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					Dearborn Recreation Department

                              A Letter from                                            Administrative Staff
                              Mayor O’Reilly                                           Gregory Orner / Director of Recreation
                                                                                       Eric Peterson / Deputy Director
                                 Dear Friends:
                                                                                       Gail Snelling / Office Coordinator
                                 The City of Dearborn and its
                                                                                       Camp Dearborn
                              partners continue to provide                             (1700 General Motors Drive, Milford, 48380)
                              outstanding recreational options for                     Jim Gajewski / Manager
                              all seasons, so there’s no reason to                     Nancy Jakubik / Administrative Assistant
                              let the cooler temperatures slow                         Robert Herndon Dearborn Hills Golf Course
                              down your activities.                                    (1300 S. Telegraph, 48124)
                                                                                       Lee Morris / Manager
      This brochure outlines many ways you and your family can                         Steve Sonoga / Superintendent
    keep physically and creatively engaged even in the long
    winter months.                                                                     Ford Community & Performing Arts Center
                                                                                       (15801 Michigan Ave., 48126)
       With support from the City Council, guidance from the                           Erica Lyght / Marketing and Sales Coordinator
                                                                                       Michael Timiney / Indoor Aquatics/Sports Supervisor
    volunteers on the Recreation Commission and the efforts of
                                                                                       Marsha Koet / Senior Services Coordinator
    its partners, the Recreation Department oversees plenty of                         Martin Zbosnik / Theater Manager
    opportunities to enhance your originality, take part in a team                     Don Bean / Theater/Special Events Technical Director
    sport, learn a fresh skill, or strive for a new personal best.                     Theodore Shaskos / Outdoor Aquatics/Parks Supervisor

2     Keeping active is one of the top recommended ways to                             Dearborn Ice Skating Center
                                                                                       (14900 Ford Road, 48126)
    stay healthy and happy. You can also stay connected to busy
                                                                                       Kirk Young / Manager
    family members by picking an activity you all like to do and                       Holly Teets / Facility Supervisor
    making a commitment to it.
                                                                                       Dearborn Recreation Commission
      In Dearborn, it couldn’t be easier to choose something fun                       Created in 1943, the Dearborn Recreation Commission makes
                                                                                       recommendations to the Recreation Department regarding policies, events
    or challenging.                                                                    and activities, and arbitrates disputes arising from such policies, events and
      I hope you enjoy looking through the opportunities                               Members of the Recreation Commission are appointed by the Mayor and
    outlined here and wish you a healthy and happy fall and                            serve without pay.
    winter.                                                                            The Recreation Commission conducts its regular meetings—which are open
                                                                                       to the public—on the second Tuesday of each month at the Ford
                                                                                       Community & Performing Arts Center, beginning at 7 p.m.
      John B. O’Reilly, Jr.                                                            The Recreation Commission also hosts the Annual Awards Banquet and
                                                                                       oversees the operation of the Dearborn Recreation Department’s Halls of
      Mayor                                                                            Fame.
                                                                                       PHOTO POLICY
                                                                                       City photographers commonly take pictures of Recreation Department
                                                                                       activities, which are subsequently used in fliers, pamphlets and brochures. If
                                                                                       you prefer not to be included in such photos, please let the photographer
                                                                                       know before he/she begins taking the pictures.
                                                                                       EDITORIAL POLICY
                                                                                       Although the Dearborn Recreation Department goes to great lengths to
                                                                                       ensure that all information contained in this brochure is accurate at the
                                                                                       time the brochure is printed, errors occasionally occur and last minute
                                                                                       changes in programs, classes and activities––such as dates, times and
                       The Dearborn Recreation Department is one of only 88            locations––may be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control.
                       agencies in the United States and just the second in Michigan   We apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience and thank you for your
                       to earn national accreditation from the Commission for          patience and understanding.
                       Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).

                                 Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                              Table of Contents
A                                                 Dearborn Ice Skating Center               P
After School Tutoring/                               Calendar of Events               22    Parks
Mentoring Recreation                   4             Dearborn Crystallette                      Listing with Amenities           27
Aquatics (Indoors)                                   Synchronized Skating Team        23
                                                                                                Hemlock Cabin                    26
    Lap Swim Certification            16             Dearborn Figure Skating Club     23
                                                                                                In-Line Skating                  26
    Lap Swim Schedule                 17             Dearborn Hockey Association      23
                                                                                                Picnic Permits                   26
    Lifeguard Training Class          16             Holiday Hockey Clinic            23
                                                                                                Shelter Rentals                  26
    Open Family Swim Schedule         17             Ice Rental                       22
                                                                                                Sledding                         26
    Open Swim Training                16             Learn to Skate                   22
    Swimming Lessons                  16             Michigan Masters
                                                     Hockey League                    23    R
    Water Safety Instructor Class     17
                                                     Open Skating                     22    Refund Policy                        29
    Youth Conditioning Swim           16
                                                     Room Rentals                     22    Registration Procedure               29
Aquatics (Outdoor)
                                                  Dearborn Specials/Arts
    Pool Tags                         15
                                                  & Recreation Enabling                9    S
    Swimming Lessons                  15
                                                  Dearborn Youth Symphony             13    Senior Services Information
Autumn Hayrides                       19
                                                  Dearborn Youth Theater              13       Bus Service                       20
                                                  DMC Wellness Center                 11       Extended Travel                   21
                                                                                               Health Expo                       20
Boo Bash                               5
                                                  F                                            One Day Travel                    21
Building Better Teens Class           11
                                                  Ford Community & Performing
                                                  Arts Center Information               5
                                                                                               Weekly Activities                 20   3
                                                                                            Special Passholder Offer             10
C                                                     Facility Amenities               26   Sports
Camp Dearborn                                         Babysitting                      16      Adult Pick-Up Basketball          14
    Chalet Rental                     19              Party Packages                    8      Adult Softball Leagues (Summer)   14
    Gate Admission                    19              Passholder Information        28-29      Adult Volleyball League           15
    Halloween Camping Weekends        19              Passholder Rates                 28      Dearborn Baseball Association     15
    Hayrides                          19              Phone Numbers                     7      Dearborn Recreation Dolphins      15
    Overnight Camping                 19              Pool and Gym Rental               8      Dearborn Soccer Club              15
    Picnic and Shelter Reservations   19              Padzieski Art Gallery             9      Dearborn Youth Football
Christmas Tree Lighting                4              Room Rentals                      8      Association                       15
                                                                                               Drop-In Girls Volleyball          14
D                                                 G                                            Drop-In Youth Basketball          14
Daddy-Daughter Dances                  5          Gymnastics                          18       Youth Basketball                  14
Dearborn Community Chorus             13                                                       Indoor Run to Win                 14
Dearborn Community Fund               12          H                                            Indoor Soccer Clinics             14
Dearborn Hills Golf Course                        Halloween Weekends                           Metro Basketball Association      14
   Banquet Facilities                 25          at Camp Dearborn                     4       Middle School Cross Country
   Calendar of Events                 25          Holiday Choral Festival              4       Conditioning                      14
   Gift Certificates                  25                                                       Partnership Organizations
                                                                                               (Youth Sports)                    15
   Golf Rates                         24          M
   League Information                 25                                                    V
                                                  Michael A. Guido Theater
                                                                                            Vanguard Voices                      12
                                                     Community Show Season             7
                                                     Professional Theater Season       6
                                                     Theater Rental Information        8

                                      Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                    Special Events!
                                                                             Christmas Tree-lighting & Sing-along
     After School Tutoring/Mentoring/                                           Tuesday, November 22, at the Ford Community & Performing
     Recreation Program                                                      Arts Center’s theater entrance, beginning with holiday musical
        This truly “special” program, designed for students in the           entertainment in the lobby at 6 p.m.
     middle schools, is a cooperative undertaking of the
                                                                                At 6:30 p.m., everyone will head outside for the ceremonial
     Dearborn Recreation Department and the Dearborn Public
                                                                             lighting of the city’s Christmas tree. Following the ceremony, we’ll
                                                                             move into the Michael A. Guido Theater, where we’ll sing some of
        The five-week program, in which participants meet one                the traditional songs of the season.
     night a week from 6-8 p.m., combines academic tutoring,
                                                                                After our sing-along, light refreshments will be available in the
     recreation activities and adolescent mentoring.
                                                                             lobby, after which everyone is invited to the Festival of Trees,
        Each evening consists of 45 minutes of homework                      located in the Hubbard Ballroom.
     help/academic tutoring, 45 minutes of recreational activities
                                                                                Join us as we mark the start of the holiday season here in
     in the gym and 30 minutes of group activities, which
     commonly includes a speaker, such as Mayor O’Reilly or
     Police Chief Haddad.
                                                                             Dearborn Holiday Choral Festival
        Monday sessions run September 26-October 24 and                        December 10 on the Main Stage Theater of the Ford Community
     November 14-December 12 at O.L. Smith.                                  & Performing Arts Center, beginning at 7 p.m.
        Wednesday sessions extend September 28-October 26                      Enjoy the holiday entertainment of Vanguard Voices & Brass and
     and November 16-December 14 at Woodworth.                               the Dearborn Community Chorus.
        Cost: $25/session.                                                     Tickets are available at the theater’s box office.
        Register at                                  For further information, call 943-2354.
        For further information, call 827-1959.

    Halloween Weekends at Camp Dearborn
       October 7-9 and 14-16 at Camp Dearborn.
       Dearborn-area families are invited to join us for a pair of special
    weekends of Halloween fun at the city’s recreational retreat in
       We’ll have contests involving pumpkin-carving, costumes and
    campsite decorations, as well as a scavenger hunt, and the
    traditional door-to-door or campsite-to-campsite begging for
       Reserve your space now for these special weekends. Tents and
    cabins available, as well as campsites for campers with their own
    tent, RV or pop-up, at seasonal rates. A two-night stay is required.
       For further information, call 943-2350 or our Camp Office in
    Milford at (248) 684-6000.

    Boo Bash
       Wednesday, October 26 at the Ford Community & Performing
    Arts Center from 6-8:30 p.m.
       Elementary school-aged children are invited to help us celebrate
    Halloween at our annual Boo Bash.
       Come in your scariest costume and enjoy fun, games, a costume
    contest with prizes and refreshments.
       Tickets, priced at $10 per person, are available only in advance
    and must be purchased no later than October 22.
       Tickets go on sale October 1 at the Theatre Box Office.
       For further information, call 943-2354.

                                      Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                 Special Events!
Daddy-Daughter Dances
   By popular demand, we will again host two Daddy-Daughter
Dances on February 4, the first from 2-4:30 p.m. and the second
from 6:30-9 p.m. at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center.
   Daddys and daughters of all ages are invited to join us for this
elegant annual affair, the theme of which this year is “Mardi Gras.”
   We’ll have music, door prizes, keepsakes for the daughters, pizza,
cake, soda pop and much more.
   Tickets, priced at $15 per person, are available only in advance
and must be purchased no later than January 31.
   Tickets go on sale January 17 at the Theatre Box Office.
   For further information, call 943-2354.

  Did you know…
  that our Daddy-Daughter Dance has become so popular—with
  more than 500 attendees—that we’ve added a second one?

                                                           Dearborn Recreation & Parks
                                                             Aquatics • Golf • Ice Arena • Camping • Sports • Theater
   New Recreation Department Logo
   When is the last time you visited a facility or took part in an activity affiliated with the Dearborn Recreation Department?
   Up until now, it hasn’t been easy to tell.
   Dearborn’s Recreation Department oversees several facilities—such as Camp Dearborn, the Dearborn Ice Skating Center and the
   Ford Community & Performing Arts Center—which most people quickly associate with the department.
   The department, however, also operates the Robert Herndon Dearborn Hills Golf Course, manages picnic and shelter sites in selec-
   tive city parks, staffs the city’s outdoors, and grooms and maintains softball and baseball diamonds throughout Dearborn.
   Many activities conducted by the department are also readily identifiable as Dearborn Recreation Department activities—such as
   swimming lessons, Day Camp at The Center and summer art classes offered at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, as
   well as the popular Supervised Playground Program and adult softball leagues.
   However, many recreation activities in Dearborn are offered through Dearborn Recreation partnership organizations, which the
   department supports—and works in combination with—to offer specific activities to our community.
   Most of our partnership organizations—such as Dearborn Baseball, Metro Basketball, Dearborn Youth Football Association,
   Dearborn Soccer, Dearborn Community Tennis Association, Dearborn Hockey Association, Dearborn Recreation Dolphins, and
   Junior Pro Basketball—offer sports to the youth of our city.
   Other partnership organizations—such as Dearborn Community Chorus, Dearborn Youth Symphony and Vanguard Voices &
   Brass—feature cultural arts opportunities for residents of all ages.
   To make it easier for the community to identify recreation department programs—whether offered by the department itself or
   through a partnership organization—the department is introducing a new logo.
   You’ll begin to see it this fall on fliers, brochures, programs and other printed material, as well as on t-shirts and uniforms in the
   Once you start taking note of our new logo, you’ll be amazed at how often you see it, and how many different activities, events,
   classes and programs the Dearborn Recreation Department helps make possible.

