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The Department of Parks and Recreation strives to improve the quality of life for our
residents by providing an avenue for fulfillment of social, cultural, physical, and educational
needs of people through leisure experiences.

The department is charged with providing a multitude of recreational and cultural programs,
while operating and maintaining over 120 sites throughout the island. These sites include
beach parks, neighborhood parks, senior centers, and community centers. They also offer
facilities for active recreation such as ball fields, soccer fields, gyms, swimming pools, tennis
courts, and rodeo arenas.

The department is also responsible for special-purpose facilities such as the drag strip, skeet
range, equestrian center, zoo, and golf course. Throw in the County and West Hawai‘i
bands, plus Alae and Veterans cemeteries, and you have the most diverse department in the
county. The department has a total budget of $14.1 million and has upwards of 460
employees. This increases to 560 employees during the summer months.

Through the nine divisions, sections, and bands, the department’s diversity includes
programs and services to serve keiki, teenagers, adults, and seniors. The Veterans Advisory
Committee serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and Department of Parks and Recreation
on matters regarding the veterans’ cemeteries.


The Administration Division provides administrative and organizational support services to
all the divisions/sections and bands to achieve the development and implementation of the
department's programs and services.

The Aquatics Division develops and implements a comprehensive water safety program by
providing lifeguard services at specific beaches and County swimming pools.

The Hawai’i County Band represents the County of Hawai’i by providing appropriate and
entertaining music for parades, concerts, festivals, ceremonies and other special events
throughout the County of Hawaii.

The West Hawai’i Band strives to provide music for parades, ceremonies and other
community events in the Hamakua, Kona, and Kohala districts for musical enjoyment.

The Culture and Arts Section provides educational and leisure time activities to share,
preserve, perpetuate and foster the appreciation of our rich multi-cultural heritage in the arts,
history, and the humanities.

The Elderly Activities Administrative Division coordinates a service delivery system that
addresses the needs and interest of older adults 55 years and older, and the frail/vulnerable
individuals 60 years and older, through five programs.
Coordinated Services Program provides services that link persons 60 years or older with
suitable resources to achieve, restore, or maintain independent living and self-direction.

Hawai’i County Nutrition Program provides congregate services to individuals 60 years and
older with at least one low cost, nutritious meal, five or more days a week at meal sites
around the Island.

The home-delivered meal service, or "Meals On Wheels" program, is an integral part of a
community-based health care system. Participants receiving home- delivered meals are aged
60 and older, and are homebound due to illness or disability.

EAD Recreation services provides recreational, educational, health-related and leisure
activities for the elderly through 24 senior clubs and special interest programs.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program provides a variety of opportunities for retired persons
55 years and older to serve as volunteers in public or private nonprofit agencies and schools.

Senior Community Service Employment Program administers a federally funded part-time
employment and training program for persons 55 years and older who meet the low-income
program criteria.

The Hilo Municipal Golf Course Section operates and maintains the only public golf course
on the Island of Hawaii.

The Parks Maintenance Division maintains neighborhood parks, beach parks, playgrounds,
ballfields, Alae Cemetery, all Veterans Cemeteries and other recreational facilities in an
effort to provide the public with safe, enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing facilities.

The Recreation Division strives to provide a diversified recreation program that addresses the
needs and interest of the respective communities in a safe environment that has zero
tolerance for illegal drugs and violence.

Ho’olulu Park Complex maintains, operates and supervises all activities at the complex to
provide the public, and sponsors of events, with clean and safe facilities.

The Pana’ewa Recreation Complex promotes recreational and educational activities at a
zoological and botanical park, specializing in rain forest and native species at the Pana’ewa
Rain Forest Zoo. Horse stall rentals and equestrian related activities are offered, managed,
and maintained at the Panaewa Equestrian Center.
                                                The Loyal Mascot at Pana‘ewa
                                                       Rainforest Zoo


Administration                   665,715
Aquatics Division                2,439,263   Hilo Municipal Golf Course   785,145
Hawai'i County Band              132,784     Parks Maintenance Division   4,513,860
West Hawai'i Band                19,620      Recreation Division          1,924,499
Culture and Arts                 106,430       Ho'olulu Park Complex      650,252
Elderly Activities Admin         313,296     Pana'ewa Recreation Complex 467,333
   Coordinated Services          916,407     Beautification Fund          50,000
   Hawai'i County Nutrition      1,069,091   Bikeway Fund                 77,500
   Elderly Recreation            259,612     Cemetery Fund                11,000
   Retired & Senior Volunteers   204,280
   Senior Community Service      356,945     TOTAL                        $14,963,032

