                                                   University’s travel policy.

                                                2. Contractor is required to have automation that monitors daily airfare changes and
                                                   continues to search for the lower fares after ticketing.

                                                3. Contractor shall have procedures for protecting reservations from fare increases and
                                                   have the ability to re-ticket when fares decrease.

                                    M.          GCR/GDS/Automated Booking

                                                1. State which Computer Reservation System (CRS) / Global Distribution System (GDS) is
                                                   agency’s primary system and indicate if the agency utilizes any additional CRS/GDS.

                                                2. Describe what booking system(s), if any, would be immediately available to the
                                                   University. Identify the system’s software developer.

                                                3. Many travelers/arrangers prefer e-mail communication, therefore, contractors shall
                                                   provide all hardware, software and network connections that are required to
                                                   communicate with University travelers via the Internet.

                                                4. The University is interested in the industry’s latest innovations. For those travelers
                                                   comfortable with making airline, hotel and/or car reservations electronically, the
                                                   University prefers to offer an automated, “on-line” booking system. Any proposed
                                                   system must be World Wide Web (WWW) based in order to accommodate the
                                                   University’s multi-platform environment.

                                                5. Suggest any additional technology agency has available or would make available to the
                                                   University’s travel management program.


                                    N.           Management Information

                                                1. Contractor is required to have travel management reporting capabilities to keep the
                                                   University’s travel department and a preferred VENDOR accurately informed of
                                                   University travel patterns and expenditures. Describe agency’s reporting capabilities
                                                   and identify its software developer. Provide sample reports.

                                                2. The University prefers that the contractor electronically transmit data (i.e., management
                                                   data, reservation data, etc.) to the University’s computer systems. Describe any
                                                   experience agency has transmitting data electronically.

                                                3. Identify where reports are generated (locally, regionally, nationally, etc.).

                                                4. Contractor shall provide the University with the following management report, or similar
                                                   report, (delivered to the University’s contract services),

                                                                  a) Tickets issued against the University’s ghost card bi-weekly

                                                                  b)      Monthly Basis origin & destination report (inbound)- This report shall detail
                                                                          the number of tickets and total dollar volume of tickets issued to travelers
                                                                          inbound to the Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit and Chicago areas. The
                                                                          report shall also list the city of origin and destination.

                                                                  c)      Origin & Destination Report (outbound) - This report shall detail the number
                                                                          and dollar volume of tickets issued to travelers outbound from the Lansing,
                                                                          Grand Rapids, Detroit and Chicago areas. The report shall also list the city
                                                                          of origin and destination.

                                                                  d)      Air Activity Detail- This report shall list all ticketed travelers (name of
                                                                          traveler), invoice number, the actual ticket price, fare basis code, class of
                                                                          service, city pair, airline and flight number, arrival/departure dates, the
                                                                          lowest available ticket price and potential savings.

                                                                  e)      Average Ticket Price- This report shall show the University’s average ticket
                                                                          price and its relationship to the lowest available average ticket price.
                                                                          Average ticket price shall be reported separately for domestic travel and
                                                                          international travel, as well as for both combined.

                                                                  f)      Hotel Activity-This report shall provide details on hotel bookings, including
                                                                          name of traveler, the city in which the hotel is located, name of the property,
                                                                          arrival/departure date, the nightly rate and the total rate.

                                                                  g)      Rental Car Activity- This report shall provide details on rental car bookings,
                                                                          including name of traveler, unit code, the city in which the car was
                                                                          rented/dropped off, the name of the rental company, car type, pick-up and
                                                                          drop off dates, number of days rented, the daily rate and the total rate.

                                                5. Top City Pairs- This report shall rank the top 10 domestic and top 10 international
                                                   market pairs (inbound and outbound flights between two cities). The report shall
                                                   capture the number of flights, miles, average ticket price and total expenses.

                                O.          Vendor Payment Plan:

                                                1. Contractor must be able to accomplish vendor payment against an authorized credit

                                P.          Accounting

                                                1. Contractor shall use a state-of-the-art, back-room accounting system and must store
                                                        University records for three complete fiscal years and provide access and/or a file upon
                                                        the request with a fee to the University.        All accounting records related to the
                                                        University’s account are the property of the University. Describe agency’s accounting
                                                        system and how it will maintain University records.

                                                2. Contractor shall, at no additional cost, assist University travelers with lost/stolen ticket
                                                   applications, copies of passenger receipts and other documentation when requested.
                                                   Describe agency’s procedures.

                                                3. Contractor shall, at no additional cost to the University, issue tickets using valid
                                                   coupons or any similar discounts such as the recently discontinued air scripts.
                                                   Describe agency’s procedures.

                                                4. If agency is directly affiliated with a corporate charge card, specify the card and identify
                                                   its benefits.

                                Q.          Auditing

                                                1. The contractor will be required to cooperate with a UNIVERSITY auditor or outside
                                                   auditor hired by the UNIVERSITY, for the sake of monitoring that the contractor is in
                                                   compliance with the terms of the contract. If discrepancies are found and they appear
                                                   to be unintentional, the contractor shall correct the situation and return any overpayment
                                                   to the UNIVERSITY. Any apprearance of intentional wrongdoing by the contractor will
                                                   be cause for immediate termination of the contract.