                                   Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                          Ford Community &
                                        Performing Arts Center
                     2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2                                  Professional Theater Season
    Did you know…
    that our Professional Theater season draws patrons from all over the metro-Detroit area and
    southeastern Michigan, helping feed the local economy?

                                    “Motor City Doo Wop”                                                                  Irish Rovers
                                    October 14 at 8 p.m.                                                                  March 3 at 7 p.m.
                                    Doo Wop is one of the most definitive and                                             Enjoy an evening of Celtic-inspired traditional,
                                    enduring sounds in American pop music history.                                        folk and popular music, performed by Ireland’s
                                    Take a stroll down memory lane with Lou Christie                                      international ambassadors of music for more
                                    (“Lightin’ Strikes” and “Two Faces Have I”),                                          than four decades. With hits like “The Unicorn”
                                    Shirley Aston Reeves, original lead singer of The                                     and “Wasn’t That a Party,” the Irish Rovers are
                                    Shirelles (“Soldier Boy,” “Mama Said,” “Will You                                      known for there timeless ability to deliver a
                                    Love Me Tomorrow” and “Dedicated to the One I                                         rollicking performance of good cheer that will
                                    Love”), The Marcels (“Heart Aches” and “Blue                                          have you singing along.
                                    Moon”) and The Reflections (“Just Like Romeo and                                                 ,
                                                                                                                          Tickets: OP $45; OA, 37; OB, $35; BA, $37; BB, $35
                                    Juliet” and “Poor Man’s Son”).
                                    Tickets: OP $60; OA, $55; OB, $45; BA, $55; BB, $40*
                                               ,                                                                          Clifford: The Big Red Dog Live!
                                                                                                                          March 17 at 4 p.m.
                                    “The Nutcracker,” Accompanied by
                                                                                                                          Clifford and his friends from Birdwell Island—
                                    the Detroit Symphony Civic                                                            Emily, Elizabeth, Cleo and T-Bone—embark on
                                    Orchestra                                                                             a new adventure that celebrates Clifford’s BIG
                                    December 2 at 8 p.m.                                                                  ideas: share, play fair, have respect, work
                                    December 3 and 1 and 7 p.m.                                                           together, be responsible, be truthful, believe in
                                    With angels and sugarplums, a magic prince, a                                         yourself, be a good friend and help others.
                                    dreamy young girl, a mysterious old man and a                                         Tickets: OA, $29; OB, $24; BA, $29; BB, $24*
                                    Christmas tree that grows sky high, the entire
                                                                                                                          Red Army Dance and Chorus
6                                   family is sure to enjoy this timeless Yuletide
                                    fantasy.                                                                              March 23 at 8 p.m.
                                    Tickets: OA, $24; OB, $16; OC, $12; BA, $20; BB, $15*                                 The Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble,
                                                                                                                          composed of 60 musicians, singers and dancers,
                                    Russian National Ballet                                                               will recreate many Russian folk traditions in a
                                    January 21 at 8 p.m.                                                                  dynamic, dazzling display of music and dance.
                                    Enjoy classical ballet at its very best. For this                                     Tickets: OA, $29; OB, $24; BA, $29; BB, $24*
                                    special performance, the company will present two
                                    classics—“Les Sylphides,” set to the music of
                                                                                                                          “Most Happy Fella”
                                    Chopin, and “Romeo and Juliet,” featuring                                             March 30 at 8 p.m.
                                    Tchaikovsky’s exquisite score.                                                        March 31 at 8 p.m.
                                    Tickets: OP $55; OA, $48; OB, $39; BA, $48; BB, $40*                                  Imagine the complications that arise when Tony,
                                                                                                                          an aging Italian vineyard owner, proposes by
                                    The Music of ABBA                                                                     mail to Rosabella, a young waitress he met once
                                    February 11 at 8 p.m.                                                                 in San Francisco. Rosabella has no recollection
                                    This re-creation of the music of the legendary                                        of Tony, but accepts his proposal, largely because
                                    Swedish group, ABBA, is authentic, right down to                                      Tony sent her a picture of Joe, his handsome
                                    the costumes. Step back into the 1970s with such                                      ranch hand.
                                    classics as “Dancing Queen,” “Mamma Mia,”                                             Tickets: OA, $29; OB, $24; BA, $29; BB, $24*
                                    “Take A Chance on Me,” “Fernando,” “The
                                    Winner Takes It All,” “Knowing Me, Knowing                                            “Let’s Hang On”
                                    You,” and more.                                                                       America’s Premier Tribute Show to
                                    Tickets: OP $49; OA, $39; OB, $35; BA, $39; BB, $29*
                                               ,                                                                          Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
                                                                                                                          April 27 at 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                          Backed by a live band, “Let’s Hang On!” pays
                                    February 25 at 8 p.m.                                                                 tribute to one of the greatest vocal groups of all
                                    This is a high-energy, exhilarating performance                                       time. You’ll find yourself singing along to hits
                                    that’s part “Riverdance” (fiddling and dancing)                                       like “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like
                                    and part “Stomp” (percussion and dancing).                                            A Man,” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,”
                                    You’ll find yourself tapping your feet and clapping                                   “December, 1963,” “My Eyes Adored You,” and
                                    along with the music.                                                                 many more.
                                    Tickets: OA, $39; OB, $35; BA, $39; BB, $29*                                                     ,
                                                                                                                          Tickets: OP $39; OA, $35; OB, $29; BA, $35; BB, $29*

            Tickets are available on-line at and at our box office, which is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
                            *OP, Orchestra Pit OA, Orchestra A OB, Orchestra B OC, Orchestra C BA, Balcony A BB, Balcony B
       Patrons in need of special accommodations for the theater should make that request when purchasing their tickets. For further information, call 943-2354.

                                         Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                            Ford Community &
                                          Performing Arts Center
                                                                              The Ford Community & Performing Arts Center…
                                                                              …“The Center” of Recreational, Cultural and Leisure-
                                                                              time Activities in Dearborn.
                                                                              In addition to a pair of gymnasiums, two swimming pools, a fitness
                                                                              area, aerobic studios, meeting rooms, the multi-use Hubbard Ballroom,
                                                                              the Dearborn Senior Center, the Padzieski Gallery and the 1201-seat
                                                                              Michael A. Guido Theater, the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center
                                                                              also houses the administrative offices of the Dearborn Recreation
                                                                              The Center is open Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
                                                                              Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                                                                              The business hours for The Center’s Service Desk are Monday through
                                                                              Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                                                                              Our website is
                                                                              Dearborn Recreation Department Phone Numbers:
                                                                                  Administrative Offices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2410
                                                                                  Aerobic/Fitness Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2350
                                                                                  Aquatics (Indoors) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2355
                                                                                  Camp Dearborn (Dearborn Office) . . . . . . . 943-2576
                                                                                  Dearborn Hills Golf Course . . . . . . . . . . . . . 563-4653
                                                                                  Dearborn Ice Skating Center . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-4098
                                                                                  General Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2350
                                                                                  Padzieski Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-3095
                                                                                  Sales/Rentals Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2381
                                                                                  Senior Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2412
                                                                                  Service Desk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2350                       7
                                                                                  Theater Box Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 943-2354

                               2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2                     Community Show Season
September 23                                            February 3                                                    April 28
Dearborn Symphony Orchestra in Concert,                 Dearborn Symphony Orchestra’s Annual Pops Concert,            Dearborn Community Chorus
“Ode to Joy,”                                           “Sym-Fantasy,”                                                Spring Concert
featuring the Vanguard Grand Chorus                     featuring Rich Ridenour, Aerial Angels and Kira Frabutta      Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing
Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing   Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing         Arts Center, 7 p.m.
Arts Center, 8:30 p.m.                                  Arts Center, 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                      May 18
November 18                                             March 4                                                       Dearborn Youth Symphony
Dearborn Symphony Orchestra in Concert,                 Dearborn Youth Symphony                                       Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing
“Dance to the Stars,”                                   Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing         Arts Center, 8 p.m.
featuring Dennis Carter, flute                          Arts Center, 4 p.m.
Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing                                                                 May 18
Arts Center, 8 p.m.                                     March 9                                                       Dearborn Symphony Orchestra in Concert,
                                                        Dearborn Symphony Orchestra in Concert,                       “Hear the Future,”
December 4                                              “Romantic Journeys,”                                          featuring the Youth Artists Competition winners and the
Dearborn Youth Symphony                                 featuring Gleb Ivanov, piano                                  Dearborn Youth Symphony
Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing   Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing         Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing
Arts Center, 4 p.m.                                     Arts Center, 8 p.m.                                           Arts Center, 8 p.m.
December 10                                             March 19                                                      May 19
Dearborn Community Chorus and                           Vanguard Voices & Brass presents,                             Vanguard Voices & Brass
Vanguard Voices & Brass present,                        “Annual President’s Collage Concert,”                         Premieres Concert
“Dearborn Holiday Choral Festival,”                     Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing         Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing
Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing   Arts Center, 8 p.m.                                           Arts Center, 3 p.m.
Arts Center, 7 p.m.
                                                        April 13
                                                        Dearborn Symphony Orchestra in Concert,
                                                        “Latin Rhythms,”
                                                        featuring Ana Vidovic, guitar
                                                        Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing
                                                        Arts Center, 8 p.m.

                                         Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                          Rentals/Party Packages
                                                                                                 Party Packages at
                                                                                                 The Center
                                                                                                    The Ford Community & Performing Arts Center offers
                                                                                                 two party package options.
                                                                                                     Our Basic Party Package includes a three-hour
                                                                                                 room rental; use of the climbing wall, swimming pools
                                                                                                 and gymnasium for all party guests; a dozen balloons;
                                                                                                 white plastic table covers; and a birthday sign.
                                                                                                     The cost is $200 for up to 15 guests and $250 for up
                                                                                                 to 25 guests. The cost for each additional guest is $9.
                                                                                                     Our Self-Directed Party Package offers room
                                                                                                 options, as well as use of the climbing wall, swimming
       Many of the facilities at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center are available for   pools and gymnasium on a guest-by-guest basis.
       The Hubbard Ballroom, a 13,000-square foot area with state-of-the-art lighting and           Room costs:
    sound systems and a catering kitchen, is ideal for recitals, trade shows, dances and other        Club Room (15-60 guests), $30/hour to $80/hour
    social gatherings.                                                                                Wet Room (25 guests), $40/hour
       Club rooms are capable of accommodating up to 80 people in a meeting-, theater- or             Both Wet Rooms (50 guests), $75/hour
    classroom-style setting.
       Wet club rooms, which include sink facilities, accommodate up to 25 people.                  Use of climbing wall, swimming pools
       The more intimate Board Room features an elliptical table surrounded by 15 chairs and        and gymnasium:
    dry boards on one wall.                                                                           $6 for guests ages 12 and under
       Rental rates:                                                                                  $8 for guests ages 13 and over
       Hubbard Ballroom        $2000/Day       $3000/Day (Friday-Sunday)                              To book a party package or for more information,
       Club Room #1            $500/Day        $80/Hour                                          call our sales department, at 943-2381.
8      Club Rooms #2-7
       Wet Club Room
       Board Room              $240/Day        $40/Hour
       Each of the two swimming pools, the pair of regulation basketball courts and the
    climbing wall are also available for rental during after hours only.
       The six-lane, 25-yard Lap Pool is complete with a diving well.
       The zero-depth Activity Pool includes a water slide and lazy river.
       Basketball courts can also be set up for volleyball or just about any other indoor
    sport. An electric scoreboard and bleachers are also available.
       Rental rates:
       Lap Pool                $150/Hour
       Activity Pool           $200/Hour
       Basketball Court        $150/Hour
       Climbing Wall           $150/Hour
       A two-hour minimum rental and a $150 deposit are required.

       The Main Stage Theater is also available for rental, as is Studio A/Black Box Theater.
       The Main Stage Theater seats 1201 and features the latest lighting and sound
    systems, as well as modern scene and costume shops.
       Studio A/Black Box Theater, a 2300-square foot multi-purpose room with full lighting
    and sound, is the ideal setting for smaller performances.
       Rental rates:
       Main Stage Theater
                $1700 for rehearsals
                $2500 for performances
       Studio A/Black Box Theater
                $250-500 for technical rehearsals
                $500-900 for performances and banquets
       For further information, call 943-2381.

       Did you know…
       that one of the biggest shows making use of the Hubbard Ballroom is
       the Depression Era Glass Show, which our facility has hosted for almost
       four decades?

                                       Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2381 – or
                                       Ford Community &
                                     Performing Arts Center

                                                                                    Did you know…
                                                                                    that our Dearborn Specials/Arts & Recreation Enabling
                                                                                    program for adults with disabilities and their families was
                                                                                    one of the first such programs in metro-Detroit?

