NEWS by moeen407


									Changes between 0.9.6 and 0.9.7-git:

Security update:
 * Fixed buffer overflow in Real demuxer (SA-0811, CVE-2008-5276)

Bunch of small bugfixes.

Changes between 0.9.5 and 0.9.6:
New Localizations:
 * Ukranian

Security updates:
 * Fixed overflow in CUE support from VCD access (SA-0810, CVE-2008-xxxx)
 * Fixed overflow in RealText subtitles support (SA-0810, CVE-2008-xxxx)

Changes between 0.9.4 and 0.9.5:
Security updates:
 * Fixed buffer overflow in TiVo demuxer (SA-0809, CVE-2008-4686, CVE-
 * Fixed libpng CVE-2008-3964 in Win32 and MacOS builds

 * Closed Caption EIA 608/708 parsing enabled for libmpeg2

Various bugfixes:
 * Fixed various potential crashes and memleaks
 * Fixed issues with reading from files (especially non-local)

Windows port:
 * Fix bug where interface was "eating" some media keys
 * Fix some crashes in DirectShow access

Qt Interface:
 * Fix bug when the resetting of preferences didn't reset the dialog
 * Right-click menu to select playlist columns reenabled
 * Various fixed in playlist

 * MMAP module is now deactivated by default

 * Update of Brazillian, Swedish translation

Changes between 0.9.3 and 0.9.4:
Various bugfixes:
 * Crashes fixed in ogg, vobsub, dvdread
 * Fixes several memory leaks.
Mac OS X   port:
 * Apple   machines without Quartz Extreme are no longer supported (use
0.9.2 or   earlier )
 * Fixed   a crash with deletion of old preferences.
 * Fixed   targetname for downloaded updates

Windows port:
 * Stability fix for the video output.

Changes between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3:

Various bugfixes:
 * Fixed DTS channel order on 5.1 systems
 * Fixed pausing behavior for subtitles and for Audio-CD
 * Multiple subtitles and podcast fixes
 * Various crashes fixed in PS, SSA, mkv, xspf, freetype
 * Fixed update system bugs
 * Other bug fixes (dvd language selection, subtitle colours, HTTP keep-

Mac OS X port:
 * Fixed ffmpeg slowness on PowerPC-based Macs
 * Fixed crash on startup when installed on old preferences
 * Fixed bug in directory opening on Mac OS X
 * Fixed font selection in the Simple Preferences
 * Thicker border to the subtitle renderer
 * Fixed the appearance of playlist items in the Streaming/Transcoding
 * Fixed AC3 passthrough on Mac OS X
 * Fixed behavior of the Volume Normalizer settings on Mac OS X
 * Removed the deprecated QuickDraw video output module to avoid crashes
   modern Mac OS X versions

Windows port:
 * Fixed sensitivity of Fullscreen Controller
 * Fixed error messages on startup when VLC wasn't correctly uninstalled
   before installation
 * Fix showing of controller when returning from fullscreen playback
 * Multiple directory and path location fixes.

Qt4 interface:
 * Added Faster/Slower icons to the controller panel
 * Fixed lost playlist columns when switching the playlist view
 * Added needed options to Simple preferences (to avoid NVIDIA drivers
 * Fullscreen controller: added time label, remembering of last position
 * Fixed drag'n drop behaviour on the playlist
 * Multiple other fixes (Enter hotkey in preferences, Skins selection...)

Changes between 0.9.1 and 0.9.2:

 * Restored the old behavior of --sout-keep. It is now de-activated by
 * Skins2 interface repaired on Windows.
 * Multiple bugfixes.

Changes between 0.9.1 and 0.9.0:

 * Multiple bug fixes.

Changes between 0.8.6i and 0.9.0:

Important notes:
 * This release will need Windows 2000 and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), or more
   recent to work correctly
 * The HTTP interface is now only available on the local machine by
   If you want to make it available from other machines, you will have to
   edit the ".hosts" file.
   - On UNIX/Linux, the file is in /usr/share/vlc/http/.hosts
     If you're using the old http interface, it's located in
   - On Windows they are in C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\http\.hosts and
     C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\http\old\.hosts
   - On Mac OS X, you can find it in
     and respectively in
 * This version of VLC contains a new interface for Windows and Linux.
   This interface has a fullscreen controller and simplified preferences.
   This interface lacks the "Streaming Wizard" that used to be present in
   0.8.6, but provides basic profiles.
 * The behavior of --sout-keep was changed. It's now activated by
 * The marq, mosaic and logo commands in the rc interface changed. They
   now require a target name as their first argument. Example:
   vlc --sub-filter "marq@test{marquee=Hello}" -I rc <somevideo>
   You can then use commands like: @test marq-marquee Goodbye
   If you didn't name the object using @test, its name will default to
   plugin name (hence 'marq') in this example.
   These new commands are also available in the telnet interface.
 * The "rtp" access output module has been removed.
   Please use the RTP stream output instead, e.g.:
     Old: '#std{access=rtp,mux=ts,dst=,sap}'
     New: '#rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=5004,sap}'
 * You now need to append --m3u-extvlcopt to your command line to enable
   EXTVLCOPT options parsing in m3u playlists. Note that only a limited
   of options is available to m3u playlists (CVE-2007-6683).
 * The old access:url syntax is no longer supported to resolve
   with some file names. Use access://url instead.
    E.g.: vlc:quit -> vlc://quit ;
           udp:@ -> udp://@
 * The ffmpeg module has been removed and replaced by the new avcodec,
   avformat, swscale (or imgresample if you use a swscale-less ffmpeg
   and postproc modules.
 * The web plugins ActiveX (IE)/Firefox/Mozilla/Safari now recognize the
   following states: IDLE/CLOSE=0, OPENING=1, BUFFERING=2, PLAYING=3,
   BACKWARD being reserved for future implementations and are thus not
   functional atm.
 * Croping and padding in transcode are now done using the croppadd video
   filter. For example:

 * Canvas setting in transcode is now done using the canvas video filter.
   For example:
 * Glide video output module has been removed.


Security updates:
 * Updated libfreetype on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2008-1806, CVE-2008-
 * TTA Parser improvements (CVE-2008-3732)
 * MMS Access Module improvements (CVE-2008-3794 )

 * Vastly improved playlist support:
    * Media library creation to save all your playlist items
    * "Live search"
    * Shoutcast TV listings
    * Audioscrobbler/Last.FM support
 * Album art support
 * User definable Lua playlist scripts. See share/lua/playlist/README.txt
   (Default scripts open YouTube, DailyMotion, metacafe, Google Video and
   lots of other URLs)
 * User definable Lua album art fetcher scripts. See

 * Video for Linux 2 (V4L2) input support
 * UDP-Lite transport for RTP/AVP
 * DCCP transport for RTP/AVP
 * Proxy support for MMSH stream
 * JACK audio input support
 * Input run time option (improved live stream recording)
 * BDA devices access module for DVB-C/S/T capture cards on Microsoft
 * Re-written Screen access module for Mac OS X
   using OpenGL instead of QuickDraw
 * Screen module now supports partial screen capture and mouse following
on X11.
 * Experimental EyeTV access module
   This requires the user to install a plugin to
   (available as a separate download).
 * Simple RTP input (with MPEG A/V, G.711 and PCM support).
 * RTMP input support
 * QTKit-based Input module for Mac OS X allowing display and streaming
of video
   taken from all iSight-labelled video cameras (no audio support)
 * HTTP access now supports gzip compressed data and Digest Access
 * New options to reduce latency between arrival of raw data and display
   frames. (--auto-adjust-pts-delay and --use-stream-immediate)