                                R.          Transition/ Implementation Strategies

                                                1. Propose a step-by-step implementation plan, which details all procedures required prior
                                                   to operation. The time line must be in accordance with the University’s contract award
                                                   date and initial reservation start date (anticipated to be 90 days from contract award).
                                                   The final plan must meet the University’s approval.

                                                2. Contractor needs to support the Concur testing and implementation process and
                                                   provide immediate turn-around on requests.

                                S.          Quality Control/ Performance Assessment

                                                1. University reserves the right to conduct an audit via a University-selected third party
                                                   auditor to verify that the contractor provided the University with the lowest available
                                                   airfare according to University policy. The cost of the audit(s) shall be the expense of
                                                   the agency. Describe if agency has participated in previous audits.

                                                2. Propose a method to measure agency’s performance, as perceived by the University’s
                                                   Travel Office, in the areas outlined below. Agency may suggest additional areas to be
                                                   measured. Propose standards to be achieved and a reward/penalty if the standard is/
                                                   is not met. (It is suggested that the proposed approval rating increase from the first
                                                   year of operation to subsequent terms. Please propose realistic standards.)

                                                                  a)   Accessibility and responsiveness of Dedicated Account Manager
                                                                  b)   Issue resolution
                                                                  c)   Assistance with vendor negotiations, when requested by University

                                                                  d)   Quality of orientations, training programs and materials
                                                                  e)   Accessibility of Senior Management
                                                                  f)   Accuracy of Management Reports
                                                                  g)   Promptness of Management Reports
                                                                  h)   Availability of customized Reports

                                                3. Since excellent customer service is a first order criterion for annual performance
                                                   evaluation, the University shall conduct a semi-annual survey of the contractor’s
                                                   performance as perceived by the University’s travelers and travel arrangers. Surveys
                                                   will be mailed to and results tabulated by a mutually agreed upon third party. Propose
                                                   agency’s standard is/ is not met. (It is suggested that the proposed approval ratings
                                                   increase from the first year of operation to subsequent terms. Please propose realistic
                                                   standards.) If available, provide sample surveys used with other accounts. Actual
                                                   survey to be used will be mutually agreed upon.

                                                4. Propose a means by which University travelers can register a complaint or a positive
                                                   comment and a system in place to respond to complaints and positive comment in a
                                                   timely fashion. Describe how the University’s travel office would be kept accurately and
                                                   promptly informed on all issues. To complement any traditional form of communication,
                                                   the University prefers to offer the option of communicating electronically.

                        A. General Travel Management Services will include:

                                1.         Book airline (commercial and charter), lodging, car rental, limousine, and / or charter bus
                                           travel at the most favorable rates and routing. The Selected Firm is expected to utilize any
                                           contracts that the University has in place with rental cars companies, airlines, or hotels chains
                                           with comparison to their own and select the lower of those available. Describe your agency’s
                                           program in further detail.

                                2.         Provide delivery of confirmed, ticketed trip itineraries within 1 hour after reservations are
                                           confirmed to the requesting University end user, unless a longer period of time is requested by
                                           the end user. All tickets / itineraries should be delivered electronically.

                                3.         Advise University departments of savings opportunities as it pertains to bundling air, lodging,
                                           and / or rental car reservations.

                                4.         Provide maintenance of travel profiles on individual University travelers including, but not
                                           limited to, seat preference, food requirements, award program numbers, and any other special

                                5.         Ensure accuracy in booking, invoicing, and itineraries. Must be able to supply all original
                                           receipts available to traveler.

                                6.         Follow all local, state, federal and international laws and regulations (Fly America Act).

                                7.         Communicate to the traveler and / or the travel arranger, when the reservation takes the
                                           traveler to locations requiring immunizations, what and when immunizations are needed by.

                                8.         Communicate any travel alerts or warnings, issued by the US Government and / or destination
                                           area, including travel restrictions to sanctioned countries.

                                9.         Monitor current fares against tickets already booked and issued, if a lower fare is discovered,
                                           refund or credit the University booking department the difference.

                                10.        Accept the travelers personally issued University’s travel card as the preferred form of
                                           payment for all University travel, however also support the usage of their personal credit card

                                           as needed.

                                11.        Provide Visa and Passport services.

                                12.        Provide estimates of travel cost as requested by University departments for budget planning.

                                13.        Develop and support a process that allows travelers to use personal air mileage programs
                                           and other options for upgrade of tickets without cost to the University.

                       B. Specific Athletics Department Services may include:

                               1.          Solicitations for airline charter quotes, upon request from the University’s Athletics
                                           Department. Quotes should be based upon all specific University and Athletic requirements
                                           (insurance, etc.).

                               2.          Provide group hotel booking services. Selected Firm(s) will solicit bids for group hotel stays as
                                           requested by the University’s Athletics Department. A summary of quotes will be provided to
                                           the University’s Athletics Department and, if requested, the actual lodging quotations received.

                               5.          Provide group airfare expertise, the Selected Firm(s) must be able to use administrative or
                                           high-level carrier contracts to obtain favorable fares, seats on capacity controlled flights and
                                           have the proven ability to address other challenges typically associated with group airfare.

                               6.          Provide special reservation services, specifically accommodating standard airline
                                           requirements, to address the unique University’s Athletics’ Department requirement where
                                           occasionally the exact roster of athletes traveling to an away game is not known until just
                                           before the departure.

