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					                           Nadiya A. Merchant
Technical Summary :

Nadiya Merchant has more than 20 years of experience in the Information Technology
industry. She has extensive experience in the area of Project Management, System
development, design and implementation on mainframes and client server environment.

Nadiya has performed project management and has been a major contributor in the full
life cycle projects. She has ten years of Strategic Management and Systems Consulting
in the sub-categories of Business Strategy, Value Chain Management, Advanced
Planning and Scheduling Systems, Key Performance Indicators, Centers of Excellence,
Knowledge Management, Enterprise Application Integration, Web Configurations,
Technical Architecture Design.

Nadiya has great deal of experience using Object oriented and relational technologies.
She has performed data modeling, data warehousing, data and process analysis and
design using several Business analysis tools.

Volunteer Profile

Nadiya has been serving as a volunteer for the past twenty years. She has
participated on several projects through various organizations like Hands on
Atlanta, The Olympic Force, Red Cross and the AKF.

She has been a motivational and content speaker for the past 30 years. She has
been involved in speaking engagement to various audiences ranging from
Elementary students to Senior citizens. She is also an active volunteer in the
Junior Achievement program.

Education :

B.Sc- Computer Science, York University, Toronto Canada           1986

Operating Systems :

MVS/XA, VM/CMS, OS/2, DOS, UNIX, VAX/VMS, Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista
Windows 3.1, Windows 2000, Novell Netware 3.x, OS/400...

Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati

Databases :

MYSQL, DB2/SQL/QMF, SQL/DS, Data Manager, FoxPro, DBASE, DB2/2, Oracle,
Sybase, MS Access...

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Language(s)/Software :

HTML, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, APACHE server, PL/I, COBOL, C, Internet Explorer,
MS Office, MS Project, Pascal, Basic, Prolog, REXX, RXSQL, EXEC2, CLIST, SAS,
CICS, MSA/IE, RACF, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Lotus products, Platinum
Omegamon, BMC software, Schedule Publisher, PeopleSoft, IBM Presentation Manger,

CASE Tools :

KnowledgeWare ADW/PWS, ADW/AWS, ADW/DWS, BACHMAN Analyst, DB2/DBA,
IEF composer...

Applications :

Games Related - Ticketing, Accreditation, Accommodations, Transportation, Results,
Games Staffing, Medical, INFO'96, Human Resources...
Other - Financial, Marketing, Retail, Commissions, Communications, Banking,
Manufacturing, Security, Purchasing, Billing...

Professional Experience :

01/98 – present  CEO Pioneer Services Network, Inc. & Webzodia, Inc.
Consultant/Business Development

      Delivering Presentations to Executive Management of Multi-National Companies,
       Proposal Development, Negotiations, Client Management, Project Management, Practice
       Management and Business Development.
     Webzodia, Inc.’s primary business objective is to provide small businesses with affordable
       website solutions. The company provides full circle website solution from Domain Name
       registration, Website design and development, Website publishing, hosting and
     Under Nadiya’s leadership Pioneer Services Network, Inc. has grown into a multi million
       dollar organization. The primary thrust of this company is to provide qualified IT and
       administrative consultant to the Telecommunication, Transportation, Aviation, Financial
       and Real Estate clients.
    Other Responsibilities:
     Project manager in the design and implementation of client server, Web/E-commerce
       projects for various clients in US and Canada. Participated in the design, testing and
       implementation of the Billing System using Oracle, Windows 95, Cognos Impromptu.
       Played a key role in gathering data requirements for data warehousing purpose.
     Defined project task and tracked project information using MS Project. Acted as liaison
       between client and company’s management.
     Formulated user requirements and translated it into technical platform. Supervised teams
       of developers and Business Analyst in order to reach project completion.
     Conducted technical as well as management meeting to keep everybody abreast about
       the project status and goals.
     Developed test cases; ran test scripts and documented various finding in the problem
       management and the change management systems.

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12/89-03/96(IBM CORPORATION)                                       Consultant/Analyst

        DBA/Analyst for IBM Marketplace Data System. Support 300 users to extract various
         opportunity data resident in DB2 and Sybase databases. Analyze and test user's query for
         optimum performance. Direct work activities of contracted programmers for the
         development of an application front end, accessing a Sybase database. Perform unit,
         system and integration testing on the application.