 * MP4 gpac and Apple chapter support
 * Fixed playback of AIFF stereo files
 * Fixed audio glitch on seek
 * Improved FLAC demuxer (duration / current time / meta data)
 * AAC tags support
 * APEv1/2 tags support
 * Improved ID3v2 tags support
 * Improved Ogg/Vorbis tags support
 * Raw video support
 * Standard MIDI File (types 0 & 1) support
 * TiVo Series 2 support
 * CD+G karaoke Files support
 * MXF files support
 * OMA support

 * VP60/VP61/VP6F/VP62 support
 * Flash Screen Video support
 * CamStudio Screen Video support
 * DosBox Capture support
 * Karl Morton's Video support
 * limited atrac3 support
 * Fraps support
 * Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis (with external sound fonts)
 * New codec FOURCCs to support more specific files:
   Avid, FCP, Sony, Samsung, ...
 * H.264 PAFF support
 * DNxHD / VC-3 support
 * NellyMoser ASAO support
 * APE (Monkey audio) support
 * RealVideo support (with the RealVideo run-time)
 * Dirac video support using libschroedinger

 * Closed Caption Decoder (DVD, ReplayTV, TiVo, DVB/ATSC)
 * VBI & EBU (Teletext) support (*nix, Mac OS)
 * Ogg/Kate subtitles support
 * AQTitle subtitles support
 * MKV USF subtitles support
 * HTML-based subtitles support
 * MPSub subtitles support
 * JacoSub subtitles basic support
 * MPL2 subtitles support
 * Rewrite of ASS/SSA scripts and subtitles support
 * PowerDivx (.psb) Subtitles support
 * Realtext subtitle support
 * DKS subtitle support
 * SubViewer 1.0 (SubRip09) subtitles support
 * Correct Right-to-left languages in subtitles support

 * Flash Screen Video support
 * Improved H.264 encoding speed

Video outputs and filters:
  * New CoreAnimation-based output module (VLCKit framework on OS X only)
  * Adjust, Invert and Distort (now split into Wave, Ripple, Gradient and
    Psychedelic) video filters can now be streamed
  * New puzzle video output filter
  * Re-written motion detection video filter
  * New extract video filter (extract Red, Green and Blue components from
  * New sharpen video filter (increase the contrast of adjacent pixels)
  * New erase video filter (removes logos from a video)
  * Enhanced subtitles' renderer to support bold, italic and some HTML
    (Google Summer of Code Student project)
  * Support for RGBA and I420 blending.
    The latter improves Mosaic CPU usage *a lot*.
  * New transparency mask video filter (for use with the mosaic_bridge
  * New bluescreen video filter (for use with the mosaic_bridge module).
    This was previously part of the mosaic module.
  * Fixed random characters problem in RSS filter.
  * Add rotate-deciangle for more precision on rotate filter
  * Support for Intel SSE2 instruction set in chroma converters
  * Improved use of Intel MMX instruction set in chroma converters
  * New croppadd and canvas video filters.

Audio outputs and filters:
 * Replay gain support
 * Audio playback when going slower/faster (with pitch correction via
   new scaletempo audio filter)
 * New spatializer audio filter
 * Correct DTS output via S/PDIF

Stream output:
 * RTSP for TS-multiplexed broadcast streams
 * New RTP payload formats:
   * Speex voice audio codec
   * ITU T.140 (for text, subtitles) output
   * G.711 (both A-law and µ-law) output
 * UDP-Lite transport for RTP
 * DCCP transport for RTP
 * Lots of fixes for RTSP broadcasting
 * RTMP output

 * All
   * New Simple Preferences dialogs showing the most important settings
in an
     end-user suitable way.
   * Improved user interaction
   * Improved mouse gestures
   * Vastly improved Update checker
   * Full support for meta data editing (ID3v2, Ogg/Vorbis, AAC, APEv1/2)
 * Windows/Linux
   * Brand new interface for Linux and Windows, based on the Qt toolkit
   * Fullscreen controller (transparency on Linux+Composite)
 * Mac OS X
   * Improved video output features
   * Online access to VideoLAN's Help Wiki within VLC
   * New setting to disable the "Recent Items" service
   * When playing Radio (live) streams, the current track is shown
   * Correct appearance on Macs using Aqua's graphite theme
   * Simplified Extended Controls panel
 * Ncurses:
   * Correctly displays wide characters when using an UTF-8 locale,
     if libncursesw is available.
   * Some nice colors if the terminal supports it (most do)
 * Experimental Lua interface modules. See vlc -I lua and
   share/lua/playlist/README.txt for more info.
 * Unix
   * Option to allow only one running instance, using D-Bus interface.
   * D-Bus Interface implementing the MPRIS
     (Media Player Remote Interfacing specification), a common dbus
     interface for media players that intends to become an xdg standard
     finished: .
   * Motion module using disk accelerometers to keep video horizontal
   * Plugin to set Telepathy presence message using MissionControl
 * Fixed VLM schedule time on Linux
Linux Port:
 * VLC now complies with the XDG Base Directory Specification version 0.6
   (which means that VLC doesn't use the $HOME/.vlc directory anymore)

Mac OS X Port:
 * Mac OS X Framework "VLCKit" that can be used to embed VLC in third
   applications (Google Summer of Code Student project, Mac OS X 10.5
 * New text renderer based on Quartz replacing the existing Freetype
 * Complete compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
   * It is now required to compile a fully featured build
 * The support of Mac OS X 10.3.9 and QuickTime 6.x was discontinued.

 * Event management and various improvements in libvlc
   (Part of a Google Summer of Code Student project)

New Localizations:
 * Finnish
 * Persian
 * Polish
 * Punjabi
 * Bulgarian

  * LibVLC now supports externally built plugins properly.
    A "vlc-plugin" pkg-config package is provided.
  * Java bindings are now built from a separate source.

Changes between 0.8.6h and 0.8.6i:

Security updates:
 * Fixed integer overflow in WAV demuxer (CVE-2008-2430)

Various bugfixes:
 * Fixed option to use shared memory within the GLX video output module
 * Improved galaktos-based audio visualizations on FreeBSD
 * Miscellaneous bugfixes in multiple modules and in libvlc
   (transcode stream output, OSD menu video filter, VCD input,
    SAP services discovery, http control interface)
 * Updated Polish translation

Changes between 0.8.6g and 0.8.6h:

Security updates:
 * Updated GnuTLS and libgcrypt on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2008-1948,
   CVE-2008-1949, CVE-2008-1950)
 * Updated libxml2 on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2007-6284)

 * Updated libebml and libmatroska on Mac OS X. Reliability improvements.
 * Miscellaneous bugfixes in multiple modules and in libvlc
   (ftp access, record access filter, video filters, RC interface,
     playlist demuxer, IP networking, MPJPEG muxer, stream outputs)
 * Improved support for MPEG2 content created by Final Cut Pro
 * More reliable audio reception for MPEG TS streams
 * Fixed a regression in 0.8.6g where usage of the snapshot feature could
   to an unexpected application termination
 * New Serbian translation
 * Updated Romanian translation

Changes between 0.8.6f and 0.8.6g:

Security updates:
 * Removed VLC variable settings from Mozilla and ActiveX
   (CVE-2007-6683, VideoLAN-SA-0804)
 * Removed loading plugins from the current directory
   (CVE-2008-2147, VideoLAN-SA-0805)
 * Updated libpng on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2008-1382)
 * Fixed libid3tag denial of service (CVE-2008-2109)
 * Fixed libvorbis vulnerabilities (CVE-2008-1419, CVE-2008-1420, CVE-
 * Fixed speex insufficient boundary check (CVE-2008-1686, oCERT-2008-

Various bugfixes:
 * Fixed various memory leaks, improving stability when running as a
 * Fixed compilation with recent versions of FFmpeg
 * Correctly parses SAP announcements from MPEG-TS
 * Fixed AAC resampling
 * The Fullscreen Controller appears correctly on Mac OS X,
   if the 'Always-on-top' video option was selected.

