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                                                                                                                                  Issu ne 2
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DELJENERATION                                                                 The Newsletter for
                                                                              Employees of DEL- JEN, Inc.

         NAS Pensacola Milestone
      DEL-JEN, Inc. (DJI) has been performing at NAS                              DEL-JEN was also privileged to award two separate
    Pensacola (NASP) since October, 2007, providing Base                                                       Fluor Safety Cross Awards
    Operating Services that include engineering, construction                                                  to a pair of DJI employees
    and special projects; facility maintenance and repair;                                                     whose quick and decisive
    pest control and environmental services; locksmith                                                         actions were recognized
    services; fire protection; galley equipment maintenance;                                                   earlier in the year. Bobby
    elevator maintenance; chiller plant and boiler plant                                                       Hunter, who prevented a
    operation and maintenance; electrical and natural gas                                                      potentially fatal accident
    distribution; water, wastewater and steam distribution;                                                    involving a runaway
    base vehicle and motor pool support; heavy equipment                                                       forklift and Larry Howard
    operations; runway maintenance; and much, much                                                             who selflessly rendered
    more. Our area of responsibility also encompasses                                                          support and assistance
    neighboring bases Corry Station, Bronson Field, Naval                                                      during an off-hours rescue
    Support Facility Lakeside, Pascagoula MS, Saufley                                                          of a mountain biker were
    Field, and Naval Hospital Pensacola.                                                                       both given the Silver Cross
    Work is performed in a geographically and environmentally                                                  – the highest recognition
    diverse setting with temperatures that can dip below                                                       that can be presented to
    freezing in the winter and soar into the 90’s and 100’s in                                                 a Fluor employee.
    the summer months. Hurricanes and tornados frequent                                                        DEL-JEN NASP Project
    the panhandle of Florida and a wide variety of indigenous                                                  Manager Henri Fuentes
    plants and animals include 47 species of snakes (6 ven-                                                    also took the opportuni-
    omous), 5 species of venomous spiders, a wide variety                                                      ty to present monthly
    of wildlife, toxic plants, and extreme humidity.                                                           safety awards to John
                       On Tuesday, April 13th, a special                          Zephir and Donnie Todd for their continuing efforts to
                       Awards Ceremony and Luncheon was                           make NASP the safest and most injury-free site for
                       held onboard NASP to recognize sev-                        themselves and fellow workers.
                       eral accomplishments that have been
                       achieved by the DEL-JEN team in                                NEY Award for Food Service
                         recent months.                                              Excellence
                                                                                  Sponsored by the Secretary of the Navy and the non-
    With a “Road to ZERO Injuries” journey that began in                          profit International Food Service Executives
    October 2007, the team celebrated 24-months without                           Association, the Edward F. Ney Memorial Award is a
    a lost-time injury in October 2009. They continued their                      quality of life award that promotes excellence in food
    record-breaking journey, achieving 500,000 man hours                          service across seven divisions of the Navy enterprise.
    worked with no recordable injuries in January 2010, and
    earlier this month, they reached another milestone:                           For the 2010 calendar year, NASP was again awarded
    1,000,000 man hours with no lost-time injuries!                               first place in the Continental U.S. General Mess category.
                                                                                  DEL-JEN provides the galley equipment maintenance
                                                                                  support that sets the standard for everything that’s
                                                                                  produced in the galley that includes, for example: 1.3
                                                                                  million strips of bacon; 864,124 dinner rolls; 516,000
                                                                                  bottles of ketchup; 287,520 hamburgers, 282,240
                                                                                  sausage patties, and 266,112 chocolate chip cookies.
                                                                                  “I would like to take the time to say thank you to all the
                                                                                  DEL-JEN shops that support the galley. Without the
                                                                                  maintenance support provided to us, there is no way we
                                                                                  could complete and win this prestigious award,” stated
                                                                                                                  Food Service Officer,
                                                                                                                  Paul Poling (L), who
                                                                                                                  added, “I would espe-
     Stan Redding (DJI NASP Safety Manager), Steve Kukuk (VP DJI Services                                         cially like to thank Mr.
      Group), CDR Kristina Nielson (NASP Public Works Officer), Rex Shaver                                        Billy Newton (R) for his
     (DEL-JEN Chief Operating Officer), and Henri Fuentes (DJI NASP Project
     Manager) prepare to serve ceremonial “ZERO Injuries” cake to the NASP                                        dedicated service to galley
           employees who accomplished the million hour landmark.                                                  maintenance.”
    NEY Award continued...