                       C. Specific Education Abroad Services will include:

                               1.          Provide excellent international travel services for the University’s organizations.

                               2.          Provide customized group tours and events that meet educational goals and budgetary

                               3.          Provide quotes for conference services domestically and internationally.

                       D. Customer Services will include:

                               1.          Return phone calls and emails from the University within three business hours.

                               2.          Notification to travelers of all itinerary changes.

                               3.          Offer professional trip counseling for travelers and the travel arrangers for complex or unique

                               4.          Provide effective procedures for complaint resolution.

                               5.          Provide phone support, via a 1-800 number, on a Monday through Friday schedule between
                                           the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), but also have a 24-7 support number for
                                           emergency needs to provide assistance to travelers during the night, weekends, and holidays.

                               6.          Provide training for the online booking tool, if applicable, on an annual basis, via a
                                           combination of on grounds training and web training.


                               7.          Provide a customer service survey tool via the Selected Firm’s website, where University
                                           customers will be able to rate the Firm on a number of topics (overall satisfaction with
                                           transaction, travel agent’s customers service and knowledge, price, etc.). The Selected
                                           Firm’s management team will be expected to monitor this quality information and address any
                                           issues which become apparent.

                       E. Technology will include ability to interact with the Concur booking tool Clicbooks (Concur
                          Travel) software and/or provide an on-line tool which

                               1.          Allows travelers to shop and reserve airlines fares, hotel rooms, and rental cars.

                               2.          Allow travelers to view and update their personal profile preferences.

                               3.          Display traveler’s current and past trip itineraries. Detailed receipt printing should be an option.
                                           These documents should also be accessible by select individuals, such as a travel arranger,
                                           coach, or department business manager.

                               4.          Allows accessibility via multiple software and electronic device platforms, including, but not be
                                           limited to: Windows and Apple operated systems, and Smart phones and other devices
                                           (specifically the iPhone and iPad).

                               5.          Communicate to the traveler of any airline credits or unused tickets, when the traveler is
                                           making a reservation in which those credits or tickets could be used.

                       F. Reporting will include:

                               1.          Quarterly reports showing;
                                           a. Airline, lodging, and rental car spend.
                                           b. Total number of lodging nights booked and top ten cities by volume.
                                           c. Total number of rental car days booked and top ten cities by volume.
                                           d. Trip cancelation fees.
                                           e. Unused airline tickets.
                                           f. Reservation method report; online, email, in person, or via the phone, and after hours
                                              service support.
                                           g. Summary of University complaints and Selected Firm(s) corrective actions.
                                           h. Small, woman, and minority spending reports
                                           i. Other reports as requested by the University.

                               2.          Annual analysis showing;

                                           a. University savings from negotiated discounts with airlines, rental car companies, and / or
                                           b. Recommendations to the University on how to reduce travel cost for the following fiscal
                                           c. Annual report that shows detailed travel spend per each commodity and expected spend
                                              for the following year, for each requesting department.
                                           d. Other analysis as requested by the University

                       G. Services to guests and visitors of the University which may include:

                               1.          Provide travel management Services (air, lodging, and / or rental car) as requested by visitors
                                           and guests of the University. These services should be provided at a discount when compared
                                           to standard list price, but this discount should not be greater than the discount extended
                                           directly to the University.
                               2.          Capability to track and report the amount of business provided to visitors and guests of the

                       H. Specific Services for travel commodities which may include:

                               1.          Airlines

                                           a. Negotiate and create discounts with one or more airlines – for both Domestic and
                                              International travel.
                                           b. Provide the data reporting requirements as contractually required per any airline contract.
                                           c. Provide automated pricing updates when fares are reduced after ticketing. Describe
                                              agency’s system and identify the developer of any software mentioned.
                                           d. Provide a process for the University to receive a credit (in the form of a rebate, airline
                                              points, or airline ticket certificates) based upon all air travel business booked through the
                                              Selected Firm(s) (equivalent to a frequent flyer program, but on a corporate level).

                               2.           Hotels;

                                           a. Provide national hotel chain discounts.
                                           b. Provide negotiated discounts with local hotels.
                                           c. Provide a process for the University to receive a credit (in the form of a rebate, hotel
                                              points, or room certificates) based upon all hotel business booked through the Selected
                                              Firm(s) (equivalent to a preferred guest program, but on a corporate level).

                               3.          Rental Cars

                                           a. Describe program that would be available to the University. Be specific about the benefits
                                              of the agency’s car program.
                                           b. Provide discounts with rental car chains on a local and / or national level.
                                           c. Provide a process for the University to receive a credit (in the form of a rebate, rental car
                                              points, or rental car certificates) based upon all rental car business booked through the
                                              Selected Firm(s) (equivalent to a preferred guest program, but on a corporate level).

                                4.         Ground Transportation

                                           a. Describe any discounted ground transportation (buses, limos, etc.) agreements agency
                                              currently has or would put into place upon contract award which would help the University
                                              reduce the cost of transportation to and from the University campus to Detroit airports, as
                                              well as ground transportation in other major US cities.
                                           b. Contractor shall assist travelers with other ground transportation issues. Describe how
                                              agency will adhere to this request.

