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									                                           Private Affair
                                           Newsletter                                                   May 2 0 1 1
                                                                                                          Is s u e 6

    EMC Promotions Tel: 07982 394 138
    Email: Website:       ornelius

                                   Message from EMC Promotions
                                   Dear EMC Member,

                                   Welcome to the 6th edition of the EMC Promotions newsletter. We would like to
                                   thank revelers for their continued support and patronage over the year. In addition a
                                   heartfelt welcome to our new revelers who have joined the EMC Family.

                                   It is imperative that revelers leaving the premises adhere to our ‘End of Night Policy’
                                   which requires due care and consideration is given to local residents when exiting the
                                   venue. By respecting the peace of the local residents we have been granted a
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                  temporary license until 4am. If we continue to keep the noise levels to a minimum
                                   there should be no problems with us continuing to obtain an even later license thus
1    Message from EMC              ensuring that we have a great evening of entertainment and refreshments.

2    Message from Members          Please note that the car-park which holds up to 70 cars will now close at 12:30am to
                                   eliminate the problem experienced at the Private Affair on Friday 29 th April, when a
3    Previous Events               reveler was blocked in for more than 1 hour by a car who had double-parked.

4    Future Events                 ‘Ketch a Fire’ Catering
                                   Since joining the EMC family our chef Calvin, has received compliments for his jerk
5    Special Features              chicken, curry goat and fish sit-downs and takeaway meals. For more information on
                                   ‘Ketch a Fire’ Catering please visit:
6    Create the Life You Want in
     2011                          Increase
                                   The Private Affair dance started May 2009 at £5.00 and increased to £7.50 in 2010.
                                   With increased running cost and inflation we have to raise the price of the tickets by
    Drink Responsibly……            £2.50. Therefore, Dance only £10.00 and Dinner & Dance £17.50.
    at the Pavilion!
         NO JEANS,                 EMC would like to give special thanks to the support now received “in kind” from
                                   MSD Silver Jewelry Specialist, based in Dalston E8. The logo will now appear on all
          NO CAPS,                 future Private Affair flyers.
                                   Mystery Man Concept
      NO BANDANNAS                 The concept of the mystery man and mystery women half-hour session is A
                                   TURNAROUND, where men and women who have come alone can ask the opposite
 There are no exceptions
                                   sex to dance. EMC will handout the envelopes which will hold a mystery prize for the
 to the rule. Those guests         lucky man or women to collect at the front desk, before 2am. Please note that the
 not adhering to the dress         mystery man half hour session will be at 2am and the mystery women half hour
    code will be refused           session will be at 3am.
  entrance by the security
guard and their ticket will
Page 2                                                   Private Affair Newsletter

         Message from Members
         jo henry                                                                     Dec 14 2010
         “long overdue, but just wanted to tell you how much i've enjoyed attending your
         private affair events over the last year; regrets? yes, that i didn't attend them
         earlier and whenever i've missed a month" :-(to my mind, promoters have a hard
         time 'pleasing' the crowd, especially a mature one (yes, me's mature); but i believe
         you've got the balance right of mature company + equal mix of men/women +
         excellent music + nice venue/location + good vibes & ambience = a 'winning formula'
         ... keep it up sweetie for the new year. my resolution is to attend every month in
         2011 jo henry
         jen                                                                        Jan 05 2011
         ed...i commend you and your team for holding such a sophisticated/well organised
         evening, the venue was fantastic, drinks very very reasonable, music good, food
         superb, ambience and interior excellent, parking excellent...overall a superb
         evening, my girls and i will surely be returning at the end of the month and we
         s...upport you wholly......happy new year to you and your family and please keep up
         the good work jen
         lorna                                                                       Jan 30 2011
         what a brilliant night we had at pavilion on fri to die for, people just
         raving and having a great time.i'm there every month and enjoy myself to the max
         with sophisticated like minded people. can't wait for the boat dance.keep it up emc
         xxx. lorna b
         marcia, chique promotions                                                Jan 31 2011
         singles night... the atmosphere was firing, what a beautiful vibe all night. people
         raved hard, me included. the music again was perfect. i had some food on the katch a was delicious especially the jerk chicken mmmmmmmm! c
         u next month without a doubt. marcia aka chique promotions
          gloria griffith                                                         Feb 28 2011
         hi edgar what a wonderful night yet again.another fanstactic.night i must say last
         nightr was one of the best nights ever. totally packed what a wonderful night. i
         don't know about any one else but i had a wicked time you don't know what y...our
         missing. respect to edgar, c you in the week. bless miss .g
         jenny                                                                     Feb 28 2011
         well ed.....another fantastic evening, well worth flying back and cutting my holiday
         short for......excellent music/ambience and friends who came
         for the first time 'cant wait' until the next one.....well done bro j xx
         sharon                                                                   Mar 09 2011
         must say what a great night friday was….man they were playing some tunes from
         back in the day that i had forgotten existed judging from the attendance your
         dances are increasing in popularity. i saw a good few peeps that i wouldn’t expect
         to see there which is all good. i was in the nail shop on friday and got talking to this
         lovely lady named linda. i told her about your events and took her details so that
         you can add her to your mailing list. i have included her into this email.

          angla                                                                     Mar 27 2011
          ed.hi finally made it to your event last night and was pleasantly surprised. it was
          lovely. and the fact that people without tickets were not admitted, seemed to add
          an air of sophistication to the night. i would definitely recommend the evening to
          others. kind regards angla
Private Affair Newsletter                                                               Page 3
   Private Affair – Review of Previous Events
                            Friday 28th January 2011 –
                            “Singles Night Come And Find Her Or She Will Come And Find You

                            This night was aimed at single people to meet, although couples were also
                            invited. Even though I had my doubts it turned out to be a brilliant night and
                            I was told by revelers it was the best night to date and asked if there will
                            there be a part 2. The answer is YES but I will give it a different name.

