June 1 Prayer Concerns

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					                 Prayer Concerns as of June 1st, 2012
                      (Bold indicates new addition or change in status)
 Chrystine Bean (M. Wolfe’s friend in AZ)                    Hepatitis C
 Robert Bowles                                               WCCH - health concerns
 Earl Busch                                                  Health concerns
 Ronnie Carney (Bruce Carney’s brother in SC)                Cancer
 Deb Coggiola                                                Cancer - At home
 Sherry Goire (S. & M. Chamberlain’s cousin)                 Cancer
 Sheri Frysinger’s father (friend of A. Whiting in Albany)   Hospice care
 Gloria Klein (C. Klein’s mother)                            Serious health concerns
 Barbara Knowles (friend of J. Rugg)                         Health concerns
 Brooke Kruger (5 yr. old)                                   Needs lung transplant
 Rebecca McKenna (J. Illerbrun’s niece)                      Brain Surgery in Ohio
 Mike Meyer (S. Meyer's brother)                             Health concern
 Carly Parker                                                Cancer relapse
 Carl Rambler                                                Hospice care
 Tyler Ruth (6 month old, friend of C. Becker)               Breathing problems
 Karen Seefeldt (friend of Donnyle Washburn)                 Breast cancer
 Luca Thomas (2 month old, friend of C. Becker)              Health concerns

Dealing with Cancer:
 Diane Baker                    Evelyn Barker                Harlan Beardsley
 Joanna Bikle                   Barbara Bliss                Joan Bucks
 Mary Louise Clark              Laurie Cornwell              Jim DeGolyer
 Sue Dumbleton                  Carolyn Gad                  Rachel Gebauer
 Donna Glover                   Justin Goodrich              Amy Hall
 Abigail Heeringa               Pam James                    Loretta Klump
 Jennifer Linnabary             Fran Mann                    June Mills
 Joanne Mistretta               Gail Royce                   Del Rood
 Denise Samardak                Richard Smith                Liz Snyder
 Bobbie Spencer                 Jace Spencer                 Art Tayntor
 Jill Whiting                   Janice Woodworth

 Long Term Health Concerns:
 Meredith Allbright             Dennis Bair                  Steve Bikle
 Richard Cochran                Chris Conley                 Phyllis Mink
 Beverly Pfeiffer               Dennis Wilson

 Military Personnel: - Serving Outside the U.S.
 Joshua Bartlett                          Anthony Cichelli
 Jonathon Dix                             Anthony Feroleto
 Bradley Gebauer                         Nicole Granger 
 Matthew McGinnis                        Michael McLaughlin
 Zachary Mitchell                         Emily Munday 
 Collin Shearing                          Joshua Soble
 Sara Torres                              Kristina Walton

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