WASH Cluster Evaluation by 7o3NJoP


									WASH Cluster Learning and
   The Global WASH Learning Project

                   Louise Boughen, ACF-UK
Why evaluate the cluster / response?

 • Learning to support a more effective response

 • Accountability e.g. to the Humanitarian
   Coordinator, affected population, cluster partners

 • Partnership development amongst cluster

Cluster Leads are responsible for “drawing lessons learned
 from past activities and revising strategies accordingly”
                        (IASC, 2006)
Common challenges in evaluating
humanitarian action
      Weak monitoring           Weak link between evaluation
                                        and learning

   Systematic versus flexible      Resource constrained
A process-based approach to
performance management and learning

            Planning                                      • Monitoring of performance
   • Agree objectives and plans for                           throughout the cycle
     WASH Cluster performance
     management and learning


              Revising                                   • Learning / performance
    • Dissemination of learning in an                      review and evaluation
      accessible and appropriate                         • Recommendations for
      manner                                               change
    • Learning encouraged and
Different types of review activities may be
appropriate, depending on the objectives
 • Cluster performance review
        - see the Performance Review Tool (PRT)
          developed by the Learning Project
 • Real time evaluation
        - participatory process for real time feedback
 • Impact assessment
       - identification and analysis of impact across all
         clusters, focus on qualitative data
 • After action reviews
       - workshop participants reflect on what happened,
         why it happened, how to improve future response
Global WASH Cluster
(The Learning Project)
                              [pic to be added]

Lessons Learned through      Guidance for Cluster
WASH Cluster evaluations   performance management
                                 and learning
WASH Cluster Good Practices &
   Areas for Improvement
     Area          Description of Good Practice                              Reference Point

                   Use of a formal coordination model, including,
                    Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) and use of Strategic
                       Operational Framework (SOF)                              Bangladesh
                    Technical Working Groups (TWIGs)
 Coordination      Cluster approach supported existing Government system
 mechanisms        (integrated approach enhanced ownership &

                   Adoptation of the WASH Cluster as WASH sectoral
                   coordination forum outside of emergency contexts.             Pakistan

                                                                            Bangladesh, Uganda,
                   Full-time Cluster Coordinator
                                                                             Union of Myanmar,
                   Full-time Information Manager
  Roles and                                                                   Pakistan (NWFP)
                   Capacity of Cluster Coordinators to integrate,
                                                                             DRC, Bangladesh,
                   motivate & moderate.
                                                                             Uganda, Pakistan
                   Regular cluster lead meetings for discussion of cross-
                   cutting issues and dialogue between clusters.                 Indonesia
 Strategy and      Development of a sector strategy in consultatation
   planning        with key stakeholders including donors.                         DRC

                   Conducting a learning and emergency preparedness
                   (ER) workshop to strengthen ER mechanisms.
preparedness       Department of Public Health Engineering embedded
                   aspects of the cluster coordination in their ER plans.
Challenges & Areas for Improvement
   Coordination
       Inter-cluster coordination

   Management of Programming
       Information management
       Monitoring
       Capacity for Provider of Last Resort

   Quality of delivery
       Participatory and community approaches
       Joint approach to cross-cutting issues
       Compliance with agreed standards
       Training & capacity building
The Performance Review Tool
                                             Objective        Performance Area                Performance Sub-Area                            Performance
                                                                             Performance of the WASH Sector
1.   A framework for evaluating              Effectiveness (based on IM survey)                                                                  2

     cluster / sector performance                             WASH Service Delivery                                                                  2

         Can be used in a flexible way                                                       Hygiene promotion

         Incorporates sector standards                                                       Hygiene NFIs
                                                                                              Water supply

          inc. IASC ToR                                                                       Excreta disposal
          for Cluster Leads &                                                                 Disease vector control                             2
          Sphere standards                                                                    Solid waste management                             2

         Easily customised for a specific                                                    Drainage                                           2

          context                                                                   Performance of the WASH Cluster
         Emphasis on learning               Predictability                                                                                          3

          and improvement                    Accountability                                                                                          2

                                                              Management of programming                                                              2

                                                                                              Needs assessment                                       2
2.   Tools and templates to support                                                           Analysis, gap identification & prioritisation          2

     the review team                                                                          Planning and strategy development                      2
                                                                                              Resources mobilisation                                 2
         Briefing pack for cluster                                                           Monitoring & reporting                                 2
          partners                                                                            Provider of last resort                                1
         Generic ToR for a review                            Quality of delivery                                                                    3
          facilitator                                                                         Advocacy                                               3
         Interview sheets /                                                                  Participatory approaches                               2
          questionnaires                                                                      Priority cross-cutting issues                          3

         Data collection and analysis                                                        Application of standards                               4
                                                                                              Training and capacity building                         3
          tools                                                                               Emergency preparedness                                 3
         Workshop agenda and
          slide pack                         Leadership                                                                                              2
                                             Partnership                                                                                             2

                                                              Coordination                                                                           3

                                                                                              Inclusion of humanitarian partners                     2
                                                                                              Appropriate coordination mechanisms                    3
                                                                                              Information management                                 3
                                                                                              Inter-cluster coordination                             3
The Performance Review Tool
1.   A framework for evaluating
     cluster / sector performance
         Can be used in a flexible way
         Incorporates sector standards
          inc. IASC ToR
          for Cluster Leads &
          Sphere standards
         Easily customised for a specific
         Emphasis on learning
          and improvement

2.   Tools and templates to support
     the review team
         Briefing pack for cluster
         Generic ToR for a review
         Interview sheets /
         Data collection and analysis
         Workshop agenda and
          slide pack
Use of the Performance Framework and

Initial trialling of the Performance Review Framework
  •   Bangladesh, March 2008

Trialling of the Performance Review Tool (PRT)
  •   Dominican Republic, September 2008
  •   Union of Myanmar, November 2008

Roll-out to WASH clusters
  •   September 2009 onwards

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