Music A Need For All by drakevinc


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									One scholar quote:’’ Music can describe what words can never say”.
Music certainly is a gift from God that can really bring us much
emotion. Music defines the person we are. Music as a part of human
culture has developed a lot over the centuries. Starting as some
rhythms for religious dances, now it has become something that
defines our lifestyle, especially if we’re a young person.
There are many different kinds of music, loved by different kinds of
people. Music has become a part of human histroy and a part of our
everyday life. Just imagine our life without it! The earth will
certainly be a very boring place and people will not be the same as
they are now.

Music can certainly influence our mood ,the way we think and the way
we act in both a postive and negative way. Soft music is vital for our
psyche. I think that we can go without any other type of music but as
for softy music, there are moments when it becomes the only way to
improve our mood, to cheer up and get a hope that everything will be
ok. When we listen to heavy metal or hard rock, we become angry,
when we listen to pop music, we simply have fun, but when we listen
to soft music, we relax and relaxation is a main compound of any type
of rest. If we don’t relax during our free time , we won’t get the
need dose of energy to go on. However, many people can’t relax. Our
life is full of stress and strain. We are so accustomed to be alarmed
all the time that we can’t relax and have a good time. In these cases,
soft music is our reliable and irreplaceable partner.

As for aggresive music ,being very popular nowadays .Young people
who are fond of aggressive music, is increasing all the time. This is
an alarming tendency. The more young people listen to aggressive
music, the more aggressive they become themselves. They become
rude to their parents, relatives, friends and passers-by. This
dangerous hobby has also a negative impact on youngsters’ attitude
to society they live in. They become angry with the whole world,
which they think is guilty in all their problems and troubles. Thus
getting themselves involed in activities that are bad for them as well
as the people around them.By doing so ,they deprive themselves of
their own future. Scientists claim that aggressive music has a direct
influence on our state of mind, subconsciousness and behavior.
Influence of music is stronger in comparison with other ways of

Thus music cerntainly plays an important part of our life no matter
at what age we are and what circumstances we might be at. Our
choice of music can greatly impact now as well as our future. Thus
making the right choice of music can either bring us a positive or
negative out look on our life. In conclusion Plato once quote “Music is
a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to
the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

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