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W.H.S. Comprehensive Guidance _ Counseling Program


									W.H.S. Comprehensive
Guidance & Counseling
               Who We Are…
               What We Do…
   Counselor- Deanna Hogan 10th & 12th
   Counselor- Lemecia Lindsey 9th & 11th
   CTE Director & Career Specialist- Marsha
   Career Assistant- Sharon Watts
   Highly Capable Coordinator- Rhea Bohlin
   Registrar- Debbie Curtin
   Counseling Secretary- Michele Chilcote
             Deanna Hogan
      10th and 12th grade Counselor
   Counselor for classes of
    2009 and 2011.
   Running Start and Skills
    Center counselor for the
    class of 2009.
   Counseling department
   AP coordinator.
              Lemecia Lindsey
           9 & 11th grade Counselor

   Counselor for class of
    2010 and 2012.

   Running Start and Skills
    Center counselor for
    class of 2010.
           Marsha Spencer
    CTE Director & Career Specialist
        Sharon Watts- Assistant
   As the CTE Director Marsha manages the
    budget, state reports, grants, class approvals,
    articulation agreements with Clark College ,
    organizes and coordinates activities in the Career
    Center , and serves as the area leader for Clark
    County CTE Directors

   Marsha’s work as the Career Specialist includes
    working with students in each grade level
    regarding interest and skills assessments, career
    research, job acquisition, college, scholarship
    and all post high school options.

   Marsha nd Sharon plan and coordinate students
    who attend the Clark County Vocational Skills
    Center and the STAR Mentor Program. Students
    at each grade level meet at least once each year
    with the Career Specialist - twice for
    sophomores and seniors.

   They organize on-campus college,
    vocational/technical school and military visits,
    numerous fairs and tours as well as a Volunteer
    Fair yearly and Opportunities Fair every other
                            Debbie Curtain
   Processes and maintains student’s
    enrollment and withdrawals, and prepares
    monthly enrollment reports.

   Prepares yearly reports and graduation
    data, including Honor Roll Rank.

   Creates custom reports for district
    personnel and establishes and maintains
    student records (i.e. health and

   Grading set–up per WHS calendar
    including progress reports, report cards
    and transcripts. She also evaluates and
    converts academic credits and completes
    grade changes.

   Other forms she produces include - Senior
    Diplomas, health /welfare, Social Security,
    Military, car insurance forms, as well as
    “will grad” and enrollment verification
                          Michele Chilcote
                        Counseling Secretary
   Greets and directs all students, parents and
    community members to the appropriate
    specialist. She updates college and guidance
    information in the counseling center.

   Communicates with teachers administrators and
    schedules appointments for the counselors and
    registrar. She trains student’s aids and takes their

   Directs mail ,facilitates copying and orders
    supplies and materials for the counseling office

   Prints schedules and transcripts for students to
    assist them with colleges, scholarship and job
    opportunities requirements.

   Requests records for new students and sends the
    cumulative files and portfolios for withdrawn
    students. She administers and collects
    withdrawal forms.

   Places records into cumulative files such as
    WASL reports, grade change forms, Running
    Start college grades, court papers and other
    important documents.
                    Rhea Bohlin
             Highly Capable Coordinator
   Works with high school students and their parents to
    support and guide students to identify and achieve their
    academic goals and future aspirations.

   Researches and develops information for students and
    their parents in regard to post-high school options.

   Coordinates training in differentiated instruction
    strategies for elementary staff.

   Implements and manages the cognitive testing program
    for second and fifth grade students, from which
    accelerated learners and highly capable students are

   Joins the assistant superintendent in designing the Highly
    Capable Parent Advisory meetings and leads their book

   Maintains the district’s Highly Capable data and assists
    the assistant superintendent in the annual Hi-Cap report
    to OSPI .
                  What We Believe
   The mission of the guidance and career department, in
    partnership with parents, teachers and community, is to
    provide opportunities that will assist students in their transition
    toward becoming responsible, self directed, caring and
    contributing members of an ever-changing global society.
    These programs are designed to enhance learning, assist
    decision-making, and facilitate personal, academic and career
   Our goal is to ensure that each and every W.H.S. student
    receives counseling services needed for success.
   Our counseling program will continually improve through the
    use of collaboration, reflection and data evaluation.
How We Do It
                Services Provided
   Academic Development- 4 year course selection, aptitude
    interest inventories, organizational skills, goal setting,
    transcript reviews and standardized testing.
   Career Development- career interest/selection, vocational
    skills, career center services, career related learning &
   Personal/social development- personal responsibility,
    respecting self and others, communication skills, self
    advocacy, safety and problem solving.
   Community involvement- volunteerism, community based
    program, service, learning opportunities, school leadership and
    co-curricular opportunities.
            Content Domains
   Guidance Curriculum
   Individual Planning
   Responsive Services
   System Support
   Student Advocacy

    * Aligned with American School Counselor
           Association National Standards
         Guidance Curriculum
   Classroom guidance lessons-Time
    Management (with STAR mentors), & Suicide
   Classroom presentations such as- PSAT
    preparation and post-secondary planning.
   Development of advisory lessons through
    Navigation 101.
              Individual Planning
   Academic, career, post secondary and transition plans.
   Goal setting, problem solving, understanding self, strengths &
   Service learning/employment guidance.
   Forecasting/scheduling
   Running Start & Skills Center coordination.
   504 plans
   File reviews
   Graduation status/reviews for 11th and 12th graders.
   Staffing student/parent/teacher meetings and conferences.
   Excelsior transition meetings and middle school transition
              Responsive Services
   Behavior plans & interventions.
   Threat assessments, suicide screenings & school crisis
   Staff referrals
   Parent consultation
   Abuse reporting
   Crisis counseling
   Small group counseling-personal/social, academic and
   Peer mediation
   Community agency referrals.
                 System Support
   Development of a Counseling Advisory Committee.
   Program coordination
   Professional development
   Staff consultation, collaboration and teaming.
   Community outreach
   Needs Assessment
   School wide activities- Senior and Junior Info.
    Nights, PSAT coordination and Score Reporting
    Night, College 101, Career Planning Night, 8th grade
    Parent Information Night.
             Student Advocacy
   Assist in the identification of students needing
    equitable access and educational opportunities.
   Identify accommodations and modifications
    for special assistance.
   Support each student’s success in school and
    their transition to the next steps.

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