                            Friday 25th February 2011 –
                            Post Valentines Night Rare Groove Meets Revival in a Night of Love
                            Part 2

                            This post valentine theme of Rave Groove Meets Revival in a Night of
                            Love is the most popular theme to date. Tickets were sold out early with
                            many revelers trying to pay at the door and unfortunately, turned away.
                            There will be a Part 3 on 9th July at a secret location in the City – more
                            details to follow shortly.

                            Friday 25th March 2011 –
                            A Tribute To All Artists That Have Passed Away”

                            This was a night when we resurrected artists that had passed away in a
                            tribute for the great and late. Everyone that attended enjoyed the night
                            and there may be a Part 2 to follow.

                            Friday 29th April 2011 –
                            The Private Affair Royal Night out for all Kings & Queens

                            The Private Affair decided to have our own Royal Party for Kings and
                            Queens. We partied in true Private Affair style. Ladies came dressed in
                            crowns for the occasion and looked excellent. All the mystery men prizes
                            including the Special Prize of a George Foreman Grill were won.
Page 4                                                       Private Affair Newsletter

    Private Affair – Future Events

                    Friday 27th May 2011 –
                    Private Affair Second Year Anniversary

                    To mark this occasion The Private Affair will be fund raising for The Sickle
                    Cell Society. This charity is dear to EMC’s heart and therefore EMC will
                    be donating a cheque. EMC would like all revelers to participate in a
                    donation. There will be collection buckets, leaflets, booklets and
                    information packs to highlight the sickle cell blood disorder which affects
                    manyblack, African & Caribbean’s.
                    There will be raffle prizes of two pairs of tickets for the Afro Hair &
                    Beauty Show and two baskets of hair products valued at £20 each donated
                    by Mazuri Hair Products.
                    ACR Photography will donate two free studio vouchers worth £250.00 each
                    as prizes. There will also be ‘mystery man’ and ‘mystery women’
                    turnaround sessions, where prizes can be won.
                    Raffle Tickets for all the above prizes are £2.00 each and can
                    be purchased from the front desk.

                    Friday 24June 2011 –
                    What’s Love Got To Do With It – Coz We Cum Yah Fe Rave
                     (More information to follow)

                    Saturday 9 July 2011
                    Private Affair Original Old Skool Lock Down –
                    Rare Groove meets revival in a Night of Love Part 3
                    (This is not to be missed – at a secret location
                    More information to follow)

                    Friday 29 July 2011 –
                    Eye Candy Night –
                    Come And Find Him or He Will Come And Find You
                    (More information to follow)

                    Friday 26 August 2011 –
                    Bank Holiday Spectacular Ladies Night Out – Men You Are
                    (More information to follow)
   Private Affair Newsletter                                                                               Page 5
EMC Special Features

                                            Saturday 9th April 2011 –
                                            Cruising Through the Night Part 2

                                            It was good to see 95% dressed for the occasion in black tie and evening
                                            gowns with a special birthday celebration for twins Paul and Paulette.
                                            The Private Affair introduced the shuttle mini bus service for the first
                                            time. This service will be continued when requested at future events.

The on-line booking system PayPal is now in full operation and available to all. When using this system, please ensure that
you print off your receipt and bring with you as proof of purchase.

Special Occasions
If you wish to celebrate a special occasion i.e. Birthday, Stag, Hen, Anniversary, etc – EMC can provide your guest with one of
the following packages:
      Silver package to include dinner & dance at £17.50 per person
      Bronze package to include dinner, dance, bottle of wine
         (red & wine) at £tbc per group (four people)
      Gold package to include dinner, dance and exclusivity of the dinning area (on 1 st floor) price tbc.

Contact List - Tickets can be obtained from the usual outlets:-
   EMC Promotions                                   07982 394 138     Email:
   Mello Bostic                                     07930 869 436

   JB Crew                                          07956 221 460

   Marcia – Chique Promotions                       07961 453 968

   Andy - ACR Photography                           07956 600 600

   Sylvana – Theos Creations                        07943 626 156

   Tyrone - North West                              07957 747 064

   Aquarius Finsbury Park                           0207 263 2483

   Special Occasions - Walthamstow                  0208 926 2928

   The Pavilion                                     0208 444 1004

   Lagoon Hairdressers – Islington                  0207 275 0444

   Sonia - Brixton                                  07984 920 072

   Lorna ‘H’ - Edmonton/Enfield                     07903 641 410

   Selectors Record Shop Brixton                    0207 771 2011
 Page 6                                                                    Private Affair Newsletter

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