                               5.          Auditing Services which may include:

                                           a. Provide level 3 Travel Card details for auditing.
                                           b. Ensure no first/business class tickets are purchased unless allowed by University policy or
                                              an exemption is granted.
                                           c. Ensure rental cars are limited to non-luxury, unless exemption is granted.
                                           d. Ensure the University does not pay for others traveling with University employees
                                              (spouses, children, etc.).
                                           e. Ensure University lodging and per diem limits are followed and the University does not pay
                                              for over limit lodging.
                                           f. Ensure non-allowable travel expenses are not charged to the University.
                                           g. Ensure proper justification and approval for refundable tickets.
                                           h. Ensure business purpose of trip is always provided.



               A.         Attendance at the October 7, 2011, 10:00 a.m. Pre-Proposal Meeting is mandatory. Pre-
                          registration is required by October 6, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. Please fax your intention as
                          indicated on Appendix 2.

                   B.      Original clearly marked as such plus one copy (2 total) of the proposals are required. In
                           addition, an electronic version is required, which should be submitted to our secure mailbox at

               C.          Proposals and Schedule C, Cost Schedule must be signed and the signing authority stated

               D.          Meet absolute deadline for delivery of proposals to the Purchasing Department, 5700
                           Cass Avenue, 4th Floor – Suite 4200 by 4:00 p.m., October 14, 2011.

               E.          Proposals remain in effect a minimum of 120 days. A statement to this effect must be
                           contained in the VENDOR'S cover letter.

               F.          Any deviation from the RFP requirements must be stated in proposal, under Exhibit 1,
                           "Restricted Services". Otherwise, proposal is held to be in strict compliance with this RFP.

               G.          VENDOR profile, statement of experience, qualifications, and a list of significant lost
                           accounts, are required information for the purpose of consideration in this RFP process.

               H.          VENDOR'S Quotation, Schedule C, is to be completed by VENDOR, signed and submitted
                           with Proposal. VENDORS must use the spreadsheet available on the website, and submit it
                           electronically to rfp@wayne.edu.

               I           VENDOR agrees to all technical and general requirements and guidelines, additional general
                           provisions, VENDOR service plan specifications, and all other specifications and terms
                           specified in the RFP.

               J.          VENDOR must complete the Proposal Certification, Schedule A1, Non-Collusion Affidavit,
                           Schedule A2, and Vendor Acknowledgements, Schedule A3, as specified. Sign, have
                           Schedule A2 notarized as required, and submit as a part of the Proposal.

               K.          Provide Certificates of Insurance or other evidence that insurance is in place, which meets or
                           exceeds requirements outlined in Schedule B.

               L.          Ability to commence full service November 7, 2011.

               OF YOUR PROPOSAL.

                                                                                                             Schedule A.1
                                                 PROPOSAL CERTIFICATION
               VENDOR is to certify its proposal as to its compliance with the Request for Proposal specifications using
               the language as stated hereon.

                                                    Response to Wayne State University
                                                            Request for Proposal
                                     RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations / Disbursements,

                                                                          DATED: October 01, 2011

                                                                    AND TO ANY AMENDMENTS, THERETO

               The undersigned, duly authorized to represent the persons, firms and corporations joining and
               participating in the submission of this Proposal states that the Proposal contained herein is complete and
               is in strict compliance with the requirements of the subject Request for Proposal dated October 01, 2011,
               except as noted in Exhibit 1, the "Restricted Services/Exceptions to RFP" section of the Proposal. If
               there are no modifications, deviations or exceptions, state same as a part of the Proposal Certification

                                                       NONE                       If there are, state YES

               This proposal remains in effect for 120 days.

               Any notice required under the Agreement shall be personally delivered or mailed by first class or certified
               mail, with proper postage, prepaid, to the Subject VENDOR at the following address:

               Company Name:                                      _________________________________________________________

               Address:                                           _________________________________________________________


               Telephone:                                         (________________)_______________________________________

               Fax:                                               (________________)_______________________________________

               ATTN:                                              _________________________________________________________

               Tax Payer ID:                                      _________________________________________________________

               Submitted by:                                      _________________________________________________________

               Signature                                          _________________________________________________________

               Typed Name                                         _________________________________________________________

                                                                  ____________________________________      ___________________
                                                                                  (Title)                          (Date)

                                                                                                                    Schedule A.2
                                                                       NON-COLLUSION AFFIDAVIT

                                 RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations / Disbursements,

                 The undersigned, duly authorized to represent the persons, firms and corporations joining and
                 participating in the submission of the foregoing Proposal (such persons, firms and corporations
                 hereinafter being referred to as the "VENDOR"), being duly sworn, on his or her oath, states that to
                 the best of his or her belief and knowledge no person, firm or corporation, nor any person duly
                 representing the same joining and participating in the submission of the foregoing Proposal, has
                 directly or indirectly entered into any agreement or arrangement with any other VENDORS, or with
                 any official of the UNIVERSITY or any employee thereof, or any person, firm or corporation under
                 contract with the UNIVERSITY whereby the VENDOR, in order to induce acceptance of the foregoing
                 Proposal by said UNIVERSITY, has paid or is to pay to any other VENDOR or to any of the
                 aforementioned persons anything of value whatever, and that the VENDOR has not, directly or
                 indirectly entered into any arrangement or agreement with any other VENDOR or VENDORS which
                 tends to or does lessen or destroy free competition in the letting of the contract sought for by the
                 foregoing Proposal.

                 The VENDOR hereby certifies that neither it, its officers, partners, owners, providers,
                 representatives, employees and parties in interest, including the affiant, have in any way colluded,
                 conspired, connived or agreed, directly or indirectly, with any other proposer, potential proposer, firm
                 or person, in connection with this solicitation, to submit a collusive or sham bid, to refrain from
                 bidding, to manipulate or ascertain the price(s) of other proposers or potential proposers, or to obtain
                 through any unlawful act an advantage over other proposers or the college.