Changes between 0.8.6e and 0.8.6f:

Security updates:
 * Really fixed subtitle buffer overflow (CVE-2007-6681, CVE-2008-1881)
 * Fixed Real RTSP code execution problem (CVE-2008-0073)
 * Fixed MP4 integer overflows (CVE-2008-1489, CVE-2008-1768)
 * Fixed cinepak vulnerabilities (CVE-2008-1769)
 - More information can be found in VideoLAN-SA-0801 and VideoLAN-SA-

Various bugfixes:
 * The Mozilla plugin registers a usable range of MIME-types on Mac OS X
 * Improved VLC's video output behavior on multi-screen setups running
Mac OS X
 * Fixed crashes in H264 packetizer
 * Close MMS access on network timeout
 * Fix some problems with AAC decoder & packetizer

Changes between 0.8.6d and 0.8.6e:

Various bugfixes:
 * Resume playback for viewing content over FTP
 * Fixed XShm detection with remote X11

Security updates:
 * Subtitle demuxers overflow (CVE-2007-6681)
 * HTTP listener format string injection (CVE-2007-6682)
 * Fixed buffer overflow in the SDL_image library (CVE-2006-4484)
 * Real RTSP overflows (CVE-2008-0225, CVE-2008-0295, CVE-2008-0296,
 * Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer (CORE-2008-0130,

Audio filter:
 * Fixed DTS to S/PDIF converter

Audio output:
 * Fixed 5.1 audio on ALSA

 * Fixed some RTSP hanging and user/password passing through RTSP URLs

Stream output:
 * Fixed waiting for SPS/PPS problem in H.264 packetizer

 * Improved compatibility for creating H.264 video files playable on
 * Improved detection of optimal amount of threads for multi-threaded
   encoding on multi-cpu systems
    - Note that this is used when transcode threads is set to 0 (default)
    - Not supported on Windows (multiple threads require manual

Mac OS X Interface & Port:
 * Restored compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.9
 * Corrected behavior of the Preferences panel
 * VLC no longer crashes on quit while playing

 * Updated Romanian and Polish translations
Changes between 0.8.6c and 0.8.6d:

Various bugfixes:
 * Mozilla plugin: supports a reasonable amount of MIME types on Windows
 * Linux: Fixed S/PDIF passthrough with ALSA
 * Automatic recovery on unexpected stream discontinuity (clock gap)
   in input
 * Use field order (top/bottom) for correct bob/linear deinterlacing
 * Fix invalid free in bookmarks loading code

Windows and Mac OS Binaries
 * FLAC Security Update (CVE-2007-4619) to prevent multiple integer

Active X plugin:
 * Security update (VideoLAN-SA-0703, CVE-2007-6262)

Mac OS X Interface & Port:
 * Apple Remote support on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard with enhanced
 * Improved Video Output compatibility for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
 * Improved behavior of the Fullscreen Controller and mode changes
   Fullscreen and Windowed Video Output
 * Softened the white flash artifacts that may appear during the
transition of
   two different movies
 * Support for current Ogg file formats
 NOTE: This release requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
       Mac OS X 10.3.9 is not supported anymore.

 * Improved H.264 encoding speed on Mac OS X

Other changes:
 * The automatic updating facility was removed
 * You now need to append --m3u-extvlcopt to your command line to enable
   EXTVLCOPT options parsing in m3u playlists.
 * RTSP server remote denial of service fixed (CVE-2007-6684).

Changes between 0.8.6b and 0.8.6c:

Various bugfixes, notably:
 * Windows Vista compatibility
 * Cropping in Direct3D
 * Fullscreen change crash on Mac OS X
 * RSS filter string overflow
 * Few memory leaks
 * MKV demuxer crash (related to seeking)
CDDA / Vorbis / Theora / SAP plugins:
 * Security updates (VideoLAN-SA-0702, CVE-2007-3316, US-CERT VU#200928)

 * Fixed a problem with detecting embedded subtitles (GAB2 format) in AVI
 * Prevent WAV file integer overflow (CVE-2007-3467 & CVE-2007-3468)

 * Updated FLAC API compatibility

 * Support for new v4l2 encoder API

 * New localisation: Arabic, Persian

Changes between 0.8.6a and 0.8.6b:

Various bugfixes, notably:
 * Out-of-bound read in demuxers
 * Demuxers crashes (incl. CVE-2007-0256)
 * Mac OS X Interface crashes
 * VP31 decoding on Windows platforms
 * Direct3D Video Output modifications for Vista compatibility
 * Correct behaviour for feeding streams to Icecast or Shoutcast servers

 * Enhanced Flash Video support incl. VP61 and VP60
 * Teletext subtitles (telx) support

Webbrowser plugins:
 * Rectified behaviour and improved usability

Mac OS X Interface & Port:
 * Diverse usability improvements
 * New wizard option to embed subtitles
 * Screensaver/automatic sleep mode is enabled when a video is paused
 * Improved Delete-Preferences-Script

Changes between 0.8.6 and 0.8.6a:

CDDA / VCDX plugins:
 * Security updates (VideoLAN-SA-0701, CVE-2007-0017)

Mac OS X Interface:
 * Fullscreen controller improvements

Changes between 0.8.5 and 0.8.6:
 * Shoutcast TV listings support

 * Support for RTSP authentication
 * Support for adding subtitles on the fly
 * Fixed MPEG-PS duration calculation
 * ATSC support for DVB input
 * Partial reading support for DVR-ms recordings
 * Partial reading support for MXF and GXF fileformat
 * Improved support for Flash Video files

 * Native WMV9/VC-1 support
 * WMA Speech support (through binary codecs)
 * VP5/VP6 - Flash Video support (not VP61)
 * The True Audio Lossless codec support
 * Matroska WavPack support
 * Improved H.264 support (interlaced, speed improvements etc but no
 * Fixed a problem with MPEG2 field pictures
 * Fixed swapped colors on DVB subtitles

Video output:
 * Additional OpenGL effects (cylinder, torus, sphere, ...)
 * Experimental Direct3D 9 video output (win32). Best served on Vista :)
 * Improved libcaca support

 * All
   * New hotkeys for crop and zoom
   * Support for snapshots from the HTTP interface
 * Windows
   * Systray support in skins
 * OS X
   * Support for Apple Remote control
   * Fullscreen controller panel (artwork by Simon Damkjær Andersen)
   * New playmode buttons (artwork by Simon Damkjær Andersen)
   * right/ctrl-click menu in video outputs
   * Main Menu uses autohide when playing videos in fullscreen mode
 * Linux
   * Notifications using notification-daemon

Windows port:
 * Support for Unicode filenames (Windows NT and above)
   Windows 9x/ME users:
     - Please note that these versions of Windows are not officially
     - Unicode support for Windows 9x/ME applications is available
through the
       Microsoft Layer for Unicode available from the following location:
       Download the MSLU package (unicows) and extract the content into
the folder
 * Fixed IPv6 support on the client side
 * Fixed disable screensaver (Direct3D and DirectX video output)