    NASP previously won the award in 1999 and was runner-up in 2009 behind Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia. This year,
    Norfolk was runner-up behind NASP so the friendly competition between the two bases continues. “We just stepped it up
    a notch,” said Mr. Poling. The trophy was officially presented April 17th in Reno, Nevada.

         Spotlight on Safety
     NAS Whidbey Island
              DEL-JEN’s Whidbey Island Safety Committee celebrated HSE Week with five days of informational activities
              and special events to reinforce the culture of safety that has led to fewer lost time incidents on the North
              Sound contract than ever before. Featured during Friday’s closing potluck luncheon was a briefing by guest
              speaker, Paul Brewer (left) who runs the Air Station’s award-winning Recycling Center - the largest in the state
                                      of Washington. Mr. Brewer’s small group of dedicated employees have set the stan-
                                      dard for Navy recycling and composting, generating awards and accolades from local
                                      officials, all the way up to the White House.
                                      DEL-JEN Safety Manager, Wayne Hiner also presented safety awards, naming Dennis
                                      Purin as Safety Employee of the Quarter and, for her hard work in organizing HSE Week
                                      activities, Betty Heck was named, “Champion for HSE Week”.
    Albuquerque Job Corps Center
                                        To get students actively involved in Safety, Career Preparation instructor, Andrea Colley
                                        sponsored a Safety Poster competition. There were no restrictions on materials or subject
                                        matter, as long as it had a relevant OSHA-related theme. Winner was student Jessica P.
                                        who used stencils, construction paper, pictures from the internet, and calligraphy for her
                                        montage that now adorns the hallway of the Education building.

    NAS Pensacola
    Just as everyday acts of courage or courtesy often go unrecognized, safety practices by the workforce are sometimes
    unknown to supervisors or management...until there’s a problem. With that in mind, DEL-JEN HSE created the Employee
    Nomination Form for Safety Awards. Last quarter’s nomination was submitted by Structures’
    Tom McKenzie for fellow worker, Thomas Schuttig for whom he made the following observations:
    “ Mr. Schuttig’s safety awareness and performance is above reproach. His constant ability to identify
     and correct safety deficiencies for himself and others is outstanding. Mr. Schuttig will not hesitate
     to inform anyone violating safety procedures. He is always willing to assist anyone on any safety
     or non-safety issue. If in doubt, he always uses his chain of command before proceeding on any
     project. His mindset is always “Safety First!!” He is an asset to DEL-JEN, his co-workers,
     and the entire Naval Air Station community!”                      Program Manager Henri Fuentes (R) presents
                                                                     Safety Award Certificate to Mr. Thomas Schuttig (L)

                                  It was only two years ago that DEL-JEN
                                  adopted parent company Fluor’s “Road
                                  to Zero” philosophy to improve the
       from DEL-JEN HSE Director,
                                  safety performance within our company.
                      Jerry Reed By the end of 2009 - just one short year
                                  later, eight of our contracts not only
      achieved, but exceeded the initiative’s goal. Specifically;
      Andrews AFB, Laughlin AFB, NAS Pensacola, Tyndall AFB (Civil
      Engineering), NAS Whidbey Island (North Sound contract), New
      England OA/CTS, Ohio OA/CTS, and Mississippi JCC - when
      combined, totaled over 1,735,000 hours without a single                                          The NEW DE LJ E NE R ATI O N
      recordable lost-time incident.                                                             The Newsletter for Employees of DEL- JEN,Inc.
      By May of 2010, we exceeded one million company-wide hours                                                 Issue #25 - June 2010
      without a lost time incident with only four recordable injuries,                Editor: Steven Suga                                         310.436.3146
      reflecting a TCIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) of .68.                      Contributing Editors: Larry Bennett, Leslie Bruno, John Cook, James Dillon,
                                                                                      Pedro Figueroa, Jon Hulsey, Eunice Johnson, Annette Lahey, Linda Lockwood,
      These numbers show what we can accomplish as a unified team                     Charlotte McGowan, Ken Miller, Michele Moor, Jerry Reed, George Rials, Joan
                                                                                      Robinson, Emily Salazar, Mel Sheppard, Barbara Walker, Glenn Watkins, Mark
      but, in the end, credit must go to you, our individual employees                Woods, and Toure Young.
      who have taken the “Road to Zero” to heart and                                  Send comments, articles, and inquiries to:
      strive on a daily basis to exceed customer                                      DEL-JEN, Inc.
