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					What does he mean to have your Google AdSense automatically?
The point is, your blog will have a google adsense account by itself
without signing up for your account has been associated automatically
with google adsense. Then you just complete your data to determine the
payee's name and address by sending a registration application to the
Google AdSense as usual.

It takes a little bit longer than usual, but you have nothing to lose
because then you'll see for yourself the results. This is the google
adsense and fishing techniques to come to your blog and have friends with

I do not believe, what yes adsense account can come in person to the
blogger, while each time I use blogspot adsense list can never be denied
continued alias

Gan trying to prove that emang be?

A good question, let's together

How are you dear blogger friends. We meet again in the event GOOGLE

This paper aims to share fellow blogger friend, not just aim to gembar
hype on the internet. Because I could write on the internet with the help
of blogger friends who have posted ways or tips tricks perblogingan on
the internet. So it is fitting if I get a new experience that I found, it
should be I share with my friends too, so that together we can feel joy
and sorrow fellow blogger Indonesia. But keep in mind that I STILL TOO
MANY shortcomings, so please pardon any mistakes or errors in my post.

Know more in blogger
If we know the blogger just to be here, so this is just going to our
knowledge of the blogger. But if we continue to study more deeply the
blogger, the more precisely in our knowledge of the blogger. Would not
you say?

The following is one of the advantages of bloggers who are not owned by
the other blogs all over the world in terms of ease of obtaining google
adsense account. Your blog will be able to get google adsense account by
itself automatically. Then you simply fill out the registration form is
required as a condition to complete your data.

What do we know if you have your blog adsense account automatically?


How to bring the account google adsense to your blog?
This is the rarest thing we know from one of the hidden advantages
possessed by the blogger. This is actually a long priority given by
google for blogger users. Blogger was purchased by Google from the
company Pyra Labs to support all google programs, including the google
adsense program is the main income source of Google Inc. since 2003.
It is obvious that google will further enhance the features bloggers and
not just play in improving its services, including priority users the
blogger to get the ease of getting google adsense account.

In all corners of the tabs bloggers monetize it says, which means that
Google offers to its users bloggers to earn money from google adsense.
And the writing is not writing monetize deceive users, but the writing
could actually be accounted for by google on the truth. So if we assume
that the blogger can not now be used to register google adsense, this
opinion is a big mistake.

During the policies or services have not been deleted from google google
page, it means that the policy is still valid and we can still use the
service. Yet many webmasters who say that it is no longer valid today. If
it's not true, surely that policy was deleted by google and replaced with
a new policy.

If you do not believe it, go ahead you try to violate any provisions of
google adsense that you think is outdated. Then next time you will
believe after your adsense account adsense terbanned by the robot that is
programmed with a strict no-negotiable, and google the policy expires
before you think it was still valid.


It's just my take from my experience only, so if your blog does not match
what I suggest, then I do not dare say could, because everything that
happens chronology 100% run by google system.

A. The things we need to know

The reason google reject our application
If you ever rejected when applying google adsense, google it will tell us
about why they rejected our registration application, so google is not
only rejected it but gave us a clear reason. Would not you say? Reason
for rejecting it, for example, there is a connection with the application
is approved, the type of page (pagetype), invalid address, a blog in
development (under construction), not yet 18 years of age, and so forth.

Therefore, the point is we should be able to create a blog so google can
not find a reason to reject our blog, and finally google inevitably we
will accept applications for registration did not find any error on our
blog so that Google can no longer make a reason for rejection them.

Here's how:
First let's start by following the advice contained in adsense help that

Do I have to have a website to use adsense?
Create a new blog using Google's weblog service, Blogger. Through
Blogger, web master beginner can display Google ads without a single copy
or pasting HTML code. Blogger account registration fast, easy, and free.
That means it's obvious that google gives priority to users who meet the
requirements of the policy bloggers to register adsense program, google
it and writing paper is not a lie.

2. Creating a preferred blog google

Create a new account with gmail new blogger, it aims to ensure that you
have not been tinkering with the blog. We need to know, that the bloggers
who could potentially get adsense account which comes automatically
starts the first time how to build a blog.

Build SEO guide according to google, using google webmastertool. Making a
successful blogger adsense registration is located at the beginning of
blog making, that bloggers are using the SEO version of google. If you're
wrong from the beginning in the way of blog optimization, then your blog
will have an error in the indexing so that it took for googlebot 90 days
to start again from scratch. So when this blog will be deemed not worthy
to serve ads google.

Maybe when we refused to register adsense blogger we normally use not
previously examined in webmastertool, how the appearance or performance
of our blog in the eyes performace webmastertool google. If google blog
webmastertool stated that we still have not been perfect or error in the
indexing, but we are in a hurry to register adsense, then eventually we
will be rejected on the grounds of all kinds.