 * Add Czech
 * Add Slovak
 * Add Malay
 * Add Slovenian

 * Updates to the libvlc API
 * Fixes for the mozilla and activeX plugins

Changes between 0.8.4a and 0.8.5

Core support:
 * Statistics collection (bitrates, packets, connections, ...)
 * Support for downloading updates
 * Updated strings

 * Initial support for RTSP-over-HTTP (to allow NAT traversal)
 * Linux DV (Digital Video - Firewire) input
 * Improvements to the Audio CD input
     - Separate playlist entries for the tracks
     - Support for CDDB
 * Support for more DVB (satellite) encryption modules
 * Improved subtitles encoding support
 * Improved support for playing MP4 files from the Web

 * Cook (Real audio) support

Playlist / Services discovery:
 * XSPF playlist support
 * Podcast support
 * Updated Shoutcast to use new listing

Audio output:
 * New JACK audio output

Video output:
 * New video filters:
    - magnify: allows you to zoom on part of the image
    - gradient and edge detection: "cartoon-like" effect
    - bluescreen: overlay parts of a video transparently on another one
 * Logo video filter: can now loop through multiple images
 * RSS video filter: display feed images. Support for Atom feeds.
 * Improvements to the subtitles rendering

Stream output:
 * Initial support for throttling users on VOD streams

 * System to inform the user and request information
    - HTTP authentication
    - Fatal errors
    - ...
 * wxWidgets
    - VLM (VideoLAN Media Manager) control panel
    - Improved media information panel (shows statistics, metadata, ...)
    - Drag & Drop support in the playlist
 * Skins2
    - New default skin
    - Support for Winamp 2 skins
    - Improved playlist handling
    - Support for popup menus, animated bitmaps, equalizer, ...
 * OS X
    - Embedded Video output
    - new Go-To-Specific-Time feature
    - Video cropping and aspect ratio changing while playing
    - Improved media information panel (shows statistics, metadata, ...)
    - support for processing multiple items with the wizard in a single
    - option to save selections in the wizard for a session (default
    - New default interface pages for VLC and VLM (including a mosaic
    - A bunch of new RPN functions

Windows Port:
 * MSN messenger "Now playing" support

OS   X Port:
 *   Mac-Intel compatibility
 *   Enhanced support of various audio output devices
 *   Growl "Now playing" support

*Nix port:
 * Ability to log to syslog
 * Root wrapper to avoid running VLC as root

 * New libvlc API (not finished yet)
 * Java bindings
 * A bit more automatic testing

Changes between 0.8.4 and 0.8.4a:

Audio output:
 * Fix a52 over spdif in alsa
 * SPDIF output available again in the Mac OS X Audio menu.

 * Add support for new BMP and Cook (RealAudio G2) decoders in ffmpeg
 * Add support for some non-standard FOURCCs used for H.264/H.263

 * Fix bug with some HE-AAC audio tracks

Services Discovery:
 * HAL fixes, should now work with new API
 * SAP, fix 20 second freeze on windows
 * UPnP fixes
 * Avahi 0.6 support

 * Mac OS X
    - fixed encoding of H.264/H.263 content when using the wizard

Changes between 0.8.2 and 0.8.4:

Core support:
 * Internal strings handling is now UTF-8 based
 * New OSD system

Video output:
 * Fixed problems with OpenGL output
 * New --monitor-par (pixel aspect ratio) option
 * Fixed display problems with HDTV-1080 format

 * Improved DVB support for satellite bands other than Ku-band
 * IPv6 and Extended passive mode support for FTP
 * IPv6 Source Specific Multicast support
 * GnomeVFS input module
 * Support for RTP packet reordering
 * Fixed syntax for FTP URLs

 * Support for libSDL_image to import different image types
 * Musepack decoder using libmpdec
 * QDM2 audio support (needs ffmpeg from 19th Oct 2005 or later)

Services discovery:
 * UPnP service discovery (Linux only at the moment)
 * Bonjour service discovery using avahi (Linux only)

Video filters:
 * RSS feed overlay

Audio filters:
* Fixes, enhancements and new options related to the Headphone Channel
  Mixer and Dolby Surround

Stream output:
 * New shout output module to forward streams to icecast servers
 * Fixed several SAP and SDP announcement bugs
 * Fixed MTU handling to avoid IP fragments

- new cone icon by Richard ¯iestad (Eurodata,
 * Mac OS X
    - New streaming and transcoding wizard
    - New extended controls panel
    - New bookmarks window
    - Fixed playlist sorting
    - Fixed drag-and-drop inside the playlist
 * wxWidgets
    - Rename wxWindows interface in wxWidgets.
    - All the --wxwin-* options are now --wx-*
    - Support for RTP streaming in Stream Ouput dialog
    - Now require wx2.6 with Unicode support
 * Skins2
    - Tree playlist
    - New RPN functions to control VLC features (see play-howto)
    - Facilities to correctly handle non-ASCII characters and spaces in
      the names of files
    - Include macro to include other files
    - CGI 1.0 support

ActiveX plugin:
* Should now work outside IE as well

Mac OS X port:
* New script to delete the preferences automatically

Windows port:
* Fixed bandwidth problems of HTTP streaming
* Fixed audio problems with DirectX audio output

 The following languages were added:
 * Galician
 * Korean
 * Romanian
 * Simplified Chinese
 The following languages were re-added:
 * Swedish

Changes between 0.8.1 and 0.8.2:

Core support:
 * Rewrite of the playlist
    - Tree structure
    - Input preparsing (for meta-data)
    - Grouping (by artist, ...) support
 * Preferences improvements:
    - New organization, designed to improve usability
    - New configuration types (list of modules, ...)
 * XML parsers
 * Core image manipulation support
 * Client-side SSL/TLS support
 * SSL Client certificates checking support (allows for secure VoD)
 * Renamed --spu-channel to --sub-track
 * Renamed --spumargin to --sub-margin
 * Renamed --audio-channel to --audio-track
 * Renamed --filter to --vout-filter
 * filters, extra interfaces, visualizations and service discovery
modules are
   now separated by ':' instead of ','
 * Access filter architecture
 * Track selection based on preferred language (--sub-language and --
 * Zsh autocompletion for VLC's arguments
 * Many bugfixes...

 * Support for SOCKS proxy
 * Support for Shoutcast Meta-data
 * Support for (HE-)AAC raw-audio streams
 * Support for images on a HTTP server that get refreshed on the server
 * Better support for Kasenna streams
 * RTSP UDP->TCP rollover support
 * Massive Matroska improvements
 * Support for XA and VOC audio files
 * TiVo demuxer
 * Samba (Windows shares) access module
 * Improved CDDAX module (uses several playlist items)
 * Fixes to Linux DVB support
 * Fix the "negative subtitles delay" bug
 * Support for FTP over IPv6

Decoders / Encoders:
 * Dirac decoder and encoder
 * PNG decoder/encoder
 * Improvements to DVB subtitles encoder
 * Support for Apple Lossless Audio Codec

Access filters:
 * New Record and Timeshift filters

Services discovery:
 * New type of modules, that add items to the playlist
 * Brand new SAP module
     * To enable SAP, you now need to use "-S sap" or add SAP in
       the "Manage->Services Discovery" menu
     ( IPv6 SAP is now enabled by default )
     * Non-standard support for HTTP streams SAP announces removed
 * HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) discovery
 * DAAP (iTunes shares) support
 * Shoutcast

Audio output:
 * Support for 20/24 bits LPCM

Video output:
 * Video snapshot support (png or jpg)
 * Image file video output (png)
 * Motion detection filter (can trigger playlist actions)
 * Improvements to wall video filter
 * Support for font color and opacity

Stream output:
 * Muxers
    - ASF improvements
 * VLM / VoD
    - Ability to load a configuration file on startup
    - Seeking support in VoD streams
 * Mosaic (picture-in-picture system)

 * wxWidgets
    - Redesigned playlist : add playlist, add directory, ...
    - Improved preferences
    - Improvements to the wizard
    - DVD, VCD and Audio CD navigation buttons
 * MacOS X
    - Redesigned playlist
    - Improved preferences
 * Skins
    - Support for multiple actions
    - Fixes
    - Support for the new playlist system
 * Lirc
    - Now uses new config settings. See doc/lirc/example.lirc

Windows port:
 * Screensaver disabling fix
 * DirectShow tuner configuration
 * Support for no-decoration windows

MacOS X port:
 * Many Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger related fixes
 * The OpenGL video output is back
 * A new audio module that should work more reliable for analog audio
output in various configurations.
   - Supports multichannel discrete analog output
   - Digital audio output requires you to change a preference setting
because it
     is not yet available in the new module
   - Please read the README.MacOSX.rtf file for more information.

