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									                      American Recovery & Reinvestment Act H.R. 1
                                  Overview of Key Health and Human Services Programs

             Area                                     Final Conference Agreement                               State Agency

Overall Impact to                 An estimated 206,000 jobs created
Funding and                       As much as $13.4 billion in funding for Florida over FY 2008-
Timeframe                         09, 2009-10, 2010-11 including tax cuts for individuals and
                                  businesses. According to Florida will receive
                                  $6.057 billion in funding for programs.
Child Care &            $2 billion – of which $255.2 million is for quality uses, no state AWI
Development Block       match is required. Of the $255.2 million, $93.6 million must be
Grant                   used to improve infant and toddler care. Florida is estimated to
                        receive $105 million which shall be used to supplement, not
                        supplant State general revenue funds for child care assistance for
                        low-income families. Of the $105 million $8.7 million is targeted
                        for quality expansion and $5 million for infant and toddler quality
Head Start              $1 billion through regular funding formula for expansion available Local
                        through September 30, 2010
Early Head Start        $1.1 billion awarded on a competitive basis with up to 10% for       Federal/local
                        training and technical assistance and 3% for monitoring. *Notes
                        the authority to increase or waive the limit on the Federal share of
                        a Head Start or Early Head Start grant under the circumstances
                        described in the authorizing statute and support the Secretary’s
                        exercise of the that authority where appropriate.
Part C of IDEA          $500 million; reserve the amount needed for grants under section ACHA/Early
children with           644(e) and allocate any remaining funds under section 643(c).        Steps
disabilities age 2 and
Education Stabilization $53.6 billion to states to restore state aid for elementary,         Gov/DOE
– State Funds           secondary and postsecondary education and as applicable, early
                        childhood education programs and services. The Secretary may
                        reserve up to $14 million for administration and oversight. About
                        $2.2 billion in education stabilization funds will go to Florida.

                      Requires the state in each FY 2009, 2010, and 2011 to maintain
Maintenance of Effort state support for elementary and secondary education at least at
Requirement           the level of support in fiscal year 2006.

Incentive and                     Of the $53.6 billion, $5 billion is for Incentive grants to states for
Innovation Grants                 elementary, secondary and postsecondary education, and an
                                  Innovation fund ($650 million) to local education agencies or
                                  partnerships between non-profit organizations and local education
                                  agencies to reward academic achievement.
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                      American Recovery & Reinvestment Act H.R. 1
                                  Overview of Key Health and Human Services Programs

                 Area                                        Final Conference Agreement                           State Agency

K- 12 Education (Cont.)
IDEA Part B Special            $11.7 billion includes $11.3 for section 611 of part B (K-12)                          DOE
Education                      and $.4 billion for section 619 of Part B grants to preschool.
Title I Help for Disadvantaged $13 billion for grants to help nearly every school district and                        DOE
                               more than half of all public schools. Of which $5 billion goes
                               through targeted assistance and $5 billion goes through
                               education finance incentive grant formulas to local school
                               districts. Of those grants, the local district must use at least
                               some of the funding to support children younger than school
                               entry age either directly or through subcontracts with a local
                               Head Start agency, an Even Start program, an Early Reading
                               First program, or a comparable public early childhood
                               development program. $3 billion included for school
                               improvement grants of which states are encouraged to use 40
                               % for middle and high schools.
Enhancing Education through $650 million                                                                              DOE

Education for Homeless                     $70 million for formula grants to states to provide services to
Children and Youth                         homeless children.
Prevention and Wellness Fund $1 billion to fight preventable chronic diseases; hospital                              DOH
                             infection, preventive health for state and local public health
                             departments, immunization programs, and evidence-based
                             disease prevention and wellness strategies ($650 million).
Health Care Effectiveness    $700 million for Health Care Research to compare different                              DOH
Research                     medical treatments.

