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increase powerfull blog by nuriman751


how to increase blog!

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									how increase visitors powerful blogs

Have a blog that many visitors, is one of the things owned by the Bloggers want. Because, with many visitors,
traffic and the popularity of the blog will be increased and many people looking - people as a place to study /
reading. In addition, the blog that many visitors, the production of money increased. tips that I share are tips I've
tried on Her Blog Reggy and thank God, this blog visitors is increasing. As for how - how powerful that is used to
increase blog visitors as follows:
 1. Promote your blog on social networking sites promote your blog on social networking sites is one way to
increase blog visitors. Because, at this time. Social networking sites are often worn by the young people. Social
networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + dll . As for how to promote it is to link and the title of blog
postings you. Or you can also create a blog you linked to the social networking site. Look here for articles linking
blog with social networking sites faebook.
 2. Blogwalking Blogwalking intention is to visit each blog - blog people. In the blog, there is usually a Guest
Book, here was where man can promote a blog buddy. That is to address and include an address other
blogwalker link blog buddies. Or, man can also commented on one of the blog's postings. But, man do not
include the blog address to comment directly pal. Why so? because of comments that do not lead to job postings
/ promotions will be considered spam comments. So as not to comment spam, berkomentarlah leading to the
posting and use profile Name / Url
3. Qualified and periodical articles what is this? Update your buddy is not the original article to article. As copas
(copy paste) / steal people's articles. So many visitors visit a blog buddies, make original articles, quality and
attractive / who often found among people on a regular basis. If the article interesting man / often sought after
blog buddies already crowded.
 4. Submit articles to Social Bookmarking sites mensubmit articles to social bookmarking sites can also create
many blogs you visit. Every time there are people searching on a topic appropriate to submit articles which
comrade to the social bookmarking site, yo will get free traffic from the social bookmarking site. Here, I share
some social bookmarking site:,, etc. infogue.
 5. Link exchange exchange links with other bloggers can also increase the visitors blog buddies. Visit the other
bloggers who provide exchange facilities link. Or friend can also create static page containing the link and how to
change list - list link friends
6. Installing ads promoting the blog buddies with advertising can also increase visitor blog buddies. Only in this
way only requires reimbursement $. It can be done to advertise on the site advertising providers, such as this
blog is to provide advertising. If yo are interested in advertising on this blog please enter the page Ads That's
some powerful way I can convey to improve the blog visitors. In addition, there are many ways that we can use
to increase visitors blog buddies. Happy Trying!

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