BeOS port:
 * Support for single-buffered overlay

Pocket PC port:
 * Many fixes
 * New interface
 * New video output

Mozilla Plugin:
 * Javascript fixes
 * Mozilla plugin for MacOS X is back (not yet distributed)

IE Plugin:
 * Brand new Internet Explorer ActiveX plugin

 The following languages were added:
 * Catalan
 * Danish
 * Turkish

Changes between 0.8.0 and 0.8.1:

Core support:
 * Include TLS/SSL API (on plattforms where libgnutls is available)
 * SSL support in the HTTP daemon (HTTP stream output and HTTP interface)

Windows port:
 * Fixed win32 multichannel audio output support (which was broken in
 * Fixed DV and MPEG (WinTV PVR 250/350) support in the dshow input
 * Fixed spurious taskbar item after switching to fullscreen

WinCE port:
 * A few more updates (we still miss an interface and a fast video

Audio Output:
 * Portaudio audio output plugin improvements

Video Output:
 * Proper subpictures scaling using the aspect-ratio info when available

 * Fixed crash with ODML avi files
 * Fixed autodetection of VCD/SVCD bin files
 * Supports Kasenna VoD (MPEG2 only) and simulcast streaming

Stream Output:
 * Encoders:
   * Fixed aspect ratio and interlaced support in ffmpeg encoder module
 * Stream output:
   * Support of playlist group announcement

Changes between 0.7.2 and 0.8.0:

Core support:
 * Major work on libvlc. Changed/renamed/added functions
 * Complete switch to the new input core (better seeking, multi-input,
 * New plugins cache to speed up launch time
 * New --play-and-stop feature which stops the playlist after each played
 * Daemon mode (to run vlc in the background)
 * Major improvements to the subtitle/OSD subsystem

 * New screen capture input plugin for X11, Win32, BeOS and Mac OS X
    (Stream your desktop)
 * Improved DVD support:
    - uses libdvdnav for playing DVDs with menus support
    - uses libdvdread for simple playback with menus (eg. for streaming)
 * Experimental multi-input support ( use --input-slave to play with it )
 * Automatic MTU discovery for UDP streams
 * More powerful MRL syntax for DVD/VCD/CDDA access
    (selection of titles/chapters).

 * Support for iTunes Music Store previews
 * Support for MJPEG webcams (i.e. AXIS cams)
 * Added initial mp4 and mpeg-ts text track support
 * Windows Media Server RTSP support
 * Support for MPEG TS streams with error correction (204/192 bytes TS
 * Support for DTS audio in MPEG TS (ETSI TS 102 154 Annex G)
 * Skins2 .vlt file loader (only when skins2 is the current interface)
 * Improved Ogg demuxer
 * Support for MPEG PS streams with MPEG 4 video.
 * Support for so called AACPlus webstreams

 * G.726 audio support
 * 14496-17 MPEG TS text support
 * MPEG-4 text support
 * Vastly improved DVB subtitles decoder (ETS 300 743)
 * Enabled color in DVB subtitles rendering
 * VobSub supported both externally and in Matroska
Stream Output:
  * Re-use audio/video/spu decoders in transcoder module. From now on,
     everything that is playable by VLC should be transcodable as well
  * Subtitles overlaying in transcoder
  * Subpictures overlaying in transcoder (see video output)
  * Frame rate selection in the transcoder
  * DVB subtitles encoder
  * MPEG 1 layer 2 audio encoder using libtoolame
  * Improved vorbis/theora encoding
  * Text track muxing for mp4
  * Multipart mjpeg muxing. Your video is directly viewable in a Mozilla
  * 14496-17 text track muxing for MPEG TS
  * Support for DTS audio in MPEG TS (ETSI TS 102 154 Annex G)
  * Teletext (0x56 descriptor) streaming support in MPEG TS.
  * New WAV muxer (supports multi-channel audio)
  * Improved ASF muxer
  * H.263 RTP streaming support
  * SDP generation outputs more compliant SDPs and can create SDP files
  * Improved RTSP and VoD server (experimental)

Audio Output:
 * New audio equalizer filter
 * Very trivial volume normalizer
 * True channel downmixing when playing 5:1 material on Stereo
 * More gradual resampling which should improve the pitch changing effect
 * New audio output plugin using portaudio v19

Video Output:
 * Roku HD1000 Video output
 * Experimental generic OpenGL video output (X11, Win32, MacOS X)
   with support for effects.
 * Improved filter and subpictures support :
    - New filters can be streamed.
    - "Subpicture filters" to overlay subpictures on video
    - Centralized scaling and blending
 * New filters :
    - "time", to display current time
    - "marq", to display a marquee

 * OSD sliders for volume and postition information
 * OSD icons for Play and Pause
 * New Streaming Wizard for Windows and Linux default interfaces
 * A few skins2 improvements
 * Added search, volume, loop and random functions to the ncurses
 * Added a filesystem browser to the ncurses interface
 * The remote control interface can now listen for commands on sockets
 * Improved CORBA control module

Mac OS X port:
 * Fixed the "cannot set buffersize:[nope]" coreaudio problem
 * Major speed improvements to the Quartz video output
 * The Mac OS X interface is no longer required to display video

Linux port:
 * New galaktos visualization plugin (MilkDrop-compatible)
 * Experimental SVG rendering module
 * Support for DVB CAM modules.

Windows port:
 * DirectX Media Object decoder (allows playing some media types, like
 * DirectX Media Object audio and video encoder
 * Fixed long standing win32 thread handles leak
 * Fixed problem with CPU usage with subtitles rendering
 * Wallpaper mode for the DirectX video output (only in overlay mode)

WinCE port:
 * Massive update (we still miss an interface and a fast video output).

Mozilla plugin:
 * Added a lot of Javascript accessible funtionality
 * Volume, position, length, seek etc etc etc.

 * Server/client network synchronization module
 * VBrick streams fully supported
 * Cisco IP/TV streams supported
 * VLM enhancements

Changes between 0.7.1 and 0.7.2:

Core support:
 * Bookmarks feature for easier seeking/access inside medias.
 * Support for video output embedded in interfaces.
 * Improved HTTP daemon.
 * Saved playlists now remember VLC-specific options.

 * New Continuous Media Markup Language (CMML) codec.
 * New H.261 video decoder using openmash.
 * H264 encoder, demuxer and packetizer.
 * Packetizer interfaces between demux and codec when needed
   (allows using ffmpeg plugin to decode MPEG streams and better aac
 * Support for Theora alpha3 (both decoding and encoding).