                                                                                 Dearborn Specials/Arts & Recreation Enabling
                                                                                    For more than two decades, the Dearborn Recreation Department has
                                                                                 sponsored the Dearborn Specials/Arts & Recreation Enabling program for
                                                                                 adults with disabilities and their families and friends.
                                                                                    This fall/winter, the Dearborn Specials/Arts & Recreation Enabling
                                                                                 program will offer dances, gym nights, swim nights, holiday craft nights
                                                                                 and pizza bingo.
                                                                                    All of the activities are hosted or instructed by Recreation Specialist
                                                                                 Camille Gibson and take place at the Ford Community & Performing Arts
                                                                                    Dances—usually held on the second Tuesday of the month from
                                                                                 7-9 p.m. in the Hubbard Ballroom and featuring a live DJ. Cost: $3,
                                                                                 which includes refreshments.
                                                                                         September 20                 February 14
                                                                                         October 18                   March 13
                                                                                         November 15                  April 10
Padzieski Art Gallery                                                                    December 13                  May 15
                                                                                         January 10
Stella Greene, Gallery Coordinator
   The Padzieski Art Gallery, located in the west wing of the Ford Community       Gym Nights—offered Thursdays from 6-7 p.m. in six-week
& Performing Arts Center, directly across from the theatre, is operated by the   sessions. Cost/session: $28 for Dearborn residents and $33 for
Dearborn Community Arts Council (DCAC), in cooperation with the Dearborn         non-residents.
Recreation Department                                                                   Session One, September 15-October 20
                                                                                        Session Two, November 3-December 15 (no class November 24)
   The gallery hosts seven to eight exhibits annually with a professional
                                                                                        Session Three, January 12-February 16
artist season from September through mid-April and a community season
                                                                                        Session Four, March 1-April 5
from mid-April through mid-September.
                                                                                        Session Five, April 19-May 24
  The public is cordially invited to the opening reception for each exhibit.
Admission to the Padzieski Art Gallery is free.                                     Swim Nights—offered Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. in six-week
                                                                                 sessions. Cost/session: $28 for Dearborn residents and $33 for
   Artists interested in exhibiting in the gallery should contact the DCAC       non-residents.
  office at (313) 943-3095 to request an exhibit proposal form or visit the             Session One, September 14-October 19
DCAC website at                                   Session Two, November 2-December 14 (no class November 23)
   Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 12-6 p.m.                                             Session Three, January 11-February 15
                                                                                        Session Four, February 29-April 4
  The gallery is also open before most theatre performances and by special
                                                                                        Session Five, April 18-May 23
   Exhibition Schedule:                                                             Holiday Craft Nights—usually conducted on selective Tuesdays
                                                                                 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Cost/night: $8, which includes all materials.
      September 7-24, Dearborn Paints—Good Food!                                       Halloween, October 11
      Reception: September 9 at 6 p.m.
                                                                                       Christmas, December 6
       October 13-November 6, Artists Among Us                                         Valentines Day, February 13
       Reception: October 13 at 3 p.m.                                                 Easter, April 3
       November 16-December 18, International Holiday Boutique                      Pizza & Bingo—conducted on selective Tuesdays from 6:30-
       Reception: November 20 at 2 p.m.                                          8:30 p.m. Cost/night: $10, which includes pizza, bingo games and
       January 25-March 2, Juried Photography Exhibition                         lots of prizes.
       Reception: January 25 at 6 p.m.                                                   September 13               January 31
       March 6-April 13, The Fantasy World of Joseph Bergman                             November 29                March 20
       Reception: March 7 at 6 p.m.                                                 The entire Dearborn Specials/Arts & Recreation Enabling Program is
                                                                                 subject to change.
       April 25-May 28, Dearborn Schools City-Wide Art Exhibit
       Reception: April 25 at 4 p.m.                                                For further information, call 943-2401.

                                     Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                          Special Offer!

   We’re celebrating our
   10th anniversary...
 but you get the present !
        The Ford Community & Performing Arts
       Center is marking its tenth year serving the
        greater Dearborn community and we’re
          celebrating with a very special offer.
           To help us mark our tenth anniversary,
          we're offering you the opportunity to try
                   our facility for 30 days…
        …for just $10.
         Come in during September and sign up
       for our "30-day trial membership" and you'll
     be able to work out in the fitness area, swim in
      one of our two pools, play a game of pick-up
            basketball or avail yourself of our
           other outstanding amenities for less
                  than 35 cents a day.*
           This offer is available to Dearborn
      residents and people who work in Dearborn,
          and expires at the end of September.
                   A valid photo ID is required.
              Additional family members may be
             included at a cost of just $5 apiece.
       For further information, visit our website at
     * This offer does not include access to our Fitness and Specialty classes.

                                 Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
               DMC Wellness Center
               Fall Into Fitness
          With DMC Wellness Center
                                    What Do You Stay Active For?
    A free standing board will be placed in the foyer area across from the front service desk where you will be able
to submit a short description of why you stay active. Three lucky submitters will be selected on Monday, October 3rd.
          Winners will get to choose between a FREE one-hour massage, one-hour personal training session,
                              or one-month aerobics package, including specialty classes.

          Building Better Teens: October 10, 12, 17, and 19 from 4:15-5:30 p.m.
      Designed just for teens aged 13–15, this class teaches the importance of proper nutrition, cardiovascular
and strength training, flexibility and circuit training. Class meets two days per week for two weeks. After completion of
       all four classes, participants will have permission to exercise in the fitness area. Cost: $65 for members
                    and non-members. Minimum of six participants is required for the class to run.

                                           Small Group Training
  This personal training package is for small groups (three to four people) to train two days a week for eight weeks.
          Look for fliers announcing start days and times. Sign up will be on a first-come first-serve basis.

      Exercise of the Month: First Wednesday of every month from 1:30-1:45 p.m.
  This demonstration is geared for the senior walking group, however, everyone is welcome. Each month we will
introduce a new exercise to add to your workout routine. Handouts and equipment will be supplied. Meet upstairs
                              by the track in the loft between the two long mirrors.

                                            Continuing Services
            The DMC Wellness Center at the Ford Center provides physical therapy, fitness assessments*,
 fitness orientations, personal training, massage therapy, and nutritional consultations on a daily basis. Stop by the
                                       DMC Wellness Center for more information.

                         *The DMC fitness assessment video demonstration can be
                                 viewed online at

                                   Official Healthcare Services Provider

                                      Wellness Center
                                      (313) 745-9881/(313) 745-9748

                  Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                        Cultural Arts
                                                                                   Vanguard Voices & Brass
                                                                                   G. Kevin Dewey, Artistic Director
                                                                                       Vanguard Voices & Brass is a 70-member adult mixed choir sponsored by the
                                                                                   Dearborn Recreation Department and is choir-in-residence at Henry Ford
                                                                                   Community College.
                                                                                       Its artistic director, G. Kevin Dewey, founded Vanguard Voices in 1992.
                                                                                       This auditioned group, whose members’ experience ranges from dedicated
                                                                                   amateur choristers to music professionals, rehearses weekly from September
                                                                                   through May and appears in several concerts throughout the year.
                                                                                       Vanguard Voices performs a capella or with area orchestras, Vanguard Brass
                                                                                   Ensemble or other choral groups.
                                                                                       This classical choir presents the best in traditional and contemporary choral
                                                                                       Registration for the fall season is underway. A $25 participation fee is required
                                                                                   for each season.
                                                                                       Concert schedule:
                                                                                            December 10, Dearborn Holiday Choral Festival
                                                                                            Vanguard Voices & Brass and Dearborn Community Chorus
                                                                                            Michael A Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, 7 p.m.
                                                                                          March 19, 2012, Vanguard Choral Celebration
                                                                                          Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, 8 p.m.
                                                                                          May 19, 2012, Vanguard Premieres Concert
                                                                                          Michael A Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, 3 p.m.
                                                                                      For more information, call (313) 943-2354 or visit


                         The Dearborn Community Fund
                         Enriching the community; enhancing the quality of life for Dearborn citizens
                            The Dearborn Community Fund (DCF) provides and promotes financial and volunteer resources in support of cultural and recreational
                         programs that directly impact the citizens of Dearborn.
                            The Dearborn Community Fund, a non profit organization, contributes to the vibrancy of the community through support of cultural and
                         recreational organizations, activities and projects occurring community wide and/or at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center (The
                            The DCF is committed to providing enrichment opportunities that contribute to the quality of life for
                         Dearborn citizens and assist in maintaining Dearborn as a creative and dynamic city.
                            The DCF is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations to the Fund are tax deductible to the full extent
                         permitted by law.
                            The Dearborn Community Fund Gives Back to the Community
                                  • Community Cultural/Recreational Organization Grants**
                                  • Individual Artist Grants**
                                  • “Art in Public Places” – the Midwest Sculpture Initiative III in partnership with the East Dearborn and
 15801 Michigan Avenue              West Dearborn Downtown Development Authorities
   Dearborn, Michigan             • School Field Trip Support
         48126                    • Sponsorships
                                  • Art and Economic Development Projects
      Office hours:                 **available through an application process
  Tuesday, Wednesday,       Support the work of the Dearborn Community Fund through one or more of the following options
     Thursday from                • The ongoing “Put Your Name on Dearborn’s Future” campaign through purchase of a commemorative
     10 a.m.-2 p.m.                 brick, theater seat, park bench, or tree at The Center.
                                  • Sponsorship for a program or event.
                                  • An individual unrestricted donation.
                            For more information, contact the DCF office at (313) 943-5478 or e-mail to:

                                Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                            Cultural Arts
Dearborn Community Chorus                                                              Dearborn Youth Theatre
Marcus LaPratt, Director                                                                   For over three decades, the Dearborn Youth Theatre (DYT) has provided
   The Dearborn Community Chorus, established in 1963 by the Dearborn Recreation       training and opportunities in the theater arts for students, ages six through 12.
Department, welcomes all adults—ages 16 and over—who love to sing.                         The mission of the Dearborn Youth Theatre is to encourage creativity, while
   The group rehearses weekly from September through May and presents two major        developing the life skills of critical thinking and teamwork and instilling
performances at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in December and May.       confidence and self-esteem.
   The Dearborn Community Chorus also travels abroad, performs for community               Aspiring actors learn improvisation, monologue study, singing, dance,
events, entertains at area senior facilities and plans an annual performance tour.     audition techniques and other useful acting skills.
   Registration for the fall season (September-December) is underway. A $20                Dearborn Youth Theater is divided into two Saturday sessions, the first
participation fee is required for each season.                                         running from October 1-December 10 (no classes November 26) and the second
   Concert schedule:                                                                   extending from January 14-March 17.
        December 10, Dearborn Holiday Choral Festival                                     Session One Classes:
        Dearborn Community Chorus and Vanguard Voices & Brass                             Acting for Fun (ages 6-9), 11 a.m.-noon
        Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community
        & Performing Arts Center, 7 p.m.                                                  Basic acting, games, improvisation, stage presence and a lot of fun.
        April 28, 2012, Spring Concert                                                    Cost: $80 for residents, $90 for non-residents.
        Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community                                          Dynamic Dramatics (ages 10-13), 12:30-2 p.m.
        & Performing Arts Center, 7 p.m.                                                  Students learn the fundamentals of acting and experience the aspects of
   For more information, call (313) 943-2354 or visit         character, dialogue, environment and stage presence. Additional topics include
                                                                                       rehearsal, stage direction, blocking and memorization.
Dearborn Youth Symphony (DYS)                                                             Cost: $85 for residents, $95 for non-residents
Timothy Cibor, DYS Artistic Director and Conductor
Joe Deller, Assistant Conductor                                                            Session Two Classes:
Donna Olkowski, Flute Choirs Conductor                                                     Kiddie Kafe Performance (ages 6-9), 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
   The Dearborn Youth Symphony was formed in 1975 to provide young performers              Students will learn singing, acting and stage presence while preparing for their
with symphonic ensemble experience and to foster interest in instrumental music.       Kiddie Kafe production, which will be presented March 16 at 6:30 p.m. in
   The DYS has been an important step to greater musical achievement for many          Studio A.
young musicians in our community. With support from the Dearborn Recreation                Cost: $85 for residents, $95 for non-residents.                                13
Department and parental volunteers, the DYS continues to challenge and nurture             Kiddie Kafe Performance (ages 10-13), 12:30-2 p.m.
young musicians, offering solo/concerto competitions, scholarships and grants to its
members.                                                                                   Students will develop their acting and singing skills to create a memorable
                                                                                       performance for their Kiddie Kafe production, which will be presented March 16
   Members range in age from eight to 21 and represent over 25 communities in the      at 8:30 p.m. in Studio A.
greater metropolitan area.
                                                                                           Cost: $90 for residents, $100 for non-residents
   Three groups compose the Dearborn Youth Symphony:
                                                                                           Call 943-2354 for further information.
   String Concert Orchestra––for musicians with limited formal music training.
Participants should be able to read music with some proficiency and have sufficient
musical ability to play arrangements of standard orchestral pieces.
   Symphonic Orchestra—for advanced players from middle school through high
   Flute Choir—for beginning and advanced flutists.
   Auditions will be held September 7-8 from 4-9 p.m. at the Ford Community &
Arts Center.
   Rehearsals take place on Monday evenings from September through May at the
Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.
   A membership fee is required for participation.
   Concert schedule:
        December 4
        Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, 4 p.m.
        March 4, 2012
        Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, 4 p.m.
        May 6, 2012
        Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, 4 p.m.
        May 18, 2012
        Side-by-side with the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra
        Michael A. Guido Theater, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, 8 p.m.
   For further information, call (313) 943-2354 or e-mail:

                                    Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
 Adult Volleyball Leagues
     A Coed Recreational Volleyball League will be conducted at the Ford Community & Performing
                                                                                                       Middle School Cross Country Off-Season
 Arts Center on Wednesday nights this fall/winter, beginning October 12.                               Conditioning
     Teams may carry a maximum of 15 players, each of whom must be at least 18 years old as of             Middle School students (grades 6-8) can learn the basic techniques and
 October 1, 2011.                                                                                      strategies of the sport, as well as enhance their fitness level, by signing up
     Teams are required to pay a $350 entry fee and $12/match in officiating fees.                     for this offering from the Dearborn Track Club.
     Schedules will be composed of at least 12 matches and post-season playoffs.                           Middle School Cross Country Off-Season Conditioning will meet Tuesday
     Team registration begins September 6 and concludes October 7. Space is limited and teams will     through Thursday from 6:30-8 p.m. at Crowley Park from September 13
 be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.                                                      through October 20.
      A mandatory managers’ meeting will be held October 5 at 7 p.m. at the Ford Community and             Cost: $55 for students in the Dearborn Public Schools.
 Performing Arts Center. Teams failing to have a representative at the meeting will be excluded from       Register on our website,
 the program.                                                                                              For further information, call Dearborn Track Club President Mark Gardner
     League play should conclude by early April.                                                       at (313) 278-2310.
     No matches will be scheduled November 23, December 28, January 4 and February 22.
     For further information, call 943-2350.                                                           Indoor Run to Win
                                                                                                          Youngsters in grades six through 12 are invited to register for the
 Youth Sports at The Center                                                                            Dearborn
                                                                                                       Track Club’s new “Indoor Run to Win” class.
 Youth Basketball Program                                                                                 The class, which will focus on developing proper technique and
    Learn the game of basketball and have fun with your friends Friday nights this fall/winter. We     conditioning, will meet Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45-9:15 p.m. from
 develop your shooting, passing and dribbling skills during the first part of the evening and then     January 31 through March 15 at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.
 choose up sides for a game.                                                                              Cost: $40, Passholders; $60, residents; $80, non-residents.
         7-8 years old                                  5-5:45 p.m.                                       Register at the service desk.
         9-10 years old                                 6-6:45 p.m.                                       For further information, visit our website,
    Youth Basketball is offered in two, nine-week sessions.                                  
         October 7-December 9 (no class November 25)
         January 13-March 16 (no class February 25)
         Cost: $45, Passholders; $50, residents; $60, non-residents.                                   Adult Summer Softball Leagues
14  Register at the Service Desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.                          For the 2012 softball season, teams may register only for the 14-week
                                                                                                       Spring/Summer League.
 Drop-In Youth Basketball                                                                                 Spring/Summer League                                        Entry Fee
    Players ages 13-17 are invited to participate in this drop-in program Saturdays from noon to          One Game/Week Divisions:
 6 p.m.                                                                                                        Women (Monday)                                         $560
    We’ll conduct supervised pick-up games—lasting eight minutes each—in which players will                    Men (Monday)                                           $560
 compete against other youngsters their own age. Teams of players will rotate in and out after each            Men (Tuesday)                                          $560
 game, insuring a maximum degree of participation.                                                             Men (Wednesday)                                        $560
    We’ll also feature free-throw and three-point competition, and host some abbreviated one-day               Men 50 & Over (Monday)                                 $560
 tournaments.                                                                                                  Coed (Thursday)                                        $560
    Drop-In Youth Basketball runs from January 14-March 17 (no program February 18).                           Coed (Sunday)                                          $560
    Participants must either be a passholder or purchase a day pass each Saturday at a cost of $8.        Two Games/Week Divisions:
                                                                                                               Men 40 & Over (Monday & Wednesday)                     $840
 Girls’ Youth Volleyball                                                                                       Men Doubleheader (Tuesday)                             $840
                                                                                                               Men Doubleheader (Wednesday)                           $840
     We teach and practice the fundamentals of the game for the first few weeks, and then draft                Men Doubleheader (Thursday)                            $840
 players on to teams and conduct league play for the remaining weeks of                                        Men Doubleheader (Sunday)                              $840
 this nine-week program.
     Girls’ Youth Volleyball is conducted Tuesdays in four age-groups:
           9-10 years old                                4-5 p.m.                                          Did you know…
           11-12 years old                               5-6 p.m.                                          that with almost 200 teams, our Adult Summer Softball
           13-14 years old                               6-7 p.m.                                          program is one of the largest in the entire state of
     This program is offered September 27-November 22 and January 10-March 13 (no class                    Michigan?
 February 21).
     Cost: $45, Passholders; $50, residents; $60, non-residents.
     Register at the Service Desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.                                     2012 Softball Season Calendar
 Drop-In Girls’ Volleyball                                                                               March 5
                                                                                                         April 18
                                                                                                                         Team registration begins for Spring/Summer League.
                                                                                                                          Managers’ Meetings for teams in the Spring/Summer League.
     Young ladies in grades 6-8 are invited to take part in Drop-In Girls’ Volleyball, which will be
                                                                                                         April 23        Team registration ends for Spring/Summer League.
 offered on selected Saturdays from 1-4 p.m. in the Hubbard Ballroom at the
                                                                                                         April 27        Schedules available on-line.
 Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, beginning January 7 and continuing through March 31.
                                                                                                         April 29        Play begins for Spring and Spring/Summer Leagues.
     Register each Saturday at the service desk.
                                                                                                         May 26-28       Memorial Day Break—No Games Scheduled
     Cost: $3 for passholders
                                                                                                         July 1-5        Holiday Break—No Games Scheduled
           $3 plus the purchase of a Day Pass for non-passholders.
                                                                                                         Mid-August      Spring/Summer League regular season ends.

                                         Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
Metro Basketball Association                                                                   Indoor Soccer Clinics
   Offers league play and practices for youngsters in three divisions:
                                                                                                  Youngsters ages four through 12 are invited to polish their soccer skills this
             Blue                                      Grades 3-4
             White                                     Grades 5-6                              winter through this program, which is a combined undertaking of the Dearborn
             Red                                       Grades 7-8                              Recreation Department and the Dearborn Soccer Club.
   Players register, go through an evaluation and are drafted on to teams.                        Our Indoor Soccer Clinics, which will be conducted Monday and Wednesday
   Teams in grades 3-4 and grades 5-6 play Saturdays from November through late March.         evenings at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, will be divided into three
   Teams in grades 7-8 play twice a week—on either Monday, Thursday or Friday and again        groups: ages four through six will meet from 6-7 p.m., ages seven through nine from
on Saturday—from late January through mid-March.                                               7-8 p.m. and ages 10-12 from 8-9 p.m.
   All teams are composed of eight players and playing time is guaranteed.                        We’ll offer a three-week session running December 5-21 and two six-week
   Space is limited and registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.        sessions extending January 9-February 15 and February 27-April 4.
   Registration for the 2011-2012 season is underway. Forms are available on-line at              Cost: $30 for the three-week session and $60 for either one of the six-week                                                                       sessions.
   Cost: $225.                                                                                    Registration begins November 1 at

    Did you know…
    that more than 3,000 Dearborn youngsters, ages 18 and
    under, take part every year in the Dearborn Soccer Club’s
                                                                                                Sports Partnership Organizations
                                                                                                    The Dearborn Recreation Department’s Sports Division partners with the
    spring and fall leagues?
                                                                                                following organizations to provide team and individual sports, for primarily the
                                                                                                youth of our community.
Dearborn Soccer Club Registration                                                                   Dearborn Baseball—a fee-based, parent-run organization offering
   Open registration for the spring, 2012 season runs from October 15, 2011 through             baseball and softball for youngsters ages 5-19. (313) 561-3660 or
February 1, 2012.                                                                     
   Players ages four through 18 are eligible to register.
   All registrations are conducted on-line at                              Dearborn Community Tennis Association—works with the Dearborn
   Cost: $70. Birth certificates must be provided to verify the age of participants.            Public Schools, Fairlane Club, Baseline Tennis and the Dearborn Racquet Club to
   For further information, call 565-4433 or visit                      provide tennis opportunities for players of all ages.

Dearborn Baseball
                                                                                                    Dearborn Soccer Club—a fee-based, parent-run organization offering
                                                                                                spring and fall leagues for youngsters ages 4-18. (313) 565-4433 or
   Dearborn Baseball, a parent-run organization, offers eight baseball leagues for players
ages 5-19 as of April 30, 2012.
        T-Ball, ages 4-6                              14 and Under                                 Dearborn Youth Football Association—a fee-based, parent-run
        Coach Pitch, ages 6-8                         16 and under                              organization with two entries in the Downriver Junior Football League. Open to
        10 and Under                                  18 and Under                              players and cheerleaders ages 8-13.
        12 and Under
                                                                                                    Metro Basketball—a fee-based parent-run organization offering league play
    Dearborn Baseball also offers five fast-pitch softball leagues for girls ages 8-18 as of    for youngsters in grades 3-8. (313) 406-2722 or
January 1, 2012.                                                                                    Dearborn Track Club—a fee-based parent-run organization offering
         10 and Under                                    16 and Under                           instructional skill clinics and competitive meet opportunities for youngsters
         12 and Under                                    18 and Under                           primarily in grades 6-12. (313) 278-2310 or (734) 904-9857 or
         14 and Under
   Dearborn Baseball’s season traditionally begins the first Saturday in June and extends
through July.                                                                                       JR Pro Basketball—a fee-based parent-run organization offering
   Registration, which is conducted on-line at                  instructional skill clinics and summer league play for youngsters in grades 1-9.
begins January 1, 2012. Completed forms, along with payment and a signed waiver, must be
submitted via mail no later than April 1, 2012.

Adult Pick-Up Basketball                                                                       Dearborn Recreation Dolphins - a fee based parent-run
    For players ages 30 and over, Adult Pick-Up Basketball is offered Sundays from             organization offering professional instructional training and
9 a.m. to noon.                                                                                competitive meet opportunities through USA Swimming, the
    Cost: Free for passholders; $3 for resident day-pass purchasers; $5 for non-resident       national governing body of swimming in the United States.
day-pass purchasers.
                                                                                               (313) 943-3304 or
Youth Football & Cheerleading
    Dearborn youngsters ages 8-13 have the opportunity to play football or be a cheerleader
through the Dearborn Youth Football Association (DYFA).
    The DYFA has two entries in the Downriver Junior Football League—Tractors and Lions—
and each entry is made up of three teams—freshman (ages 8-9), junior varsity (10-11) and
varsity (12-13).
    Practice began in mid-August and the eight-game regular season, in which games are
played either Saturday or Sunday, runs through October.
    Open registration for the 2012 season begins April 1, 2012 at