                 The prices submitted herein have been arrived at in an entirely independent and lawful manner by
                 the proposer without consultation with other proposers or potential proposers or foreknowledge of the
                 prices to be submitted in response to this solicitation by other proposers or potential proposers on the
                 part of the proposer, its officers, partners, owners, providers, representatives, employees or parties
                 in interest, including the affiant.

                                                                            CONFLICT OF INTEREST

               The undersigned proposer and each person signing on behalf of the proposer certifies, and in the
               case of a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, each party thereto certifies as to its own
               organization, under penalty of perjury, that to the best of their knowledge and belief, no member of the
               UNIVERSITY, nor any employee, or person, whose salary is payable in whole or in part by the
               UNIVERSITY, has a direct or indirect financial interest in the award of this Proposal, or in the services
               to which this Proposal relates, or in any of the profits, real or potential, thereof, except as noted
               otherwise herein.

               Signature                       ____________________________________________

               Company Name                                       ____________________________________________

               Date                            ____________________________________________

                                                                                     Subscribed and sworn to before me this

                                                                                     __________ day of ________________, 2011.

               Notary Public in and for the County of _____________________________, State of

               ___________________. My commission expires:

                                                                                                         Schedule A.3
                                            VENDOR Acknowledgements (Revised 9-2009)
                                 RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations / Disbursements,

By virtue of submittal of a Proposal, VENDOR acknowledges and agrees that:

              That all of the requirements in the Scope of Work of this RFP have been read and understood.
              That the University’s General Requirements and Guidelines have been read, understood and
              That compliance with the Requirements and/or Specifications, General Requirements and
               Guidelines, and any applicable Supplemental Terms and Conditions will be assumed acceptable to
               the VENDOR if not otherwise noted in the submittal in an Exhibit I, Restricted Services.
              That Supplier is not delinquent on the repayment of any Federal or State of Michigan debt.
              That Supplier is presently not debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, nor
               voluntarily excluded from covered transactions by any Federal or State of Michigan department or
              Any responses, materials, correspondence, or documents provided to the University are subject to
               the State of Michigan Freedom of Information Act and may be released to third parties in compliance
               with that Act, regardless of notations in the VENDOR's Proposal to the contrary.
              That all of the Terms and Conditions of this RFP and Vendor’s Response Proposal become part of
               any ensuing agreement.
              The individual signing below has authority to make these commitments on behalf of Supplier.

Supplier, through the signature below of its agent, hereby offers to provide the requested products/services at
the prices identified, and under the terms and conditions stated and incorporated into this RFP. This offer
remains open for [120] days.


Company Name:



Telephone:                                     (                  )

Tax Payer I.D.

Submitted by:


Typed Name
                                                                      (Title)             (Date)

The Internal Revenue Code requires recipients of payments which must be reported on Form 1099 to provide
their taxpayer identification number (TIN).
T.I.N. (Taxpayer Identification Number, Federal Identification Number, or Social Security Number)

NOTE: If the address to submit purchase orders, remit payment or send additional request for proposals is
    different from the above address, please indicate those addresses on a separate sheet and include
    with your response.

                                                                                                                               Schedule B
                                                          Schedule B - INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS
____________________________________________, at its sole expense, shall cause to be issued and maintained in full
effect for the term of this agreement, insurance as set forth hereunder:

                                                                       General Requirements

                   Type of Insurance                                                              Minimum Requirement

1.          Comprehensive General Liability                                Bodily Injury          $ 500,000 each person
                                                                                                  $1,000,000 aggregate
                                                                           Property Damage        $ 500,000 each occurrence
                                                                                                  $1,000,000 aggregate
                                                                                                  $2,000,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL)

2.          Comprehensive Automobile Liability                             Bodily Injury          $ 500,000 each person
            (including hired and non-owned vehicles)                                              $1,000,000 each accident
                                                                           Property Damage        $ 500,000 each accident
                                                                                                  $2,000,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL)

3.          Workers' Compensation                                          Statutory-Michigan     $ 100,000
            (Employers' Liability)

                                                                  Maximum Acceptable Deductibles

                   Type of Insurance                                                              Deductible

            Comprehensive General Liability                                                       $5,000
            Comprehensive Automobile Liability                                                       0
            Workers' Compensation                                                                    0

1.          All liability policies must be written on an occurrence form of coverage.

2.          Comprehensive general liability includes, but is not limited to: consumption or use of products, existence of
            equipment or machines on location, and contractual obligations to customers.

3.          The Board of Governors, Wayne State University, shall be named as an additional insured, but only with respect
            to accidents arising out of said contract.

                                                                      Certificates of Insurance

1.         Certificates of Insurance naming Wayne State University / Office of Risk Management as the certificate holder and
           stating the minimum required coverages must be forwarded to the Office of Risk Management to be verified and
           authenticated with the agent and/or insurance company.

2.          Certificates shall contain a statement from the insurer that, for this contract, the care, custody or control
            exclusion is waived.

3.          Certificates shall be issued on a ACORD form or one containing the equivalent wording, and require giving
            WSU a thirty (30) day written notice of cancellation or material change prior to the normal expiration of coverage.