 * --start-time <sec> and --stop-time <sec> to start and stop playing a
   file at the specified amount of seconds. Only works with a few
   fileformats (avi, mov, mkv, mp4 )
 * Improved directory access module.
 * New "file-cat" option to play truncated movies.
 * Better handling of meta info (title, author, description, etc...).
 * New options to pass meta info to the input.
 * It is now possible to stream programs from a DVB-S/C/T stream
   (satellite, cable, or digital terestrial television)

 * Annodex ( support.
 * mmsh streaming fixes.
 * Fixed infinite loop in the AVI demux on broken/incomplete files.

 * Subviewer and subviewer v2 subtitles support.
 * Ability to choose autodetected subtitles path.
 * Subtitles delay can be changed in real time with hotkeys.

Stream output:
 * Improved session announcement system.
 * Minimize threads usage by default.
 * Added faster than realtime stream output (limited by CPU) for file
 * Improved MOV/MP4 muxer.
 * Improved MPEG TS muxer.
 * Improved transrater.
 * Meta info options used by the muxers.
 * New configuration system.
 * Better audio channels downmixing when transcoding.

VideoLAN manager:
 * New videolan (media) manager (vlm): a little manager designed to
   and manage multiple streams from within one instance of VLC.
 * Supports live streams and VoD.
 * Supports scheduling.
 * Telnet interface for vlm.
 * HTTP interface for vlm.

 * Skins II (Windows and Linux only)
    - Ability to embed video output.
    - Support for bitmap fonts.
    - Lots of improvements.
 * wxWindows (default Windows and Linux interface)
    - New design and set of icons.
    - Ability to embed video output.
    - Support for hotkeys.
    - Support for bookmarks.
 * Mac OS X
    - Support for 'groups' and playlist item properties.
    - Better hotkeys handling.
Mac OS X port:
 * OpenGL video output is now the default when available.
 * Added FAAC encoder (mp4a).
 * Audio output fix to work with multiple streams on a HAL device.
 * Possible fix for conflict with CodeTek VirtualDesktop (untested).

Win32 port:
 * DirectShow input plugin should work with more devices.
 * Disable monitor power down when watching movies.
 * Improved Windows installer.

Linux port:
 * PowerPC fixes.

 * Improvements to the Goom visualisation plugin.
 * Roku HD1000 audio output.

Changes between 0.7.1 and 0.7.1a:

Mac OS X:
 * Fixed the infamous 'mp3 takes twice the CPU it should take' bug
 * Playing MOD files is working now.

Changes between 0.7.0 and 0.7.1:

Core support:
 * Fixed a nasty bug that causes preferences not to be saved some times.
 * IGMPv3 support for VLC under Windows XP and Linux.

 * Brand new DTS Coherent Acoustics audio decoder based on libdts
 * Fixed DTS S/PDIF output
 * SVCD (Philips OGT) and CVD subtitles

 * Internal improvments
 * Improved import/export

 * Experimental support for Nullsoft streaming video(.nsv) and real
   container formars.
 * New demux module that uses libavformat from ffmpeg. Adds support for
   small and strange formats.
 * New PVA demux.
 * New MOD audio demux.
 * Support for DTS and A52/AC3 wav files.
 * Support for DTS and A52/AC3 audio CD.
 * New and experimental DVD input plugin with menus support (using
 * Added back DV audio support in raw DV demuxer.

Stream output:
 * MP4/MOV muxer improvements (fast-start, aac in mov, etc...).
 * Fixed a nasty bug in the mpeg video packetizer.
 * Improved transcoding (multithreading, more tuning, etc...).

Service discovery:
 * Fixed sdp in SAP.

Mac OS X port:
 * New opengl video output plugin.

Win32 port:
 * A few improvements to the DirectShow input plugin.
 * Fixed ipv6 name resolution.

Changes between 0.6.2 and 0.7.0:

Core support:
 * Brand new decoder/packetizer api.
   Adds a lot more flexibility while also simplifying the decoder
 * New encoder api (Ffmpeg, Vorbis, Theora, Flac and Speex encoders
 * Video outputs are recycled if possible.
   This removes any 'flicker' between two similiar video files.
 * Fixed the video filters. Video should no longer go black when using
 * New input core. Advantages are: better seeking, more responsive,
support for
   subtitle files at the core, and much much more.

 * Added a repeat mode to repeat a single file over and over.
 * Playlist sorting

 * RTP/RTSP support.
 * Fixed annoying seeking problem with Ogg files (seeking would take
 * Support for Flac in Ogg files.
 * MPEG TS demuxer also handles A52 and AAC audio in DVB streams.
 * Rewrite of the Flac demuxer.
 * cddax and vcdx plugins using libcdio, libvcd and libvcdinfo. (Linux
 * Reworked DVB tuning.
 * Better Icecast support.
 * New MPEG video elementary streams demuxer.
 * New DTS audio elementary streams demuxer.

 * Support for Theora video encoding.
 * Support for Speex audio decoding/encoding.
 * Rewrite of the Flac decoder + encoding support.
 * Support for MPEG2 422 decoding which was recently added to libmpeg2
 * Support for AAC + SBR and proper multi-channel re-ordering.
 * MPEG 2.5 audio support.
 * Removed deprecated decoders (a52_old, mpeg_video and mpeg_audio).

Stream output:
 * Improvements to the MPEG TS muxer.
 * New transrating module for MPEG2 video.
 * Added packetization for MPEG AAC ADTS streams.
 * Added packetizers for Flac, Speex, Theora, LPCM, DTS and SPU streams.
 * Improved mp4 muxing and added AAC/MP4V support when transcoding.
 * Improved Ogg muxing and added Theora, Speex, Flac and subtitles
 * MPEG TS muxer follows the ATSC/DVB specs for embedded A52 audio.
 * --sout-keep option to keep the stream open while changing input.
 * Preliminary RTP support.
 * Fixes to SAP announces.

 * Skins:
    - Bugfixes
    - misc improvements (eg, "stay on top" option).
 * New standardized and customizable hotkeys.
 * wxWindows
    - Playlist improvements (Sort, Search, mode buttons).
    - Improvements and help in preferences
    - New streaming wizard
    - Revised Disc Open menu
    - Improvements of the standard pages
    - Support for new commands
 * OSD ( OS X and hotkeys only atm ).

Service discovery:
 * Many fixes to the SAP module
 * SAP now supports HTTP streams

 * Text subtitles now have a black outline.
 * Text subtitles autodetection.
 * Text subtitles charset autodetection.
 * Text subtitles for all videofiles. Results may vary.
 * Text subtitles in Hebrew are supported. Arabic partially.
 * Automatic fontsize selection for text subtitles.
 * Fixed SAMI text subtitles support.
 * Support for subtitles in Matroska files.
 * Support for subtitles in DVB streams.

Mac OS X port:
 * New controller designed by Max Rudberg from
 * Save playlist.
 * Works on 10.1.x again. Apologies for that problem.
 * Support for Panther.
 * Support for raw dumping of streams to disk.
 * Mozilla plugin for Mac OS X (experimental).

Win32 port:
 * New DirectShow input module (for video acquisition cards, webcams,
 * VLC can be installed as a Windows NT service.
 * Allow on the fly switching of the main interface.
 * Support for 3F2R in audio output.
 * New --one-instance option to "force" only one running instance of VLC.
 * Mozilla plugin for Windows (experimental).
 * Multimonitor support (untested).
 * Fixed nasty timing bug on some dual-cpu / P4 with hyperthreading

Linux port:
 * Improved Video4Linux input. Also added support for an audio only
 * Support for real-time priority when running with root privileges.
 * Allow on the fly switching of the main interface.

iPaq port:
 * Brand new Gtk 2 interface

 * Audio visual effects filters (spectrum, scope and random).
 * Audio visual effects filter using goom.
 * Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian and Hungarian translations.
 * libcaca video output (colored ascii)

Changes between 0.6.1 and 0.6.2:

Core support:
 * Fixed a nasty regression in 0.6.1 which made some streams unplayable.

