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									                                            Session Information

Workshop:           Home and School Organic Gardening

Title:              Making and Using Organic Pest Controls

Suggested           This 2-4 hour session is part of a full gardening workshop. Total workshop can run
COTE                between 3-5 sessions of 4 hours each recommended for week 8 of PST.
Placement           However this workshop is can be moved to almost to almost any week.

                    1.   Participants can describe the benefits of using organic pest control methods.
                    2.   Participants can make at least two pest control recipes.
                    3.   Participants can apply these pesticides safely on garden crops.
                    4.   Participants can identify and make connections and or tie-ins between pest control
                         and formal education curriculum.

Materials           Machete (colin style) (1 of each for every 3 participants), Rubber gloves (one pair for all
                    participants) 1 or 2 mortar and pestle, Jabon de guaba for pesticide recipes, One back
                    pack sprayer to apply pesticides, One rubberized spray suit for applying pesticides.
                    Plastic pails or buckets to make pesticides.
                    Soap for cleanup, First aid kit.
Logistics:          Pesticide recipes would vary according to the ingredients that can be found in the training
                    area. Ideally the participants should collect the ingredients themselves before making the

Session Outline :   Introduction - Objectives                                  5 Minutes
and Timeline        Defining Organic Pesticides – Benefits and Limitations     25 Minutes
                    Gathering Local Ingredients                                30 Minutes
                    Making Organic Pesticides                                  30 Minutes
                    Applying Organic Pesticides – How to use a Sprayer         30 Minutes
                                                                          Total 2.0 hours

Description of:     Introduction / Motivation
Activity /          Technical trainer or facilitator introduces the above stated goals of the session.
Presentation        PCTs should be aware that home and school gardening is perhaps the ideal non-formal
                    education tool for schools and or youth groups. Curriculum tie-ins can include natural
                    sciences, health and nutrition, etc.
                    In addition home and school gardening is often a secondary or introductory project for
                    many CEDE volunteers, as it is relatively simple to initiate. The confidence built up with
                    the school children can be a good access point for working with adults.

                    What is an Organic Pesticide: Have participants describe in their own words what is an
                    organic pest control method.

                    Benefits of Organic Pesticides:
                                Locally available materials which can be lower in cost.
ENTRENA, S.A.,                                                                                         1
                               Non-toxic (in most cases). Presents less risk to people and the
                               Natural breakdown and short life span. They do not build up in the soil or
                                in fatty tissues like conventional chemical based pesticides.
                               Pests do not develop resistance as they often do with chemical based
                               Healthier foods. No toxic residues on the food crops. Some advocates
                                state the nutritional content of the food crop itself is increased.

                 Limitations of Organic Pesticides:
                            Organic pesticides have a limited range of action.
                            Most only effect a specific type of pest and only during specific stages or
                               time frames.
                            For effective use, the farmer needs greater knowledge and expertise.
                            Can require more frequent applications, increasing labor costs.
                            Food crops may not have the same “picture perfect” appearance when
                               using natural pesticides.

                 Gathering Ingredients for Organic Pest Controls: Participants will gather the
                 ingredients necessary for the preparation of at least two organic pest control recipes. The
                 technical trainer should have identified at least two available in training area. The
                 participants should go find the indicated materials. An additional option is the have each
                 participant identify at least one plant or natural ingredient available locally with their host
                 families prior to this session. (Host family prior knowledge on the subject must be

                 Marking Organic Pest Controls: Using the materials collected, participants prepare
                 two pesticides. Divide participants into two groups and have each group prepare both
                 recipes. While participants are preparing the recipes, the technical trainer, PCVs and
                 trainees can share experiences with regards to pest control, the risks problems of
                 agrochemical usage in the Dominican Republic and other related themes.

                 Applying Organic Pesticides: Each participant will apply the prepared pesticides or one
                 previously prepared. Participants should wear protection gear in order and use the
                 backpack sprayer. The need for personal protection and pesticide use should be

                 Cleanup and tool Storage: Tools should be cleaned for storage, removing soil or plant
                 debris. Some tools made need sharpening. Although not a part of the session, this can be
                 an excellent opportunity for application/practice. Each participant can take one tool home
                 to be sharpened with their host family. Many rural farm families are very practiced at
                 sharpening gardening tools.

                 Personal Safety and Health: Trainees should also be instructed to wash their hands
                  thoroughly with soap and water. Many of the ingredients used are skin or eye irritants.

                 Participation / Practice

ENTRENA, S.A.,                                                                                          2
                        All of the steps above from # 2 through #6 are hands-on activities performed by the

                          Generalization: At the end of the workshop, have participants summarize the steps
                          for making organic pesticides and describe the benefits of their use to and
                          considerations for use.
                          Reflection: If participants have already visited local schools, have them discuss
                          opportunities and limitations for this activity with local schools as a non-formal
                          educational activity
                          Application: During extended CBT periods, participants are encouraged do plant a
                          home garden with their host families as an independent study/application activity.
                          Tools as well as additional ingredients should be available for those who choose to do
                          this activity. The pesticides prepared during this session should be available to the
                          participants to apply with their host families if desired.

                        Evaluation: Evaluation of this session is made by the technical trainer as he observes the
                        participation in the actual work throughout the session. Feedback on techniques can be
                        given at the moment. Feedback on motivation can be given during interviews.

Additional Notes/ All participants should be given a copy of the gardening manual prior to the start of this
Recommendations: workshop. Advise participants to wear closed shoes prior to the start of the session.

Sources:              Prepared by T. Kiefer, Entrena S.A. March 2008
                      Additional contacts about pesticides that have participated in PST as follows:

 AFIPA - Asociación de Fabricantes e Importadoras de Productos Agroquímicos Inc.
 NAME                                                   TITLE                      E-MAIL
 Ing. Agron. Luis Pelletier                        Director Ejecutivo

 TELEPHONE                                  FAX
 565-6055                                   567-0093

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