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Hemorrhoids or other wise known as piles is an embarrassing disease to
have. But it really needn?t be that way, considering the fact that
statistically eight out of ten of us are likely to suffer from the
disease. Even napoleon suffered from hemorrhoids. It is even suggested
that the pain from these was a major distracting factor that led to his
defeat at waterloo.

To understand the basics behind piles a small amount of anatomical
knowledge is necessary. First you have to know that veins are the pipes
carrying blood towards your heart. Another essential fact is that there
are two parallel venous systems operating in your body the- systemic part
carrying blood from all over the body and the portal part carrying the
blood from the intestines. These two systems are connected at few points,
one of them being the veins in your anal canal. Now if the pressure in
any of the two systems rises, it tries to decompress by shunting the
excess blood via the other system. In doing so the connecting points
between the systems experience excess blood flows and hence swells up.
These swollen up veins in the anus are known as piles. These may protrude
outwards and are thus called external piles, or these may stay in and are
called internal piles.

The causes of piles can now be easily understood by the newbies. These
include portal venous hypertension (I guess this cause is now self
explanatory), increased pressure in the abdomen as in excessive straining
at stool due to constipation, pregnancy, and sometimes chronic cough
(yes, cough increases intrabdominal pressure too. Obesity, systemic
hypertension, alcohol and coffee intake are also associated with the
occurrence of the disease.

The internal piles are a deceptive type because you may not even know
they are there unless they bleed. This is because there are no pain
receptors inside the rectum and hence are not painful. External
hemorrhoids on the other hand are painful because there are pain
receptors on the outer part of anal canal. One of our professors once
described internal hemorrhoids as the appearance of a red toothpaste
applied on stool. These present as bleeding with stool usually on
straining. They may also present with itching around the anus.

Whatever you see here and whatever you read here, do not try to diagnose
yourself and treat yourself on basis of this knowledge, ALWAYS CONSULT A
DOCTOR, because there are many other far more dangerous diseases which
may present with similar symptoms.

Hemorrhoids or hemroids as many people mistakenly spell, is one of the
most common diseases of the anal canal. I am writing this article to tell
you all who are researching this word (for obvious reasons) that this
disease is not as bad as people make it out to be. It does not always
require surgery and most often it gets cured spontaneously, that is, by

 Of course the hemorrhoids are embarrassing and irritating enough but
fortunately it is not gifted with high mortality, that is, the chance of
the patient dying due to this disease is very remote. Because of the
nature of the disease, that is, high morbidity versus high mortality it
ranks high among the list of lucrative diseases for which bogus remedies
and products are created purely to monetize on the patients helplessness.
Thus it is advisable to steer clear of most of the e-books and personal
experiences shared via e-books and always consult a qualified physician
before pursuing a line of treatment.

Now on the subject of treatment, there are multiple things you should
know. The results of various sort of treatments on this disease?s outcome
is not well documented. For example when you consult a physician, he
would obviously refer you to a surgeon, who in turn would book you for
one of the various procedures to treat hemorrhoids that is band legation,
stapling, hemorrhoidectomy etc? The result of most of these procedures is
well documented and most probably you will be cured. But if you visit a
homeopath or ayurvedic doctor you will be issued a medication hat has not
been rigorously tested out by clinical trials. So there is a fair chance
that you may not be cured. The bottom line is this that while visiting a
physician, check whether he is an allopath or not.

Now onto the subject of home remedies for hemorrhoids. If the physician
classified your disease as mild, then the role of home remedies emerges.
For these there is no authenticated information available, and since most
of these are harmless enough, you may follow any of the remedies you are
suggested by your information source. Again my advice would be to follow
the remedies suggested by the doctor since by his vast experience of
dealing with the disease, he is the only one who can tell you the
remedies which are effective in a large proportion of patients.

Hence the take home message of this article, always consult a doctor and
follow his advice. Do not invest in unauthenticated sources no matter
what they claim, there is a fair chance you might be duped.

Hemorrhoids are a major disabilitating illness in the developed countries
leading to very low mortality but high morbidity.

Streaks of blood on toilet tissue.
Bowel movement that are bloody and painful.
Itching in the anal area.
Painful bump on or near anus.
Mucus discharge from anus.

Some HOME REMEDIES we cooked up for you to ease the pangs of an itchy
painful bottom:

Thus is the most effective strategy against hemorrhoids. More often than
not on top of every rear end with hemorrhoids sits a person grunting and
groaning. Such huffing and puffing at the toilet causes the engorged
veins in your bottom. The answer to this is to drink lots of fluids, eat
lots of fiber and try out the next remedies.

Can be achieved by either eating paraffin wax (Yuck!) or greasing your
rear end by a dab of petroleum jelly applied inside the anus by a
fingertip (Eeew!). This will lubricate the path of the feces and you
won?t have to go red in the face to get it out.

Toilet paper can be too scratchy for the tender veins in your bottom, so
pamper them by wiping gently with a dab of tissue moistened in water. If
that isn?t enough you can even try facial tissues coated with
moisturizing cream for a hemorrhoid friendly wipe.