4.          Revised certificates must be forwarded to the Office of Risk Management thirty (30) days prior to the
            expiration of any insurance coverage listed on the original certificate, as follows:

                               Wayne State University
                               Office of Risk Management
                               5700 Cass Avenue, Suite 4622 AAB
                               Detroit, MI 48202

                                                                  Schedule C

                                                  (Cost Schedule; Compensation and Fees)

                                                                                                      SCHEDULE C

                                                 Request for Proposal and Specifications
                                         for Travel Agent Services for the 2012 - 2014 Fiscal Years

Service                                                           Description                                     Fee
Online Domestic Booking                                           per Booking via Concur.                               $0.00

Online International Booking                                      per Booking via Concur.                               $0.00

Agent Assisted Booking                                            per Booking through agent assist desk. (Any           $0.00
                                                                  Booking that begins online but is
                                                                  subsequently handled by the agent assist
                                                                  desk is subject to this fee.)
Executive Service Desk Booking                                    per Booking through executive service desk.           $0.00
                                                                  (Any Booking that begins online but is
                                                                  subsequently handled by the executive
                                                                  service desk is subject to this fee.)
                                                                  per refund or void.                                   $0.00
Complex International Booking (defined as                         per Booking via service desk.                         $0.00
two or more international destinations
excluding Canada, Mexico and the
                                                                  per refund or void.                                   $0.00
Client Negotiated Rate Surcharge                                  per Booking that uses a Client-specific               $0.00
                                                                  Supplier contract.
Advisory Services                                                 defined as non-dedicated account manager,             $0.00
                                                                  standard management information reports,
                                                                  unused ticket management and automatic
                                                                  refunding, online support, online traveler
                                                                  profile maintenance, online booking tool
                                                                  setup and certain additional online services,
                                                                  access to Preferred Extras Air/Car/Hotel
                                                                  savings programs and traveler notification
                                                                  programs, service guarantee, and webfare

                                                                  Advisory Services Booking Fee.                        $0.00
Overnight Delivery Fee                                            per delivery.                                         $0.00
International Rail Fee                                            per ticket.                                           $0.00
Car Rental and Hotel Reservations                                 per reservation                        $0.00
                                                                  per cancellation.                      $0.00
International Entry/Visa Processing                               per visa.                              $0.00
After Hours Emergency Service                                     per call.                              $0.00
                                                                  per ticket.                            $0.00
Athletics Program
Domestic- Per Gross Transaction Fee                               per group airline ticket issued.       $0.00
Change Fee                                                        per group airline ticket issued.       $0.00
                                                                  per ticket.                            $0.00

Online Transaction Fees
Air Only                                                                                                 $0.00
Up-charge for international                                                                              $0.00
Air and Car and/or Hotel                                                                                 $0.00
Car and/or Hotel only                                                                                    $0.00

Submitted by:





PHONE:                  (                                )                              FAX:    (    )

                               SCHEDULE D - SUMMARY QUESTIONNAIRE
                                                                     YES      ALTERNATIVE

1.    Can your company provide services on or before               _______    ______________
      November 7, 2011?

2.    Does your company agree to provide a minimum of 3            _______    _______________
      references to the University upon request, with
      specific contact names and phone numbers?

3.    Did you attend the mandatory Pre-Proposal meeting on         _______    _______________
      October 7, 2011?

4.    Did your company provide a certificate of insurance to       _______    _______________
      meet or exceed all our minimum requirements?

5.    Did your company provide the required Proposal               _______    _______________
      Certification, Non- Collusion Affidavit and Vendor
      Acknowledgement, Schedule A1, A2, and A3?

6.    Did your company complete and provide the Summary            _______    _______________
      Price Schedule C, and submit it electronically to

7.    Did your company agree to guarantee to maintain a top        _______    _______________
      priority for the UNIVERSITY?

8.    Please complete the following questions:

      Total number of employees in your company                    ______

      Total years in business with this company name               ______

9.    Does your company agree to provide financial reports to      ______     _______________
      the University upon request?

10.   Does your company agree to allow the UNIVERSITY to           ______     _______________
      audit your books pertaining to the UNIVERSITY

11.   Are there any conflicts of interest in doing business with   ___ Yes
      the University?                                              ___ No

12.   Did your company provide a “Restricted Services”             ___ Yes
      exhibit, EXHIBIT 1?                                          ___ No

13.   Did your company provide a list of lost accounts in          ______     _______________
      excess of $25,000?

14.   Did your company quote services at prevailing wage           __N.A.__   _______________
      rates where applicable and clearly indicate such in your
                                                                                                      Schedule E Page 1

                                           SCHEDULE E

                             Detailed Specification Questions

Vendors must respond to the following questions regarding all Business Requirements, Technical
Requirements, and Vendor Service, Support, Maintenance, Experience, etc. listed in Schedule E

Please provide answers to the following questions.

                                                General Agency Information

        1.   Provide a brief overview of your company history (years in business, growth via mergers and acquisitions,
             key industry innovations, etc.).

        2.   Provide your last two annual reports or audited financial statements.

        3.   Provide an overview of your company’s growth over the last three years.

        4.   Provide your 2010 total global sales ($ USD) by region.

        5.   Describe any affiliations with consortia, networks or other business associations that affect the manner
             and provision of your services on a global basis.

