Crazy Computer by minsep


									Today I am going to say about a funny thing, if you want to trouble your friend, you can try this
and wait for the feedback, he. I write this for only fun, do not trouble others with this, Let’s Start.
First of all you should copy this code, you can see that below,

%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Then Go to the desktop

Right click on the icon, whatever your willing icon, and select Properties, Then you can see

Now paste that code on Target and then press apply and OK,

It’s over, remember this, do not double click on the icon, if you click, computer will restart.
If you do it to your computer one of the other, you need to know what an icon he always uses,
I’m sure he will be confused by this, I am sure he will think it is a virus may be the case, try, but
just for fun do not bother anyone, and every time guys


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