Stream output:
 * Transcoder now generates proper pts/dts thus should work a lot better.
 * Improved MPEG TS muxer.

Access input:
 * Support for DVB-S/C/T cards using v4l2 API for Linux 2.6.x kernels.
 * Few fixes to the VCD navigation.

 * Support for DVD menus navigation added to the wxWindows interface.
UNIX ports:
 * ALSA multi-channel support fixed and tested.
 * Fixed fullscreen with gnome metacity.

Win32 port:
 * Fixed VCD support which was broken on some machines.

iPaq port:
 * Familiar interface with Gtk+-1.2 and GPE support removed

 * Text subtitles now centered on the picture.
 * Ffmpeg decoder now generates proper pts and can be used to play
   mpeg1/2 videos.

Changes between 0.6.0 and 0.6.1:

Core support:
 * There should be less bogus resampling, particularly on DVDs.
 * VLC will now wait for the medium to wake up before starting its clock
   after a pause.

Stream output:
 * Added vorbis audio support in Ogg streaming.
 * Added vorbis audio transcoding support.
 * Added mp3 audio transcoding support (when ffmpeg is compiled with
UNIX ports:
 * ALSA multi-channel support fixed and tested.
 * Fixed fullscreen with gnome metacity.

Win32 port:
 * Fixed VCD support which was broken on some machines.

iPaq port:
 * Familiar interface with Gtk+-1.2 and GPE support removed

 * Text subtitles now centered on the picture.
 * Ffmpeg decoder now generates proper pts and can be used to play
   mpeg1/2 videos.

Changes between 0.6.0 and 0.6.1:

Core support:
 * There should be less bogus resampling, particularly on DVDs.
 * VLC will now wait for the medium to wake up before starting its clock
   after a pause.

Stream output:
 * Added vorbis audio support in Ogg streaming.
 * Added vorbis audio transcoding support.
 * Added mp3 audio transcoding support (when ffmpeg is compiled with
 * PS muxer can create mpeg1 files now and produce streams with system
 * You can transcode a52 with more than two channels to mpga now.

Win32 port:
 * Fixed DVD support which was partly broken due to a bug in libdvdcss
 * Fixed 5.1 audio support for the sblive/audigy soundcards.
 * Fixed sound on Windows NT.

UNIX ports:
 * Fixed/improved ALSA support and enabled multi-channel audio output.
 * X11/Xvideo: Should now work on big endian machines, and you can now
   use the arrow keys to browse through the DVD menus.

iPaq port:
 * Gtk+2 interface called PDA
 * Familiar Gtk+ is now deprecreated
 * Codec a52, Faad2 and flac added
 * Video4Linux enabled (demux and transcode)
 * Stream Out with transcode support enabled (use codecs: HuffYuvv and A-

 * Small updates/fixes to the wxWindows interface.
 * Improved HTTP remote control interface. You can now create your own
HTML pages.
 * A new CORBA control plugin.

Input demux:
 * Improved support for the Matroska container format.

 * Improved build system.
 * New video filter plugin to overlay logos.
 * Added support for Winamp 3 B4S files.
 * New subtitle module which uses freetype2 to render arbitrary fonts in
any size.
   Should also work with languages like russion for instance.

Changes between 0.5.3 and 0.6.0:

Core Support:
 * Channel Server support was removed (was deprecated)

Input access:
 * Fixed a big bug in ftp and http access that prevented many platforms
(OSX most prominently) to view ftp and http streams.
 * Fixed large file support on Windows
 * Video 4 Linux support
 * CD Digital Audio support
 * Fixed IPv6 multicasting on Windows and OSX.

Input demux:
 * Better detection of AAC and mp3 files
 * Support for OpenDML avi files
 * More complete .mp4/.mov support
 * Very early support for the Matroska container format (don't complain
if it doesn't work ;)

 * VLC's own MPEG1/2 decoder has been replaced with libmpeg2
 * Support for Sorenson 3 (SVQ3 or Quicktime content) via ffmpeg
 * OSX support for QDM2 and QDMC sound, often used in QT content.
 * Fixed a bug which was causing artefacts in DivX video (ffmpeg)
 * Updated our theora decoder to use the alpha 2 release of libtheora
 * If ffmpeg cannot keep up, skip and try to recover instead of stopping
 * Indeo Video 3 (IV32) support for little-endian computers. (so not for

 * The wxWindows interface is now fully useable as well as Unicode safe
 * New HTTP remote control interface

Stream output:
 * New stream output scheme. It is now possible to build a chain of
stream outputs allowing for instance to stream and display some content
at the same time.
 * The stream output now allows to transcode content on the fly.
 * Fixed major bug that prevented streaming mpeg 1/2 video with pulldown
 * SAP/SDP announcing support. (both IPv4 and IPv6)

 * New reset option for the preferences
 * You can set your language in the prefences
 * New video chroma conversion module using ffmpeg
 * Added a Gentoo ebuild to the distribution
 * Added a new smaller subtitles font (now the default) + scripts to
generate your own
 * SAP/SDP IPv6 support

UNIX ports:
 * Basic support for the X11 Xinerama extension.
 * New skinable interface ported to X11.
 * Run opie-vlc and zaurus-vlc as GuiServer

Mac OS X port:
 * When you add several items to the playlist, they are sorted
 * New about panel and revamped preferences panel.
 * Fixed the deinterlace menu.
 * Float on top, Fit to Screen and a Transparency option for video out.
 * New output dialog for transcode and display while stream capabilities.
 * New icons by Davor Orel.
 * New audio resampler. Should make VLC much faster.
 * Fixed disappearing and crackling sound (PTS is out of range bug)
 * We no longer automatically save the preferences when you quit the
 * Arrow keys are now use to browse the menus in a DVD

Win32 port:
 * the wxWindows interface is now the default interface
 * The keyboard shortcuts are now identical to the linux version
 * Fixed the "no sound" problem on NT4
 * Improved skinnable interface (it now uses the wxWindows interface
 * Added support for compressed skins files (.vlt files)
 * Fixed SVCD chapters support.
 * Fixed memory leak with 5.1 audio.