        6.   Describe your preferred supplier relationships with respect to airlines, rental cars, hotels, GDS
             automation, office automation, desktop reporting systems, charge card suppliers, rail and ground
             transportation suppliers. Include any additional industry-related partners that would be meaningful for us.

        7.   How is your company investing in your business to keep pace with industry change?
                                                                                                Schedule E Page 2

                                       Global Resources & Capabilities

8.    Describe the global scope of your company and how you currently manage programs for comparable

9.    Provide an overview of your global network. Specifically address wholly owned, franchise, and affiliate
      relationships. How is your company servicing clients in countries like China that prohibit private

10.   For locations that are not wholly owned, explain the relationship and your ability to control and monitor
      service levels, policy and procedures and information reporting.

11.   What are your future plans, if any, to expand your wholly owned operations?

12.   How does your company currently impact the global travel industry to your clients’ advantage?


13.   What is the average experience and tenure of your travel counselors?

14.   How does your company recruit and retain quality personnel?

15.   Describe the training and enrichment programs your company offers to promote the personal and
      professional development of your people.


16.   Provide your company’s operational philosophy for serving a company of this size and structure. As
      applicable, delineate service configurations and corresponding operational issues for each country.
      Address all aspects of the proposed service platform including location(s), online booking & fulfillment,
      ticketing, GDS, 24-hour service, automation, etc.
                                                                                                Schedule E Page 3

17.   Each country has specific labor law requirements, some of which will impact dedicated agents from the
      incumbent agency. Describe your experience with these regulations and how your company will minimize
      the financial impact to implementation costs if you are awarded our global travel business.

18.   If you are proposing a centralized call center environment, how will you accommodate multiple

                                  Online Booking & Fulfillment Capabilities

19.   Can your company provide online reservation fulfillment on a global basis? If so, where do you maintain
      fulfillment centers worldwide?

20.   Can your company provide fulfillment for third-party booking tools, specifically Concur? Are you a
      reseller of the Concur travel software?

21.   Are online bookings fully integrated with traditional bookings in your back-office system for consolidated

22.   Is your fulfillment process fully automated? If so, what percentage of bookings is fulfilled without manual
      intervention? How does this impact the transaction fee, if at all?

23.   Do you offer technical or navigational support for travelers? If so, in what languages? Can your tech
      support team(s) provide support for third-party booking tools? What are the associated fees?

24.   Beyond technical support for travelers, what other solutions/strategies does your company offer to drive
      adoption of the online booking tools?
                                                                                                Schedule E Page 4

25.   Describe your pre- and post-travel reporting capabilities specific to online bookings. How frequently and
      in what format(s) are reports provided?


26.   Do you have direct experience with a Concur travel implementation at another university?

27.   Summarize the implementation strategy you propose for WSU with Concur Travel. Provide a proposed
      timeline with key dates and milestones.

28.   Will you provide resources to coordinate with the Concur implementation team? Define the roles and
      responsibilities of the individuals involved in the implementation process.

29.   What will be the most critical factors to implementation success?

30.   Describe how you will introduce travelers and travel arrangers to our program and assist in gaining their
      buy-in to using the online booking tools.

                               Account Management/Client Communications

31.   Describe your account management approach for clients with similar program requirements.

32.   List the primary individual(s) responsible for managing our program. Detail roles, responsibilities and

33.   Beyond dedicated account management personnel, what other resources will be engaged to optimize our
      program (e.g., consulting, supplier relations support, etc.)? Detail fees, if any, associated with these
                                                                                              Schedule E Page 5

      support services.

34.   How will you inform us of breaking industry news, security advisories and market updates in a timely

35.   Do you have a travel locator service? Are there fees associated with this service?

                                            Reservation Process

36.   What systems/procedures/tools are in place to streamline the telephone reservation process and reduce
      handling time?

37.   What systems/tools do you employ at the point of reservation to promote compliance and support of our
      negotiated programs?

38.   Can your counselors readily access Web fares and non-GDS inventories? If so, can your company limit
      non-GDS searches to only those sites we request?

39.   Can your counselors source bundled/package deals for greater savings (i.e., rather than sourcing air,
      hotel and car separately)?

40.   What is the process for traveler profile maintenance, particularly when changes are made via telephone,
      email and/or the Web? Will your system synchronize with other systems (e.g., online reservation
      systems, H/R systems, Concur, etc.)?

41.   Describe what quality control processes are in place at the time of reservation, between reservation and
                                                                                                   Schedule E Page 6

      ticketing, at the time of ticketing, between ticketing and departure and between departure and return.

42.   Describe your ability to provide and book rail tickets.

43.   Describe your ability to provide special airline services for travelers, including seat clearance and


44.   Describe how your company can deliver incremental savings beyond transaction fee savings. Please
      project potential savings you expect to deliver as our partner in travel management.

45.   Describe how your company is structured to support and augment our sourcing efforts.

46.   Describe your corporate hotel program. Specifically address the competitive benefits that differentiate
      your program.

47.   Describe any car rental program(s) your agency can offer to supplement our preferred programs.
      Specifically address the competitive benefits that differentiate your program(s).

48.   Describe your ability to provide competitive faring of international itineraries. Specifically address the
      credentials of your faring specialists, performance standards, and results.

49.   Describe your ability to manage unused ticket inventories.

                                     Quality Initiatives & Customer Service
                                                                                                 Schedule E Page 7

50.   What formal quality initiatives, if any, are underway to streamline operations and deliver tangible benefits
      to your customers?