      expectations and provide a safe workplace                                       4465 Guthrie Highway
      for you and your fellow workers.                                                Clarksville, TN 37040                               Additional information
                                                                                      Tel: 931.552.0232                                   or pictures available at:
                                                                                      Visit us at:                        DelJeneration-Links
    Services Group Kudos Korner
  NAS Pensacola
Twin Letters of Appreciation were presented to two gracious       but for his dedicated maintenance of the eight spill
employees by U.S. Navy CPT, Nurse Corps, M. Morro. She            response boats, trailers, and EOD NW’s emergency response
stated, “ went above and beyond your required duties        Zodiacs. Project Manager, Linda Lockwood, commented,
and, as a result, were instrumental to the success of this        “His dedication, helpful spirit, safe work habits, and posi-
operation. You have my sincerest thanks and appreciation.”        tive attitude all contribute to this deserving selection.”
                                      Kelly Anderson (L) and      Range Support Services
                                      Michael Griswold (C)        After spending 45 days training at Creech AFB in Nevada, a
                                      supported critical needs    German Air Force Deployment Team watched as a 22K forklift
                                      as emergency generators     attempted to load their massive cargo containers onto a
                                      were replaced at the        tractor trailer, only to spring a hydraulic leak and die before
                                      hospital - taking part in   their eyes. No other lifts on-base were large enough to
                                      planning meetings, gear     handle the job and as mechanics prepared to send the forklift
                                      transfers, and staffing.    to Nellis for repairs, our Vehicle Maintenance personnel
Eareckson Air Station                                             quietly evaluated the problem. They agreed that a tempo-
When Air Force 611th ASUS Commander, Major Nulton and             rary fix could be manufactured to get the job done and less
other officials toured EAS’s Vehicle Maintenance facility         than an hour later, had the lift back in operation, putting
                          recently, they commented on the         the move back on schedule and preventing extra charges by
                          “noticeable improvements” made          the commercial carrier for delays.
                          under Lance Davis’s leadership.         Not too long after, the German AF team chief made a sur-
                          The DEL-JEN Ground Transportation       prise visit to the TW/DJI office to convey his appreciation
                          Supervisor was officially recog-                                   for the inventive fix provided by
                          nized for his efforts when he was                                  lead fuel technician, Todd Conn and
                          later personally awarded a                                         lead vehicle maintainer, Mark
                          Commander’s Coin by the Major.                                     Warrington. He also expressed his
NAS Whiting Field                                                                            gratitude and admiration of the
One of the many Facility Support Services the joint venture       support we provided their five aircraft that required jet
between Project Resources and DEL-JEN provide as PRI/DJI          fuel, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and miscellaneous
is the maintenance, repair, and improvement of “surfaced          ground fuel products during their 45-day stay.
areas” that includes the airfield runways. Proper mainte-         Tyndall AFB
nance is not only for aesthetics but for safety, as well.         Tyndall Logistics’ Employee of the Quarter has been a busy
                                      Earlier this year, NAS      woman. During the first three months of the new year, she
                                      Whiting Field CO, CPT                     single-handedly moved 3,008 passengers on
                                      Peter Hall noticed the                    423 dispatches; moved 28,071 pounds of
                                      high quality of the air-                  cargo; drove 2,809 miles on the flight line and
                                      field painting completed                  801 miles on public highways; and she’s worked
                                      by John Pough (L) and                     over 1,460 hours with no accidents or inci-
                                      Wendall Cooley (C) and      dents. Of course, all the 95th Fighter Squadron aircrew cares
                                      presented them with         about is her pleasant demeanor and on-time schedule.
Letters of Appreciation, stating, “Your dedicated approach        Congratulations to Mrs. Callahan for a job well done!
to team work and unwavering commitment to customer                Safety Employee of the Quarter honors went to Vehicle
satisfaction have ensured NAS Whiting Field’s airfields           Operations Supervisor, Mr. Crum who has pretty impressive
remain in top-notch condition. Your noteworthy profes-                          numbers of his own. During Q1 2010 he super-
sionalism and pride in ‘taking care of our Sailors’ make you                    vised the movement of 24,856 passengers on
and your team stand out!”                                                       4,617 dispatches; moved 2,047,434 pounds of
NAS Whidbey Island                                                              cargo; and compiled 118,062 miles with no
As incoming swells buffeted boats docked at the Whidbey                         accidents/incidents in his section. He has
Island marina during an April 2nd storm, a spill response         served numerous DVs and personally works with the 325
boat was in imminent danger. A decision was made by the           Wing, AFNORTH Protocol offices, and the Wing ATO office to
Environmental Dept. to try and move the affected vessel to        ensure all DV runs are on-time, secure, and safe - all the
a safer moorage and it was only a matter of minutes before        while instilling a culture of safety in his workforce.
