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					Discounts on travel reservations with Visa credit cards

Credit cards are no longer just pure card payment, but offer next to the card-usual services
such as cashless payment of bills as well as withdrawing cash at ATMs, also included and
optional insurance, bonus payments on purchase sales and discount programs such as fuel
discounts and travel discounts. Rebate programs in particular are happy to offer features
many card companies Visa Card, Master Card and American Express credit cards. You
should ensure that a more extensive range of services can be provided, which leads to
higher customer loyalty and cardholder satisfaction permanently binds to the card
company. In addition to the card holders are offered the possibility that potential saving
to use a credit card, thus saving money, for example. booking of package holidays, last
minute trips, car rentals, cruises, vacation rentals and other travel services.

What are the advantages of the card holder of a Visa or Mastercard credit card if he uses
the discount travel card provider? Card issuers have either its own travel center or a
contractor, through which the travel services can be booked. The discount is usually at 5% of
the price, depending on performance, even at 3%. Who pays for travel booked with the
appropriate credit card will automatically receive the discount services. These are usually
promptly credited or the month after your arrival on the credit card account as a cash back
payment again. Depending on the amount of the price can thus be saved several hundred
euros. If the credit card several times a year used for the booking of travel, the cash back
bonus will be even higher.

Conclusion: The offered by the card issuer is a travel discount card performance with high
savings potential. If you do not book their travel through travel agents around the corner,
this makes using the Internet. The parties to the card providers offer a comprehensive
package of travel services, such as those found in many other online travel agencies. Who
likes to travel a lot and should not do without a credit card with discount travel feature! The
money can be saved in a book can, after some time investing in new trips. The buyer should
compare the various credit cards with each other! Often, these cards also include major
medical insurance and other insurance benefits that need to be completed in the normal
case separately.

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