                                           Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                Indoor Aquatics
                                                                                             Swimming Lessons
     DRD Youth Conditioning Swim                                                                The Dearborn Recreation Department offers an indoor swimming lesson
       The Dearborn Recreation Department, in partnership with the Dearborn                  program for children called, “Learn to Swim,” which features nine levels of
   Recreation Dolphins (DRD), will offer a weekly training program this winter at the Ford   instruction.
   Community & Performing Arts Center.                                                          Parent and Tot (ages six months to three years): Parent must accompany
       “DRD Youth Conditioning Swim,” for swimmers ages five and over of all abilities,      the child into the water.
   will be conducted Saturdays from 11am-12:45pm for five weeks, beginning January 14.
       Participants will work with DRD certified swim coaches.                                 Preschool (ages three through five): Basic water and safety skills and rules.
       Additional five-week sessions will run February 18--March 24 (no meeting Feb 25)
                                                                                                Sea Shells (Beginner and ages six and above): Floating, submerging,
    Cost: $50, Pass holders; $55, residents; $65, non-residents.
   The Dearborn Recreation Dolphins is a year-round organization that offers
   competitive swim opportunities for swimmers of all abilities.                               Sea Horses (Beginner): Crawl stroke, using a kickboard, jumping into the
 Register at the Service Desk for Open Swim Training or for additional information           water.
 about DRD, visit
                                                                                               Sunfish (Intermediate): Crawl stroke, breathing and jumping into deep
 Lifeguard Training                                                                            Sting Rays (Advanced): Improve crawl stroke, backstroke, deep water.
    Are you interested in working as a lifeguard?
    If so, register for the Dearborn Recreation Department’s Lifeguarding Class,                Barracudas (Beginner): Improve crawl stroke and backstroke, diving, safety,
 which will be offered this winter and next spring at the Ford Community &                   swimming 25 yards.
 Performing Arts Center.                                                                       Dolphins (Intermediate): Elementary backstroke and breaststroke and
    The class, open to swimmers aged 15 and over, meets Monday and Wednesday                 underwater swimming.
 from 6-9 p.m. for five weeks.
    Four sessions will be offered:                                                              Seals (Advanced): Sidestroke, starts and turns, distance swimming and
        January 9-February 8                                                                 backstroke.
        February 13-March 14 (no classes February 20 and 22)                                   Learn to Swim offers twice-a-week classes which meet either Monday/
        March 19-April 25 (no classes April 9 and 11)                                        Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday for five weeks and a once-a-week class which
16      April 30-June 4 (no class May 28)
    Participants must be able to…
                                                                                             meets Saturdays. All classes are held at the Ford Community & Performing Arts
        …swim 500 yards continuously (200 yards crawl, 100 yards breaststroke
 and 200 yards crawl or breaststroke).                                                         Monday/Wednesday sessions:
        …swim 20 yards using crawl or breaststroke, submerge 7-10 feet                               September 26-October 26
 and retrieve a 20-pound brick and swim 20 yards back.                                               October 31-December 7 (no classes November 21 and 23)
    Students successfully completing the course will receive an American Red                         January 9- February 8
 Cross Lifeguard Training Certificate and an American Red Cross CPR for the                          February 13-March 21 (no classes February 20 and 22)
 Professional Rescuer Certificate.                                                                   March 26-May 2 (no classes April 9 and 11)
    Cost: $165, Passholders; $185, residents; $215, non-residents.                                   May 7-June 11 (no classes May 28)
    The purchase of a required Red Cross textbook is included in the cost.                     Tuesday-Thursday sessions:
    Register at the Service Desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.                      September 27-October 27
                                                                                                      November 1-December 8 (no classes November 22 and 24)
                                                                                                      January 10-February 9
 Dearborn Dolphins Youth Conditioning Swim                                                            February 14-March 22 (no classes February 21 and 23)
   This five-week program offers competitive swimmers ages 17 and under the                           March 27-May 3 (no classes April 10 and 12)
 opportunity to work with a USA Certified and trained DRD swim coach.                                 May 8-June 7
   The DRD Youth Conditioning Swim is conducted Saturdays from 11am to 12:45pm
 January 14-February 11, February 18-March 24, (no class February 25),                         Saturday sessions:
                                                                                                      October 1-December 10 (no classes November 26)
    March 31-May12 (no classes April 7 and 14).                                                       January 14-March 24 (no classes February 25)
 Cost: $50, Passholders; $55, residents; $65, non-residents.                                          March 31-June 23 (no classes April 7 and 14 and May 26)
 Register at the Service Desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.
                                                                                               Call 943-2350 for class times and levels.
                                                                                               Cost: $50, Passholder; $55, residents; $65, non-residents.
                                                                                               Register at the Service Desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.
 Private Swimming Lessons
     Private swim lessons are available for would-be swimmers of all ages at a                   Did you know…
 per lesson cost of $19 for Passholders, $20 for residents and $22 for non-                      that during our first decade of serving the Dearborn
 residents. A minimum of two lessons is required.                                                Community, swim instructors at the Ford Community &
     Patrons registering for five lessons receive a discount. The cost for five lessons          Performing Arts Center have taught almost 10,000 area
 is $90 for Passholders, $95 for residents and $105 for non-residents.                           youngsters how to swim through our popular “Learn to Swim”
     Lesson scheduling is subject to instructor availability.                                    program?
     For further information, call 943-2346.

                                        Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
 Open Family Swim
    Open family swimming is available Monday-Friday, 6-8 p.m. and Saturday
 and Sunday, 1-5 p.m.
    This schedule is tentative and subject to change, especially during the
    Call 943-2350 for the latest information.

 Lap Swim
    Lap swimming opportunities are available daily in our lap pool in the
 morning, during mid-day and in the evening according to the following
    Early Bird:       Monday-Friday, 5:30-8:45 a.m.
                      Saturday, 8-10 a.m.
                      Sunday, 9 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
    Mid-Day:          Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11:15 a.m.-5:45 p.m.
                      Tuesday, 10:15 a.m.-5 p.m.
                      Thursday, 11:15 a.m.-5 p.m.
                      Saturday, 11:15-12:45 p.m.
    Evening:          Monday-Friday, 7:15-9 p.m.
                      Saturday, 5-6 p.m.

   Did you know…
   that every year more than 20,000 swimmers take part in our                         Summer Swim Tags and Lessons
   popular “Open Family Swim” here at the Ford Community &                               Beginning April 2, Dearborn residents may purchase swim tags—good for
   Performing Arts Center?                                                            admittance to the city’s outdoor pools during the summer of 2012—and
                                                                                      register for swim lessons, which will be offered next summer at the city’s       17
                                                                                      outdoor pools.
Lap Swim Certification                                                                   All swim lesson participants must purchase a swim tag prior to registering for
   Lap Swim Certification qualifies youngsters aged 17 and under to utilize the       the lessons.
Ford Community & Performing Arts Center Pool for serious training.                       The lessons, which will be conducted Monday through Thursday in two-week
   Certification is offered Saturdays from noon to 1 p.m. and requires 500 yards of   sessions, feature instruction at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and
continuous swimming.                                                                  run for 30 minutes. Make up lessons, if necessary, will be held on Friday.
   Cost: $10                                                                             Dunworth Pool will offer four sessions:
   Register at the Service Desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.              Session 1        June 18-28
                                                                                             Session II       July 2-12(Includes a lesson on July 6; no lesson on July 4)
                                                                                             Session III      July 16-26
Indoor Pool Parties                                                                          Session IV       July 30-August 9
    Enjoy exclusive use of our natatorium at the Ford Community & Performing Arts
                                                                                         The other outdoor pools will offer three sessions:
Center for your party or gathering.
                                                                                             Session I        June 18-28
    Our natatorium includes a leisure pool with zero-depth entry, water slide, lazy          Session II       July 2-12 (Includes a lessons on July 6; no lesson on July 4)
river, bubble couch and spray amusements; a 25-yard long lap pool with a diving              Session III      July 16-26
well and a drop slide; spa; and outdoor terrace.
                                                                                         All session dates are tentative and subject to change.
    Our natatorium facilities are available for rent weekdays beginning at 9 p.m.,
Saturdays starting at 6 p.m. and Sundays beginning at 5 p.m.                             Registration for Dearborn residents is on a first-come, first-served basis at the
                                                                                      Service Desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.
    Cost: $350/hour with a two-hour minimum and a $150 deposit.
                                                                                         Non-residents may register beginning June 1, 2012.
    We can also include time in our natatorium as part of any Birthday Party
Package (See page 8).
    For further information concerning the rental of our natatorium, call
943-2381.                                                                                 Dunworth Pool will host three special events
Water Safety Instructor                                                                   next summer:
                                                                                                   U.S.S. Swim Meet, June 15-17
   If you would like to teach swimming or water safety, this course is for you.                    Annual City Swimming Championships, July 17
   Graduates are certified to teach American Red Cross Swimming and Water                          Annual Synchronized Swim Show July 25
Safety courses.
                                                                                             During these events, the pool will be closed for open swimming.
   This course will be offered during the spring at the Ford Community &                     Spectators, however, are welcomed.
Performing Arts Center.
                                                                                             For further information, call 943-2350
   Call 943-2346 for more information.

                                    Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                                                           Youth Gymnastics
                                                                              Nine different gymnastics classes, extending 11 weeks, will be
                                                                           offered this summer at the Ford Community & Performing Arts
                                                                           Center, beginning September 12. Most classes meet once-a-
                                                                           week for 50 minutes.
                                                                              Parent & Tot—for children up to age three. Intended as an
                                                                           introduction to gymnastics and gymnastics equipment. Parent’s
                                                                           participation is required. Meets Mondays from 9:30-10:20 a.m.
                                                                             Tiny Tots—for children age three to learn basic skills. Meets
                                                                           Mondays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. or 2-2:50 p.m.
                                                                             Tots—for children ages 3-5 to begin working on gymnastics
                                                                           equipment. Focus is on listening and taking turns. Meets
                                                                           Mondays from 4:10-5 p.m.
                                                                             Fantastic Fours & Fives—for children ages 4-5 to improve
                                                                           basic skills and learn advanced skills. Meets Mondays from
                                                                           10:30-11:20 a.m. or 1-1:50 p.m.
                                                                              Boys Bronze—for participants ages 6-13 to learn the basics
                                                                           of gymnastics and progress to more advanced skills.
                                                                           Conditioning is included. Meets Mondays from 5-5:50 p.m.
                                                                               Girls Bronze—for participants ages 6-9 to learn the basics of
                                                                           gymnastics and progress to more advanced skills. Conditioning
                                                                           is included. Meets Mondays from 5-5:50 p.m.
18                                                                             Girls Silver—for participants ages 10-13 to learn the basics of
                                                                           gymnastics and progress to more advanced skills. Conditioning
                                                                           is included. Meets Mondays from 4:15-6 p.m. Cost: $125 for
                                                                           Passholders, $150 for residents, $160 for non-residents
                                                                              Gold Advanced—students learn USAG routines, while also
                                                                           developing strength, conditioning and flexibility. Requires coach’s
                                                                           approval. Meets Mondays from 4:15-6 p.m. and Saturday from
                                                                           9-10:30 a.m. Cost: $150 for Passholders, $180 for residents,
                                                                           $190 for non-residents.
                                                                             Tumbling—an opportunity for cheerleaders and gymnasts to
                                                                           work on their tumbling. Meets Mondays from 3:30-4:15 p.m.

                                                                                Cost for 45-50-minute classes: $105 for Passholders,
 Looking for Babysitting?                                                    $125 for residents and $135 for non-residents.
    Enjoy some free time at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center         Register at the service desk of the Ford Community &
 while your children are having supervised fun in the Donald and Mary        Performing Arts Center.
 Kosch Family Child Activity Center just inside the south entrance.             No refunds after the second week of class. Classes will not
    Care is available for children ages six months through 10 years from     meet October 31 and November 7.
 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 5-8 p.m.              If a class meeting is cancelled for any reason, a make-up
 Monday through Thursday at a cost of just $2.50/hour and $2.50 for any      date will be added.
 additional part of an hour.                                                    An 11-week winter session will begin January 9 and an
    This service is available to all visitors of The Center.                 eight-week spring session will start April 23.
    Parents must present a picture ID when dropping off and picking up          For further information, call 943-2350 or email
 their children.                                                   
    For further information, call 943-2350.

                                 Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                                     Camp Dearborn
   Camp Dearborn is the city’s unique 626-acre recreational retreat near                 In-Season (through September 30, 2011) Rates:
Milford, approximately 35 miles northwest of Dearborn City Hall.                         Weekdays                       $25
   Established in 1948, Camp Dearborn offers a wide range of recreational                Weekend/Holiday                $80
venues and amenities, including a half-mile of sandy beach, athletic fields and          Off-Season (October 1, 2011-May 25, 2012) Rates:
tennis courts, shaded picnic areas, swimming and fishing lakes, concession               Weekdays                       $25
stand, miniature golf course, 27-hole championship golf course and family-               Weekend/Holiday                $25
oriented camping facilities.                                                             Specific picnic areas at the camp may be reserved for up to 5000
                                                                                      picnickers. The cost is based upon the number of participants.
Gate Admission                                                                           Participants                   Permit Fee
   2011 Season Stickers ($25 for residents and $35 for non-residents) are                Up to 100                      $75
valid through May 25, 2012                                                               101-300                        $150
   Vehicles not registered on a camping site or which don’t have a Season                Over 300                       $250
Sticker are assessed a daily admission fee.                                              A $250 deposit must be posted for any reservation with over 300
   Resident Automobile Admission Fees:                                                participants.
   May 28-September 30, 2011                           $4                                Plan ahead. Beginning January 2, 2012, reservations will be accepted for
   Weekdays after 5 p.m.                               $3                             shelters and picnic areas for the 2012 summer season. Reservations may be
   October 1, 2011-May 25, 2012                        $3                             made at the service desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center or
   Dearborn senior citizens (age 60 and over) are admitted free with proof of         the Milford Camp Office.
age and residency.
   Non-Resident Automobile Admission Fees:                                            Chalet
   May 28-September 30, 2011                           $6                                Camp Dearborn‘s rustic chalet, located in the heart of camp, is also
   Weekdays after 5 p.m.                               $3                             available for rental. The chalet accommodates up to 80 people and is
   October 1, 2011-May 25, 2012                        $3                             equipped with tables and chairs, refrigerator, stove/oven, electrical outlets,
   Non-resident senior citizens are charged the daily resident rate.                  ceiling fans and restrooms.
                                                                                         Rental fees are $40/hour, with a three-hour minimum. A $100 deposit is
Overnight Camping                                                                     also required.
    Overnight campers stay in Tent Village 1, where they have the option of
providing their own tent or camping vehicle, or reserving a stay in one of the        Autumn Hayrides
118 tents or 30 cabins maintained by Camp Dearborn.
    Campers providing their own tent or RV may select from sites that provide
                                                                                         Tractor-drawn hayrides are available at Camp Dearborn on Fridays,
                                                                                      Saturdays and Sundays from September 16 until the first snowfall.
either (1) electric, water and sewer or (2) just electric. All sites also include a      The cost is $7/person and a minimum of 20 riders is required. Each
fire pit, grill and picnic table, 20-50 amp service and access to a near-by           wagon accommodates approximately 30 riders.
dump station.                                                                            Departure times are 5, 6:30, 8 and 9:30 p.m.
   Off-Season (September 6-October 31, 2011, excluding October 7-9                       A post-hayride bonfire at an outdoor shelter is included.
and 14-16) Rates:                                                                        Advanced reservations are required, including a $25 down payment. Larger
                                           Daily            Weekly                    groups requiring more than one wagon are required to post an additional
   Electric                                $19              $114                      down payment of $10/wagon.
   Electric/Water/Sewer                    $27              $162                         Special arrangements may be made for groups wanting hayrides Monday
   Camping rates are based upon one camping unit per site.                            through Thursday nights.
   A minimum three-night stay is required on holiday weekends.
   Camping sites may be rented only by campers ages 21 and over and
verification of age is required.                                                         Reservations for Camp Dearborn’s tents and cabins, temporary campsites,
                                                                                      shelters, picnic areas and the chalet may be made at the service desk of the
Tent & Cabin Rental                                                                   Ford Community & Performing Arts Center or at the Milford Camp Office.
   Each tent and cabin sits on a cement foundation and is equipped with six              For further information concerning Camp Dearborn, call
cots, a refrigerator/stove unit, electrical outlets, a charcoal grill and a covered   943-2350 or visit
patio area, which includes a picnic table.
                                                                                      Halloween Camping Weekends
  Off-Season (September 6-October 31, 2011, excluding October 7-9                         Plan to be with us for either or both of these two special weekends,
and 14-16) Rates:                                                                     October 7-9 and 14-16, when we’ll celebrate the up-coming Halloween
                                            Daily           Weekly                    holiday with site decorating, pumpkin-carving contests, trick-or-treating, and
  Tent/Cabin (Residents)                    $30/$35         $125/$130                 more. Rent a tent or cabin or bring your own camping unit. A two-night stay
  Tent/Cabin (Non-Residents)                $35/$40         $145/$150                 is required and in-season rates apply.
  Services and amenities are limited during the off-season.
                                                                                              Camp Dearborn Office                       Milford Camp Office
  All reservations must be accompanied by a $50 deposit.
                                                                                             15801 Michigan Avenue                    1700 General Motors Road
Picnic/Shelter Reservations                                                                    Dearborn, MI 48126                        Milford, MI 48380
   Picnic shelters and shaded picnic areas may be reserved for family                           (313) 943-2576                            (248) 684-6000
gatherings, business outings, parties or picnics.
   Shelters, capable of accommodating up to 50 people (excluding the Pony                Did you know…
Shelter), include a refrigerator/stove unit, charcoal grill, electrical outlets and      that more than 250,000 outdoor enthusiasts visited Camp
six picnic tables.                                                                       Dearborn during the last 12 months?