Environmental’s Art Fowley and Transportation Maintenance         Vance AFB
Technician, Harry Henderson were suited-up and headed             Letters of Appreciation arrived for dispatcher Jay Hines and
                                out into the storm. The pair      driver Robert Thedford for the support provided during a
                                navigated the slippery,           visit by General Newton in early March.
                                rockin’ & rollin’ dock, freed     Laughlin AFB
                                the boat of it’s tethers,         No form of compliment is more sincere than one that comes
                                boarded and successfully                        from a fellow worker. Such was the case with
                                moved the valuable govern-                      Glenn Watkins’ letter about heavy equipment
                                ment asset to safety.                           mechanic, Tony Mojica who has been at
At a subsequent awards luncheon, Mr. Henderson was                              Laughlin AFB as a civilian contractor for nearly
named “Employee of the Quarter,” not only for the rescue,                       20 years. “Although he wears a different uni-       3
    Kudos continued...
    form, Tony has been as dedicated to serving our nation as                 all the processes security forces would implement in the
    our military members have,” stated Mr. Watkins. Ever the                  event of an actual emergency.
    consummate vehicle maintenance professional, Mr. Mojica                   “Rather than having numerous smaller exercises, Exercise
    states, “Every day I come to work, I always challenge myself              Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield (SC/CS) is a single, large, inte-
    to do better than the day before.” He’s been challenging                  grated exercise that accurately emulates what may happen
    himself for 20 years and we are honored to have Mr. Mojica                in the real world,” said Capt. Sam A. McCormick, USFF director
    on our team.                                                              for Fleet Anti-Terrorism.
    Rock Island Arsenal                                                                                       The week-long event saw
    Every year, the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council, a chapter of the                                            participation by base security,
    Nat’l. Safety Council, recognizes private industry and government                                         state patrol, and local law
    agencies for accomplishments in Safety and reducing OSHA                                                  enforcement agencies with
    recordable injuries among their employees. This year, Rock                                                simulations that used MILES
    Island Integrated Services was awarded an Incident Rate                                                   (Multiple Integrated Laser
    Excellence Award for their “outstanding achievement in                                                    Engagement System) gear,
    accident prevention during the 2009 calendar year.”                       gun fire (blanks), and flash bangs.
                                                 Presentation was made
                                                 at the Professional          DEL-JEN’s Transportation Maintenance building became an
                                                 Development Conference       important staging area for scenarios during SC/CS exercises
                                                 & Expo in Dubuque            held aboard NAS Whidbey Island this year. Personnel supported
                                                 by theatre-based             the needs of the USFF while still managing to get their work
                                                 training group, SST          done with no interruption in service to our customer.
                                                                                   Gainesville JCC News
         Just Another Day On “The Rock”                                         March 31: After a special “women only” luncheon, GJCC
      On Friday, May 14th, when a crewman on a private commer-                paid tribute to the female gender by holding an afternoon of
    cial fishing boat approximately 600 nautical miles SW of                          Women’s History Month workshops for our 140 female
    Shemya Island became ill and asked for assistance from the                              students. Everyone received a goody bag full
    U.S. Coast Guard in Kodiak, AK, Eareckson Air Station was                                 of samples and pamphlets before staff and
    immediately contacted.                                                                      community leaders led five workshops that
    The Coast Guard requested that a rescue helicopter be staged                                  covered topics from abstinence to makeup.
    from Eareckson and a plan was developed using the combined                                      Male students were so jealous of the girls,
    resources of the Coast Guard, Chugach Management Corp.,                                        they asked when their special day was!
    Beacon Occupational Medicine, and DEL-JEN, Inc.                           April 9: More than just a way to celebrate the end of the
    The Coast Guard enlisted a C-130 aircraft to transport a                  week, the assemblies that take place every Friday at 3:30 in
                                                  fresh        helicopter     the afternoon serve a variety of functions: campus news,
                                                  crew to our island          reminders of upcoming events, student recognition, safety
                                                  and to fly cover for        briefings, campus news, and a venue for special guests like
                                                  the rescue. DEL-JEN         Alachua County Health Educator, Stephanie Pollard, who
                                                  provided the fueling,       visited the Friday assembly on April 9th. Ms. Pollard gave
                                                  ground transportation,                  valuable career advice, with a focus on “e-mistakes.”
