Frontier in Vietnam

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					      Frontier in VietNam

Vietnam shares border with China at northern, with Laos and Cambodia at western. Below
are lists of frontier in Vietnam.

No Frontier      Position          Country     Description
                                               Lao Cai frontier is in Lao Cai city, Lao
                 Lao Cai city,                 Cai province, Northern Vietnam. It
   Lao Cai       Lao Cai           VietNam -   connects Lao Cai province (Vietnam)
 1 Frontier      province          China       and Yunnan (China)
                                               It is in north-east of Quang Ninh
                 Mong Cai town,                province, about 176km from Ha Long
   Mong Cai      Quang Ninh        VietNam -   city. It connects Quang Ninh (Vietnam)
 2 Frontier      province          China       and Guangxi Zhuang (China)
   Huu Nghi      Lang Son          VietNam -   It connects Lang Son (Vietnam) and
 3 Frontier      province          China       Guangxi Zhuang (China)
   Dong Dang     Lang Son          VietNam -   It connects Lang Son (Vietnam) and
 4 Frontier      province          China       Guangxi Zhuang (China)
                                               From Dien Bien Phu city,follow the
                                               national road 279 about 31km,It
   Tay Trang     Dien Bien         VietNam -   connects Dien Bien (Vietnam) and
 5 Frontier      province          Laos        Phongsaly (Laos)
                 Quan Son,                     From Vinh Loc,follow the national road
   Na Meo        Thanh Hoa         VietNam -   217,It connects Thanh Hoa (Vietnam)
 6 Frontier      province          Laos        and Huaphanh (Laos)
                                               From Dien Chau (Nghe An) follow the
   Nam Can       Nghe An           VietNam -   national road 7, it connects Nghe An
 7 Frontier      province          Laos        (Vietnam) and Xiengkhuang (Laos)
   Keo Nua       Ha Tinh           VietNam -   It connects Ha Tinh (Vietnam) and
 8 Frontier      province          Laos        Vientiane (Laos)
                 Minh Hoa,
   Cha Lo        Quang Binh        VietNam - It connects Quang Binh (Vietnam) and
 9 Frontier      province          Laos      Khammouane (Laos)
                                             Follow the national road 9, it connects
   Lao Bao       Quang Tri         VietNam - Quang Tri (Vietnam) and Savannakhet
10 Frontier      province          Laos      (Laos)
                                             From Plei Kan follow the national road
   Po Y          Kon Tum           VietNam - 40 about 20km,it connects to Attapeu
11 Frontier      province          Laos      (Laos)
   Le Thanh      Duc Co, Gia Lai   VietNam - It connects Gia Lai (Vietnam) and
12 Frontier      province          Cambodia Ratanakiri (Cambodia)
   Moc Bai       Tay Ninh          VietNam - Follow the national road 22, to Phnom
13 Frontier      province          Cambodia Penh (Cambodia)
   Sa Mat          Tay Ninh            VietNam - It connects Tay Ninh (Vietnam) and
14 Frontier        province            Cambodia Trapeang Phlong (Cambodia)
                   Tan Hong,
   Dinh Ba         Dong Thap           VietNam -   It connects Dong Thap (Vietnam) and
15 Frontier        province            Cambodia    Bontia Chak Cray (Cambodia)
   Tinh Bien       An Giang            VietNam -   It connects Dong Thap (Vietnam) and
16 Frontier        province            Cambodia    Phnom Den (Cambodia)
   Xa Xia          Kien Giang          VietNam -   It connects Kien Giang (Vietnam) and
17 Frontier        province            Cambodia    Kampot (Cambodia)
   Xuong           An Giang            VietNam - It connects An Giang (Vietnam) and
18 Frontier        province            Cambodia Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

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