                                         Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                       Senior Center Events
                                                                                                      Multiple Sclerosis Group:
                                                                                                         Last Friday of the month, 1 p.m.
                                                                                                      Penny Bingo
                                                                                                         Once a month.
                                                                                                      Recipe Club:
                                                                                                         First Wednesday of the month,
                                                                                                         12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                         Informative topics brought to you by
                                                                                                         professional speakers.
                                                                                                      State Representative, George Darany:
                                                                                                         Last Friday of the month.
                                                                                                    Senior Citizen Bus Service
                                                                                                       Do you need transportation to the doctor,
                                                                                                    shopping center, hairdresser or Dearborn
                                                                                                    Senior Center?
                                                                                                       Our Dearborn Senior Bus Service will take
                                                                                                    you anywhere in Dearborn, providing you’re a
                                                                                                    Dearborn resident aged 60 or over, for just $2
                                                                                                    round trip.
                                                                                                       To schedule a ride, call 943-4083 anytime
                                                                                                    weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
     Dearborn Senior Center                         Additional Information                          Reservations must be made a minimum of four
     Groups/Activities                               Alzheimer’s Support Group:                     days in advance.
        Activities and meetings take place at the       First Tuesday of the month, 1 p.m.             Our service is from curb to curb, only.
20    Dearborn Senior Center, unless otherwise
      noted, and require advanced registration.
                                                     Book Club:
                                                                                                    Caregivers traveling with our customers are
                                                                                                    also required to pay the $2 fee.
                                                        Second Wednesday of the month.                 Medical appointments have priority in our
        Information is constantly added to the
     calendar. Call 943-2412 for the latest          Caregivers Support Group:                      scheduling procedure. Our Senior Citizen Bus
     information.                                       Third Thursday of the month, 10 a.m.        Service does not pick up or deliver medication,
        Mondays                                      Congregate Meals:                              nor does it provide transportation for medical
                                                                                                    emergencies or out-patient surgery.
            Swimming, 9-10 a.m. and 10-11 a.m.          Daily hot lunch at Kennedy Plaza and
                                                        Sisson Manor ($2.25 donation). Call            For further information, call 943-4083.
            Bridge, noon.
            Pinochle, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.              24 hours in advance to reserve a meal at
            Duplicate Bridge, 11:30 a.m.                Kennedy Plaza (313-581-1039) or
            Walking Club, 1 p.m.                        Sisson Manor (313-565-9806).
        Tuesdays                                     Ear Clinic (including hearing aids):              Senior Health Expo
                                                        Second Thursday of the month.                     Make plans now to attend our Senior
            Swimming, 9-10 a.m.
                                                                                                       Health Expo, November 9, from 10 a.m.
            Sewing, 10 a.m.                          Food Surplus:                                     to 12:30 p.m., at the Ford Community &
            Crochet, 10 a.m., $1                        Distributed to qualified Dearborn              Performing Arts Center.
            Bridge, noon                                residents the second Monday of the
            Pinochle, 6 p.m.                                                                              Screenings will be available for blood
                                                        month, 9 a.m.                                  pressure, cholesterol, bone density,
        Wednesdays                                   Grief Support:                                    depression and anxiety, diabetes, oral
            Swimming, 9-10 a.m. and 10-11 a.m.          Every Wednesday, 10 a.m.                       cancer, hearing and vision.
            Grief Support, 10 a.m.                   Legal Aid:                                           We’ll also have light refreshments,
            Writers’ Group, 10 a.m. to noon
            Pinochle, noon                              Available throughout the year, offering        entertainment and a prize raffle.
            Walking Club, 1 p.m.                        legal assistance in most civil matters.           Call 943-2034 for further information.
        Thursdays                                    Liquid Nutrition:
            Swimming, 9-10 a.m.                         Distributed by Wayne County Services
            Craft/Quilting, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.           with a doctor’s prescription on the first
            Bridge, noon to 4 p.m.                      Wednesday of the month.
                                                     Meals on Wheels:                                  Did you know…
        Fridays                                                                                        that the annual two-and-a-half hour
            Artists’ Group, 10 a.m.                     Distributed Monday through Friday.             Senior Health Expo, hosted by our
            Yarn & Knitting, 10 a.m.                    Call 943-2009 for volunteer                    Senior Services Division, attracts more
            Scrabble Club, noon                         information. Drivers needed.                   than 400 area senior citizens?
            Walking Club, 1 p.m.

                                    Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                       Senior Center Events
                                                                                                      Club, which take place at the Henry Ford
  Did you know…                                                                                       Centennial Library beginning at 7 p.m. Meeting
  that our Senior Services Division, which offers programs, classes, activities and travel            dates are September 8, October 13, November
  opportunities to Dearborn-area seniors, is one of the largest organizations of its kind in          10, January 12, February 9, March 8, April 12
  the state?                                                                                          and May 10.
                                                                                                       Membership in the Dearborn Travel Club is
One Day Senior Travel                               25  Motor City Casino                             open to residents ages 50 and over.
  Several one-day trips are offered each month          R, $23; NR, $25                                  For further information, call Virginia Blow at
to Dearborn seniors (ages 50 and over).                 Receive $25 in slot play.                     943-2385.
Destinations and activities are varied and the      November
cost usually includes one meal.                                                                        September
                                                    2   Firekeepers Casino, Battle Creek
                                                                                                       11-20 President’s Cruise           $3199
  All one-day trips are escorted and originate          R, $35; NR, $37
                                                                                                             Sail on the Queen Mary 2 and visit
from the parking lot of the Ford Community &            Receive a $20 slot credit and $5 for
                                                                                                             England, Ireland, Scotland and
Performing Arts Center. Travel is aboard a              food, slot play or the gift shop. The
modern, air-conditioned motor coach to                  facility features a live poker room, as
destinations less than 150 miles from                   well as table game favorites, such as
Dearborn.                                               black jack, craps and roulette.
                                                                                                       10-13 Cumberland Falls               $699
  Seniors need not have a travel partner to         10 “Divas and Dinos”                                     Tour the Biltmore Estate.
participate. Registration preference is given to        R, $30; NR, $32                                21-24 44th Annual Mackinac Trip $700
Dearborn residents and members of the                   Enjoy this dinner theater presentation               Included are three breakfasts, two
Pleasant Hours Club and Dearborn Travel Club            by the Novi seniors.                                 buffet luncheons and three dinners
for the first week. Registration is then opened    December                                                  and a cocktail reception.
to others.                                          3      “All Night Strut” at the Gem Theater        November
  New destinations are added to the following              R, $66; NR, $68                             3-8      Branson, Missouri              $214
list from time to time. Information sheets                 Rediscover the Lindy, Hop, Shag and                  Includes an overnight stay at
describing the trips are available at the                  Tango and celebrate the 1930s and                    Harrah’s Casino Hotel, as well as
Dearborn Senior Center, located in the Ford                1940s. Lunch is included at the                      a visit to the Titanic Museum.
Community & Performing Arts Center.                        Dearborn Hills Golf Course.                                                                21
  For further information, call Diane Atkins at      8     Great Lakes Crossing
943-2319.                                                  R, $57; NR, $59
  September                                                Do your Christmas shopping at the
  11 Senior Day at Comerica Park                           outlet mall and enjoy lunch at the
         Residents, $32; Non-Residents, $34                Rainforest Café.
         Includes transportation, game ticket,       New trips are continually added to this
         hot dog and soft drink.                   calendar. Stop by the Senior Center, located in
  15 Planes, Trains & Automobiles                  the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center,
         R, $76; NR, $78                           for the latest information.
         Tour the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, which
         features amusement-style rides, full
         motion flight simulators, Four-D                 Please note that trips to Canada
         Missions Theater and more. Lunch is            require either (1) a valid passport,
         included at Rykse’s Restaurant. Visit          or (2) a passport card.
         the Gilmore Classic Car Association
         Museum and a historic cider mill and             Also, all casino trips require a
         u-pick orchard.                                picture ID to collect jackpots and
  16 Vaudeville to Video                                take advantage of casino
         R, $35; NR, $37                                packages, including meal offers.
         Lunch and a musical variety show
         presented by the Novi seniors.
                                                   Extended Senior Citizen Travel
  13 Mystery Trip
         R, $76; NR, $78                               A variety of cross-country trips are planned
         Lots of surprises and fun stops,          for Dearborn-area seniors, including those
         including one of the top ten most         listed below. Information sheets, detailing
         unusual places to live. No passport       these trips, are available at the Dearborn
         required.                                 Senior Center, located in the Ford Community
                                                   & Performing Arts Center.
                                                     Presentations of up-coming trips are given at
                                                   the monthly meetings of the Dearborn Travel

                                    Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                      Dearborn Ice Skating Center
                                                                                        “Learn to Skate” Class Rates
                                                                                                                                   Residents    Non-Residents
                                                                                           One Class/Participant                   $80          $90
                                                                                           Two Classes/Participant                 $120         $135

                                                                                     The Pro Shop
                                                                                        Under new management, the DISC’s full-service Pro Shop features hockey
                                                                                     equipment and accessories, figure skating accessories, team apparel, high school
                                                                                     varsity jackets, skate sharpening and skate sales and repairs.
                                                                                        The Pro Shop is open Monday through Friday from 4-9 p.m., Saturday from
                                                                                     10 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sunday from 12-5 p.m.
                                                                                        For further information, call 584-4407.

                                                                                     Party & Banquet Rooms
                      14900 Ford Road, Dearborn, MI 48126                               Private Party Rooms (17x24) for groups of 25 or less. $25/hour or $100/day
                   Phone: (313) 943-4098 / Fax: (313) 584-4549                       and a $100 damage deposit.
                                                                                        Main Banquet Room (42x80) for groups of 200 or less. $600/day (eight hour
   The Dearborn Ice Skating Center (DISC) features two NHL regulation-size ice       maximum) and $400 damage deposit.
surfaces, main seating for 1500, upper level meeting and banquet rooms,
                                                                                        Rental groups are responsible for set up and clean up, both of which are part of
concession stand and many other amenities. The facility is open year-round for ice
                                                                                     the rental time.
skating and room rentals and offers special event rentals during May-July.