                                    Pana'ewa Complex      Administration
                                           3%                 4%

                                                                    Aquatics Division


                                                                             Culture and Arts

                                                                             Elderly Activities
             Parks Maintenance                                                     22%

                                                         Hilo Muni Golf Course

Aquatics Division:
Nine public swimming pools, (six) 25-yard and (three) 50-meter
Activities included lap, recreational swim, swim lessons, and water aerobic exercise classes
Three million patrons visit P&R pools and beach parks
Six beaches are patrolled 7 days per week
Pool Attendance
                     Location                          Total Count 2000-01
                     Honoka‘a                          22,159
                     Kawamoto                          123,403
                     Kohala                            32,364
                     Kona                              29,588
                     Laupahoehoe                       18,780
                     NAS                               57,224
                     Pahala                            22,596
                     Pahoa                             91,818
                     KCAC                              383,128
                     Total                             781,060
Hawai‘i County Band:

Provided 43 performances for the year that included 14 parades, 8 ceremonies, 19 concerts,
and 3 special events
Estimated over 59,000 people in attendance at performances

Culture and Arts Section:

Provided 54 classes/workshops countywide
Served 4,320 participants at programs countywide
Organized 14 festivals or major events throughout the year

Elderly Activities Division:

Seniors Served for various Sections: Total – 11,188
1. Recreation                5,289
2. Coordinated Services      3,382
3. RSVP                      1,310
4. Nutrition                 1,140
5. Senior Employment             67

Coordinated Services provided:
74 individuals with Chore services and completed 5,110 hours
Transportation for 1,320 seniors by completing 36,094 trips
Information and assistance services to 3,382 seniors
Outreach services 1,050 older adults
Support Services for 1,074 seniors

Nutrition Program provided:
92,348 congregate meals to 1,140 seniors
300 educational nutrition and health sessions to 1,269 seniors
71,937 home delivered meals to 602 seniors

EAD Recreation provided:
active or passive recreational opportunities to 2,715 seniors
six minor sports activities (badminton, gateball, softball, golf, tennis and billiards) for
1,579 seniors, five islandwide/state/international events for 5,289 seniors, 12 districtwide
activities for 2,512 seniors

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program provided:
diverse and meaningful volunteer opportunities to 1,310 persons 55 years and older
assistance in meeting community needs by providing 163,858 hours of volunteer service at
181 volunteer stations
90 RSVP volunteers currently serve as reading tutors in elementary schools
Senior Community Service Employment Program has provided:
an average monthly enrollment of 43 seniors throughout the project year
services to 130 senior applicants by the end of the grant year
10 individuals with unsubsidized employment by the end of the grant year

Hilo Municipal Golf Course:

Rounds of Golf Analysis for Fiscal 2000-01

      TOTAL ROUNDS                       91,018                   100%

      Total Daily Fee Rounds             28,529         100%       31%
      Residents                          23,514         82%
      Seniors                            3,928          14%
      K-HS Youth                         510            2%
      UH                                 116            .5%
      Outer Island Residents             96             .5%
      Out of State Residents             365            1%

      Total Monthly Card Rounds          62,489         100%      69%
      Regular                            19,533         31%
      Seniors                            33,510         54%
      Veterans                           666            1%
      K-HS Youth                         5,678          9%
      UH                                 1,941          3%
      Comp                               1,161          2%

Parks Maintenance Division:

Completed 1,912 work orders for maintenance at various facilities
Successfully provided 170 training sessions for employees
Decreased vandalism from prior year to $16,646 compared to $27,382 last year

Vandalism Damages for Fiscal 2000-01

   DISTRICT                       NO. OF INCIDENTS               DAMAGE ESTIMATE
   North Hilo                     11                             1,927
   South Hilo                     29                             8,377
   Kona                           7                              1,725
   Kau                            5                              2,546
   North Kohala                   2                              525
   South Kohala                   2                              239
   Puna                           4                              1,307
   TOTAL                          60                             $16,646
Recreation Division:

Provided introductory instruction in basketball, baseball, volleyball, track and field, tennis,
flag football and badminton for children and adults
Provided seasonal arts and craft activities for children and adults
Maintained safe facilities, free of hazards for all activities, patrons, and employees

District Wide Community Events

HILO DISTRICT:     Biggest Easter Egg Celebration, Judo Seminar, Spiking Clinic with
Reed Sunahara, Jimmy Yagi’s Basketball Clinic, and East Hawaii Track Meet

