Increase the RAM with Virtual memory

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					So guys, is your computer too slow? Can’t you install Windows 7, because of your RAM. Do
you like to put on your RAM and speed up your computer? So that’s very easy boy, this is for
unlearned persons, you can try this method, if you want increase your RAM you must have some
free hard disk space, at least 10GB, I mean you had better use this in that situation, OK shall we

First go to the My Computer

And then Right click on the my computer

Next select Properties

Then click System Protection

You will see Advanced under System Protection, click it

                                              Then you can see Settings under the
Performance, press it, then you will see new box appear
                                       Put a tick on Custom: under the Visual effects, and
then click Advanced

                              You can see Virtual memory under Advanced,

So you shall press Change button under the Virtual memory
                                 Now you can see this word: Automatically manage paging file
size for all drives with tick mark, and then unmark it

                                    Then you will see your hard drives partitions in that box,

Now you should select a partition from there, but do not select the “C” partition, you had better
chose a partition, which partition has more space, then click on that partition,

After that you can see Customize: so put the tick mark to that,

Now two blocks will unlock, and then put 3000 to initial size (MB) and Maximum size (MB)

Press Set Click and Ok

Now presses apply ok and restart your computer, so that’s over, try this guys,

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