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Tips on becoming a Web Hosting Reseller


Tips on becoming a Web Hosting Reseller

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									Tips on becoming a Web Hosting Reseller

What is actually a web hosting?

In a simple definition, web hosting is taking your web pages (for example html
files) and placing them on a web server which will be stored inside of a data
center. Web servers are simply computers designed for web hosting. Data
centers are constantly connected to the internet with high-speed connections (to
the internet backbone) so that the world can access your web files through the
internet. "Virtual hosting" allows more than one web site to be run on the same
server. This makes web hosting very easy and affordable compared to running
your own dedicated web server. With virtual web hosting your site shares server
resources with many other sites on the server. This is why it is important to
choose a host that utilizes powerful equipment and high standards of security.

What is a web hosting reseller?

A web hosting reseller is exactly what it sounds like; someone who buys or
leases web hosting resources from an internet
service provider and then resells those services to others.

Why should I become a reseller?

Every day there are thousands of websites added to the world wide web. Today
there are millions upon millions of websites, and millions more are added each
year. And guess what? EVERY single one of those websites has to have a host!
If they didn't have a host, nobody would be able to see their website. As you can
already imagine, the web hosting business is a hugely profitable and rapidly
growing industry. There are already thousands of web hosts; but don't think for a
moment that there are already too many. There are literally so many websites
being added to the web each day that if you could even capture a small fraction
of a percent you could be rich!

Most small web hosting companies start by reselling web space provided by
other (larger) companies through web hosting reseller programs. Especially if you
are not experienced with running a web hosting company, it's best to start your
web hosting business by purchasing web space from a company with a web
hosting reseller program. Start by buying a small account and reselling pieces of
it. A web hosting reseller program of one company can differ significantly from a
web hosting reseller program of another company. In Step 3 you will learn about
several different types of reseller opportunities.

How much money can I make?

If you’ve been checking out reseller programs for awhile, you’ve probably seen
those ads that say make RM XX per month or RM XXk per year. While it’s true that the
potential with many reseller programs is virtually unlimited, most examples you see are
best-case scenarios which in reality rarely happen. Most calculations do
not consider the number of customers that quit their service, nor do they take into
account marketing expenses such as advertising. Of course you are only limited
by the amount of time and effort you want to invest in your business. Here is a
realistic scenario of how you could make RM 2,000 per month as a web hosting


Let's assume six sales per week. Three sales at RM 10/month. Three sales at
RM 5/month. This is a realistic possibility using sensibly low sales prices, and less
than one sale per day.


We will assume that one of your RM 10 customers quits each month, and one of
your RM 5 customers quits each month. Once again, this is a realistic number.


For this example we will use a RM 40/month reseller account. We will also assume
a generous monthly marketing budget of RM 120 to cover advertising, Paypal or
merchant fees, etc.

Based on these numbers, your business would look like this at the end of one

RM 10/Month Customers = 144 x RM 10
RM 5/Month Customers = 144 x RM 5
Gross Monthly Revenue = RM 2,160.00
Hosting Expense = RM 40.00
Marketing Expense = RM 120.00
Monthly Net Income = RM 2,000.00

Here is another approach to looking at the income potential, this time from a parttime
and full-time basis:

Part-time example:

Here’s an example of a part-time income using an entry-level reseller plan (prices
and resource quotas will vary by company). You can buy a plan for RM 20/month
which gives you 2,000MB of disk space, 20,000MB of transfer, and the
opportunity to host 100 domains from your own Web Host Manager panel. Let's
say you divide your resources into 100 equal plans of 20MB disk space and
200MB of transfer, and sell them for RM 5/month. Your monthly income is RM 500 and
your expense is RM 20 for the reseller account which leaves you with RM 480 of profit
each month.

Full-time example:

If you're a web designer you can target your local small businesses and sell them
a website/hosting package for RM 50/month (very reasonable for a business). If you
simply gain one new client per week your income will be up to RM 2500/month
within one year. Local clients are a great target market who will typically pay you
RM 3 to RM 300 per month for hosting their web site!

Does reselling really work?

Yes it does, especially if you work hard at it, develop an attractive package and
market yourself well. Think about this: each day thousands of websites are
added to the world wide web. Every single one of those websites needs to have
a web host!

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