PUNA/KA‘U DISTRICT:          Keiki Easter Blast, Blast Off to Summer, Naalehu Computer
Classes, Ka’u District Penny Carnival

HAMAKUA DISTRICT:              Papaaloa Haunted House Project, Ohana Fishing Tourney,
Honoka‘a Fun Day

N/S KOHALA DISTRICT:           Ping Pong Tourney, Camping with YMCA

N/S KONA DISTRICT:                     West Hawaii Track Meet

Recreation Division Participation and Attendance by District:

     Hilo                                                  842,126
     Puna/Ka‘u                                             353,146
     Hamakua                                               230,814
     N/S Kohala                                            354,275
     N/S Kona                                              600,168

     TOTAL PARTICIPATION / ATTENDANCE:                     2,380,529

Ho‘olulu Park Complex

Completed general clean-up and minor repairs and closed each facility after major events
(Tahiti Fete, Merrie Monarch, Spring Fest, County Fair, etc.) for general clean up
completed beautification/landscaping projects at each facility and had plants and palms
planted, hedges trimmed regularly and areas cleared of any unwanted shrubbery
served 549,687 people at all complex facilities during the year
Pana‘ewa Recreation Complex

East Hawai’i Kiwanis and the Friends of the Zoo completed the new Children’s Zoo
Completed a new Asian Forest Tortoise Exhibit
Completed renovation of the Reptile House Exhibit
Continued landscape and beautification projects with help from the Palm Society,
Rhododendron Society, Bamboo Society, and Orchid Society.
Acquired many new and interesting Rainforest animals such as two-toed sloths, tropical
squirrels, and poison dart frogs

By far, the highlight event of fiscal year 2000-2001 was the reopening of Lili‘uokalani
Gardens on July 3, 2000. Although there was much disagreement on whether Lihiwai Street
should remain closed or reopened, all have agreed that the beauty, serenity, and peacefulness
of the gardens is beyond compare. Walkers, joggers, infants in strollers, people in
wheelchairs, and motorists are all enjoying the scenery and atmosphere that the new
landscaping has created.

The new look at Lili‘uokalani Gardens
Major projects and highlights for FY 2000-01 include:

Reopen Lili‘uokalani Gardens and Lihiwai Street
Hilo Armory Restoration Phase I
Pana‘ewa Rainforest Zoo New Aviary Exhibit
Walua Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail System
Major Repair Projects at Hale Halawai, Wainaku Gym, Waiakea-Uka Gym, Kamana Senior
Center, Kawamoto Pool, and Walter Victor Stadium were completed
New Playground Equipment at Kailua, Pepeekeo, and Ainaola Parks
International Barefoot Hula Classic, Hula Fest 2000, and Hilo Tahiti Fete 2001
Hawai‘i Kupuna Hula Festival in Kailua-Kona
Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival
International Japan – Hawai‘i Karaoke Show, International Festival of the Pacific
A Night In Japan 2001, and Japan Cultural Festival
The First Annual Hilo Rain Festival and Water Carnival
The Biggest Eater Egg Celebration Held at Lili‘uokalani Gardens
Completion of Ka Hale Holoholona, (The Barn) The New Children’s Zoo Addition

The “Friends of the Park” program has been re-energized with the help of many dedicated
community volunteer supporters who have sacrificed many hours and skills to improve our
parks and facilities for all to enjoy. The many groups and organizations include the Lions
Clubs, East Hawai‘i Kiwanis, Laupahoehoe School and Community, St. Joseph School,
Waikoloa Village Outdoor Circle, Friends of Waikoloa Community Park, New Hope
Keaukaha, Wainaku-Kaiwiki Community Association, Hawai‘i Island Palm Society, Hawai‘i
Chapter of the Bamboo Society, Hawai‘i Chapter of the Rhododendron Society, Friends of
the Pana‘ewa Zoo, Aina Keepers, Eagle Scouts, and the Navy League. Volunteers provided
and continue to provide labor for everything from painting, weeding, scrubbing, and
landscaping, to providing manpower for constructing improvements.


This committee advises the County on matters pertaining to the operation, management, and
maintenance of veterans cemeteries and other related veterans issues. The committee
members are:

       Keith Burley                 Jack Kondo
       Mabel De Silva               Robert Montague
       Roy Hinokawa                        Denise Nakanishi
       Paul Johnston                Robert Pettit
       Louis Kaoiwi                 Hideo Segawa
       Wendall Kekumu               George Yamamoto
       Morris Kihara

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