BeOS port:
 * Interface localization
 * Screensaver disabled if playing in fullscreen
 * A few new keyboard shortcuts
 * New full-featured Preferences window

Changes between 0.5.2 and 0.5.3:

Core Support:
 * fixed DTS S/PDIF output on little-endian machines
 * support for skins at the interface level
 * new OSD module using Freetype2
 * video outputs are now destroyed when the associated input ends
 * the video output takes into account the caching delay introduced at
   input level before dropping out of date frames.
 * configuration option to disable the translation of the interface

Input access:
 * fixed HTTP redirects
 * support for opening an entire directory
 * EOF should be detected more reliably
 * new video4linux access plug-in
 * new kfir access plug-in designed to work around a bug in the kfir

Input demux:
 * added stream type for some Motorola MPEG-2 video encoders
 * fix for some ogg web radio streams
 * fixed reading TS streams over HTTP

 * support for 3ivx D4 (not previous versions)
 * support for '3ivd' and '3vid' encodings
 * support for 'MSS1' codec ( same as WMV2 )
 * support for SAMI subtitles (untested and incomplete)
 * better SSA4 subtitles recognition
 * new codec for raw I420 video
 * improvements to the libmpeg2-based MPEG video decoder

 * improvements to wxWindows based interface
   (although it still misses some important features)
 * skeleton for a Gnome2/GTK2 plug-in

Stream output:
 * new HTTP output support
 * fixed a segfault in the AVI muxer
 * fixed AV synchronization issues

 * support for oldstyle id3 genres

UNIX ports:
 * the SDL vout plug-in will now work on big-endian machines

Mac OS X port:
 * reorderable playlist
 * fixed the hiding of the mouse on multiple monitors
 * fixed a big issue with some USB speakers
 * support for mono audio output devices
 * reset the audio-device to its default mode before quitting VLC
 * fixed several cosmetic issues
 * you can drag the controller window by its background (as it should be)
 * the messages window remembers more lines
 * delay and fps can now be overruled with subtitles files
 * http and ogg stream output options
 * Apple menu and friends will now be translated as well

Win32 port:
 * new skinnable interface
 * the directx video output doesn't crash anymore on ctrl+alt+del events.

iPAQ familiar Linux port:
 * support for FLAC audio format
 * the interface adapts to the screen size/rotation
 * playlist
 * network tab in the interface
 * "apply" handling in preferences

Changes between 0.5.1a and 0.5.2:
Core support:
 * advanced config options are now hidden by default
 * new --spdif option to use the S/PDIF audio output by default
 * fixed a 'clicking' sound when switching between streams
 * new bandlimited resampler that should improve audio quality on
   Mac OS X
 * fixed a problem with audio over http that caused some web radios to
not work
 * DTS S/PDIF support

 * support   for DV audio through the ffmpeg library
 * support   for FLAC audio through libflac
 * new but   basic MPEG video decoder based on libmpeg2
 * fixed a   major bug in LPCM code (fixes a problem with iDVD disks)

Stream output:
 * support for streaming DivX 1/2/3, wmv1/2, h/i263 over MPEG-2 TS
 * new --ttl option for Time To Live

DVD support:
 * fixed quite a few problems with the dvd menu support

UNIX ports:
 * fixed the GNU-pth support

Win32 port:
 * multi-channel audio and S/PDIF support for both the DirectX and
 * localization support via gettext is now fully working
 * rc interface is now fully useable
 * fixed the MSVC project files generation

Mac OS X port:
 * several fixes for multi channel audio devices. AC3 over SPDIF with
   M-Audio Sonica Theater still does not work. this is most likely a
   bug and has been reported to M-Audio. (Sonica, Revolution, Delta,
   iMate and MOTU firewire devices should work)
 * VLC now uses the default audio device
 * new info panel
 * very preliminary support for VLC control via applescript
 * support for mouse gestures
 * new priority scheme allowing to avoid lock-ups on low-end machines

Linupy port:
 * there is a whole new port for the linupy distribution used by o.a. the
   YOPY PDA. It is still experimental, please test it

 * improved ID3 tag detection
 * changed several errors into warnings ; the frequently reported "this
   not a PS stream, continuing" is one of these
 * mouse gestures work on windows and osx, but there still isn't any
 * some support for .pls playlists used by shoutcast

Changes between 0.5.1 and 0.5.1a:

Mac OS X port:
 * fixed a problem that caused VLC to select the wrong language when
   English was set as the preferred language

Changes between 0.5.0 and 0.5.1:

Core support:
 * new mouse gesture interface
 * audio volume can now be changed at any time, even when no file is

Input access:
 * various minor fixes on the network inputs
 * fixed some weird URL parsing problems
 * VCD: fixed track number and chapter indexing

Input demux:
 * fixed a bad initialization in the mp4 plug-in
 * new --buggy-psi option for TS streams which do not update their
   continuity counter

 * support for MPEG-2 intra slice refresh (aka. Slice-I) streams

DVD support:
 * fixed a bug which turned the default interface command-line only
   without the user consent

UNIX ports:
 * GTK: fixed a crash when going fullscreen or changing volume from the
   popup menu
 * X11: new screen saver disabling plug-in (--extraintf screensaver)
 * KDE: fixed compilation with KDE 3.1
 * ALSA: fixed mono files output

Mac OS X port:
 * fixed a crash on start-up on some localized systems
 * lowered real-time priorities to avoid lock-ups on slow machines
 *   VLC can now be made the handler of ftp http mms and udp URLs
 *   playlist enhancements
 *   added half, normal and double video window menu items
 *   new step forward/step backward commands
 *   the dock should no longer be visible in fullscreen mode
 *   the Mac OS X binary is now compiled with Ogg/Theora support
 * is now

Win32 port:
 * fixed the "RichEdit line insertion error" bug
 * VLC can now be run from outside its installation directory
 * fixed a bug that prevented to find the default subtitle font

BeOS port:
 * smarter BeOS priorities to avoid lock-ups
 * few enhancements in the interface (especially the Settings window)

Opie port:
 * native video output is working again
 * only commandline interface support
 * support for MPEG4, DivX through ffmpeg package

Changes between 0.4.6 and 0.5.0:

Core structure:
  * object structure which allows for full re-entrancy, known as libvlc
  * new audio output architecture based on filter pipelines, providing
    S/PDIF and multi-channel support
  * localization support via gettext on most architectures
  * new stream output architecture, allowing to use VLC to unicast,
    multicast or broadcast a stream to another VLC (only MPEG 1, 2 and 4
    and A/52 streams are supported)
  * build system now uses autoconf/automake/autopoint

Input access:
  * mms:// support
  * ftp:// support
  * stability fixes in the HTTP access
  * auto-detection of RTP encapsulation
  * VCD entry points support
  * VCD image file support

Input demux:
  * support for *.asf format
  * improved support for *.avi, especially over an HTTP connection
  * support for *.mp4 and *.mov format
  * support for ogg encapsulation
  * support for raw DV format
  * support for *.wav format
  * new demuxdump demux allowing to save a stream to a file
  * raw AAC support
Stream discovery & playlists:
  * support for the SAP/SDP and SLP protocols
  * support for .m3u file format
  * support for .asx file format
  * hack to find the streaming sources in html-pages with embedded wmp

  * support for the microdvd, subrip, ssa1, ssa2-4 subtitles file formats
    (only available with the .avi demux)
  * support for ADPCM audio codec
  * support for raw PCM data
  * support for Cinepak video codec
  * support for DV video codec via libdv or ffmpeg
  * support for AAC audio codec via libfaad2
  * support for Xvid codec
  * support for's Vorbis audio codec
  * support for's Tremor audio codec (when compiling from
  * support for's Tarkin and Theora video codecs (when compiling
    from sources)
  * new codecs supported by latest ffmpeg versions: WMV, WMA, SVQ 1,
    H263i, MJPEG A/B
  * fixed an endianness bug in LPCM codec

DVD support:
  * experimental preliminary support for DVD menus via libdvdplay

  * new WxWindows interface
  * all interfaces allow to dynamically change the volume, the audio
    device and the channels configuration
  * headphone channel mixer with virtual spatialization effect
  * Mozilla plugin based on libvlc for embedded playback in webpages of
    format that VLC can play
  * new swedish translation
  * enhancements of the playlist window
  * new messages window to see debug info
  * fixed a few crashes

iPaq port:
  * slider bar in GTK+/GPE Familiar interface
  * fixed crash on directory change in Familiar interface
  * added qte_main module for use in all modules that need Opie or Qte
  * native video output module for Qt Embedded/Opie is not working

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