(ACOG) Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
        Team leader in developing the Results data warehouse/model for the 1996 Summer
         Olympic Games. Used CASE tools like ADW Analysis and Design to built and implement
         38 sports disciplines. Performed physical database design and database tuning for sub
         second response time using tools like Platinum and Omegamon. Automated the
         implementation of backup and recovery procedures for query and update databases.
        Provide consulting leadership assistance in the use of the ACOG Enterprise data
         warehouse and the Games application Data Model. Also provide consulting leadership
         assistance in database logical and physical design. Perform database designs inspection
         and Systems Assurance reviews of databases to be implemented in DB2, Sybase and
         DB2/2. Designed and inspected change management procedures to keep the models in
         synch with the production databases.
        Also participated in the design and implementation of the Info'96 system for the Atlanta
         Committee for the Olympic Games. This system is a client/server based technology using
         AS/400 and OS/2 platforms. Participated in the usability testing of the prototype system to
         be used in the 1996 summer games. Prepared test cases to test the user interface.
         Documented and communicated the changes to the development team.

(ISSC) Integrated Systems Solutions Corporation

        Designed and implemented a data warehouse/Business Model for the Business
         Information Directory (BID) and the Field Customer Satisfaction Survey (FCSS)
         applications using BACHMAN and KnowledgeWare CASE tools. Worked with various
         users in gathering data requirements for the Enterprise data warehouse project. Designed
         and implemented survey database. Conducted performance analysis based on data
         usage and frequency of access. Defined indices and partitions for optimum performance.
         Wrote queries and procs in QMF for end users to simplify the reporting process.
        Reverse engineered existing DB2 AND SQL/DS databases into BACHMAN DBA using
         the Catalog Extract. Redesigned the databases for improved performance. Automated
         the DDL generation task using Bachman DBA. Designed backup and Recovery jobs
         based on the usage. Performed database maintenance (Reorganization) on a periodical
         basis. Supported DB2 and SQL/DS application programmer for any database concerns.
         Conducted sessions to educate the programmers to code in SQL.
        Participated in Code inspection and Code reviews Developed test plans and test cases.
         Performed testing of the applications ready for users acceptance. Worked with end users
         to ensure the integrity of the applications and the databases. Applications included:
         Games Related, Human Resource PeopleSoft, Windows platform.

03/87 - 12/89 (CAP Gemini America) - Database Administrator

        Responsible for the enhancement and customization of Accounts Receivable system for
         Latin American client. This involved enhancing existing database design and developing
         programs using DB2/SQL, CICS/Cobol and QMF. Designed on-line interfaces to

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         Recovery modules and general Ledger. . Developed new data elements and data
         definitions, and integrated the same in the dictionary.
        Solely responsible for the functional design, program design, programming, testing and
         implementation of an on-line Report Generating system for a major computer vendor. The
         system generated on-line reports for users utilizing SQL/DS and QMF. Responsibilities
         included the design and coding of all programs, conducted the database performance
         evaluation including index analysis, usage of the system and query performance. Also
         participated in the design and implementation of the Quota and Attainment System. The
         system was designed using ISPF/Dialog manager, DB2/SQL,SQL/DS, PL/I, Rexx and
        Designed developed a marketing support system using DB2/SQL. This involved
         implementing DB2 and SQL/DS databases for marketing personnel, normalizing the
         information, defining logical and physical schemas, dictionary construction and defining
         various database based on the design. Developed, coded and tested application
         programs that would interact with the DB2 and SQL/DS databases, and prepared backup
         and recovery procedures so that proper environmental control is in place and data
         integrity is maintained.

9/86 - 11/86 (Systemhouse Inc) - Programmer Analyst

        Participated in the design and implementation of Commission system. Replaced manual
         and semi automated commissions procedures by developing panels using CICS/ISPF
         and Cobol. Customized PROFS to address office integration solutions.
        Generated various reports, which reflected the overall productivity of the department and
         assisted in determining manpower decisions.

Summer of 1985/86 (IBM Canada Ltd) - Programmer/Analyst

        Participated in program design, programming and implementation of a security (RACF
         validation package) system for IBM. The system allowed users perform on-line queries. It
         provided better control over information by maintaining data in separate tables. The
         system operated in an on-line environment under MVS and IMS.
        Specific responsibilities included writing programs, gathering and loading data, interfacing
         with users and documentation. The system was written in DB2/SQL, ISPF, PL/I, CLIST,
         RXSQL under MVS.

Summer of 1984 (Sunnybrook Hospital) - Programmer

        Designed and developed programs using COBOL and Easytrieve. The system provided
         information on delinquent accounts for the hospital.

Other Accomplishments

        Speaker at the KnowledgeWare 1994 International Users Conference.
        Certified instructor for BACHMAN DB2/DBA
        Author of ACOG Model Management Handbook.

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