51.   How does your company monitor and evaluate travel counselor performance?

52.   How do you measure and report on customer satisfaction?

53.   How are traveler survey results actioned?

54.   What is the process for resolving customer service issues?

55.   How will your company ensure that service standards are met or exceeded on a global basis?

56.   Are you willing to enter into a service level agreement based upon mutually acceptable criteria?

                                   Technology & Information Management

57.   Describe your disaster recovery/business continuity strategies to ensure uninterrupted service in the
      event of an emergency.

58.   Data security is of critical importance to us. How is your company prepared to safeguard our data privacy
      interests (i.e., protect confidential company and traveler data)?

59.   Describe your ability to provide pre- and post-travel reporting, including exception reports. Provide a brief
                                                                                                   Schedule E Page 8

      overview of your desktop reporting tool(s).

60.   Describe your ability to provide custom and ad hoc reporting. Is there a fee for this service?

61.   What level of customer support, if any, do you offer for your desktop reporting tool(s)?

62.   Describe the quality control mechanisms your company utilizes to assure IT integrity.

                                                Traveler Services

63.   Describe your 24-hour emergency service and your ability to assist travelers globally.

64.   Briefly summarize your service standards for your emergency/after-hours service and cite 2010/2011
      YTD results.

65.   Is your emergency service guaranteed?

66.   Beyond reservation assistance, what other en-route support services does your company offer travelers?

67.   What self-help tools/resources are available to travelers? Detail associated fees, if any.

68.   How are en-route travelers notified of security advisories and travel alerts that may affect their travel
                                                                                                   Schedule E Page 9

69.   Indicate global locations where your company has resources to provide visa and passport documentation
      assistance. Explain how you handle urgent requests and reissues.

70.   Does your company offer executive travel services? Can you support a tiered profile/policy program? If
      so, please describe.

71.   Does your company offer leisure services? What benefits, if any, do travelers enjoy as both a corporate
      and leisure travel customer?

                                              Group/Meeting Travel

72.   Describe services available for group and meetings management domestically and globally. Summarize
      resources, experience, technology and other pertinent information relevant to sourcing, planning and
      meeting management.

73.   Explain your pricing methodology for group/meeting travel services.


74.   What method of payment for Travel/GDS access services does your company recommend? Are there
      optional processes available for implementation.

75.   Explain your process for voids, debit memos and refunds. What is the turnaround time for each? How
      and when do you notify us of the progress and ultimate resolution?

                                                  Financial Offer

76.   Provide a brief overview of your pricing philosophy and strategy.

77.   Do you offer a purely global transaction fee structure or is it different for domestic U.S./international
                                                                                                  Schedule E Page 10


78.       How do you define transaction fee? Specifically address traditional versus online/Concur initiated
          transactions and be sure to include the following.

           If in an online Concur/Cliqbooks session and an airline ticket, hotel and rental car are booked, what fee
            would be assessed:

           If in an online Concur/Cliqbooks session and hotel and car only are booked, what fee would be

           If changes to an existing reservation from an online Concur/Cliqbooks reservation are required, what
            fee would be assessed:

           The same questions for agent assisted reservations

79.       Provide an overview of your financial offer. Be sure to include the following:

           All start-up costs (configuration, testing, implementation, etc.)

           All advisory services, products or tools that are charged separately (This includes fees for any
            specialized technology tools or services you may be recommending.)

           Online booking and fulfillment fees

           Direct contact with agent fees

           Training, Implementation or set up fees
                                                                                                 Schedule E Page 11

           Are there added charges for after hours service? If so, please describe.


80.       Provide four client references as outlined below. Include company/university name, headquarters
          location, annual air volume, time with your agency, and company contact information—name, title, phone
          number and/or email address.

81.       Provide two interactive client references that have achieved significant success with their implementation
          of the Concur online booking program by partnering with your agency. Provide qualifying information and
          statistics including booking tool used, fulfillment strategy and adoption rate.
           APPENDIX 1

(Wayne State University Campus Map)

           See web site:


Registration/Intent Form
                                                                                                       APPENDIX 2

                                                                      REGISTRATION/INTENT FORM
                             RFP: Travel Agent Services for the Fiscal Operations / Disbursements / MG

Please use this form to indicate your attendance at our mandatory Pre-proposal meeting to be held on, October 7, 2011
at 10:00 a.m. and your intent to submit a proposal for the services listed. Please type or print the information requested
below, then fax to attention Ms. Pat Milewski at (313) 577-3747 by, October 6, 2011, 12:00 noon.


VENDOR Address:

Contact Person:

Telephone:                               (                        )

Fax:                                     (                        )


             YES ________ I will be attending the mandatory Pre-proposal meeting on October 7, 2011

                                             Location:            Academic / Administrative Building
                                                                  5700 Cass Avenue,
                                                                  4th Floor – Conference Room 4002
                                                                  Detroit, MI 48202

                                             Time:                10:00 a.m.

             YES________ I would like to participate in the pre-bid meeting via Conference Call,
                        reference log-in conference number: (313) 993-3480 (no password)
                        on October 7, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.

             NO _________ I will not participate in the Request for Proposal and will not be
                           present at the meeting.

I understand that this will not affect our status as a potential supplier to Wayne State University.

Thank you for interest shown in working with Wayne State University.

Michael Gleason
Associate Director of Purchasing


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