Community Health Centers                   $1.5 billion for construction, renovation and equipment and for           DOH
                                           the acquisition of health information technology systems.
Medicaid Aid to States                     $87 billion to states, increasing the share of Medicaid costs the      AHCA/DCF
(FMAP)                                     Federal government reimburses states by 4.8 percent through
                                           FY 2010. $5.16 billion estimated for Florida
Unemployment Benefits                      $34 billion for increased unemployment benefits. Florida is                AWI
                                           estimated to receive $476 million
Subsidies to continue health               $30.3 billion to support those who lose their jobs to pay the
insurance for workers who                  cost of keeping their employer provided healthcare under
lose their jobs                            COBRA

Medicaid for the Unemployed Medicaid Coverage for the Unemployed: $8.6 billion                                       ACHA

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                      American Recovery & Reinvestment Act H.R. 1
                                  Overview of Key Health and Human Services Programs
Training and Employment                    $3.95 billion for job training grants for adult, dislocated    AWI
Services                                   worker, and youth services including $1.2 billion to create up
                                           to one million summer jobs for youth and $50 million for
                                           Youth Build education and training program for housing
                                           rehabilitation. Changes the upper age for youth services from
                                           21 to 24 years. Florida would receive $43 million in youth
                                           services, $78 million in dislocated worker and $20 million in
                                           Adult services.
Public Housing Capital Fund $4 billion for building repair and modernization. $85.5 million                       DCA/Local
                            to Florida
HOME Investment                            $2.25 billion to help local communities build and rehabilitate            DCA
Partnerships                               low-income housing using green technologies.

Project-Based Rental                       $2 billion invested in Section 8 project-based housing                    DCA
Assistance                                 contracts. This funding will enable owners to undertake project
                                           improvements to maintain the quality of affordable housing.
Homelessness Prevention                    $1.5 billion invested in preventing homelessness and enabling             DCF
(Emergency Shelter Grant                   the rapid re-housing of homeless families and individuals.
formula)                                   Provides short term rental assistance, housing relocation, and
                                           stabilization services. Florida’s share would be approximately
                                           $65 million to State and local governments under the ESG
Neighborhood Stabilization                  $2 billion to help communities purchase and rehabilitate                 DCA
Grants                                     foreclosed, vacant properties. Palm Beach County is estimated
                                           to receive $27.7 million, West Palm Beach $4.3 million and
                                           Boynton Beach $2.9 million.
Weatherization                             $5 billion to improve energy efficiency of more than 1 million            DCA
                                           modest-income homes through weatherization.
Supplemental Nutrition                     $20 billion to increase benefits 13.6% effective April 2009.        DCF
Assistance Program (Food                   Provides for administrative funds to states and suspends the
Stamps)                                    three month time limit on assistant for adults. Of this, $879
                                           million is for the increase in benefits and $20 million is for
                                           state administration for Florida.
National School Lunch                      $100 million for equipment assistance. Competitive grants to     DOE/FDAC
Program                                    school food authorities with priority to schools with not less
                                           than 50% of the students eligible for free/reduced priced meals.
Emergency Food Assistance                  $150 million for food purchase ($100 million) and                  FDAC
Program – Food Banks                       administration ($50 million)
Special Supplemental                       $500 million of which $400 million is for the programs             DOH
Program for Women Infants                  contingency reserve to ensure the program will have adequate
& Children/WIC                             funders to cover increase participation or food costs.

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                      American Recovery & Reinvestment Act H.R. 1
                                  Overview of Key Health and Human Services Programs

Community Services Block   $985 million available upon enactment to be used to reduce                           DCA
Grant (Community Action    poverty, revitalize low-income communities, and empower low-
Agencies)                  income families and individuals to become fully self-sufficient.
                           Requires states to reserve 1% of their allocation for benefit
                           enrollment coordination services for identifying and enrolling
                           eligible individuals and families in federal, state and local benefit
                           programs. Permits states to increase the income eligibility ceiling
                           from 125% to 200% of the Federal Poverty level during FY 2009
                           and 2010. Florida is estimated to receive $29 million.
Capacity Building Grants   $50 million to establish grants directly to nonprofit organizations
                           to expand the delivery of social services for individuals and
                           communities affected by the economic downturn. Grantees must
                           have clear measureable goals and evaluate their success.
Community Development      $1 billion for community and economic development projects for                       DCA
Block Grants               state and local governments to invest in community development
                           priorities including rehabilitating affordable housing and
                           improving key public facilities. Florida is estimated to receive
                           $7.7 million to the state and $36 million to local governments.
Emergency Food and Shelter $100 million distributed based on unemployment and poverty                          Local
                           rates to help community organizations provide food, shelter, and
Economic Development       $150 million for economic development assistance programs.
Assistance Programs