How to build SEO with google webmastertool
It is important to make google impressed with your blog because google
has helped boost confidence in the competitive Internet users on the
relevance of search results that actually championed by google. This
means that we assist in indexing in google search results without having
to fool or deceive the search engines googlebot.

HOW, after we make a new blog with blogger, try to follow the
instructions below:

A. Submitkan your blog

Once your blog is so, first of all do not write any articles past and do
not submit your blog to anything other than the google search engine (to
avoid errors in webmastertool). Then create a design that you like, try
to choose a template that simple, because it usually contains only 10-15
blog posts only later when registering, so do not choose a template that
auto readmore that your article did not seem too little. But if you have
lots of articles so please only use auto readmore.

Furthermore submitlah your URL HERE
(If an error occurs when submite here aja skip this step, because
sometimes in a short time your url is indexed automatically here)

URL you submit is;

Replace the red text with your blog URL.

2. Sign in to your account webmastertool

Please click HERE

Then click the URL of your blog appears there, then click the
Optimization on the left, then click Sitemaps, and click the ADD / TEST
SITEMAP red color on the right. Submitkan then one by one the following
URL to the sitemap;

/ Atom.xml? Redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500

/ Atom.xml? Redirect = false & start-index = 1001 & max-results = 500

/ Atom.xml? Redirect = false & start-index = 501 & max-results = 500

/ Atom.xml? Redirect = false

/ Feeds / posts / default /

/ Feeds / comments / default /

/ Feeds / posts / default? Max-results = 9999 & alt = json-in-script &
callback = loadtoc

/ Feeds / posts / default? Orderby = updated

If completed, please click Diagnostics on the left below, then click
Fetch as Googlebot, and immediately click Fetch to submit your main URL.
Then enter the URL above is again one by one here and click Fetch. If
everything is in Fetch, please click Submit one by one to the Index.
Now you are in webmastertool SEO optimization has been completed, and
then please submit your blog URL to the Bing (now Yahoo has become one
Bing). You can submit all the above URL into Bing HERE

3. Create a Google account Analitycs

Please click HERE
Then click on Sign Up, then follow the instructions very easy there, then
get analityc script code, please copy and paste directly in your template
HTML before </ head>, and click save. This code will start working after
a period of 24 hours.

So leave it alone if the account you analityc see 'Tracking not installed
", because it's only for a temporary error during the initial placement
analityc code, the next will be normal and you can monitor traffic
through google analityc blog, and do not wear or any other Histats first,
because it will allow your account there is a connection with the
application is approved and the cause was rejected by the GA. In addition
analityc google will make you familiar with the blog search engine

Now analityc google account creation has been completed. And next steps,

3. Writing blog articles

-Make the page About Me, Contact, Privacy Policy, and you must write in
English. About how important that page, you can reread

Create a Google Adsense Blog To List diapprove Guaranteed
to see the importance of the contact us page, about me and our privacy

-Make a blog post. You must write in English   at least 10 posts, and the
article should be long. Why English? Because   English is the main language
of google, then the English language has its   own convenience in google
adsense registration Indonesian although now   also been supported by
google adsense.

The way you write articles in the Indonesian language used by the
spelling is correct, then please ditranslate into English. Once into
English, please edit again to fit the style of English that is true,
because if you do not edit anymore it will mean that officers would be
funny to review google adsense will laugh and was unable to review your
blog because of abdominal pain :).

-Do not write articles about the software or articles relating to
registered trade marks because it will be rejected by the editorial
system google. Google is very sensitive to the key words related to
copyrighted materials, pornography, violence, drugs, weapons, tobacco,
profanity, and the like. Therefore, avoid writing an article like that,
you better write that you have had experience or the nature surrounding
your home.
The article is as simple as it is usually underestimated, but it is the
most powerful article and much appreciated by google adsense google for a
list like it says on the eligibility standards and quality landing page,
where google will judge you for posting articles that are not owned by
another blog. and you have a long article, not just a bit of writing.

4. Reforming the blog
IMPORTANT, do not put any links from other blogs. Do not exchange links,
backlinks grow on other blogs, because it would be considered as a
manipulation of SEO and do not like google. Entrusting your blog pure
optimization of webmaster tools, and let your blog traffic grows
naturally. Make sure there is no link from another blog that sticks in
your blog, because it will allow your blog there is a connection with the
application is approved, and will be rejected by the GA. Unless the
source link property located in the footer template that does nothing and
should not be deleted, if you use a template from the outside.

But if there is a link in the comments field are not the problem, and
even if a lot of comments on your blog will be better, and you can also
do blogwalking here and there. Google can distinguish natural baclink
with unnatural backlink, such links are placed in places such undue
backlinks link exchange and purchase.