                                                  and accommodations                      For example, she urged students to get rid of e-mail
    for the crew and their aircraft. Chugach put fire fighting and security               addresses that might be considered distasteful or
    personnel in place and Beacon had the two on-island                                   unprofessional - like:
    Physician Assistants ready to provide necessary medical support.                      or She pointed out that, even
                                                                                          though you might be qualified for a job on paper, some
    Late that same night, a second C-130 delivered the crew                   employers might not call you in for an interview if you have an
    that flew out the next morning to make the rescue. The fishing            unprofessional screen name, voice mail greeting, or résumé.
    boat had been steaming towards Shemya all through the
    night and the pickup was made quickly and without incident.               April 14: A teacher at a local public high school was frustrated
                                                                              with the increasing problem she was having with many of her
    When the rescue helicopter arrived, the patient was handed                ninth grade students who were goofing-off, being disrespectful,
    off to the waiting Beacon PA’s who stabilized the patient                 and not completing assignments. When the teacher asked
    then waited anxiously with everyone else for the arrival of               GJCC for help, three student volunteers visited the school
    the Guardian Life Flight aircraft that would fly the patient to                                          and held a chat session with the
    his ultimate Anchorage destination.                                                                      kids. They were able to speak
                                                                                                             candidly about living on the
         Whidbey Island Supports USFF                                                                        streets, being in foster homes,
      As an essential part of the war on terrorism, the U.S. Fleet                                           teen pregnancy, drugs, and other
                Forces Command (USFF) conducts regular                                                       things these kids were headed for if
                  week-long Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection                                                  they didn’t change their attitudes.
                   (AT/FP) security exercises designed to                                                    Only time will tell if the visit had
                   enhance the training and readiness of Naval                any effect, but soon afterwards, the teacher called and said
                   Security Force personnel in responding to                  things were much better in the classroom and asked if we
4                threats to installations and units, leveraging               could make GJCC student visits a quarterly event.
     New England OA/CTS “Elevates” Massachusetts
    Microsoft Corporation’s “Elevate America” is an initiative committed to improving people’s access to the educational
 and workforce skills required for today’s jobs by providing one million vouchers for MS e-learning courses and select
 certification exams at no cost to recipients. Participants also qualify for discounted Microsoft IT Academy membership and a
 wealth of tools, resources, information, and tutorials to enrich the experience and ensure a successful career transition.
 Since the program went into effect late in 2009, 18 states have either completed or are currently partnering with
 Microsoft to distribute the vouchers.
 For the state of Massachusetts kick-off, Governor Deval Patrick visited the
                                        JobNet Career Center in Boston to announce
                                        the partnership that will provide up to
                                        26,000 vouchers to residents and Job Corps
                                        students from March 30 to June 29, 2010.
                                        Vouchers are good for 12 months from the date of activation.
                                        Representing New England OA/CTS was Career Transition Specialist, Benita Santiago
                                        (left), who joined JobNet Executive Director, Rosemary Alexander (R) in attending
                                        the kick-off to get all the important program details and to thank Governor Patrick
                                        (center) for his support of the Job Corps Program.

     New England OA/CTS Events
  Automotive Conference & Expo
Under DEL-JEN’s Northeastern OA/CTS contract, we provide            ranged from small businesses to large, Fortune 500 companies
Outreach, Admissions, and Career Transition Services to Job         and many expressed interest in our Work-Based Learning
Corps Centers in 6 New England states. On April 26-29,              program or hiring our graduates.”
Edison Job Corps Center held an Automotive Conference               OA/CTS - Medina County Partnership
that was attended by 8 regional Centers. The United Auto            Medina is a 2,000 sq. mile Ohio county with a population of
Workers sponsored event featured in-depth                           nearly 175,000 people and a 9% unemployment rate. The
training and workshops that benefited both                          County recently agreed to aggressively promote Job Corps
instructors and students. Contract Program                          recruiting efforts in multiple agencies that include public
Director, Larry Bennett (right) was one of the                      schools and colleges, Employment Development, Veteran’s
featured instructors.                                               Services, Chamber of Commerce, and others, such as
The highlight of the week-long event was the                        Workforce and Development’s project NextStep which began
student competition to repair a hybrid vehicle.                     featuring Job Corps orientations in their monthly meetings.