State and Local Law        $225 million for competitive grant funding to: improve the
Enforcement Assistance and functioning of the criminal justice system, assist victims of crime
Mentoring Programs         (other than compensation), and provide youth mentoring grants.
                           $125 million for rural law enforcement to prevent/combat drug-
                           related crime, $30 million for law enforcement on the Southern
                           Border and in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas, $50
                           million for Internet Crimes Against Children initiatives, and
                           $100 million for victim compensation.
COPS (Community Oriented $1 billion for hiring and rehiring of additional career law
Policing Services) Hiring  enforcement officers. Provides 100 % funding of entry-level
Recovery Program (CHRP) salaries and benefits for 3 years for newly-hired or rehired
                           officers who have been laid off, or are scheduled to be laid off,
                           as a result of local budget cuts.
Violence against Women     $225 million of which $175 million is for STOP grants and $50
Prevention and Prosecution million is for transitional housing assistance grants. Provides
                           $12.4 million to Florida.
Temporary Assistance      $5 billion for a new Emergency Contingency Fund to make                               DCF
for Needy Families (TANF) grants for states in cash assistance caseload increases, non-
TANF Changes              recurring short term benefits and expenditures for subsidized
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                      American Recovery & Reinvestment Act H.R. 1
                                  Overview of Key Health and Human Services Programs
                          Allows states to use their carryover TANF funds to provide and
                          benefits and services permitted not just cash assistance.
                          Supplemental Grants which were given to 16 states including
                          Florida in 2008 are extended through FY 2010.
Child Support Enforcement $1 billion to provide federal incentive funds for states to collect                         DOR
                          support owed to families. The ARRA Reinstates the Authority to
                          Provide Federal Match for Child Support Enforcement. The
                          Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-171) prohibits Federal
                          matching /reimbursement of CSE incentive payments that are
                          reinvested in the CSE program. This amends the Deficit
                          Reduction Act of 2005 to repeal the cuts to child support
                          enforcement funding for two years providing a potential $28.7-
                          100 million in performance incentive matching funds to Florida.
Title IV-E Foster Care    $89 million will go to foster care programs.                                                DCF

Title IV-E Adoption                        $98 million will support adoption assistance programs.                     DCF
                                           Increases FMAP applicable rate by 6.2 percentage points after
                                           hold harmless. This matching rate increase is effective October
                                           1, 2008 through December 31, 2010.
Making Work Pay Credit     This provides an individual tax credit in the amount of 6.2                             Individual
                           percent of earned income not to exceed $400 for single returns
                           and $800 for joint returns in 2009 and 2010. Phasing out
                           completely at $200,000 for couples filing jointly and $100,000
                           for single filers. An estimated 6,458,000 tax payers in Florida to
Earned Income Tax Credit Temporarily increases the earned Income Tax Credit for working                            Individual
                           families with three or more children.
Child Tax Credit           Expansion of the Refundable Child Tax Credit. Increases the                             Individual
                           eligibility for the refundable child tax credit in 2009 and 2010 by
                           lowering the threshold to $3,000 (it was $8500 in 2008 and
                           $12500 in 2009). This proposal is estimated to cost $10.5 billion
                           over ten years.
Refundable First-time Home Increases the maximum value of the tax credit for first-time                            Individual
Buyer Credit               home buyers to $8000 and eliminates the repayment obligation.
Sales Tax Deduction for    Provides a deduction for state and local sales and excise tax paid                      Individual
vehicles                   on the purchase of a new car.

State Agency information is based on current funding flow: AWI Agency for Workforce Innovation, ACHA
Agency for Health Care Administration, DCF Department of Children and Families, DCA Department of
Community Affairs, DOR Department of Revenue, DOE Department of Education, DOH Department of Health,
FDAC Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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