Make a link list in the navigation sidebar of your blog, the link you
post disidebar install manually so that readers can choose which pages
you wanted to read. Do not put the links that are not useful, for
example-accessories aksesesoris weird, because it will only confuse
visitors to the blog and just add weight loading blog. Make sure the face
of your blog there is an article and link list, as well as the menu about
me and the like.

3. To review its own blog

This is important. Prior to your blog reviewed by the team google
adsense, you should review your own blog. Ask yourself, if your blog was
worthy to be a google adsense publisher. As a fellow human being, google
adsense team has the intelligence and the same mindset with us all, and
I'm sure if you've read until here you must have good people who are
smart and creative initiatives, likes to add information in achievement.

In reviewing the registration application, the team guided by the
requirements of google adsense google adsense and service (TOS-Term of
Service), then you also have to be guided by the google TOS when
reviewing your blog.

Suppose your blog is owned by another person who is registering GA, and
you are a google adsense team is reviewing. Look for errors contained in
these blogs by looking at the TOS, and if you can not find a fault on the
blog or not to deviate from the TOS, it means the blog has been eligible
for a google adsense publisher, and then you will only find one answer,
namely the blog diaprove worth.

So if in your own blog review you pass your blog, then that's also about
thinking in the minds of google adsense team. But if you have not been
able to pass your blog, then you have to fix it again and complement
deficiency. Until you see your blog does not deserve to be rejected
google adsense.

4. Google adsense account to bring in your blog

This is a rare technique, but real. Let us prove that the google adsense
account can come to our blog. HOW? Please continue reading this article.

REMEMBER, from the beginning to create a blog, you should use the English
language in blogger dashboard, and all settings must be in English, in
order to monetize writing has appeared since the beginning.

ALSO, English is the main language of google, so features bloggers would
be more complete if we select the English language.

Your Gmail account will be associated with google adsense automatically
in time that can not be determined, depending on how you create a blog
from the beginning. If you follow the guide above manner, then at least 2
weeks and a maximum of 3 months of your blog will be associated with
google adsense.

First, please blog with your blog as you normally would, BW mutual
friends with blogs and so on. Then within 3 months of your blog will be
associated with google adsense by itself. But if you're impatient, then
you can register your blog after about 2 weeks of age.

But if you want to apply GA at the time, you should know if your
application must have at aprove. Then you should be sure that your
application is guaranteed diaprove.

How do I know we definitely diaprove blog?

You do this by utilizing a third party to test jamming our blog, such as
using Indyaroks.
INDYAROKS, but just test out our blog for granted that our account has
been associated with google adsense or not.

Why did we choose the list directly to the google adsense with our own
blogs and do not choose to register adsense via a third party who is a
certified network display google ads? InshaAllah we discuss it next time
just about qualified third-party vendors. And now we have only discussed
the registration of google adsense with blogger.

Way ngetes blog, please create an account using Gmail Indyaroks. Please
create an account HERE Indyaroks, account creation and follow the
instructions there.

Once you Indyaroks account so you do not need to make two posts and
uploaded 10 pictures like advice sign up adsense through Indyaroks.
because we do not aim to register adsense there but we are aiming ngetest
Furthermore please try to register adsense through Indyaroks there when
you register adsense if there then emerge a red warning that read "Oops,
your account has been associated with google adsense", it means you are
rejected by Indyaroks because you have been associated Gmail account
automatically by the google system, and it is because that your blog
meets the eligibility standards of google adsense publisher. This is what
I mean google adsense impressed with your blog and ultimately invite
friends with you.

BUT if Indyarocks said, "Congratulation, you are Eligible", then go back
and do not be forwarded if you do not want to register adsense via a
third party, and wait several days for test nge-blog there again until
your account is automatically associated with google adsense.


For now google adsense are reviewed twice, then your blog will be
reviewed again by google adsense team manually. Then you must make sure
that the face of your blog is worth diaprove google adsense team. But if
the article in your blog posts are rich, meaning that your article is
long, then we can confirm your account will diaprove. But it could also
be diaprove your account automatically by the system without following
review google manually by the google team, because your account has been
associated previously.

Wait for the next few days, then you'll see monetize on your blogger
dashboard will look like in this spoiller, click open,

 If you are sure that your blog is worthy of registered, please register
google adsense by following the guidelines below,


You may be tired and bored reading this article, because it was too long
and wordy, for that I will end this first post.

One again, we must also realize that all google adsense how to register
can be changed at any time, so actually no one can be sure that our
application is guaranteed diaprove. But if you really follow this guide,
I believe and hope that you will not be disappointed once you know the
outcome later. And maybe later you'll say that it is a free blog blogger
who can bring in google adsense account automatically.

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