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					                          Vint Hill Economic Development Authority
                          Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes
                                          August 5, 2010
                                Vint Hill EDA Conference Room

Commissioners Present:                           Staff Present:
Birge Watkins - Chairman                         Ike Broaddus, Interim Director
Chris Johnson – Vice Chairman                    Sherry Pillow, Finance Manager
Mary Leigh McDaniel-Secretary/Treasurer          Tim Harms, Project Manager
Dorothy Wood                                     Pat White, Marketing Manager

Guests Present
Paul McCulla, Fauquier County Administrator
Regina Dodson, Fauquier County Executive Assistant to the Administrator
Bill Downey, Downey and Scott, and Piedmont Condo Association
Scott Donaldson, Inn at Vint Hill

Call to Order
Mr. Watkins called the meeting to order at 4:35 PM.

Adoption of Agenda
Mr. Watkins moved to adopt the meeting agenda, Ms. McDaniel seconded, and the motion was
unanimously approved.

Approval of Minutes
Ms. McDaniel moved to approve the minutes from the June 3, 2010 meeting, Mr. Johnson
seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Public Comments
No public comments

Chairman’s Comments
Mr. Watkins reported that he, Mr. Broaddus, Mr. Harms, and Ms. Pillow attended the Board of
Supervisor’s work session (Retreat) in July. Mr. McCulla will give a short presentation and some
conclusions from this work session.

BOS Presentation
Mr. McCulla handed out an updated version of the packet from the Board of Supervisor’s retreat.
Mr. McCulla reported that Mr. Graham requested the retreat and received further direction from
the supervisors to tell them what would happen if, for some reason, the EDA either voluntarily or
involuntarily ceased to function. “Mr. McCulla commented that the EDA staff was very
cooperative and worked very well with his staff in getting this material together. Mr. McCulla was
encouraged to see that the County and the EDA worked well together and hopes this spirit of
collaboration will continue. After an overview of the packet, Mr. McCulla’s recommendation to the
EDA was to keep the BOS fully engaged throughout the planning process so that mutual
agreement is assured.”

        Issues Raised from Retreat and Other Issues
        Mr. Watkins discussed the Delta Associates report from 2003 which estimated that the
        absorption has been higher than what was estimated. Mr. Broaddus handed out and
        discussed the Vint Hill Development Plan map that Ms. Callie Broaddus helped create.
        Mr. Broaddus also handed out and discussed an updated CIP consisting of three (3)
        Mr. Broaddus reported on the Route 29 Study that the EDA participated in, sharing the
        different options discussed. The solution recommended was to eliminate the signal light
        to make the left hand turn from Route 215 to Route 29 which would cut down on stopping
        time for Route 29 northbound traffic.
        Mr. Broaddus reported that VDOT has tentatively approved a contribution of $400,000 to
        funding for the Brookside Boulevard.

Committee Reports
      Marketing - Ms. White referred to the Activity Statement that gives more detail of
      prospects. Ms. White handed out a draft and gave a review on a technology zone for Vint
      Hill. Ms. McDaniel suggested Ms. White work with someone from the County before
      reviewing again.
      Mr. Watkins reported on continuing talks with potential developer partners and broker

        Finance – Ms. McDaniel commented that finance was discussed during Mr. Broaddus’
        CIP reporting and had no further additions.

        Project Management - Mr. Harms reported that the Brookside Parkway plans have not
        been approved yet, but are in the final stretch. If the plan was going to go to construction
        this year the earliest would be October.

        Mr. Broaddus reported that the only Grant we are currently waiting to hear on is the
        Stimulus Fiber Fund. Mr. Harms reported that all awards have to be out by end of

Interim Director’s Comments
Mr. Broaddus reported that the EDA has hired Cogent Analysis Group to do an analysis on
potential energy sources here at Vint Hill.

New Business
Mr. Watkins mentioned that we have an open commissioner seat. The Board will make a
recommendation to the Governor very soon.
Mr. Watkins discussed forming an advisory group to include business and property owners.

Mr. Watkins would like to discuss ideas regarding commercial purposes to include Silvermead
and The Barns Complex.
Mr. Donaldson shared his concern for the lack of consideration for the beautification of Vint Hill.
Mr. Downey reported that Buccaneer has been sold and Mr. Newell will stay the owner of the
building. He asked that the EDA not let the landscaping go because it doesn’t look good and
many businesses will not tolerate this.

Closed Session
Mr. Watkins moved that the Vint Hill EDA go into closed session pursuant to Sections 2.2-
3711.A.1 and A.3 of the Code of Virginia for the purposes of discussing personnel matters and
tenant prospects. Ms. McDaniel seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved. The
Board went into closed session at 6:55 PM.

Reconvene Regular Meeting
After completion of the closed session, Mr. Watkins moved to reconvene in open session, Ms.
McDaniel seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Next Meeting
The next scheduled meeting will be held at Vint Hill EDA October 14, 2010 at 4:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM

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