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									Summary of Rules of Professional Conduct

ICAO “Rules of Professional Conduct” for Chartered Accountants and students –
Members will:
 conduct themselves and maintain the good reputation of the profession and protect
    interest of public;
 perform their work with integrity and care;
 keep their skills and knowledge up to date;
 not accept compensation for referral of business from one client to another;
 not perform audits and review engagements when an outside person would
    reasonably think that you may have a conflict of interest;
 not use information obtained in their work for personal gain;
 not discuss client information with anyone unrelated to the job you are working on
    and especially not with others outside the firm;
 when looking for clients, only advertise what services they offer and what expertise
    they have;
 not actively solicit clients from other members and not pay referral fees;
 treat other members with courtesy and respect in the way that they themselves wish to
    be treated;
 be responsible for all associated with them and ensure that they also abide by ICAO
    rules of conduct;
 abide by the rules of the profession for the part of the world in which they are living;
    however, they must not bring disrepute to the profession in any way when working in
    another part of the world;
 handle monies held in trust in a separate bank account from that of the operations of
    the firm;
 use a form of ownership for their accounting firm, either sole proprietorship,
    partnership, or LLP.
ICAO “General Rules” – Members can be charged with professional misconduct if they:
 are convicted of criminal or other similar offences;
 have pleaded guilty or found guilty of a criminal offence;
 have signed any false or misleading document;
 don’t “promptly” reply to ICAO letters.
In any of these cases, violation of rules of conduct will be reviewed by the ICAO when
they receive report of the incident. A committee from the ICAO will be put together to
hear the case. If found guilty of misconduct, the member will be fined, licence suspended
or revoked, and the name and details of the misconduct will be published in the ICAO
Check Mark publication mailed to all ICAO members.

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