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					                                                 NEWSLETTER OF THE TOTOWA SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                   Totowa Torch
                      For Students, Parents, & Members of the Community - Dr. Vincent N. Varcadipane, Superintendent

     Totowa Education Foundation
  donates $53,000 for new computers
              by Dr. Varcadipane                  School were purchased in 2004, while others were
   The Totowa Education Foundation Inc.,          purchased in 2006. While upgrades have been made
at their October meeting, approved $53,000        since those years, many of the newer computers were
in funds for the purchase and upgrade of          installed in the middle school computer labs, while the
new computers throughout the district. The        older ones were transferred to Memorial Labs and
Totowa Board of Education and administration      classrooms.
sincerely thanks the Foundation for their            For the first time, Memorial School will be getting
donation.                                         brand new computers in the computer lab and in the
   The Totowa         Education     Foundation    classrooms. Washington Park will get new computers
members are Eileen Corrado-president,             in the labs and in the classrooms. All total, 70 new
Cathy D’Angelo-Vice President, Toby               computers will be purchased with the most recent
Giardiello-Treasurer, Jackie Coral-Secretary,
and Jane D’Aloia. Eileen Corrado and Toby
                                                  operating systems installed and 102 computers will
                                                  receive memory upgrades.
                                                                                                                   Bus Evac drills held
Giardiello have been members since the                                                                                         by Mr. Vanderberg

Foundation’s creation in 1991.                                                                                      Memorial School and Washington
   The Foundation began with corporate                                                                         Park School students participated in bus
donations during the first several years                                                                       evacuation drills held on October 11, 2011.
and raised approximately $2,000 annually.                                                                      These drills are held twice a year and include
Monies were spent for enrichment programs.                                                                     all students. All students participate in these
In 1995, the first Foundation Golf Tournament                                                                  drills, even if a they do not ride the bus on a
was held and raised $9,300, an unusually                                                                       daily basis, because at some point, students
large sum of money to be raised on one                                                                         participate in field trips or may use the bus for
                                                    Marco Manzi &
event. In 1996, the first Tricky Tray was                                                                      other purposes.
                                                    Paula Phun
held at the Wayne Manor. That event raised                                                                          The children were first given a briefing
approximately $15,000. In 1996, Kops 4                                                                         by the bus drivers focusing on general motor
Kids was turned over to the Foundation.                 Totowa Education                                       vehicle and bus safety. Students learned what
Suddenly, the Foundation was raising                 Association (TEA) donates                                 the procedure was for the proper evacuation
$100,000 annually while providing a needed                                                                     of the bus in an emergency. The students
service for our parents. In the early 2000’s,                  iPADS                                           were given an opportunity to practice this
enrichment programs gave way to the return                             by Dr. Varcadipane                      procedure. All students followed the directions
of middle school athletics and a focus on the                                                                  and each bus was evacuated quickly and
arts. The Golf Tournament ran its course and          The TEA, the association that represents all full-time
                                                                                                               efficiently. The next bus evacuation drill will
the Tricky Tray was given to the PTO with the     teachers, has donated $5,000 for the purchase of 10
                                                                                                               occur in the spring.
understanding that the funds raised would be      iPADs by Apple Computers for use in the classrooms.
evenly divided between the PTO and Student        The iPADs will first be utilized at Memorial School and          Parent Workshop for
Activities Account.                               then at WPS as needed. As technology continues to
                                                  evolve, the iPAD is the new wave of the future due to
                                                                                                                   motivating youth to
   Traveling boys and girls basketball and
volleyball programs were born along with          its size and ease of transport, applications conducive to          “Steer Straight”
bowling, ski club and our Middle School           education and connectivity to the internet. Funds were                       by Dr. Varcadipane
Musical. WPS now functions like a mini-high       generated from the NJEA because of damage caused
                                                  by Tropical Storm Irene.                                          On Monday, November 21, 2011, Steered
school with similar offerings. Students who                                                                    Straight, Inc., will make a presentation to
starred in our musicals are now key actors in                                                                  parents at Washington Park School at 7:00
the PVHS drama department. The PTO has                                                                         PM in the cafeteria.       Michael DeLeon is
donated funds for an upgrade to our sound                                                                      the president and will shares his “real-life”
and lighting systems in the WPS gym. The                                                                       experiences with students during the school
Foundation has donated over $25,000 for                                                                        day, and with parents in the evening.
the purchase of instruments so that students                                                                        “We pledge to provide without exception,
have the opportunity to participate in Band                                                                    real-life, motivational messages pertaining to
with no cost to parents for rentals and/or                                                                     substance abuse/use, gang involvement, and
purchases.                                                                                                     lessons about the inevitable consequences of
   Concerning technology funding, the Totowa                                                                   making negative life-choices.” “Our purpose
Education Foundation has been responsible                                                                      is to reach youth and young adults through life
for the complete funding of all computers, T1                                                                  sharing seminars and interactive curriculum
lines and all connectivity since 1991.                                                                         in order to impact minds amd provide an
   Fast forward to today, many computers                                                                       understanding of positive and negative
at Memorial School and Washington Park                                                                         choices.
                                                                     Sept/Oct 2011-2012

