GCSE Geography Coursework � Methods to use in Castleton by 7o3NJoP


									       GCSE Geography Coursework – Methods to use in Castleton

Tax Disk Survey

      Look at the tax disks of at least 30 cars in the car parks in Castleton
      Record in a table where the car was located and where it had been taxed.
       This will show where the car has travelled from

Environmental Bipolar Analysis

      Choose three separate locations within Castleton
      Mark these locations on a map
      Complete the bipolar analysis table at each location to show the quality of
       the environment and any impacts tourists might be having

Field Sketch

      Complete the field sketch looking across the countryside toward Mam Tor
      Perhaps make a sketch of one of the attractive cottages in Castleton

Land Use Survey

      Walk along every street on your A3 map of Castleton. Mark down the type
       of activity each building is used for (gift shop, café)
      This will help you work out how many shops are for tourists/locals/both or
       low order/high order

Pedestrian Count

      Stand for 5 minutes at 3 locations in Castleton (Main Street, Market Place,
       a back street)
      Count the number of pedestrians walking past in both directions on both
       sides of the street

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