Hemorrhoids can itch pretty badly, but that short term relief you get on
scratching might prove expensive later on when you succeed in tearing or
infecting your piles.

Doing heavy exercise increases abdominal pressure and can cause
hemorrhoids. These need to be avoided if you want your hemorrhoids to

This is my personal favorite, sort of a luxury bath for your rear end-
the SITZ bath. This remedy tops in the list of most hemorrhoid experts.
The warm water helps to kill the pain while increasing the blood flow
thus promoting healing.

Most of the hemorrhoid creams and suppositories available in the market
will NOT make your problem disappear contrary to what all of them claim
to do. All they do is to reduce the pain and discomfort due to which
property you may give it a try.

Because of the increased weight they have more pressure on the lower
extremities, thus overweight people have a very hard time dealing with
hemorrhoids since it is difficult for them to be motivated enough to lose
some weight.

So all you hemorrhoidians out there don?t despair, because many remedies
are out there.

Imagine standing in the queue of a bus stop or sitting at your office and
all of a sudden an overwhelming need to scratch your bottom distracts
you. Suppose instead of an itch you get severe pain. Wouldn?t it be
highly embarrassing and a difficult situation to deal with. Suppose you
sit down to empty your bowels and find streaks of blood on your stool.
Unfortunately these situations are altogether not so uncommon. Nearly two
third of us might experience this disease if we go by what studies have
shown. This, my friends is the infamous disease known as hemorrhoids or
piles, a supremely discomforting illness, leading to loss of quality of
Hemorrhoids are basically swollen up veins in your anal canal which
usually results from some condition leading to an increased pressure in
side your abdomen, such as excessive straining at stool, doing some heavy
manual work, being obese, and even pregnancy. The condition is highly
preventable as its pathophysiology implicates life style of a person as
major aggravating factor. Thus lifestyle modification holds the key to
prevention of hemorrhoids.

Here we concentrate on how to prevent hemorrhoids.

1)    CHANGE YOUR DIET: A high fiber diet with lots of water intake lets
you have softer and easily passable stools, so you wouldn?t have to
strain so much. But don?t be in a hurry because too much fiber in too
little time actually slows down your bowels and giving the bacteria a
chance to convert your bowels into a gas plant. Some physicians also
recommend having some paraffin wax to oil up your insides. But this can
turn your stools a bit messy.

2)    REGULAR EXERCISE: A regular exercise schedule helps to not only
keep you fit, it also strengthens up your pelvic muscles, thus preventing
sagging of the pelvic structures and thus preventing engorgement of

3)    CHANGE YOUR STYLE: While this may be a difficult change to adopt,
there is ample proof of its usefulness. The Indian way of squatting
during defecation also prevents hemorrhoid formation as opposed to the
Western way of sitting on the seat while defecating.

4)    WATCH YOUR WEIGHT: While this one may prove to be supremely
insurmountable obstacle for most of the fat ones out there, this remedy
would also help in other health related problems other than hemorrhoids.

This article is written for those only who have very serious severe
hemorrhoids or those who have had it for a long time and have tried
nearly everything else apart from surgery. First of all I would
sympathize with you guys because it is highly unfortunate, since most
hemorrhoids resolve spontaneously or at most with a bit of lifestyle
modification. In this article I would discuss with you the various
options you have left that consists mostly of surgeries.

Now we will see as to the options that we have:

1)    BAND LIGATION: also known as Baron ligation, in this we apply
rubber band on to the hemorrhoids to cut off its blood supply and then
over the next few days the dead tissue comes out by itself with your
bowel movements. No incision is required; the hemorrhoids are approached
via the anus.

2)    STAPLING: in this the tissue proximal (that is away from the anal
opening) to the is stapled so as to cut off the blood supply to the
hemorrhoids, thus causing shriveling up of the hemorrhoids. It is meant
for those hemorrhoids that fall out or bleed.
3)    HEMORRHOIDECTOMY: The only true blue surgery for hemorrhoids. This
one involves the classic cut it remove it aura of surgeons. However there
are side effects such as pain in those areas later on in life. It also
cause incontinence (that is you can?t hold your stool, it comes out
without your permission.

4)    CRYOSURGERY: This involves freezing the hemorrhoids with a
cryoprobe temperatures causing destruction. However not preferred
nowadays because of multiple side effects.

5)    SCLEROTHERPY: A sclerosing solution is injected into the
hemorrhoids which cause drying up of the hemorrhoids and then they
themselves slough off.

heat and electrical beam to destroy the hemorrhoids. Not extensively used
since their utility has not been verified.

technique available today. It involves finding the blood vessel that
supplies the hemorrhoids and then tying it up to stop blood flow to the
hemorrhoids. It involves no skin incision or even a stay in the hospital.
Patients are free to go on the same day of the procedure.

The usefulness of the procedure also depends on the skill of the surgeon.
As different doctors practice different techniques it is best to leave up
to him the choice of procedure.

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