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									SmartMove Landlord Registration Form

Personal Details

Name:         _______________________             Work No:      _______________________
Address:      _______________________             Home No:      _______________________
              _______________________             Mob No:       _______________________
              _______________________             Email:        _______________________
Postcode      _______________________

Scottish Landlord Registration Numbers:                    ____________________________

Details of membership of landlord association:             ____________________________

Details of accreditation:   _________________________________________________

Other local authorities in Scotland where you own and let property

Aberdeen City                     Edinburgh City              Perth & Kinross              
Aberdeenshire                     Falkirk                     Renfrewshire                 
Angus                             Fife                        Scottish Borders             
Argyll & Bute                     Glasgow City                Shetland Islands             
Clackmannanshire                  Highland                    South Ayrshire               
Dumfries & Galloway               Inverclyde                  South Lanarkshire            
Dundee City                       Midlothian                  Stirling                     
East Ayrshire                     Moray                       West Dunbartonshire          
East Dunbartonshire               North Ayrshire              West Lothian                 
East Lothian District             North Lanarkshire           Western Isles                
East Renfrewshire                 Orkney Islands          
If you mark Edinburgh, Falkirk or West Lothian we will register you with all of our offices.
Responsibilities Guide

Below is what landlords can expect from SmartMove and what SmartMove expect from
Landlords that register with the service.

 To include landlords properties on internal property list and advise potential tenants that match
  the property of the landlords details,
 To inspect new properties that become available and provide landlord with copy of inspection
  report, offering advise on requirements of SmartMove regarding property condition,
 Interview and reference potential tenants prior to sign up (no credit checks will be carried out)
  and to allow a landlord to see references returned relating to tenancy, only with the clients
  written consent,
  SmartMove Landlord Registration Form
   Liaise with revenues and support tenants to submit and maintain housing benefit applications
    (this is based on evidence obtained from clients only as SmartMove have no authority to gain
    information from any other source),
   To offer each tenant a visit within 28 days of moving into the property and every 2/3 months
   To advise landlords and tenants 2 months in advance when the guarantee will be terminated,
   To record how much rent and deposit has been paid for each client during the guarantee period
    (based on monthly record submitted by landlord),
   To offer a final visit at the end of the guarantee to the landlord and tenant at which time the
    deposit paid will be recorded and any claim can be agreed,
   To pay any monies to landlord was full receipts have been submitted for agreed work carried out
    as long as submitted with 28 days of final visit (unless otherwise agreed).

   To complete registration form and keep registration details up to date,
   To register available properties using the correct property registration form accompanied with
    gas safety certificate, energy performance certificate and proof of ownership (Falkirk only),
   To be registered and property registered with Landlord Registration Scotland and if using any
    other person to manage property or dealing with tenancy affairs to ensure they are registered
    under Landlord Registration Scotland,
   To offer viewings to potential tenants advised of available properties within a reasonable length
    of time,
   To return calls to potential tenants who have left messages within a reasonable length of time,
   To provide all the correct tenancy documentation as per Scottish tenancy law at sign up (3
    copies required, SmartMove can assist with first tenancy),
   To adhere to best practice management regarding letting of property, including responding to
    tenants contact and repair requirements within a reasonable period of time (as per Repairing
   To carry out routine property checks to tenants,
   To provide tenants with receipts for any money paid to them in respect of deposit or rent,
   To provide SmartMove with a monthly account of each tenants rental and deposit payments by
    1st of each month,
   To submit deposit guarantee claims within 28 days (unless otherwise agreed) along with all
    relevant receipts for work carried out or parts purchased to make good a repair.

  What SmartMove Cannot Offer
   It is important to understand that SmartMove does not guarantee to find a tenant or that a
    tenant will make rental payments. SmartMove also cannot guarantee that deposit payments will
    be made by a tenant.
   SmartMove are not able to offer compensation to a landlord above that of a deposit guarantee
    payout. Any money paid to a landlord by SmartMove will be in relation to the agreed deposit
    guarantee conditions and claim.
   SmartMove also do not provide credit checks on potential tenants as this would highlight a
    persons rating in terms of repaying debt, not their financial situation and would serve no
    purpose in terms of the deposit guarantee.
   SmartMove are not able to access a tenants property without the prior consent of the tenant.

Please complete property sheet for each property you wish to register with SmartMove and retain a copy of this to register future
ones. All documents should be returned to the relevant address below. Once your registration has been received SmartMove will
contact you to arrange an inspection of your property and will provide you with your membership number.

Tick this box to state that you have read and agreed to the above 

please sign and date this form below and return it to the appropriate office.

Signed:          _____________________________________                         Date: ______________

West Lothian Office                                  Falkirk Office
SmartMove                                            SmartMove
19b South Bridge Street                              1 Paterson Tower, Seaton Place
Bathgate                                             Falkirk
EH48 1TU                                             FK1 1TJ
T: 01506 205413                                      T: 01324 633413
F: 01506 205423                                      F: 01324 632913
E:                      E:
SmartMove Landlord Registration Form
What Happens Next?

Once your registration form has been received SmartMove will verify with the local authority your
registration status. You will also be contacted to arrange a suitable time for a property inspection
to be carried out at your property to be let. Once this is complete you property is placed on our list
and offered to any suitable tenants, who will then contact you to arrange a viewing. Once you have
agreed who you would like to proceed with the client is interviewed and referenced by SmartMove.
SmartMove do not perform credit checks as part of their referencing process and anyone wishing to
see client references should advise SmartMove so that written consent can be sought from the

Please note that SmartMove do not guarantee to find someone for your property and placing it on
the SmartMove property list is only one advertising option. It is solely the responsibility of the
landlord to tenant their property and SmartMove cannot accept any responsibility for a property
remaining vacant. Likewise it remains the responsibility of the landlord to provide all the necessary
tenancy documentation as required by law and to ensure this is completed correctly. It is also the
landlords responsibility to ensure that they are aware of the legal requirements regarding renting of
property and that they comply as required.

In order for the Deposit Guarantee to remain valid the landlord must meet with all legal
requirements, including the repairing standard. Claims against the deposit guarantee can only be
for any amount remaining from what a tenant has saved and cannot be for rent arrears and or
items which could be claimed through a landlords insurance. However any excess on insurance can
be claimed. Claims must be agreed with a housing officer prior to work being carried out and any
work requiring items to be purchased must have accompanying receipts. Receipts must be received
within 28 days of the agreement with the housing officer, unless otherwise agreed at inspection

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