Open Public Skating
      Mid-Day:                                Monday–Friday                             Did you know…
                                              11 a.m.-1 p.m.                            that the Dearborn Ice Skating Center hosted the North American
      Mid-Day Admission:                      General Public, $3                        Rink Conference and Expo last spring, bringing 400 out-of-state
22                                            Children under five, FREE                 visitors to Dearborn for the four-day event?
                                              Senior Citizens, FREE
      Evening:                                Call for days and times.
      Evening Admission:                      Residents, $5
                                              Non-Residents, $6
                                              Children under five, $2                                      Calendar of Events
                                              Senior Citizens, $2
                                                                                         September 15-17             AAUW Used Book Sale
Ice Rental
   Prime Time (weekdays, 4-11 p.m. and weekends, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.): $220/hour.          September 20                MAHA Referee Clinic
   Non-Prime Time: $100-200/hour.
                                                                                         October 8                   USFSA Basic Skills Figure Skating
“Learn to Skate” Program                                                                                             Competition
   This program offers quality instruction on many comprehensive skills using
United States Figure Skating Association guidelines and standards. Professional          October 9                   MAHA Referee Clinic
instructors conduct the classes in a positive atmosphere, making the learning
process enjoyable for recreational, figure and hockey skaters of all ages.               November 25-27              Thanksgiving Hockey Tournament
   “Learn to Skate” classes meet once a week for six-to-eight weeks according to
the following schedule.                                                                  December 10                 Dearborn Figure Skating Club
   “Learn to Skate” Classes                                                                                          Christmas Exhibition
      Monday          1-1:40 p.m.             Preschool (Ages 3-5)
      Wednesday       5-5:40 p.m.             Freestyle, Basic 6-8 & Adult               December 31                 Open Skating New Years Eve, 4-6 p.m.
      Wednesday       5:40-6:20 p.m.          Beginner-Basic 5
      Saturday        11:10-11:50 a.m.        Low Freestyle & Adults                     February 3-5                Michigan Amateur Hockey
      Saturday        11:50 a.m.-12:30 p.m.   Beginner-Basic 8                                                       Association District 2 Playoffs
      Saturday        12:40-1:20 p.m.         Beginner-Basic 8
   “Learn to Skate” Sessions                                                             Feb. 27-March 4             Little Caesars Hockey League Playoffs
      Session 1:      September 26-November 19
      Session 2:      November 28-February 4 (No classes December 20-                    March 31-April 1            Annual Ice Show, “Celebration on Ice”
                      January 8)
      Session 3:      February 6-March 24
      Session 4:      April 16-June 9 (No classes May 28-June 1)

                                     DISC (313) 943-4098 or
                    Dearborn Ice Skating Center

                  Hockey players ages 7-10
                 won't want to miss this year's

     DISC Holiday Hockey Clinic,
                 which will be held during the
                     Christmas holidays.
         Learn warm-up exercises, improve
      your power/agility skills, practice shooting
         and passing techniques and polish
             your overall fundamentals.

          Call (313) 943-4098 for further information.

Dearborn Ice Skating Center Organizations:
   The Dearborn Figure Skating Club (DFSC)—supports and develops
amateur figure skaters on both an individual and synchronized basis in a
family-oriented environment which stresses positive reinforcement and                                           23
individual growth and development. The DFSC competes both nationally and
internationally. For further information, contact Mary at (313) 400-1211or visit

   Dearborn Introduction to Hockey Program—introduces young players,
ages 3-7, to hockey by helping develop basic skills—including skating—and
teaching the essentials of the game. Call (313) 943-4098 for further

    The Dearborn Hockey Association (DHA)—a non-profit organization
which promotes citizenship, sportsmanship and the physical development of
its participants while improving their knowledge and skills of the game. For
youngsters ages 6-17. For further information, contact Kevin at (313) 565-9219
or visit

   Dearborn Unified High School Hockey Team—made up of players
attending Dearborn High and Edsel Ford. Try-outs are conducted in the fall.
Home games are played at the DISC.

   Michigan Masters Hockey League—an advanced-level hockey program
for adults, ages 18 and over. Players are drafted on to teams to insure parity.
Register for days which fit your schedule. Contact Brian at (734) 434-4327 or for further information.

   Dearborn Crystallette Synchronized Skating Teams—offer
synchronized competition for skaters of all levels and abilities, ages five
through adult. Teams compete at local, national and international levels.
Currently, our Juvenile, Novice, Senior and Adult Crystallettes are the U.S.
National medalists and our Senior International/World team is the Prague Cup
Gold Medalist and ranked ninth in the world. Contact Holly for further
information at (313) 943-4098 or visit

                                    DISC (313) 943-4098 or
                                               Robert Herndon’s
                   Dearborn Hills Golf Course
       Did you know…
       that Dearborn-area golfers played
       more than 32,000 rounds
       at the Robert Herndon Dearborn
       Hills Golf Course last year, making
       it one of the most popular
       municipality-operated courses
       in the area?

       With just a short drive, Dearborn
     residents can enjoy a round of golf at
     one of Michigan’s best public
     golf course.
       Robert Herndon Dearborn
     Hills Golf Course, nestled in the
     valley of the Rouge River, straddling
     Telegraph just north of Michigan
     Avenue, was recently rated the
     number one public course in
     the state by readers of the
     Detroit News.
24      The scenic facility features
     beautiful greens and fairways, a
     fully stocked pro shop, club and
     cart rentals, a full service grille
     and convention and meeting
       Tee times may be reserved up to
     one week in advance by calling the
     Pro Shop (563-GOLF) or visiting the
     website at

                                                                Seasonal Golf Rates (through September 30)*
                                                                                                Walking                        Riding
                                                                                           9 Holes      18 Holes         9 Holes      18 Holes
                                              Weekday                                      $14.50       $22              $22.50       $31.50
                                              Weekend                                      $15.50       $24              $23.50       $34.50
                                              Junior (under 16)                            $9           $13              $15          $20
                                              Senior (60 and over)                         $9           $13              $15          $20
                                                 * Off-season rates (October 1, 2011 through March 11, 2012), are approximately $2 less.
                                                 Family golfers can save even more by taking advantage of our “Family Deal.” Families of either
                                              one or two adults and up to three children (under the age of 16) can play either nine or 18 holes,
                                              with a cart, for only $50 or $75, respectively.

                                        Dearborn Hills (313) 563-GOLF or
                                                      Robert Herndon’s
                    Dearborn Hills Golf Course
GOLF LEAGUES                                                                        Banquet Facilities
  Summer golf leagues at the Robert Herndon Dearborn Hills Golf Course will            Planning a shower, wedding reception, anniversary party or other
begin forming early next spring.                                                    social gathering?
   As always, a wide variety of leagues will be offered, including senior leagues      The banquet room at the Robert Herndon Dearborn Hills Golf
for both men and women, Junior Leagues for golfers ages 9-11 and 12-15 and          Course is the perfect location for groups as small as 30 or as large
separate leagues for men and women.                                                 as 200.
   Senior Women’s League                                                               A variety of food and beverage options are available.
          Eligibility: Residents ages 55 and over
                                                                                       Call the banquet hotline at 563-3043.
          Plays: Mondays, beginning April 23
          Registration Deadline: March 2
          Entry Fee: $60                                                            Additional Amenities
          Koffee Klatch: April 16 at 9 a.m.                                            The Dearborn Hills Grille Room offers a wide variety of
                                                                                    appetizers, soups, salads and sandwiches weekdays from 11 a.m. to
   Senior Men’s Tuesday League                                                      9 p.m. The Grille Room is closed weekends for private parties.
          Eligibility: Residents ages 55 and over
          Plays: Tuesdays, beginning April 25                                         Gift certificates in any amount are available at the Pro Shop,
          Registration Deadline: March 2                                            which is open daily from dawn to dusk.
          Entry Fee: $60                                                               Golf outing packages, featuring either nine or 18 holes of golf and
          Koffee Klatch: April 17 at 9 a.m.                                         a choice of food and/or beverage selections, are also available.
   Senior Men’s Wednesday League                                                       Call 563-GOLF (4653) for further information.
          Eligibility: Residents ages 55 and over
          Plays: Wednesdays, beginning April 25
          Registration Deadline: March 2
          Entry Fee: $60                                                             2012 Golf Season
          Koffee Klatch: April 18 at 9 a.m.                                          Calendar of Events                                                      25
   Junior League/Clinic                                                                 March 2        Registration Deadline for Most Leagues
           Eligibility: Ages 9-11 as of August 1, 2012                                  March 14       Seasonal Rates Begin
           Plays: Tuesdays for four weeks (June 12-July 10 or July 12-August 8),
           beginning at 10 a.m.                                                         March 23       League Meeting
           Registration Begins: May 1                                                   April 3        Koffee Klatch for Women’s Tuesday Night
           Fee: $65 (Includes $30 entry fee, $15 range fee and $20 greens fee)                         League
           Structure: One week of instruction, followed by league play.                 April 4        Koffee Klatch for Women’s Monday and
   Women’s Monday League                                                                               Wednesday Leagues, 10 a.m.
        Plays: Mondays, beginning April 30                                              April 16       Koffee Klatch for Senior Women’s Monday
        Registration Deadline: March 2                                                                 League, 9 a.m.
        Entry Fee: $35 for residents, $45 for non-residents                             April 17       Koffee Klatch for Senior Men’s Tuesday
        Koffee Klatch: April 6 at 10 a.m.                                                              League, 9 a.m.
   Women’s Wednesday League                                                             April 18       Koffee Klatch of Senior Men’s Wednesday
        Eligibility: Ages 21 and over                                                                  League, 9 a.m.
        Plays: Wednesdays, beginning May 2                                              April 23       Play Begins for Senior Women’s Monday
        Registration Deadline: March 2                                                                 League
        Entry Fee: $35 for residents, $45 for non-residents
        Koffee Klatch: April 4 at 10 a.m.                                               April 24       Play Begins for Senior Men’s Tuesday League
                                                                                        April 25       Play Begins for Senior Men’s Wednesday
   Junior Golf League                                                                                  League
          Eligibility: Ages 12-15
          Plays: Tuesdays, beginning June 12, for eight weeks.                          April 30       Play Begins for Women’s Monday League
          Registration Begins: May 1                                                    May 1          Registration Begins for Junior League/Clinic
          Entry Fee: $125                                                               May 2          Play Begins for Women’s Wednesday League
          Structure: One week of instruction, followed by seven weeks of
          9-hole play and a prize tournament the last day.                              June 12        Play Begins for Junior Leagues

                                            Dearborn Hills (313) 563-GOLF or
     Shelter Rentals
        Outdoor shelters at Crowley, Hemlock, Ford Field (2) and Lapeer Parks are          Picnic Permits
     available for rental by picnickers and party-goers, ages 21 and over.                    Picnic permits will be available for sites at Crowley, Ford Field, Ford
        All five shelters are roofed picnic areas equipped with electrical outlets and     Woods, Levagood and Hemlock Parks, beginning February 1, 2012, at
     interior lighting.                                                                    the service desk of the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.
        Restrooms are included in the shelters at Hemlock and Lapeer Parks, as
     well as in the South Shelter at Ford Field. Restroom facilities are within easy          Fees are based upon residency/non-residency status and the size of
     walking distance of Crowley’s shelter and Ford Field's North Shelter.                 the group. A clean-up deposit must be posted for groups of over 200.
     Crowley Shelter Rates (Beginning February 1, 2012):                                      Number of Participants         Resident        Non-Resident
        Residents:           Weekdays, $100 and a $250 clean up/reservation deposit                    Up to 50                 $30              $75
                             Weekends/Holidays, $150 and a $250 clean-up/                              51-100                   $60              $125
                             reservation deposit                                                       101-150                  $100             $200
                                                                                                       151-200                  $125             $250
        Non-Residents: Weekdays, $175 and a $250 clean-up/reservation deposit
                             Weekends/Holidays, $250 and a $250 clean-up/                              Over 200                 TBD              TBD
                             reservation deposit                                              Groups numbering more than 150 participants may only reserve sites
        Capacity:            75                                                            at Ford Field (or Camp Dearborn).
                                                                                                 For further information, call 943-2350.
     Hemlock and Lapeer Shelter Rates (Beginning February 1, 2012):
        Residents:         Weekdays, $125 and a $250 clean up/reservation deposit
                           Weekends/Holidays, $225 and a $250 clean-up/
                           reservation deposit
                                                                                         In-line Skating Rink
        Non-Residents:     Weekdays, $175 and a $250 clean-up/reservation deposit           An outdoor, in-line skating rink at Ford Woods Park is open throughout
                                                                                         the year, weather permitting, for use on a first-come, first-served basis.
                           Weekends/Holidays, $325 and a $250 clean-up/
                                                                                            The rink is illuminated nightly until 10 p.m.
                           reservation deposit
                                                                                            For further information, call 943-2350.
        Capacity:          200
     Ford Field Shelter Rates (Beginning February 1, 2012):                              Sledding at Ford Field
26      Residents:         Weekdays, $100 (South) and $200 (North)                          During the winter months, Ford Field’s north hill is the site of downhill
                                                                                         sledding when conditions permit.
                           Weekends/Holidays, $150 (South) and $400 (North)
        Non-Residents: Weekdays, $175 (South) and $275 (North)                              For the safety of all participants using this lighted facility, please observe
                                                                                         the following safety suggestions:
                           Weekends/Holidays, $250 (South) and $500 (North)
                                                                                             • Children should always be supervised by a parent or adult.
        Capacity:          North, 400; South, 125                                            • Children under the age of 12 should wear a safety helmet.
        Renters of the Ford Field Shelters are required to post a clean-up                   • Participants should always face forward and never come downhill
     reservation deposit, which is based upon the size of the group and the type of              head first.
     activity.                                                                               • At the bottom of the hill and on your way back up, always watch for
        Rental hours: South Shelter, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; North Shelter, 11 a.m. to                other sleds on their way down.
     8 p.m.
                                                                                             • Beware of icy conditions, which can make sleds difficult to control.
        Reservations for outdoor shelters may be made at the service desk of the
     Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.                                                • In the event that emergency medical help is required, use the
        For further information, call 943-2350.                                                  telephone box at the top of the hill.

