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									Kathy Jobseeker
168-01 43rd Ave. • Flushing, NY 11358 • (555) 555-5555 A highly talented and accomplished Legal Assistant and Office Manager with extensive experience

Extensive legal background, with over seven years of administrative experience. Detail oriented, with ability to manage general office duties, arrange travel plans, and maintain files and correspondence. Expertise with litigation, affidavits, pleadings, motions, exhibit preparation, and real estate law. Adept at preparing, proofreading, and submitting legal documents. Able to coordinate office activities and resources. Pleasant personality, familiar with communicating with clients, attorneys, court officers, and witnesses. Exceptional problem-solving and communication skills.

Feder, Kaszovitz, Isaacson, Weber, Skala, Bass & Rhine, New York, NY 2001 – 2007 Legal Assistant  Assist partners with preparation of motions, pleadings, affidavits, briefs, and court applications. Create and proofread documents, perform cite checking, set up table of contents and covers.  Collect and sort exhibits, ensure all documentation correctly prepared for final court submission.  Organize and sort lit
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