With no instructors allowed in the building, students were
on their own for the 2-part race against time that started               Mississippi Job Corps Center
with a computer-based test and ended with the actual                   Community Garden
repair of a hybrid automobile. Our students used the orga-          The full-size greenhouse located in a remote area of the
nizational skills and knowledge they’ve gained through              campus showed signs of years of neglect but recent interest
their Job Corps training and, in the end, the teams from            in Health, the Environment, and Recycling led to the formation
Edison, Northlands, and Loring JCCs were triumphant.                                                            of MSJCC’s “Green
Safety Conference                                                                                               Team” and their
DEL-JEN’s NE OA/CTS Safety Committee held a luncheon and                                                        first project, “The
webinar in Shrewsbury as part of April’s Safety Week activities.                                                Community
                                              For those who                                                     Garden.” With the
                                              couldn’t attend the                                               help of Mississippi
                                              event in person,                                                  State University
                                              it was also broad-                                                Extension, the
                                              cast via webcam.      greenhouse will be totally restored, upgraded, and filled with
                                              Topics discussed      a bounty of vegetable plants.
                                              included Office       Professor Richard Snyder met with the team early in the year
                                              Safety, Defensive     to impart his expertise in greenhouse climate control, soil,
                                              Driving, and other    ventilation, composting, irrigation, seeding, and all the
                                              issues.               factors required to make a state-of-the-art greenhouse.
                                                                    Earth Day, Every Day
     Ohio OA/CTS News                                               Mississippi Job Corps Center joined the global Earth Day cel-
  Chamber of Commerce Colleagues                                                             ebration on April 22nd with programs
Representatives from 35 local businesses, both large and                                     and events to educate, inspire, and
small, attended the May 12th new member orientation                                          entertain our students. Electrical
at the Columbus, OH Chamber of Commerce to                                                   Trades took the opportunity to
establish valuable contacts with the community                                               replace campus fluorescent lighting
and to learn how they can benefit from part-                                                 with low-wattage T8 bulbs and bal-
nering with Job Corps. CT Specialist, Toure                                                  lasts to reduce the Center’s carbon
Young, stated, “This was a great experience,                                                 footprint and reduce electrical
both professionally and personally. Attendees                                                consumption.                             5
    Shown below are the winners of the art contest that cap-               Kittrell Job Corps Center News
    tured the imagination and creative spirit of our students.          January 28: Having served the students at Kittrell JCC for
                                                                      over 15 years, Business & Community Liaison, Joan Robinson
                                                                      was honored at a full staff meeting with a plaque and gift by
                                                                      Center Director, Arvin Lane for her outstanding history.
                                                                      Robinson is responsible for outreach to policy makers, media,
                                                                      and the community. She hosts Center tours, organizes workshops
                                                                      and special events, coordinates community service projects,
                                                                      and chairs the Industry and Community Relations Councils.
    Horses for the Handicapped                                                                Her “hands-on” approach will regularly
    Horses for the Handicapped® is a non-profit organization                                  find her with the students picking up
    dedicated to brightening the lives of young people through                                trash along Highway 1, collecting
    interaction and activities centered around horses. Studies                                donations for charity, or manning a
    have proven that “animal assisted therapy” provides psy-                                  booth at a career fair (shown at left).
    chological benefits that include tactile stimulation, stress                              She’s a well-known face at the offices
    reduction, and reduced feelings of isolation while providing                              of N. Carolina Congressmen and Senators
    an emotional outlet that may not be available to children in                              and keeps KJCC in the hearts and
    a hospital bed.                                                                           minds of the local community through
                                                For the 4-day         her media-savvy press releases that helped earn KJCC an “Above
                                                April       event,    and Beyond” award at this year’s NJCA Policy Forum (top, pg. 7).
                                                Director, Donna       March 19: This year’s Spring Graduation ceremony saw 45
                                                Short and nine        young men and women making the transition from student
                                                MSJCC student         to skilled professional as, one-by-one, they proudly walked
                                                volunteers ran        onto the stage to accept their diploma. Each graduate had
                                                the five horse-       completed a Career Technical Trade, earned either a HS
                                                drawn wagon           diploma or GED, had their state driver’s license, and com-
    rides that saw over 1,600 youngsters having the time of their     pleted 210 hours of Work Based Learning.
    lives at the Fair Grounds in Jackson, MS.                         Award-winning hair stylist, entrepreneur, and Job Corps
                                                                                                            alumnus, Eric Cheek was
    Industry Council Meeting                                                                                guest speaker who con-
    The Q1 2010 meeting of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC)                                              gratulated the grads
    was an important one, setting the pace for the rest of the                                              and encouraged them to
    year in regards to the amount of support and participation                                              continue to work hard
    local businesses, agencies, and unions would be providing                                               toward their educational
    to our Career Technical Training.                                                                       or career goals.
                                                Important topics
                                                were addressed,       April 19: This year’s Earth Day celebration was organized by
                                                including the                                             the Center’s “Green
                                                status of the                                             Committee” who organized
                                                local labor market,                                       a day’s worth of events,
                                                employment                                                workshops, and activities
                                                opportunities,                                            to educate, entertain,
    and specific educational requirements. A Q&A session also                                             and inspire our staff and
    allowed student representatives from all Trades to ask                                                students.
    questions specific to their areas of concern.