     Hemlock Cabin Rentals
         Rustic Hemlock Cabin, capable of accommodating 40 people, is available
     for rental throughout the year.
         The cabin consists of one large room (38' by 23') with a gas fireplace,
     refrigerator, sink and two restrooms. An outdoor picnic area lies adjacent to
     the cabin.
         Rental rates for Hemlock Cabin are $40/hour with a three-hour minimum
     required Monday through Friday and a six-hour minimum Saturday, Sunday
     and holidays. A $100 clean-up/reservation deposit must also be posted.
         Hemlock Cabin may be rented only by Dearborn residents aged 21
     and over.
         Reservations for Hemlock Cabin may be made at the service desk of
     the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.
         For further information, call 943-2350.

        Did you know…
        that nearly 500 permits were issued last summer for picnic
        sites and shelters in Dearborn parks?

                                            Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                      Dearborn Parks

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Emergency Phone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Drinking Fountain
                                                  Natural Ice Rink

                                                                                                                                                        Play Equipment
                           Track (Miles)

                                                                                                                                         Tennis Court
                                                                                                             Soccer Field

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Shelter Area
                                                                     In-Line Rink

                                                                                                                                                                         Picnic Area

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Parking Lot

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bike Rack
                                                                                    Ball Field

                                                                                                 Sled Hill

Community Parks
  Crowley                      .64           X                               X            X                           X             X              X               X             X          X        X             X             X                  X                 X            X          X             X
  Ford Field                                                                              X            X              X                            X               X             X          X        X             X                                X                 X            X          X             X
  Ford Woods                    .4           X                               X            X                                                        X               X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X          X             X
  Hemlock                       .4                                                        X            X              X             X                              X             X          X        X             X                                X                 X            X          X             X
  Lapeer                       .59           X                               X                         X              X             X              X               X             X          X        X             X             X                  X                 X            X          X             X
  Levagood                     .59           X              X                X            X            X                            X              X               X             X          X        X                           X                  X                 X            X          X             X
  The Center                    .5                                                        X                           X                                            X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X          X             X
Neighborhood Parks
  Argyle-Williamson                                                                                                                                                X             X          X                                    X                  X                              X
  City Hall Park                                                                                                                                                                            X        X                                              X                              X
  Edison                                                                                  X                           X                                            X             X          X        X                                              X
  Geer                         .15                                                                                                                                               X          X                      X                                                                                        X
  Oak                                                       X                             X                                         X                              X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X
  Oxford                       .25                          X                             X                                         X                              X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X
  Penn-Vassar                  .36                          X                             X                                         X                              X             X          X        X             X             X                  X                 X            X
  Schemansky                   .56                          X                                                                       X                              X             X          X        X                           X                  X                 X            X
  Summer Stephens              .38           X                                            X
                                                                                                                                                                                                     X                           X
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      X            X
  Ten Eyck                     .42           X              X                X            X                                         X              X               X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X
  Whitmore Bolles                                                                                                                                                                X          X                                                       X                 X            X
  York                                                                                                                                                             X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X

  Alber-Bingham                                                                                                                                                    X             X          X
  Arthur-Basse                                                                                                                                                     X             X          X        X             X                                X                 X            X                       X
  Canterbury                                                                                                                                                       X             X          X        X                                              X                 X
  Carlysle-Raymond                                                                                                                                                 X             X          X        X
  Cherry Hill                                                                                                                                                      X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X
  Columbia                                                                                                                                                         X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X
  Dearborn High                                                                                                                                                    X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X
  Freda-Blesser                                                                                                                                                    X             X          X        X                                              X                 X
  Gary                                                                                                                                                             X             X          X        X
  Martha-Myrtle                                                                                                                                                    X             X          X        X                                              X                 X            X
  Morningside                                                                                                                       X                              X             X          X        X             X                                X                 X
  Palmer-Jerome                                                                                                                                                    X             X          X        X                                                                X
  Pine-Linden                                                                                                                                                      X             X          X        X             X             X                  X                 X
  Riverdale                                                                                                                                                        X             X          X        X                                                                X
  Rosalie-Hubbard                                                                                                                                                  X             X          X        X
  Tannahill                                                 X                                                                                                      X             X          X        X
  WDDDA Pocket Park                                                                                                                                                                                  X
  Wyoming-Gould                                                                                                                     X                              X             X          X        X                                              X

                       Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
                       Become A Passholder
        Now is a great time for you to                                                                              Ford Community &
  become a passholder at the Ford Community                                                                       Performing Arts Center
                                                                                                                       Dearborn Resident Pass Fees*
          & Performing Arts Center!                                                                         Resident          Daily Fee   Monthly Fee Annual Fee
             To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we’ll give you                                             CHILD (0-3)       FREE              FREE     FREE
          a 30-day trial membership this autumn for only $10.                                               YOUTH (4-12)       $6                $19     $228
                                      (See page 17 for the details.)                                        YOUTH (13-17)      $8                $19     $228
                                                                                                            INDIVIDUAL (18-59) $8                $30     $360
              Once you decide to purchase an Individual annual membership,                                  SENIOR (60+)       $7                $23     $276
         you’ll enjoy all our fabulous amenities for less than $1/day. You’ll have                          SENIOR COUPLE (60+)                  $33     $396
       access to our gymnasiums, swimming pools, fitness area—which includes                                FAMILY PASS                          $49     $588
         cardiovascular and weight training equipment—indoor track and rock                                 COUPLE PASS                          $39     $468
            climbing wall. You’ll also receive a FREE fitness assessment and                                  – Individual     $11              $43      $516
        equipment orientation from Detroit Medical Center (DMC) fitness experts.                              – Couple                          $52      $624
                                                                                                              – Family                          $62      $744
                For another $10/month, you can add unlimited access to our
                                                                                                            * All fees are subject to change.
                          aerobics classes to your membership.
                 Stop by the Service Desk before the end of September                                      Pass Categories and Definitions
        to take advantage of our amazing 30-day trial membership for just $10.                             Youth
                                                                                                             • Any person 4-12 years of age
                                          Questions?                                                         • City of Dearborn Resident
28            Call our friendly and courteous Service Desk staff at 943-2350.                              Individual
                                                                                                              • Any person 13-59 years of age
                                                                                                              • City of Dearborn Resident
 Ford Community & Performing Arts Center Features      Climbing Wall
                                                         • Discover the challenge, fun and excitement      Senior
 Leisure Pool                                              of rock-climbing. Our Nicros ART Wall has a       • Any person 60 years of age or older
     • Zero depth entrance                                 custom-made climbing surface that closely         • City of Dearborn Resident
     • Waterslides                                         duplicates the look and feel of natural rock.
     • Lazy river & spa                                                                                    Family
                                                           It provides the very best terrain for both        • Any 2 adults, children 17 years of age and
 Lap Pool                                                  beginning and expert climbers.                       under, and legal dependents aged 18 and
     • Competition-sized pool with six                 Walking/Running Track                                    over, all residing at the same address.
       25-yard lap lanes                                 • Three lanes                                       • City of Dearborn Residents
     • 12-foot deep diving well                          • Special cushioned surface
     • Outdoor terrace                                                                                     Couple
                                                         • 11 laps per mile                                  • Any 2 people residing at the same address
     • Water exercise, lessons and other special
       programs                                        Staffed Babysitting Area                              • City of Dearborn Residents
     • Open swim time                                    • Available Monday-Saturday,                      Corporate
                                                           8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and Monday-               • Any person working in Dearborn
 Court Areas                                               Thursday, 5-8 p.m.
     • Two full-court gymnasiums                                                                                Documentation is required to verify your
                                                         • Organized activities, games, and FUN!                rate category. Proof of City of Dearborn
     • Four regulation baskets on two full-sized
       courts                                          Men’s, Women’s, and Family Locker Rooms                  residency, full-time student status, and other
     • Two volleyball courts                             • Three separate locker rooms for                      legal dependent status are required. If
                                                           more convenience                                     purchasing a Youth or Senior Pass, please
 Aerobic Studio                                                                                                 bring proof of age.
     • Cushioned wood flooring                         Outdoor Facilities
                                                         •   Pool terrace                                       Documentation considered:
     • Sound system
     • A variety of classes offered                      •   Playground structures                              – Valid driver’s license
                                                         •   Comfort station                                    – Current City tax return or bill
 Weight/Fitness Concourse                                •   Youth baseball diamond                             – Most recent paycheck stub
     • Cardiovascular equipment, including precor        •   Walking/Jogging track                              – Current utility bill
       treadmills and elliptical trainers.                                                                      – Valid car registration
                                                         •   Adult soccer field                                 – Valid voter registration card
     • Magnum selectorized weight equipment,             •   Outdoor pond
       dumbbells and free weights for major                                                                     – Rental contract or ownership papers
                                                         •   In-line skating facility                           – College identification card with proof of
       muscle workouts.                                                                                            full-time status
     • Hammer strength and paramount plate-                                                                     – Current IRS tax forms
       loaded equipment for serious weight                                                                      – Proof of other legal dependent status
       training enthusiasts.

                                        Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
Types of Passes                                          equipment, walking/jogging track, climbing wall and
Annual Pass – Pay by the year for your passholder        locker room during "open use" times.
privileges. If you select this option, we require full   Guests must present a valid photo ID when
payment at the time of registration.                     entering.
Monthly Pass (EFT Only) – Our convenient                    Youth (ages 4-12) $11/day $32/week
monthly pass allows you to have fees electronically         Individual (ages 13-59) $11/day $49/week
deducted from your account on a month-by-                   Senior (ages 60 & over) $11/day $45/week
month basis. Our EFT service is free, however, we
require payment for the first three months at the        General Information
time you register. If you cancel your EFT service          • The Ford Community & Performing Arts
and then decide to reapply, a $50 fee is required.           Center is barrier free accessible.
Daily Pass – This option allows for the day-long           • Children under 13 years must be
use of the pools, gymnasium, weight/fitness                  accompanied and chaperoned by a paying
equipment, walking/jogging track, climbing wall and          adult.
locker room during “open use” times.                       • Children ages three and under are admitted
                                                             free when accompanied
                                                             by a paying adult.
                                                           • Lockers are available for day use only.
        Guests must present a                              • Family Locker Rooms are available.
                                                           • Specific programs and “open use” hours are
    valid photo ID when entering.                            scheduled quarterly.
                                                           • Specific areas and activities have age
                                                           • Minimum age for the fitness/equipment area
Guest Pass – Non-Dearborn residents are eligible
                                                             is 15, except for certain fitness classes.
to purchase a Guest Pass, good for either a day or
                                                           • Valid photo ID is required for admittance.
a week, when they are accompanied by a Dearborn
                                                           • Child care strollers are only allowed in the
resident. This option allows for the day-long use
                                                             fitness and track areas from 9-11 a.m.
of the pools, gymnasium, weight/fitness                                                                                                                                                      29
                                                                 Looking for a Program You Don’t See Here?
    Registration is                                                 If there’s a recreation program that you would like to see offered that
    Always Easy!                                                 is not listed, send your ideas to:
                                                                            Erica Lyght
    On the Internet                                                         15801 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126
    at                                           Call 943-2350 or visit us on the web at:
    By Mail                                                      Refund Policy
    (Must include payment by check                                  Patrons seeking a refund must complete a “Refund Request” form, available at the Ford
    or credit card):                                             Community & Performing Arts Center, Dearborn Ice Skating Center or Camp Dearborn
              REGISTRATION                                       Milford Office.
              Dearborn Recreation Dept.                             Refund requests must be accompanied by a receipt.
                                                                    For activities meeting more than once (indoor swim classes, sports clinics, etc.), refund
              15801 Michigan Ave.
                                                                 requests must be submitted prior to the third meeting.
              Dearborn, MI 48126                                    For outdoor swimming lessons, refund requests must be submitted prior to the second
    By Fax                                                       class meeting.
    (Must include credit card information):                         Refunds will be pro-rated, based upon the number of meetings which have been held.
    943-2357                                                        For activities meeting only once (concerts, dances, etc.), refund requests must be
                                                                 submitted within five business days of the scheduled activity.
    By Phone                                                        All refunds are subject to a $10 service charge.
    (Payment by credit card only)                                   Refunds are issued by check and sent through the mail. This process takes
                                                                 approximately three weeks.
    In Person
    (At the service desk of the Ford Community                   Our Mission
    & Performing Arts Center) 15801 Michigan                     The mission of the Dearborn Recreation Department is to help fulfill the social, educational and recreational needs of
    Avenue on the corner of Greenfield.                          children, adults and families by providing quality programs and activities in clean and well-maintained facilities and to
                                                                 achieve this through exemplary customer service.

                                        Dearborn Recreation (313) 943-2350 or
       John B. O’Reilly, Jr.

   Thomas P Tafelski, President
Suzanne Sareini, President Pro Tem
       Mark Shooshanian
       Robert A. Abraham
       Brian C. O’Donnell
       Nancy A. Hubbard
          David Bazzy

         CITY CLERK
         Kathleen Buda

        Gregory S. Orner

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