Cyber Crime by earnmymoney


									Cyber Crime
A review of the existng lays to ensure Cyber security is required and exemplary punishment should be
meted out to Criminals. This in itself will act as a detterrent to cyber crimes. Cybercrime is going to
grow in the future as Social despair and easy assess to technology are going to act as triggers for
disillu-sioned minds to seek their respective equations with the world sitting in Front of Computers or
exploring the many in front of computers or explouing the many features of their mobile phones. All of
these are likely to have their comulative effect on socity son-er than later Cyber crime is new
dimension to act out one,s criminal impulses.and ub si nycg as tge Country in struggling t cope with
the exist-ing is struggling to cope with the exist-ing volume of physical crimes in this Compayny.

Cyber Crime is bound to make things worse for us.

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