         KJCC Student Success
        “Bill” was not happy with his life. He’d dropped out of school and after a long series of dead-end, low-paying jobs,
     he was now unemployed. His family could no longer support him and at age 24 he “couldn’t see a way out.”
     Luckily, he bumped into the principal from his former Middle School who told him about the Job Corps Program. Bill made
     the call and a helpful O&A Counselor set up a tour, helped him complete the registration paperwork, and, at age 24, Bill
     was soon enrolled in the program.
     He took his education very seriously - completing 210 hours of work-based learning; obtaining a Career Technical Trade
     in Business Administration; earned his Internet & Computing Core Certification (IC3); and even got his state Driver’s
     License. Bill served on the Recreation Aide Program, served as Secretary of the SGA Executive Board, was the Center
     Standard Incentive Officer Leader, and was an active member of the Community Service Club. Upon earning his HS diploma,
                                        he immediately volunteered to mentor his peers and, we just learned he has been
                                        accepted at TCU/IAM Advanced Training Program in Texas.
                                        During Kittrell’s quarterly Community Relations Council Meeting on March 9th, Bill
                                        addressed the Council with an inspiring speech on “How Kittrell Job Corps Center
                                        Changed My Life.” In attendance was DEL-JEN Director of Operations, Eunice Johnson,
                                        who got to chat with Bill and congratulate him in person during the specially-prepared
                                        lunch from the Culinary Arts group.
      DEL-JEN Centers Win NJCA Recognition
     DEL-JEN Education & Training Group President, David Stout had reason to be proud during the March 21-24 National
  Job Corps Association Policy Forum. The resulting letter of thanks sent to his staff expressed his heart-felt gratitude:

  Every year, the NJCA develops twelve Outreach activities in four different categories. Centers are tasked to complete each
  activity and generate reports detailing the outcome. For 2009, only 65 of the total 123 Centers completed their tasks.
                                                 Kittrell and Mississippi JCC’s were also recipients of “Above and Beyond
                                                 Awards”; Kittrell for “Best Media Coverage” of “Job Corps Day - 45 Years
                                                 of Building Lives and Launching Careers (Rural Center)”, and Mississippi
                                                  for “Most Improved Center/Going Beyond the Call of Duty.” Only seven
                                                  of these awards were handed out and DEL-JEN is proud to have received
                                                   two of the prestigious awards.
                                                   Accepting the award for KJCC was Business & Community Liaison (BCL),
                                                    Joan Robinson. While in D.C., Joan the opportunity to visit N. Carolina
                                                    Carolina Congressional Representatives Bob Etheridge, Brad Miller, and
                                                     G.K. Butterfield to personally thank them for their support of the Job
                                                  Corps Program and to discuss other relevant matters. Center Director,
                            Charlotte McGowan accepted MSJCC's trophy with Business & Community Liaison, Dan Davis.
  Albuquerque Job Corps Center BCL, Dr. Emily Salazar also took to the streets to chat with her state’s Representatives,
  visiting the offices of Congressman Ben R. Lujan and Senator Jeff Bingaman and meeting with Congressmen Martin
  Heinrich and Harry Teague to discuss the Program, funding, “green” initiatives, partnering, and other concerns.
  Pictured above, L to R: David Stout (President, DEL-JEN Education & Training Group), Charlotte McGowan (Center
  Director, MSJCC), Joan Robinson (BCL, KJCC), Eunice Johnson and Lana Kite (E&T Group Directors of Operations).

KJCC continued...
April 23: Global Youth Services Day (GYSD) is a 3-day, inter-    March 17: Facility Maintenance students and staff spent a
national event that mobilizes millions of young people in                                     day in the sun during a commu-
over 100 countries to improve their communities. As                                           nity service project at South
they’ve been doing since GYSD began, Kittrell Job Corps                                       Henderson Park gathering
Center had an impressive turnout of volunteer students and                                    debris, trash, and sticks that
staff - 52 in all - who cleaned-up a huge section of Hwy. 1,                                  have accumulated over the past
assisted with operations at local Head Start Centers, and/or                                  few months. At the end of the
participated in the Henderson/Vance Spring Litter Sweep.                                      day, recyclable products were
At the end of the day, volunteers were rewarded with a special                                recycled.
appreciation dinner sponsored by St. Louis Rams offensive        May 6: KJCC started National Prayer Day with a Prayer
lineman, Jason Brown, a native of neighboring Henderson, NC.     Breakfast catered by the Culinary Arts students and
                                                                 sponsored by Mayor Pete O’Geary and several local churches.