      Safety Town Week - October 2011                                                                                 Totowa is on YOU TUBE
         by Mrs. Lindsley and Mr. Sole

     Many exciting activities for students at                                                                                          by Dr. Varcadipane
Memorial School were scheduled during
                                                                                                                          The Totowa school website has
Safety Town Week, October 17-22, 2011.
                                                                                                                      been updated. There are new links for
     On Monday, October 17th, officers from
                                                                                                                      Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying, as well
the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department K-9
                                                                                                                      as NCLB, lunch menus, instrumental music
Unit brought their dogs for a demonstration
                                                                                                                      schedules, the Student/Parent Handbook,
and spoke about their jobs. Later in the week,
                                                                                                                      various Totowa Board of Education Policies,
the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department also
                                                                                                                      and special interests.
arranged for presentations by the motorcycle
                                                                                                                          New to the website is our link to You
unit and the mounted police. Every student
                                                                                                                      Tube.     Totowa Broadcast News, under
had a chance to pet the horses. The officers
                                                               Passaic County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit           the direction of Caesar Darias, is now on
answered questions about their dogs, horses
                                                                                                                      You Tube. You may watch editions of our
and motorcycles from the children in Pre-k
                                                                                                                      news broadcasts or other special interest
through grade 2.
                                                                                                                      projects posted. The link for You Tube
      On Tuesday, October 18th, kindergarten
                                                                                                                      can be found on the home page of our
students had a visit from “Otto the Auto”
                                                                                                                      website at The You
courtesy of Triple AAA and had a lesson in
                                                                                                                      Tube link is
pedestrian safety.
      The NJ Medivac helicopter “Northstar”,”
from the NJ State Police, landed on the field of
WPS on Friday, October 21st. Kindergarten
students were each accompanied by an 8th
grade friend to view the landing and tour the
helicopter.                                                   Passaic County Sheriff’s Department Mounties
     Chief Flight Nurse, Sally Cascio, gave a
presentation to Kindergarten and 8th grade
of all the various functions of Northstar. Ms.
Cascio also showed the students the inside of
the helicopter and answered many questions
from the students.
     Following the helicopter demonstration,
Kindergarten students, escorted by 8th
grade Student Council and Homeroom
Representatives, visited the Totowa Municipal
Building. The students received a tour of
the police station and experienced how the
Police Department works.                                   NJ State Police “Northstar” Helicopter lands at WPS
     Dispatcher Mary Picarelli spoke to all
the students and then handed out lollipops
to everyone. The students also visited the
Council Chambers/Court Room where Chief
Coyle spoke of the different types of meetings
that are held there. Chief Coyle informed the
students of the history of Totowa, and pointed
out various pictures in the Chambers.
     Outside, students went inside an                    Kindergarten & 8th Grade students “team up” for activities
ambulance to see the equipment and how it
is used. Mr. Barbieri and his son took a day
off from work to provide this demonstration to               Violence Awareness
our students.                                                  Week of Respect
     Patrolman Potenzone showed the
                                                                             by Mrs. Chichele
students the inside of a patrol car and spoke
about all the equipment the police carry on a           Violence Awareness Week and Week of Respect
daily basis. This demonstration covered the         was held the first week in October 2011. Selected
equipment in the patrol car and on Patrolman        activities included: a 7th & 8th grade movie, “That’s
Potenzone’s duty belt.                              What I Am.” Students in grades 5 & 6 viewed, “The New
     Finally, on Friday afternoon, October 21st,    Kid.” Follow up discussions were held in Social Studies
the Totowa Fire Department visited Memorial         classes. Students in grades 3-6 were introduced to the
for a very special presentation. After talking to   program, “No Name Calling” in Social Studies classes.
the children about fire safety, each child was      Mrs. Emmolo, Dean of Students, visited every class
able to sit in the fire truck and also helped to    and discussed the district’s Discipline Policy.
shoot the fire hoses. One of our firefighters           At Memorial School, students designed posters that
even climbed to the very top of the ladder on       were displayed in the hallways. Wednesday, October
the hook and ladder truck.                          5th was Memorial’s “Day of Respect." Students wore                           TOTOWA BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                                                                                                         Bruce Matano-President, Anthony Zarek-Vice President,
      Dr. Varcadipane wishes to thank               red, for school spirit, and lessons presented reflected             Valerie D’Ambrosio, Jennifer DeCeglie, Thomas Ferraro,
   John Sole for coordinating the Safety            the topic of respect.                                                Marcello Guarneri, Beatrice Kerwin, Michele Ruocco,
                                                                                                                                            Keith Schaffer
   Town Week activities.

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