                                                                 Later in the day, KJCC invited       staff and students to
                                                                 gather at the Center’s flag pole        for a session attended
                                                                 by Community partners and                  area ministers.

        Albuquerque JCC Opens G-20 Summit
      When leaders from around the world converged on Washington D.C. to take part in the G-20 Summit on April 20th, they were
                       greeted by a sculpture created by AJCC students.
                       The G-20 (Group of Twenty) was established in 1999 to bring together advanced and emerging economies
                       to discuss key issues in the global economy. During the G-20 Leaders Meeting held Sep. 20-21, 2009 in
                       Pittsburgh, President Obama proposed that the group focus on employment issues by having its Labor
                       and Employment Ministers take part in an upcoming 2010 meeting hosted by Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis.
                       Secretary Solis, who had spent a day touring the campus in June of 2009, approved the National Job
                       Corps' commissioning of our welding and advanced welding classes to create a sculpture depicting an
                       environmental “one world” theme using nothing but recycled materials.
    With only a few months to complete the project, the whole campus got involved in one way or another. Plans were drawn-
    up for both the full-size sculpture and a desk-top version for Secretary Solis. Materials were collected from classroom
    scrap and salvage yards and soon, welding started on production of the six foot tall globe.
                                             Simultaneously, Carpentry Trades created an oak base for the table-top version as
                                             Electrical designed solar lighting systems that would illuminate the globes from
                                             within. The on-campus School of Integrated Academics and Technology (SIATech)
                                             was given the task of designing the stainless steel continents that needed to form to
                                             the curved surface of the globe.
                                             Students put in long hours, often starting before sunrise and working into the
                                             evening. “Creation of this globe and its documentation is a life-changing event for
    the students involved,” stated Center Director, Stacey Cooley. Welding instructor, Bill Casias added, “It has been a great
    opportunity for the students to demonstrate their talents as artists as well as welders - what they’ve designed and built
    will be displayed in the nation’s capital is truly an accomplishment for each individual on many levels.”
                                                       After the steel globe was complete - it’s seams smoothed out and sand-
                                                       blasted to give it a smooth, rusted patina - the globe was lowered onto the
                                                       decorative welded base, SIATech’s continents were attached, and
                                                       Electrical’s solar-powered lighting installed, everyone just stood around
                                                       the globe and smiled, proud of the part they’d played in it’s creation.
                                                       Welding student, Wendelle C. stated, “I am honored to be part of this project
                                                       as I’m the only Native American female welder who worked on it. I’m so
                              very grateful I chose welding because it has changed my life - it’s the best skill to have and a great
                              job for women.”
                              Student foreman, Burton T. remarked, “Working on this project was awesome and I’m honored to
                              have been part of it. Before coming to AJCC I was trying to find a good job. I wanted to set an
                              example for my brothers and sisters and make my parents proud of me. Welding is now my passion!
                              I love it!”
                              They didn’t have long to admire their creation before the 1,500 pound sculpture had to be crated
                              up for the 1,900 mile trip to D.C. where the full size globe came to rest in the foyer of the Frances
                              Perkins Labor Department Building, greeting the dignitaries and attendees of the G-20 Summit.
                              Presentation of the desktop version of the globe was made in-person to Secretary Solis who, in an
                              April 22nd Earth Day web chat, mentioned the sculpture and AJCC.

        AJCC Advanced Welding Program Update
     Albuquerque Job Corps Center is currently the only Center to offer it’s own on-Center Advanced Welding Program. Centers
                                                       across the country are able to send Welding Trades graduates to AJCC
                                                       for the “next step” in their education. To meet the demands for real-
                                                       world training, the program is constantly being evaluated and updated.
                                                       Recently, a 35-foot high welding practice tower was built so students
                                                       could experience what it’s like to tie-off and work up 3-stories above
                                                       the ground.
                                                       The first level is for practicing flat (1G) or horizontal (2G) welds, the
                                                       second level for vertical (3G) welding practice, and the third, for over-
                                                                                  head (4G), pipe fixed horizontal (5G), or pipe
                                                                                  fixed 45° (6G) welding. Working on the tower gets
                                                                                  students used to wearing Personal Protective
                                                                                  Equipment while working, acclimates them to
                                                                                  working above the ground, and provides a
                                                                                  visual reference to their accomplishments as
                                                                                  they climb to the next level.

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